Confinement 169

Chapter 169 Punishing a Selfish Daughter with Love

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 ”Haa~… haa~… haa~…”

 Akira Mizuki is leaning against me, breathing hard.

 While holding her body, which was convulsing wildly right after her climax, I poured the last of my semen into her vagina.

 I looked into her face, which was slightly cyber-looking with a blindfold, a nose hook, and a ball gag.

 To be honest, I can’t really see her expression, but she’s definitely cumming.

 However, there is no sign of the electronic sound of leveling up.

 It seems that taking her virginity is not enough to make Akira Mizuki surrender to me.

 It’s to be expected, but she’s pretty stubborn.

 I thought back again to the plan I had decided on with Lili to train her.

 I was surprised to find out that the President was her biological father, but I don’t think I need to change my training plan.

 [The classic brainwashing method works best for this type, Devi]

 Lili said.

 That method is “Suppression” and “Relaxation”.

 Humans are creatures that seek safety.

 She is a selfish girl who has been pampered and protected by a great power.

 As a talented second-generation celebrity of a famous star and strongly protected by the President, she has always been in a safe zone until now.

 But now she is being stripped of that protection and suppressed with fear.

 In the past, she could easily control people with the authority of her parents or the President, but now, I must show her that this is no longer the case.

 I will make her realize that she is helpless, and when her heart breaks, I will be kind to her and relax her.

 I will imprint on her mind that she is safe as long as she is loved by me, and overwrite the object of dependence from the President to me.

 (Before that…)

 I think I’ve done a lot of damage to the President by showing him taking her daughter’s virginity.

 That’s enough for the broadcast, now I just have to take my time to brainwash her.

 It’s hard to play with the camera in mind, and even though it’s an act, it’s hard for me, as a good guy, to act evil more than necessary.

 When I gave Kaneko-san a look, she gave a small nod, switched off the camera, and left the room.

 There was no way that Akira Mizuki could see Kaneko-san.

 She was already supposed to be dead.

 I carefully removed the blindfold so that the nose hook would not come off, and removed the ball gag.

 Immediately, frothy saliva spilled down her chin and onto the sheets.

 ”Haa~… haa~… haa~…”

 Her eyes were unfocused, as if she were drunk. Her mouth was slack and half-open, and she was breathing raggedly.

 It was well worth the careful foreplay, to be able to show such a foolish face after just one session of virginity loss.

 ”Well… Akira, you can’t keep on losing your mind. If you don’t want to die, you’ll have to try hard to conceive my child”

 When I called out to her, she blinked her eyes with a vacant look in her eyes and replied in a panting voice.

 ”Nnh, shut up… don’t you dare call me that… because your baby… will be aborted as soon as I get out of here”

 ”Oh, you’d dare say that?”

 ”You look disgusting. I’m gonna tell Papa about you…”

 ”Tell your Papa, then?”

 She shuts up in frustration.

 I’m sure she said it out of reflex in her foggy consciousness, but that’s how she made people obey her on a daily basis, after all.

* * *

 (She’s been spoiled too much, huh)

 ”Hyann… Nnnh!? Upu”

 I pushed her back and threw her on the bed.

 She fell down on her back with her face in the sheets along with my cock slipping out of her vagina and dripping bloody semen from her crotch.

 She was now in a crippled position with her hands and feet shackled in short chains. She couldn’t get up even if she wanted to, and only her ass was sticking out, making her miserable.

 From the side table, I grabbed a rose whip and slapped her ass with it.

 ”It hurtssssss!!”

 I’ve heard that this kind of whip doesn’t hurt as much as it sounds. But she let out a scream like it was the end of the world.

 ”Hey, you pig. I’m gonna ask you one more time, what did you want to tell your Papa?”

 ”Stop it, don’t hit me!”

 ”Shut up!”

 ”Gyaaa!? You’re hurting me. Stop it”

 ”That’s how you’ve been getting people to obey you with your parents’ authority, but it doesn’t work on me. Your Papa doesn’t have the power to protect you anymore”

 I slapped her ass even harder with the whip.

 ”Hiii! I’m sorry! I apologize! I really apologize!”

 ”I’ll tell you the situation one more time for the sake of the stupid, dumb livestock. Aramaki-san told me you’ll die if you don’t conceive my child. He said you’ll be burned at the stake. Apparently it’s very painful to die, you know”


 ”And I don’t really want to hold you. That is true. After all, I can hold Misuzu any time I want, she’s more honest and cute. So the reason I’m holding you is just good intentions. It’s like volunteering”

 ”Uuuu… Misuzu, Misuzu…”

 Akira’s face contorted in frustration.

