Confinement 165

Chapter 165 Big Brother Catching

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 ”I knew it, it’s like that!”

 While I was making tea in the kitchen, I heard such a voice from the living room next door.

 His voice sounded somewhat happy.

 ”Yes, as you said, I also think Kijima-senpai is suspicious”

 ”Yes, you’re right. No matter how you look at it, he’s the only one!”

 The one who is speaking with brother is Shiratori-senpai, a friend of mine from the track and field club who I became friends with through Sato-chan’s introduction.

 The other day, on the way home from a shopping trip, I was alone with Shiratori-senpai, who happened to be going home in the same direction as me.

 I can’t remember how the conversation went, but we were talking about the kidnapping of the track and field club.

 ”Kizuna-chan. I vaguely remember that. I can’t remember anything about the kidnapper, but I was confined in a dark stone room..”

 Shiratori-senpai said.

 I was a little surprised, because she usually doesn’t talk about herself, but more than that, I was surprised to find out that she was talking about the same situation that brother was talking about.

 The person who kidnapped the girls from the track and field club and the person who did the terrible thing to big brother were the same person, I thought.

 ”So…Shiratori-senpai, do you want to catch the culprit?”

 ”No way. If I find out who did it, I’m going to file a claim for damages. I’ve already calculated how much I can claim”


 I couldn’t help but smile fondly.

 It was typical of Shiratori-senpai that she didn’t want to report me to the police, nor did she want to get even, but she wanted to claim for damages.

 When I went home and told brother about Shiratori-senpai, he said excitedly, “I want to meet this Shiratori girl once”. And so I asked her if she’d like to come over on Sunday.

 It was the first time for me to meet Shiratori-senpai without Sato-chan, so I was a bit nervous, but it was for brother’s sake. I had no choice.

 And this morning, brother and Shiratori-senpai finally met for the first time.

 I made some tea and prepared some snacks. And I also prepare a roll cake which I bought yesterday.

 It’s from a pastry shop in the neighborhood, but it’s very delicious, rich in butter and big. It’s brother’s favorite cake.

 With this, I can big brother’s voice saying he is very happy.

 It was hard for me when I see him depressed because he couldn’t go to school anymore.

 But after he found out about Detective JK and started to take revenge on the criminals, he regained his old self, and I’m really happy for him.

 And now, he seems to be very happy to have found a friend in the same situation.

 (I’m so glad…)

 My mouth breaks into a smile.

* * *

 ”If that’s the case… I think I can get in touch with an entertainment agency, so what do you think about proposing a project to a TV station?”

 ”A plan? What kind of project, Shiratori-chan?”

 ”Well, for example… “Detective JK Special! One of them is a mass kidnapper”. or something like that… The content was to have the detective JK hunt down Kijima-senpai in the presence of the TV”

 ”Oh! Nice! Interesting! The two Detective JKs want to make a name for themselves, and I’m sure they’ll agree to do it”

 ”I don’t know if the case happening in Tokyo is related or not, but it’s something that will get good ratings. It would be a good project from the TV station’s point of view”

 ”Okay. I’ll talk to Detective JK soon”

 I was glad that I could be of some help to him.

◇ ◇ ◇

 [The reason why gravure idol Kana Mikami disappeared is because President Kurashima sold her to a politician. She is now being kept as a lover of a ministerial politician. Even so, she’s probably still in good shape, living a very comfortable life… though she’s on drugs.]

 As she said this, the woman began to move her hips back and forth violently, clinging to the man who was crucified in the screen.

 The man’s face is hidden by a sack, but the woman is a woman in her early thirties with an impressive mole.

 [Ah, nnn… An, ah, ah…]

 Frowning at the sound of the woman’s gasping voice coming from the PC, my sister looks back at me.

 ”What do you think, Claudia?”

 ”If I say so myself…. she’s the victim of a case that happened in Tokyo, right?”

 I don’t know who the man is, but the woman is either the missing manager or the editor of a magazine.

 After noon today, the TV will be all about this video. However, I don’t think they will be able to broadcast this video on the public TV.

 It is, after all, the real footage.

 This is the third time I’ve seen it.

 After confessing that President Kurashima committed such a crime, the woman inserts the crucified man’s p*nis into her, and they have s*x.

 I can’t even look at it without blushing.

 I’ve been checking this URL from time to time, including after Kirihito Hikami’s confession broadcast the other day, but this morning I just happened to connect to it, and suddenly this video came on.

 As far as I could see, there was no atmosphere that the woman was being forced to say anything. Rather, it seems as if she is taking the initiative in revealing herself.

 She may have been hypnotized or drugged… or perhaps she is being treated in some way.

 My sister’s mouth is twisted in a bitter manner.

 ”Just like the other day with the model, this time she’s condemning the dark side of the entertainment industry… is this person pretending to be a judge or something?”

 ”…I guess so. She might think she’s on the side of justice, it’s a nuisance”

 Just because of Kirihito Hikami’s confession the other day, the media has been running a series of special reports, and the weekly photo magazines have been rushing to expose the behavior of models and celebrities other than Hikami one after another.

* * *

 And now, here we are.

 Rather than pouring oil on the fire, it is obvious that this will lead to a situation where gasoline will be thrown on the fire.

 The entertainment world has been burned to the ground.

 Mass hysteria is a truly frightening thing, and not only the celebrities whose names were mentioned, but also the celebrities and commentators who tried to put out the fire are being slammed on social media.

 Sponsors have been flooded with complaints, and commercials, movies and dramas have been cancelled one after another, screenings have been suspended, and there are even talks of lawsuits against celebrities.

 TV stations must be in a fix as to what to broadcast other than news programs.

 Stations began to replay old children’s anime, broadcast shogi and go games, and animal programs that seem to have little to do with the scandal.

 I was annoyed to see that no matter how many channels I switched to, there was always some savannah animal on the screen.

 ”So, how’s Saori Moribe doing?”

 ”The same as usual. She does radio gymnastics, goes to club activities, eats dinner, takes a bath, faces the picture, and then goes to bed. It’s a very simple life. Of course, I’m not monitoring her 100%, but I don’t think she has anything to do with this entertainment industry incident..”

 ”Then what about Fumio Kijima?”

 ”He’s pretty much the same. He comes to the gymnastic every day. He usually leaves right after that..”

 ”If we assume that “the door” through which the maid disappeared can be used to travel long distances, there’s a chance that the Tokyo incident is the same one, don’t you think?”

 ”So that means Fumio is going through the door and doing bad things in Tokyo? Well… it’s only a possibility. We don’t know that the maid and Fumio have any connection. We don’t even know what that “door” actually looks like…”

 ”Why don’t you ask a critical question, just in case he was suspicious?”

 ”To Fumio? Onee-chan. You say that so casually. But what if Fumio really is the culprit? Unlike you, I can’t fight. If we’re going to do this, we have to make sure it’s safe..”

 To be honest, I can’t shake the feeling that we’re stuck.

 The mass media is calling the Tokyo incident a ”Follow-up・the Mysterious Disappearance Case”, but to be honest, there is no guarantee that this is the same kidnapping as the mass kidnapping of the track and field club. So far, there is no solid evidence for this.

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