Confinement 163

Chapter 163 Faintly Smiling Live Stream

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 [Nnn *shlurp* *lick* Nnn… Chu…]

 A lustful sound of water is coming from the speakers.

 It’s too nasty. And it made me put my hand on my cheek, and I could feel that it was very hot.

 On the monitor I looked up at, there was a crucifix in the shape of an X.

 It shows a nude man crucified on it.

 His figure is not very toned, even for a man of his size.

 His head is covered with a sack and there is no hint to the viewers watching the broadcast as to who this man is.

 The image is taken from the upper and rear. To be honest, the picture is unbearably unpleasant to look at.

 A naked woman kneels between the legs of such a man and moves her head back and forth.

 She has lustrous black hair and a s*xy mole. She is a beautiful woman in her early thirties with an excess of s*x appeal.

 She is poking her nose into his pubic hair and handling the p*nis in her mouth with her lips.

 Her face is only glimpsed here and there because she is looking almost backwards, but anyone who sees her will at least know that she is Kiyoka Yamauchi, the talented manager of First Beauty Agency.

 [Jupo *shlurp shlurp* Kupo, Kupo…]

 The lustful sound of a man’s cock being served by her mouth echoed. The friction of the fingertips rubbing up against the base, and the breath on the nose can be heard too.

 These sounds became more and more intense, and gradually turned into something rhythmic.

 I quietly look around me.

 Natsumi-chan’s face is bright red. She covers her eyes with the palms of her hands and glances at the monitor through the gap.

 She is embarrassed to see it, but her curiosity gets the better of her.

 Misuzu-chan’s breathing was ragged, perhaps because she remembered the time Fumijima-san had raped her. She sits on the chair, her inner thighs trembling.

 On the other hand, Masakey-chan’s enraptured face, staring at the monitor, is a real mystery.

 ”…Serve you right”

 I heard Kyoko-san muttering just next to me. I’m not sure if it was to Fumijima-san or Yamauchi-san. No, it was probably to Fumijima-san, who had betrayed her.

 ”Damn… Kiyoka..”

 The President was biting his teeth, looking as if he was about to shed tears of blood, while Akira-chan was leaning against the President and kept her face turned away.

 I wonder how it feels to see a woman who used to be his, moreover, if she was his lover, serving another man.

 Intense jealousy? Is it like that?

 To be honest, I can’t imagine.

 [Nnn… chu… lick…]

 Yamauchi-san removed her mouth from Fumijima-san’s crotch, stood up, picked up the towering p*nis with her fingertips, and rubbed it against her own crotch.

 [Oh, it’s so big and hard. Mmm…]

 Perhaps she got excited while sucking the man’s cock, but her behavior made me feel somewhat frustrated.

 But unfortunately, Fumijima-san’s legs were too short.

 The position of his hips was too different from the model body of Yamauchi-san, and if she wanted to insert his cock in the crucifixion position, the woman would have to make a really shameful crab thigh.

 [Nnn… B-big… Nnn… Haa~… Haa~…]

 The angle of the camera made it impossible to tell what was going on, but the frown on her face made me think of a man’s object being swallowed inside her vagina.

* * *

 ”T-this.. means they’re going to have to have s*x standing up for 24 hours, right? That’s impossible… Moreover, a hundred times..”

 Natsumi-chan let out a somewhat dumbfounded voice.

 I think it’s impossible too. Unlike men, women can cum many times in a single session, but even so, it’s absurd.

 But if I were in Yamauchi-san’s position, this would not be the time to talk about it. If I don’t fuck him, I’ll be killed. That’ s not a threat. Three people are dead already.

 Whether skewered like the female detective, dismembered like Hikami-kun, hanged like Kaneko-san, or killed in a more brutal way. It’s horrible to imagine.

 Even if I were in her position, I would be desperately trying to come without any shame or outward appearance.

 [Nnn, ah, ah, ahhh, nnn… ah, ah…]

 The President closed his eyes and covered his ears as her moans began to come from the speakers.

 The sound of her clinging to the man and slamming her hips against him, a rhythmic sound similar to a popping sound, echoed in unison with her panting voice.

