Confinement 161

Chapter 161 Noisy Maids, and Potato Chips Tea Party

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 Once I escorted Takata-sama back to her room, I had no plans for the rest of the day.

 I walked down the corridor elegantly like a maid of Confinement King-sama, and returned to the servants’ room.

 The servant’s room is the room for us maids.

 It was a simple room compared to the other rooms, with four pipe beds and a long desk for discussions. And four pipe chairs.

 But considering that I’m a great sinner, I think it’s too much treatment.

 When I opened the door of the servant’s room, three people other than myself were relaxing around the long desk. Only Tapeworm — Eri Hotta was still in her maid’s uniform, while the other two had changed into their loungewear.

 ”Good night, Cockroach”

 ”Yeah, good night”

 As I replied to Earthworm — Masako Inui, I couldn’t help but shout out when I saw what was spread out on the long desk.

 ”Ah! That’s potato chips! That’s not fair!”

 Potatoes spread out at the opening of the tea party. While the tea was steaming hot.

 ”Don’t worry, I bought a bag for each of us”

 Centipede — Ayaka Kishijo held up an unopened bag of potato chips with a flutter.

 ”You bought them…?”

 ”You see, I was out on a mission right now. So I stopped by the convenience store after my mission”

 ”…Are you sure it’s okay? If the Head maid finds out about this..”

 As I sat down and said so, Centipede smiled at me.

 ”Ehehe, actually, the head maid gave me… money to buy sweets for everyone, since we’ve been working hard lately. And it’s enough for everyone”

 ”What’s that? I like it. I love you, head maid”

 I take the potatoes from Centipede and look at the package carefully.

 Usushio… oh, what an emotional reunion. I’ve missed you, Usushio.

 When I hug the chips, Earthworm shakes her platinum-pink head and nods yes.

 ”When we’re here, we can eat leftover, the expensive sweets, but sometimes I feel like eating junk like this..”

 ”That’s right”

 I opened the bag, bit into a crispy potato chip, and couldn’t help but let out an ecstatic, “Haa~… Nnn”.

 ”Anyway, Cockroach. You seemed to be in a really good mood when you came in. What’s wrong? Did something good happen?”

 ”Oh, you’re gonna ask me that? Okay, listen to me. Centipede. Nfu, actually..”


 ”Confinement King-sama..”

 ”Confinement King-sama?”

 ”I was told “Thank you for everything, Saito-san”!”


 Everyone turned their heads in astonishment at the same time.

 ”S-seriously? He even remembered your name, huh!?”

 ”Fufu.. I guess it’s a blessing in a disguise”

 I stood up and made a smug face at Centipede, who came at me. Earthworm stomped her feet like a spoiled child, and Tapeworm drooped down.

 ”It’s-not-fairrrrrr! Cockroach took all of the nice things!”

 ”I’d like to be told the same thing… After all, I’ve been punished before… just give me a break..”

 ”Ahahahaha, see, you’re jealous, see!”

 ”I hope you die”

 I puffed out my chest as hard as I could, and Centipede puffed.

 ”But, why was Confinement King-sama give you a thank?”

 ”You know, the Public Morals Committee? Today’s the first service to Confinement King-sama, right? And I was her guide..”

 ”Oh, I see. It’s Taka-chi and today was her first day of service to Confinement King-sama..”

 Tapeworm, who was acquainted with Takata-sama, clapped her hands, then she leaned forward, looking curious.

* * *

 ”How did it go? Of course you were peeking, right?”

 ”Well, you know, there’s always the cleanup after the s*x…. Well, it was… um… it was amazing”

 ”””What do you mean, it was amazing?”””

 ”So close! So close! You were so close!”

 The three of them leaned forward, almost as if they were lying on the desk.

 ”Well, you know… after six-nine, he started with the missionary position..”

 ”Then! Then!”

 ”From there..”

 ”Yes, from there! How!”

 (Stop it, Tapeworm, you’re too close to my face. You’re breathing down my nose)

 ”……Ten shots, no breaks, no stopping”

 ”What!? Ten shots!?”

 Tapeworm turns her head and Earthworm gulps.

 ”So, what happened to Taka-chi?”

 ”Takata-sama… well, she fainted with a happy face”

 ”Really… fainting, how bad?”

 Centipede leans back in her chair, making the floor creak.

 ”What do you think? You have done this, right? Do you usually faint?”

