Confinement 167

Chapter 167 Daughter

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 A high-pitched, screech-like voice rang out.

 Akira-chan was covering her ears with her hands, as if she didn’t want to hear it.


 ”No, no, no…no..”

 President hugged her shoulders, but she just looked desperate and her lips trembled.

 The situation is clear, Yamauchi-san’s vote has ruined everything.

 No, even if it was a tie, Akira-chan would still fall. Her despair is not Yamauchi-san’s fault.

 But the fact that I couldn’t cut down the four members of the Modero project here has decided the course of this death game.

 All that’s left is to be tortured to death.

 [The mission for Akira Mizuki is…]

 A close-up of Aramaki-san appears on the screen, and the words appear in the background.

 [Female pig training livestock copulation. Ugly dna seed-fucking]


 I couldn’t help but let out a squeal at the awfulness of the words.

 [It’s basically the same as Misuzu’s. You have s*x with that ugly guy, and if you don’t get impregnated, it’s goodbye. The only difference is that it’s a hard fuck with restraints]

 To Aramaki-san’s merciless explanation, President Kurashima raised his voice in a pleading tone.

 ”No, please don’t! P-please don’t do that! I’ll do anything for you! I’ll do anything!”

 ”Oh, President… you were just looking at me with a finger in your mouth, but when it comes to Akira-chan, you are so desperate”

 Yamauchi-san spat out with a frustrated face, and the President grunted, “Kuh…”.

 [No can do]

 Aramaki-san’s answer was curt, and Akira-chan began to cry in tears.

 [Are you going to do it? Or do you want to die right now? That’s fine, I’ve prepared the most miserable way for you to die]

 ”Hiii? No, I don’t… want to… die”

 Then the President stood up, got down on his knees on the floor and started screaming desperately.

 ”No, please! Please don’t do this! Akira is… Akira is my real daughter! She’s the precious daughter of the woman I truly love! I don’t care what happens to me! Please!”

 Everyone gasped at the President’s confession.

 (His own daughter… I think Akira-chan is the daughter of a famous actor, a second generation celebrity, though? Eh? So? Does he mean that?)

 I was confused for a moment, but it’s easy if I think about it. She was an illegitimate child born with the wife of a famous actor. Blood Parasite. That’s what it means.

 If I understand that, it would make sense why the President put so much effort into Akira-chan.

 But there was no change in Aramaki-san’s voice.

 [It’s irrelevant. But are you going to stop eating salmon roe because it’s not a female salmon but a male salmon?]

 Please don’t force the analogy with salmon. It’s too confusing.

 [Or do you want your daughter to die, Jake?]

 ”Salmon doesn’t have any fingers”

 Natsumi-chan picks up a small blur in a whisper. She’s the kind of girl who can’t help but pick up on a joke.

 ”No, no… no, I don’t want to die..”

 Akira-chan mutters, and leaves her seat, crying tearfully. Then, dragging her heavy body, she started to walk towards the red door.

 ”A-Akira! Kuh… A-Akira..”

 The President’s blood-curdling moan echoed, and Fumijima-san started walking toward the red door as if following Akira-chan.

* * *

 Well, Fumijima-san… just a moment ago, he was having s*x with Yamauchi-san, and yet he can still do it?

 At this point, I can’t believe that Fumijima-san is even human.

 Fumijima-san held Akira-chan’s drooping shoulders in front of the red door.

 Then, when he looked back at the President, he twisted her mouth into a smile.

 ”Well then… you can look forward to having grandchildren. Oh, “father-in-law…””

 ”Fumijima! You bastarddddddddd!”

 Akira-chan and Fumijima-san disappeared behind the red door amidst the President’s grudge-like screams.

◇ ◇ ◇

 Although I said so to the President, I was inwardly puzzled when I entered the broadcast room with Akira Mizuki.

 The plan was to sleep with a young lover from a middle-aged father, but it turned out to be a really heinous situation, raping his daughter in front of her own father.

 (I feel twice as guilty, and even more so…)

 However, it was the result of the President’s misdeeds, and Kaneko-san, whom the President raped and sold off, has a father too. He got what he deserved.

 If there is any saving grace, it is that I was always intending to make Akira Mizuki mine, and I have no plans to broadcast the video to the outside world.

 If she wants to, she can continue her modeling career.

 Incidentally, Yamauchi-san is going to be taken into custody by Lili after everything is over.

 When I asked her what she was going to do, she said “Torture had been corrupted and was going out of control, Devi, and that she needed a distraction, Devi”.

 I decided not to ask any more questions.

 Akira Mizuki was trembling in my arms as I held her shoulders.

 When I look at her again, I realize that she is indeed a model. She is no less beautiful than Misuzu.

 She hadn’t worn any make-up since the first few days of the Death Game, and her face was stained with tears, but her beauty was still intact.

 Now, her long hair was tied in twin tails on either side of her head.

 Her eyes are long and narrow, and her nose looks as if it has been drawn with a face-painting brush.

 Her body is more slender than Misuzu’s, but unfortunately, her breasts are very small.

 (Better than Fujiwara-san’s, I guess…)

 Her clothes are the same as when she came here.

 A white t-shirt, a black lace camisole, and a tight denim skirt, the casual outfit of an experienced fashionista.

 ”Well… Mizuki-san”

 I opened my mouth, and she jumped.

 ”I’m sorry, but I want to save my life too. Aramaki-san wants me to fuck you hard, with restraints. Still, I don’t want you to get hurt, so I’ll help you if you do as I say”

 ”Okay, but… But… this is my first time, so please be as gentle as you can… please”

 (Her first time… seriously…)

 I feel even more guilty.

 At any rate, since it had been set up with the assumption of punishment, the bedside table was filled with a black leather bondage outfit, manacles, shackles, a ball gag, a blindfold, a rose whip, candles, a nose hook, a piercer, a pink rotor, a low-frequency treatment device, and various colorful vibrators.

 That’s a lot for a virgin to take.

 Of all my girls, Ryoko is probably the only one who would enjoy this.

 (I’ll just have to do my best to awaken her M as soon as possible…)

 ”From now on, I’m your master, and you’re my livestock. If you don’t listen to me, I’ll beat you”


 Her face twitches, and I twist her arm, throwing her onto the bed.

 Then I yell at her in a loud voice.

 ”All right, get your clothes off! You pig!”

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