Confinement 168

Chapter 168 Hard Fucker

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 ”What…what should I do?”

 I muttered absentmindedly, looking up at the monitor that was still off.

 Nearly an hour has already passed since Fumijima-san and Akira-chan disappeared behind the red door.

 Aramaki-san hadn’t given any instructions, and it might have been okay to go back to the room, but no one had moved from the spot.

 President is still lying down on the round table with his head in his hands.

 Yamauchi-san is sitting on the floor, leaning against the wall, eyes closed, legs slumped.

 (Yamauchi-san… I wonder how she feels?)

 The unexpected twist is that I thought the President had taken a young lover, but it turned out to be his own daughter. It is difficult to guess her state of mind.

 If it was her daughter, would she be satisfied with her choice? Or would she still resent her? Does she realize that it was not the President who voted for Yamauchi-san in the first place, or not?

 While I was thinking about this, I heard a whispered but cheerful voice out of place. It was Misuzu-chan’s voice.

 ”Hurry up, I want to finish everything and go outside. Once I’m outside, I’ll get ready for the wedding with my darling, and search for our love nest…. Oh yeah, where should we go for our honeymoon?”

 She’s completely in love. She doesn’t want to hide the fact that she’s been corrupted by Fumijima-san.

 Natsumi-chan, however, glared at her.

 ”Huh? What’s wrong with you? Bitch. Master only held you because he had to. I’m enough of a bitch slave for master”

 ”You’re the one who’s mistaken. I’m Misuzu, you know. I’m a different caliber of model. Between you and me, whose job is limited to flyers for supermarkets, it’s obvious which one the darling will choose, right?”

 ”What? Just listen to me. You’re just a bitch with a long career! I’ll tell you the history of our love!”

 ”History of love? I’m already tired of that. First of all, I have a beautiful baby with my darling in my belly. You’re just a stopgap until he meets me, you’re no longer needed”

 ”Idiot, I’m the one who will get out of here with Master”

 ”No, it’s me! But I’ll at least visit your grave with darling”

 Masakey-chan looked at them with cold eyes as they glared at each other corner to corner.

 She has a thin smile on her face, but to my eyes, the air around her seems to be stagnant with anger.

 (I knew it… she’s scary…)

 However, if I think about it, I feel something strange about Misuzu-chan and Natsumi-chan’s argument.

 Both of them are arguing on the premise that Fumijima-san and themselves will survive. They are arguing based on this assumption.

 Me, Kyoko-san, President, Akira-chan and Yamauchi-san. Someone from the Modero project is the mastermind, and he/she will destroy five of us in turn, and that will be the end. So, all four Modero Project members survive.

 I thought it was such a scenario, but if I understand what the two of them said, it’s not so.

 (No way… there is no mastermind among the four members of the Modero project?)

 With that thought, I look around.

 The President and Yamauchi-san have suffered a great deal of damage in this death game. These two are unlikely to be the mastermind.

 When I thought of this, I felt as if something cold had been poured down my spine.

* * *

 (There is… someone who hasn’t suffered any damage so far)

 I turned my eyes to the person next to me.

 Kyoko-san was looking at the monitor with a grin on her face.

 (Smirking? Why… why is she so relaxed?)

 Come to think of it, she’s the only one who didn’t know any of us, except for the first dead detective.

 (Who is this person, anyway? Why did I think she was on my side?)

 I suddenly became afraid and tried to leave my seat. At the moment when I lifted my body slightly, the monitor, which had been pitch-black until then, was filled with white noise, and an image appeared on the screen.

 The sound of someone’s throat gurgling sounded. With a gasp, everyone’s eyes moved toward the monitor at once.

 The image on the monitor was taken from above at an angle.

 Under a pale pink light, a woman’s figure was projected.


 President Kurashima shouted urgently from his seat.

 Surely that was Akira-chan…maybe.

 I say “maybe” because I can’t see her face clearly.

 She is blindfolded and muzzled (ball gag). Her nose hung with a hook, squashed like a pig, ruining her beautiful face.

 Tears are dripping from under the blindfold.

 And from a ball gag which had been bitten by her mouth, drool sloppily spilling out from its vacant hole.

 [Fuuu… Fugaa… Fuuuu…]

 Of course, she couldn’t speak. The only sound that came out of the speakers was the sound of her breathing, mixed with moans.