 Centipede shakes her head with a troubled look on her face.

 ”No, when I had s*x with my last boyfriend, I felt fine, and I have never passed out”

 This time Tapeworm fell back into her chair and waved her hands in the air.

 ”Oh, I wish I could be used by the Confinement King-sama soon. Ideally, I’d like to be in Kyoko-sama’s position”

 ”Kyoko-sama? You mean, not the favorite princesses?”

 ”Yes, yes, I want to be called out like that to relieve boredom, to be tortured and torn apart irresponsibly”

 ”I get it”

 ”You get it!?”

 Earthworm nodded her head, and Centipede let out an exasperated sound.

 ”I wonder… if anything, I’d rather be pampered like Takasago-sen… I mean, Kei-sama”

 When I said that, Earthworm nodded her head again.

 ”I can see that too”

 ”Which one is it? …Well, I’m starting to squirm just thinking about it. I want to masturbate”

 ”Centipede is so nasty. Why don’t you wait until after you’ve eaten, and then I’ll take care of you. Since it’s been so long, why don’t the four of us get together in a circle..”

 Earthworm smiled and started to say so, but Tapeworm firmly refused.

 ”I’m sorry, but I’ll pass”

 ”Eh~? Why not~?”

 ”I have to practice on my own after this! I asked Head Maid to prepare a beast stronger than Ortrus. It’s called a Lesser Dragon! I’m going to train hard, so I can beat that foreigner! I’m going to make her squeal!”

 ”Nowadays, I don’t hear any squealing”

 Tapeworm is quite annoyed that she was beaten by a foreign woman, and has been bent on revenge ever since.

 Since then, she’s been burning for revenge. She’s the strongest of the group, but she’s becoming more and more of a battle maniac, and even in mock battles, she can win a three-on-one match. That’s why the worms secretly call him “Lubu”.

 I guess she thought it would be troublesome if someone asked her to practice with her. Earthworm quickly changed the subject.

* * *

 ”Oh, by the way, what about Centipede? Didn’t Head Maid assign you a job?”

 ”Well, yeah. However, I’ll be investigating Kobayashi-sensei’s background, so it’ll be easy”

 ”Ah, Taka-chi’s involvement. So, what do you think? Is Kobayashi-sensei planning to leave his wife?”

 In response to Earthworm’s question, Centipede leaned back in her chair and waved her hands in an unwilling manner.

 ”Oh, no, no. His child is just one year old, and he has a good relationship with his wife. His wife’s family is wealthy, they even built him a house”

 ”Oh, Taka-chi, you poor thing”

 Earthworm’s “poor you” didn’t contain any emotion at all.

 That’s true. Takata-sama has already got a ticket to be Confinement King-sama’s property. There’s no reason to feel sorry for her, even though I envy her.

 ”So, Lili-sama sent me to Kobayashi-sensei’s room to look through his computer, but you know, there was a little chubby person with droopy eyes on the Public Morals Committee, right?”

 ”Yes, yes, someone who wasn’t scary at all, the vice chairwoman, right?”

 I nodded, and Centipede’s mouth twisted into a smile.

 ”And there was such a thing like a s*x tape in his PC. I don’t know if they still do it, or not”

 ”Uwaa, what a scumbag! The guy who ate both the vice chairwoman and the chairwoman of the public morals committee? I can’t help but chuckle if that’s the advisor to the public morals committee”

 Tapeworm makes a face of disgust, and Earthworm opens her mouth.

 ”So, did you report it?”

 ”Yes, Head Maid seemed to be having a great time”

 Centipede’s words made everyone’s faces twitch.

 ”…It’s over, isn’t it?”

 ”Yeah… it’s been going around for a while now, no doubt”


 Confinement King-sama is an evil man, but he has no more mercy for evil people than good people. What he would do if he received such a report from the Head Maid is something I do not need to think about.

 Well, I don’t care what happens to Kobayashi-sensei, and even if he tells me to go and kill him right now, I won’t be hurt by such scum.

 I hold out my empty cup and open my mouth.

 ”Tapeworm. More tea, please”

 ”Why don’t you make your own tea?”

 ”Because the pot’s over there. Besides, Tapeworm’s tea tastes better”

 ”You just didn’t want to make it, huh?”

 I smiled back at Tapeworm, who snapped at me.

 ”Well, you could say that”

 The punishment is scary, but we’re having fun with it.

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