 It must be an insult too much for her pride to bear.

 ”What’s more, this death game isn’t over just because you’re pregnant. You may not understand the situation because you’re an idiot, but right now, I’m the one who has the best chance of clearing this game. I’ll probably be the one who decides who else to clear it with me”

 ”That’s not necessarily true…”

 ”Well, yeah. I’d say it’s about a seventy percent chance. But at least it won’t be your Papa”

 She stares at me silently. Maybe she’s looking for something to deny, but it’s a futile attempt.

 ”Misuzu is a smart girl, unlike you, so she was immediately attracted to me. At the moment, if I had to choose one person, it would be Misuzu”

 ”Misuzu again…”

 ”You really are an idiot, aren’t you? There’s only one way for you to survive, and that’s to flirt with me, to give yourself to me, to serve me, to satisfy me more than Misuzu. All you have to do is make me want to hold you even after we leave here”

 She’d even asked the President to get rid of anyone who got in her way. She must be a very competitive person. There was no way she wouldn’t step up to the challenge of being called an idiot and having Misuzu mentioned to her.

 ”What… should I do?”

 ”You’ll have to figure that out on your own… but I’ll at least give you the first step. Just ask me sincerely. Like “Please fuck this little bitch named Akira Mizuki as much as you want, fill me up with your semen and make me cum””

 She bit her lower lip in disgust. Then, after a moment of silence, she muttered in a hushed voice.

* * *

 ”P…Please fuck me. Do whatever you want… it’s okay. Fill me up with your semen, Sob… in my belly, sob.. .”

 She was sobbing and crying, which was quite tickling my S part…

 ”Uuu, uuuu…”

 With that, I buried her crying face in the sheets, grabbed her ass, squeezed them, and whispered to her.

 ”Now, I’m going to give you a second shot”

 ”Uuuuuuu… Nhiiiiiiii!?”

 Her arms and legs were connected with short chains, and she was in a position where only her ass was sticking out. I place my cock in her pink slit and slowly twist it in and out.

 Her slit, which had already been melted to mush by my previous penetration, did not resist, but rather sucked at me from the other side.

 ”Uuuuuu… it’s coming in…uuuu, no…no, don’t spread it…it still hurts, it still tingles…”

 Akira’s voice became nothing but a moan as I continued penetrating slowly, and slowly. She bites down on the sheet with her teeth in desperation. It must really still hurt.

 ”Iggii! Gghhh! Uuu…, uuuuu…”

 When I’ve reached all the way in, I stop moving.


 She let out a deep breath and buried her face in the sheets again. But then, she must have noticed the discomfort in her breasts.

 She looked down at her breasts in a slow-motion motion and let out a scream-like voice.

 ”W-what? What’s this!? A piercing!?”

 ”It’s a sign that you’re mine. And, for all intents and purposes, you’re a pig for s*x”

 ”Uuuu, Papaaa…”

 (Sighs… President, you’ve been spoiling her too much)

 The words “I’ll tell this to Papa” have become almost a conditioned reflex.

 It’s too much trouble to deal with her every time, so I decided to silence her with my cock.

 ”Hiiii!? D-don’t move suddenlyyyy! It hurts, it hurtsssss! Ahh, ah, Kuh… . Oh, no…”

 When I suddenly started to move my hips violently, Akira screamed back, grabbed the sheet and writhed.

 Due to the chains connecting her hands and feet, the position of her hands and knees are close to each other in an unstable position. She could not get down on all fours, and could not even move properly to escape. As she was thrust helplessly from behind, she gasped helplessly.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhh!”

 My pubic mound slaps against her ass, and my hard, taut cock rubs up against her sweet, wet female flesh.

 Her small breasts barely swayed, but her piercing went up and down hard at the tip.

 Although she was a virgin until a moment ago, the tightness is quite severe. The lusty folds of her breasts clamped down on me, and a frustratingly weak electric current of pleasure coursed through me from my sac to my anus.

 ”It’s good, Akira, your hole feels good”

 ”Hiiii, ah, ah, ah, ahhhhh, ah, ah, ah, ahh…”

 I’ve just praised her, but she doesn’t have time to reply.

 As I moved my hips even harder, her entire vagina began to twitch and undulate, and the countless soft folds of her folds tightened irregularly around my object.

 It feels completely different from Misuzu and Masaki-chan. It feels so good. Is this what they call a great organ?

 ”No, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, i, it hurts, d, don’t grab my hair, hiiiiiiiiii!?”

 In my excitement, I grabbed her twin-tails as if they were reins, made her look up at me, and vigorously thrust up her cervix with the tip of my meat.

