Confinement 170

Chapter 170 Play Preference

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 ”What do you think of that?”

 Natsumi-chan asked as soon as we sat down on the sofa in “the Confinement King’s bedroom”.

 ”Well…Fumi-kun, I think he’s too gentle. Caressing her for an hour before inserting it, she was totally turned on too, Akira-chan. I think I’m feeling a little jealous”

 ”I’m not jealous but it’s not good, you know. That girl is going to get fucked like that all night, right? She’s going to be a M girl, isn’t she?”

 While Misuzu-chan and Natsumi-chan still talking, Kyoko-san interrupts them.

 ”I don’t know what you’re talking about. And in the first place, he’s a demon. Whenever he fucks me, he’s usually like that, or even more merciless”

 She looks displeased, but somehow her voice sounds like she’s boasting.

 I guess she’s proud of her misfortune, because she’s had it worse than me.

 ”…That’s nice. Fumi-kun has been very gentle with me lately… I feel like he loves me very much, but he should be more aggressive with me”

 ”Isn’t that great? I prefer not to be hurt or made to feel pain. I prefer it when he’s gentle. I think lovey-dovey is the best”

 ”…Natsumi-chan looks like a maiden. Even though she is”

 ”What do you mean, look like maiden!? Seriously!”

 Everyone seemed to be comparing themselves to Akira Mizuki, but Fumio-kun was the one who excited me.

 I wondered how good it would feel to single-handedly torture someone who had made me so immobile.

 (Fumio-kun…I wonder if he’ll let me restrain him, but I’m more of a Fumio-kun S part…it might be nice to restrain Misuzu-chan and have the two of us work together on her)

 ”What’s wrong, Masaki?”

 ”Oh, no, I was just thinking”

 I can’t, I can’t. Misuzu-chan has been staring at me.

 (For now… I think I’ll practice training with Yui-chan. It seems like she’s under my control, so I can do whatever I want with her, right?)

 While I was thinking about this, Kaneko-san came back to the room, camera in hand.

 ”Thanks for your time. Kaneko-san, you’ve been watching them from the time of foreplay, haven’t you? How did it go?”

 ”I don’t know, but…”

 Kaneko-san chuckled at Misuzu-chan’s forward question.

 ”If I had to say, I’d say he was good… It was really fast from the time he restrained her to the time when Akira Mizuki turned soft”

 ”I know it! Fumi-kun, he’s really good at it!”

 Misuzu-chan, for some reason, puffed out her chest with pride. Well, I think I understand. I’m also happy when Fumio-kun is praised.

 ”Anyway, I was surprised to know that the President and Akira Mizuki are father and daughter. Did Kaneko-san know about it?”

 Natsumi-chan asked, and Kaneko-san quietly shook her head.

 ”No, I just heard that Akira Mizuki is the daughter of a famous actor, and that the President and the actor are best friends, so at first I thought he was promoting her because of that. But since they’re so close, I thought she was his lover…”

 ”So… you’re saying he slept with his best friend’s wife and had a child with her? That’s insane”

 ”I guess it’s the result of an illicit love.”

 Kyoko-san said to Natsumi-chan in a tone of complete disbelief, as if she was talking about someone else.

 This time, Lili-chan appeared in the air.

* * *

 ”Why not? And it’s time for club activities, Devi, so I’ll take you home, Devi”

 ”Haa~. What a pain in the ass”

 While laughing at the sight of Natsumi-chan’s mouth agape as she stretched, I asked Lili-chan about something that had been bothering me.

 ”By the way, Lili-chan, what about Yamauchi-san? Has she fallen?”

 Lili-chan shook her head.

 ”It’s not like I’m trying to corrupt her, Devi… In fact, it’s like she’s been masturbating with Fumi Fumi as her vibrator, Devi”

 ”Oh, really? Is that okay, Devi?”