 Her body is even more indecent.

 A bondage outfit made of plaited leather straps and enamel heels. The important parts of her body are completely uncovered.

 I don’t know if she never grew it or if she shaved it off, but on her smooth lower abdomen, the word “Pregnant Bag” was scribbled with magic marker.

 Manacles and shackles were attached to each side of her body with short chains, and she was lying in the position of a frog that had been stretched back, unable to move her arms and legs straight.

 On top of that, pink rotors were attached to both of her nipples, and they were vibrating with a low buzzing sound.

 As I looked up speechlessly, Fumijima-san appeared from the edge of the screen.

 He looked up at the camera, his mouth twisted into a grin.

 [Is it showing already? Hey, are you watching Father-in-law? Good for you. Your daughter’s still a virgin. I’ll be ready soon, so just wait a bit]


 The President gritted his teeth at Fumijima-san’s teasing remark.

 [After that, Aramaki-san prepared a cameraman for us. I think I can deliver your daughter’s loss of virginity with some nice camera work, so please enjoy it]


 As soon as I thought that, the camera, which had been looking at her from a diagonal angle, moved and came closer to Akira-chan’s crotch.

 Then, the screen was filled with the image of her private parts.

 Her pink crack was twitching and twitching.

 And when the fingers of what seemed to be Fumijima-san pushed the folds to the left and right, transparent liquid dripped from them.

 [I’ve been caressing her thoroughly up to this point, so she’s in good shape]

 In fact, Akira-chan’s skin was turning pink and her vagina was already soaking wet.

 ”Fu-Fumijima! I’ll never forgive you! I won’t forgive you!”

 Fumijima-san does not respond to the President’s cry. It seemed that the image was a one-way communication, and he had not heard our voice.

 As the camera returns to its original position, Fumijima-san lets out an unpleasant laugh.

* * *

 [Anyway, since I’ve worked her so much, I thought I’d let her cum at least once around here before I take her virginity…. And once she’s tasted it, she might become addicted to it]

 With that, Fumijima-san walked over to Akira-chan and pinched her bloodshot and enlarged clitoris with a clip-like object.

 [Fghhh!? Gaaaaah!]

 It must have hurt a lot.

 Akira-chan writhed violently, her twin-tails bouncing vigorously on the bed.

 If I look closely, I can see red and blue wires stretching from the clip that bites her bud, which looks like an electrical cord.

 ”No… Don’t do thattt!”

 The President’s voice is still unheard.

 [Okay, then, switch it on!]

 As soon as Fumijima-san turned the switch of the machine that seemed to be a low-frequency treatment device, Akira-chan arched her back violently.

 [Fghhhhhhh!? Buga!! Gggggggg!?]

 Akira-chan obscenely pushed out her hips, her body twitching and jerking.

 She seemed to be stiffening in the position of forming a bridge with her neck.

 [Then, let’s ascend at once, shall we?]

 As Fumijima-san twisted the knob to the maximum, Akira-chan’s voice rose an octave higher.

 [Fghhhhhhhh, Bugagaga, gggggg!]

 Her body shuddered like a broken machine, and her hips lifted even higher.

 [Fugga, gg, ga, gu!]

 And then, a splash came from her pink crack!

 *Squirtttttt…. *

 The golden liquid spurted out like an arc.

 The liquid was released for a surprisingly long time. I just watched it in amazement, as if seeing something unbelievable.

 At the same time as the water began to trickle out, Akira-chan, who had been lying on her back, collapsed onto the bed.

 She is twitching and convulsing, but her strength is gone like a corpse. She seems to have fainted.

 [Ah~, she wet herself, father-in-law, she’s so undisciplined. Well, that’s okay. I’ll discipline her thoroughly instead, and she’ll become the kind of erotic bitch I like.

 ”Fumijimaaa!! Stop itttt!”

 President is screaming. Yamauchi-san, on the other hand, keeps her eyes closed.

 Misuzu-chan and Natsumi-chan look up at the monitor, their cheeks flushed, and sigh, “Haa…”.

 Masakey-chan, on the other hand, seemed to be unconcerned… however, her hand, hidden behind the round table, was creeping up her skirt. In fact, this girl might be the most excited.

 [Well then, while she’s unconscious…]

 With that, Fumijima-san walked over to the bed again and reaches for Akira-chan, who’s lying on the bed.