 On the monitor, Yamauchi-san is desperately shaking her hips. However, she is shamelessly swinging her hips. Her posture is so postured that she appears to be hunching over and looking terribly stupid.

 The original Yamauchi-san has the air of a bewitching beauty, so the picture gives us an indescribable sense of pity.

 And the fact that this scene is being broadcast on the Internet makes it all the more pitiful.

 [Nnn, ah, ahh, fuuh, fuuh, ahhh… good, it’s so hard, it’s so different from the President’s squishy one…]

 Even if he tried to cover his ears, the President must have heard her, because he made an indescribably pathetic expression.

 Perhaps, Yamauchi-san said it as an insult.

 Just before entering the room with the red door, she was glaring at the President and Akira-chan.

 She assumed that it was the President and Akira-chan who had voted for her. That was the atmosphere.

 [Nnn, ah, ah, ahhhhhhhhh…]

 The movement of her hips became more and more intense.

 Perhaps she’s trying to come as quickly as possible, she began to rub her own nipples and bouncing her hips frantically.

 However, the gasps coming from the speakers are gradually becoming interspersed with breathless gasps.

 Sex in a standing position. And since the man can’t move, the physical burden falls on the woman.

 It’s impossible to cum a hundred times in that kind of situation, both physically and in terms of time.

 (To be humiliated and then killed in the end… that’s just too bad.)

 At about the same time I lowered my eyes…

 [Ah! Ah, ahhhhhhhhhh… hiiiiiiiii!]

 Yamauchi-san’s panting voice echoed from the speakers, and its tone rose an octave.

 On the monitor, Yamauchi-san is shaking her head violently, clinging to the man’s neck, arching her back, and shaking violently.

 Then she collapsed to her knees.

 White fluid was dripping from the towering manhood that had slipped out.

* * *

 ”Huh… Nnnn”

 While staring at the monitor, Masakey-chan let out a hot breath, and Misuzu-chan turned red and rubbed her knees together.

 Natsumi-chan, no longer embarrassed, was watching the monitor intently.

 I don’t know… all three of them seem to be envious. I wonder if the models in the Modero project have a tendency to be lecherous….

 When I turned my attention to the monitor again, I saw that Yamauchi-san was breathing heavily as she staggered to her feet, took the man’s cock in her hand again, and led it to her crotch.

 There is no time to enjoy the aftermath of coming. In fact, does it mean that she can continue to come more when she is in the middle of coming?

 As I watched with bated breath, the monitor suddenly switched to show a close-up of Aramaki-san.

 [So, the results are for tomorrow’s enjoyment, Jake]

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”…I’m so tired, I can’t do it anymore”

 As soon as I came back to my room from the girl’s bar, I lay down on my bed without taking a shower.

 My back was shaking, my legs were shaking. My body was tingling all over.

 After three hours of intense s*x, I went to work at the store and stood there until morning. My physical strength was at its limit.

 I had to take a shower and take off my makeup, but I didn’t have the energy to stand up anymore.


 I let out a big sigh, my mouth slackening involuntarily.

 (I’m glad… I’ve got a little more time)

 Somehow I managed to stay in first place in the popularity contest today.

 Thanks to the 100,000 yen I earned from s*x with Kijima, I can finally take a break.

 Still, s*x with Kijima was far more intense than I had imagined. Perhaps that’s why I couldn’t get the image of Kijima out of my mind while I was standing in the store, and it really bothered me.

 I didn’t want to think about a man I didn’t like or care about, I wanted to think only about Kobayashi-sensei. But Kijima forcefully pushes it away.

 (It’s annoying… although it felt good…)

 What the hell is that guy? Even if he was born with a big cock, his fingertip technique is unbelievable.

 I wonder how many women he’s messed around with that he can make them come so easily… even though he’s ugly.

 While I’m thinking about this, my consciousness is gradually fading. No, I’m sleepy.

 (I have to take off my makeup… it’s rough on my skin. I’ll ask Cockroad maid to remove my makeup while I sleep)

 I reached for the doorbell to call Cockroach maid.

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