Confinement 164

Chapter 164 Exposure Ecstasy

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 ”Gyahahahaha! Masaki! Did you see the look on his face when he realized he was going to be crucified? Suck on that! Really, suck on that!”

 Kyoko-san laughs and shakes her shoulders, and I chuckle, “Ahaha…”.

 (This girl… she’s so friendly… or rather… she’s so reserved)

 To be honest, Kyoko-san and I don’t have much in common.

 It’s only since we became involved in this death game that we’ve really talked.

 Indeed, Fumio-kun was very surprised.

 At the time of the preparation meeting and the practice rehearsal, the mission to the manager was as follows “Simple 100 times (※Note: Confinement King harem term: it’s too much trouble to think about, so let’s say 100 times for now) – The quota for climaxing was supposed to be one hundred times”.

 However, it seems that Kyoko-san somehow got Lili-chan involved and made it that way.

 Well, it’s not hard to imagine that Lili-chan would have easily accepted the idea, saying “it’s so interesting, Devi www”.

 Kyoko-san is in trouble, too.

 She was bound to be discovered and punished sooner or later.

 ――And currently, Fumio-kun was crucified until the time of the radio gymnastics.

 ”What… even though it’s a day off from club activities, I can’t meet the Confinement King, it’s not my lucky day at all”

 That’s what Ui-chan said with her mouth agape.

 In addition to me, Misuzu-chan, Kyoko, Natsumi, Kaneko-san and the other death game participants, Ui-chan and Kei-chan, who have Sunday off from club activities, are gathered on the sofa set in “the Confinement King’s bedroom”.

 ”Why is it that Shima is allowed to participate in this death game and I’m not!?”

 Ui-chan complains, and Natsumi-chan opens her mouth with a grin.

 ”Ui-chan, you can’t act. In elementary and middle school, you always played the part of a horse’s front legs”

 ”T-that’s not true! I-it was usually the front legs, but there were times when I played the back legs, and there were times when I played a role with proper lines!”

 ”I’ve played villager B, but my lines were just “hello””

 While Ui-chan was gnashing her teeth, Kei-chan clung to Misuzu-chan and asked.

 ”Do they serve snacks at Death Game?”

 ”That’s… no, I don’t think so”

 Misuzu-chan replied with a wry smile, and Kei-chan said, “Hmm…” and started to swing her legs.

 She seems to have lost interest.

 ”But Ponpoko-san was so surprised… it’s a little pitiful, isn’t it?”

 Misuzu-chan says, and Natsumi-chan replies, folding her hands behind her head and stretching.

 ”Well, it’s okay. Kijima seems to be planning to let that round face return unharmed..”

 The one who voted for Yamauchi-san earlier were Fumio-kun, me, Misuzu-chan, and Natsumi-chan.

 Actually, there’s a background story to this.

 Misuzu-chan has already been turned into Fumio’s obedient s*x slave by the s*x she’s had so far, and it was Fumio-kun who ordered her to accept the President’s invitation.

 Natsumi, on the other hand, has been Fumio’s s*x slave since before the death game began. And she is a yandere who is in love with Fumio-kun.

 So, in the earlier turn, Fumio-kun made us vote for Yamauchi-san, and finally bared his fangs at the President.

 Next, the plan is to vote down Akira Mizuki-chan.

 With that, the decent (?) death game is almost over. And now, it’s time for me, the wild card of the game, to step in.

 ”Oh, by the way, Shiratori hasn’t shown up here yet, has she?”

 Natsumi-chan cowers in response to Ui-chan’s question.

* * *

 ”I don’t know about… that one. It seems she refused to participate in the death game. And today, she said she was going to a friend’s house. Was it Kizuna-chan? Maybe it’s her name”

 (Kizuna-chan? It sounds familiar…?)

 That’s what I thought, but I can’t remember where I heard it.

 ”Okay, she’s too unaware that she’s the Confinement King’s woman… Shima, why don’t you at least give her a lecture? As her aunt”

 ”It’s going to be a traumatic experience for me if I give her a lecture”

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Haa~, haa~, haa~..”

 Although I couldn’t see her because of the sack on my head, Yamauchi-san seemed to be breathing very hard.

 As of now, I’ve ejaculated four times.

 Her number of climaxes has probably not even reached double digits yet.

 But perhaps she’s already nearing her limit, after the sound of her collapse on the floor earlier, I can only hear her ragged breathing, and there’s no sign of her getting up.

 [Are you already at your limit, Jake?]

 ”Hey, I’m just taking a break! Shut up! Don’t force me, you’re annoying!”

 Aramaki-san’s voice came from the speaker, and Yamauchi-san raised her voice hysterically.

 The fact that I can hear Aramaki-san’s voice means that the broadcasting has been temporarily stopped.

 [If the quota is a hundred times, and you’re already stuck on a single digit, it’s not going to be much fun… So, I’m going to offer you a little relief, Jake]

 ”Relief? What? You’re going to reduce the quota?”

 [It’s no fun to simply reduce it, Jake. Kiyoka Yamauchi, don’t you hate President Kurashima for abandoning you, Jake?]

 ”Of course I hate him! I hate him for getting involved with that little girl and then abandoning me. Most of my twenties were devoted to him! And…!”

 I heard a pounding on the floor.

 [So here’s what you’re going to do, Jake… just in case President Kurashima survives, I’ll going to kill him socially, Jake]

 ”…What do you mean?”

 [You’ve climaxed nine times so far, and at this speed, you’ll probably be able to do it 30 more times. But, if you have s*x right when you’re talking to the camera about President Kurashima’s criminal activities, then one climax is equivalent to three, Jake. That should give you a bit of mission accomplished, Jake! Well, maybe he hasn’t committed thirty crimes yet, Jake…]

 ”…He has. Thirty is more than enough. All right, watch me, I’m gonna survive this!”

 (Really? He’s got 30 undetected criminal acts… he’s really absurd… that old man)

 Almost at the same time as I was dumbfounded, I felt Yamauchi-san’s grip on my object, and she raised her voice while handling it.

 ”In the first place… the reason I became that man’s slave was because he raped me and took a video of it! It was the first week after I joined the company as a new employee. I cried and cried, and before I knew it, he had made me his lover. I was forced to break up with my boyfriend, and I was made to be a part of a number of criminal acts, and as a result, here I am”

 (So she’s a victim, too)

 [It’s okay, Jake, the next climax will count for three… So, I’m resuming the broadcast, Jake]

 Within moments, my cock was engulfed by a sticky feeling.

 ”Nnn, nnn… it’s penetrating me… Nnn, it’s getting bigger again..”

 From the sound of her pained moans, I imagine she’s in the back position. She was on all fours in front of me, lifting her ass high in the air.

 ”Ah…Ah, I’m so embarrassed to be dressed like this, like a dog..”

 After she said that, she pushed her hips against my cock. I could feel her going deep inside me. Then she started to move her hips faster and faster.

 ”Ah, no…it’s so big, this position, it’s so great, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah..”

 I can’t help but feel frustrated.

 I want to grab her ass right now and thrust with all my might. Such a desire is swirling around me.

 But my hands and feet are bound so tightly that I can’t move.

 (Oh, why am I in this situation?)

 I felt that today was going to be a long, long day.

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