 He pulls off the pink rotor attached to his nipple and throws it away, exposing two gold rings to the camera as if to show them off.

 [As proof that she’s mine, I’m going to give her nipple piercings like a slave!]

 I heard the sound of the President gasping for breath.

 Akira-chan, who was unconscious, did not seem to resist. And although Fumijima-san’s back was blocking my view, but I could hear the sound of a sharp pinprick! And I heard it twice.

 [Okay, it’s done. Ahaha, she might be surprised when she wakes up]

 After Fumijima-san leaves the camera, the camera moves closer to Akira-chan, who is lying on the bed.

 Akira-chan’s small breasts are swollen, and golden rings are shining on her nipples, which are still erect at the tips. From the hole, a thin streak of blood was painfully flowing.

 ”Damn it, damn itttt…”

 The President clenched his fists so hard that they bled, tears welling in his eyes.

 [So… this is where it all begins, father-in-law]

 With that, Fumijima-san looks at the camera and twists his mouth into a grin.

* * *

 [Well, the pain will be much less if I make it this slippery, so you should be grateful to me for taking the time and effort to do this]

 As he said this, Fumijima-san got on the bed, picked Akira-chan up, and sat down, holding her from behind.

 The camera moves to the front and shows Akira-chan’s whole body being held by Fumijima-san with her legs wide open.

 Akira-chan is unconscious and drooping languidly.

 From behind her, Fumijima-san holds her in his arms and over her shoulder, looking at the camera, his mouth twisted into a grin.

 [So, enjoy the moment when your beloved daughter becomes a woman. Father-in-law]

 Then, he placed his erect cock between Akira-chan’s legs in his arms.

 ”No…please don’t…I beg you…”

 The President’s voice was weak, and he himself must have known it was useless.

 I wonder if it’s called the back sitting position. The position where she’s made to sit on top of Fumijima-san’s body. Akira-chan’s slit is slowly swallowing Fumijima-san’s hard and taut cock.

 [Fuu, uuuu…]

 Akira-chan’s eyebrows lowered into a curve, and her cheeks twisted in agony.

 The next moment, with a thud! Fumijima-san’s thing pierced her inside.

 [Fggh!? Fgggggh! Fghh! Aggggaaaa!]

 The shock must have brought her back to consciousness. And Akira-chan turns his head upside down again, shaking her head violently.

 Her vision is blocked. She may not even know what is going on.

 But Fumijima-san doesn’t care about her, and starts to move his hips violently.

 *Splat*! *Splat*! The obscene sound of water echoes from the speakers, and on the screen, Akira-chan in an obscene bondage outfit is moving up and down violently.

 Her piercing on her breast is swinging up and down.

 Tears drip from between her blindfold, and frothy drool spills from the ball gag in her mouth.

 [Fgghh, agh, fgh, ggh, fghh, agh!!]

 Akira-chan’s screeching voice echoed in a steady rhythm, and the President covered his ears and slumped against the round table.

 ”It’s terrible…”

 I moaned involuntarily. And I felt tears welling up in the corners of my eyes, even though I wasn’t the one being treated.

 Suddenly, Fumijima-san shakes his body violently and extends his tongue to lick Akira-chan’s cheek.

 [Hey, Akira. I’m the first guy you’ve ever had. Don’t forget that! Well, you won’t get a chance to know any other guys. You’ll live your whole life as my s*x hole]

 [Fugghh! Fuu! Fuu! Gggh!]

 As soon as he whispered that in her ear, Akira-chan’s face twitched and she writhed even harder.

 However, there was no way for her to escape when she was restrained.

 Fumijima-san, apparently excited by her condition, began to thrust her even harder.

 *Splat*! *Splat*! *Splat*! *Splat*!

 [Fghh!? Gagaga! Ggh! Fghh! Hii!]

 After a few minutes of this, Akira-chan’s resistance began to fade away, and her voice began to change to a clearly pleasurable and charming sound.

 [Fuh, fuaah, hyu, hii, fuh, fuh, fuh, fuahh!]

 Fumijima-san plays with her pierced nipples with his fingertips as he continues to thrust into her without mercy, until…


 At the moment when Fumijima-san frowned, Akira-chan…


 With a scream, Akira-chan arched her back.

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