 I felt the elasticity of the tip. In contrast, the soft flesh of her vagina gently enveloped me to the base.

* * *

 ”Hiii!? It’s piercing me! Ahhh, hiiiii!”

 I crushed her womb with all my strength.

 ”Igiii, ghhhhh, iiiiiii!?”

 As she was pulled by the hair, she arched her back as if she were a wild horse.

 I pulled my cock out to the point where I could just barely pull it out, and drilled into her core again.

 ”Uahhh!? Ahi, hii, hiiii…”

 She tries to bury her face in the sheets, but she can’t do it with her hair in my grasp.

 From the way she reacts, it seems that she’s probably had several small orgasms in this short time.

 But it doesn’t matter how many times she cum. I’m still not going to cum.

 I start pumping hard again.

 ”Uaah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, hii, ahhhhhhhh…”

 The outstretched shade of her flesh is rubbing up against my cock, and the sweet sound of her mouth overflowing with endless screams follows.

 The part where she and I are connected is already a mess.

 The lustful juices secreted incessantly in her womb were stirred up and bubbled up, falling onto the sheets in strings and making a stain.

 ”Forgive me… how many times do I have to go crazy before you’ll forgive me… Hii, Ghhh!?”

 She looks back at me as if begging for mercy with a tear-stained face, hung from a nose hook.

 ”Shut up, and keep cumming”

 I spat coolly, and the tear beads grew even larger in her eyes.

 When she looks at me like that, of course I get even more excited. I could feel my heart thumping so hard it hurt.

 I move my hips even faster. The friction is so violent, it’s not like rubbing, it’s more like dragging out the mucous membrane with my cock.

 ”Ah, ahhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhhhhhh! Aahiiiiiii!?”

 I could feel her vaginal folds twitching and twitching. She must have cum again. But I won’t forgive her yet. As her uterus is in the midst of a climax spasm. I drill into it without mercy.

 ”Hhhgg!? Igii!? Gaa.. Haa, Kuh..!”

 She’s probably in shock, with a blocked airway, and she’s in a daze.

 ”Hey, you pig! Acknowledge me as your master and swear to serve me as my s*x toy for the rest of your life!”

 ”I acknowledge you, I acknowledge you, I swear, hiinnn!? Forgive me, I’m dying, I’m dying…”

 I remove my hand of her hair and press down her body like I’m covering her. I grabbed her chin, forced her to turn around, and took her lips.

 When I insert my tongue into her mouth, her tongue aggressively engages mine. She has probably reached this point so many times that she doesn’t even know what she is doing.

 Even now, her vaginal flesh is twitching violently.

 ”Nchu, nn, nnnn, chu…”

 I guess she’s reached again, with our mouths smeared with each other’s saliva.

 Once out lips parted, I resumed pumping with all my might.

* * *

 ”Hiaaaaaa!? Ahhh, ah, ah, ah, ahh!”

 Of course, there was no way I could forgive her just because she swore. Rather, now that she’s mine, I’ll make her accept my desires with all my might.

 Her nectar-soaked vagina was ripped open by the rod, and her juices spun into a spray that made her shudder and shake all over.

 ”Aaah, aaah, aaah, aaah, aaah, aaah…”

 Even her panting voice no longer sounded right.

 ”Akira! Isn’t my cock the best!”

 ”It, it, it’s the best, your cock is the best, your cock is really the best…”

 ”Then, if you want me to protect you instead of the President, tell me you love me!”

 ”Ah, hii, ah, I love you, I really love you, I love you so much, ah, ah, ah, I’m gonna cum, I love you, I love you so muc… ahhhhhhh”

 It seems that her head is already sizzling with dopamine. She was panting uncontrollably, shaking her ass and whispering her love to me.

 I was nearing my limit too.

 ”Akira, I’m going to cum!”

 I shouted, and the spear of flesh that had been thrust into her deepest part exploded with a violent spasm.

 *Tremble*! *Spurttttttttt*! *Spurttttttt*!

 ”Hiii, ah, ahh, ahhhhhhhhh! It’s coming out, it’s shooting inside meeeee! It’s sprayinggg!”

 Finally, Akira’s black eyes darted out of her eyes, and her tongue sloppily spilled out of the corner of her mouth. Then, as if she’d been hit by an electric current, she jolted back up, her body jumping and jerking.


 Frowning at the stinging pleasure, I poured my semen into Akira’s vagina as she collapsed on the bed, then quickly pulled out my meat stick and pressed it to her mouth.

 Perhaps unconsciously. She ran her tongue over my cock and slurped up the semen.

 And then–

 ”Akira, that felt good”

 I stroked her hair, and she smiled happily.

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