 ”No problem, Devi. There’s nothing that woman can do, Devi. I don’t know how she’s going to feel when she hears that the model was Shacho’s real daughter, Devi, but now that she’s blown the whistle on Shacho, there’s no going back, Devi.”

 ”Did the President do something so bad?”

 ”Devi, Devi. By now, the world is in a panic, Devi. Massive human trafficking, pimping to politicians and higher-ups. It even included abetting the murder of people who owed him money, Devi”

 ”Uwaa… so Kaneko-san’s is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s going to be hell waiting for him even if he returns safely, isn’t it?”

 Natsumi-chan frowned exaggeratedly, and Kaneko-san chuckled.

 ”I think I’d be happier if President Kurashima went home and was socially sanctioned”

 ”Of course you would, Devi”

 ”But I’m pretty sure the First Beauty Agency will be demolished now. What are you going to do?”

 Misuzu-chan asked, and Lili-chan opened her mouth as if she had been waiting for her.

 ”Fufun! We’re going to swallow up the company that’s being dismantled and start a new one, Devi!”

 ”Could it be that Fumi-kun is the President?”

 ”That’s impossible, Devi. Even if he does take the reins of the company, it’ll have to be an adult, Devi. And for that matter, no need for Lili and the others to do anything, the unsociable will just figure out what action we’re taking and she will do it on her own, Devi. If we go along with that, we’ll probably be fine, Devi”

 ”The unsociable… is that Shiratori?”

 Natsumi-chan frowns, and Lili-chan nods broadly.

 ”Yes, Devi. She’s trying to lead rather than follow Fumi Fumi, Devi. Caution is necessary, Devi, but as long as the direction is the same, there is no need for correction, Devi”

 I only know this Shiratori girl by face. I heard that when she confined with the track and field club, she took all the good parts in the end.

 I think it’s quite irreverent to try to lead Fumio-kun, but as Lili-chan said, if it’s useful for Fumio-kun, then it should be used as much as possible.

◇ ◇ ◇

 After coming back from the girl’s bar, I took a shower, removed my make-up, and lay on the bed naked.

 Today, I managed to beat Mako bitch and keep the first place. It’s going well. It’s great to know that I can make her lose at least two more times.

 It was good that I had time to enjoy conversations with customers. And it’s good to know that if I’m having fun, the customers will have fun too.

* * *

 (Oh, I’m getting used to being a gal now, huh?)

 Even if I successfully pay off the 3 million yen and return to my normal life, it won’t be the same as before.

 I’m afraid I’ll start using gal-speak and probably won’t be able to stop wearing make-up. I don’t think I’ll be able to walk outside without makeup on.

 The shorter the skirt, the cuter it is, the less makeup I have to wear, the more I have to button up and wear a tight bow, it’s suffocating just thinking about it.

 To force people to do that is madness.

 Now I can’t help but wonder why I have to be so rigid. I used to follow it blindly just because it was a rule, but I don’t feel the need for it.

 It’s strange, I feel more liberated than before, even though I’m trapped here and forced to work in a girls’ bar.

 The cast members I work with are also free, and I am rarely told to do this or that. Cockroach maids are a bit annoying, but her involvement is minimal.

 I operate the remote control and turn on the DVD.

 It’s like a habit.

 I’ve watched the DVD over and over again, but each time I watch it, I find something new.

 Especially since I had it with Kijima the other day. I learned that men feel good when I do this to them, and that men get excited when I say these words to them…

 I found myself observing the way of s*x rather than the gal language.

 I think back again the other day with Kijima.

 That was crazy. It felt so good. A day after it was over, I felt very satisfied.

 When I think about it, why would I not want to do it when it felt so good and I could get paid for it? And I just wish Kijima had been a bit more handsome… well, Kobayashi-sensei is good enough for the handsome part.

 (It’s also good to make a backup plan by having to do it more time)

 If I do, I’ll have more room to relax. I can also enjoy working at a girl’s bar.

 The other day, I was tortured unilaterally, but I feel like that would make the woman obsolete.

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