Confinement 171

Chapter 171 Lewd Sushi

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 With the last drop squeezed out, I reached over to the side table and picked up an oil-based magic marker, while still connected to Akira.

 I add a new line to the word “True” written on her thigh. The total number of lines is now twenty-three.

 Is that too few for me? No, that’s just the number of times I’ve ejaculated inside her vagina. If I include the number of times I made her drink or sprayed her, the number increases by a few percent.

 And how many times has she come?

 ”Aah… aah… aah… aah… aah…”

 She’s moaning now.

 Her eyes are vacant, there’s no light in their glow, and are shaking slightly.

 She seems to be conscious and probably not broken, but if she is broken, I’ll just cure her.

 Her pig nose is hung from a nose hook, and her face is a mess of tears, drool, snot and semen. Even so, she still looks pretty, after all she was a model.

 Maybe it was because I had just spent the night taking care of her, so I was being biased.

 At about the same time I was smiling to myself, a familiar electronic sound rang out.


 ”Akira Mizuki’s state has changed to [Subjugated]”

 ”Along with that, the following functions are now available”

 ”● Temporary door (one-time door)”

 ”You can set up a one-time use back door”


 (Oh, here comes a function that I might be able to use)

 For example… let’s see.

 To participate in this death game, Shima-san is picked up and dropped off by me or Lili every day, but if I set up this <Temporary Door> in her room every time I drop her off, I won’t have to pick her up.

 As of yesterday afternoon, Akira Mizuki had fallen into a state of [Submissive]. Now she is in the second stage.

 There are three functions added at the stage where she has fallen to [Submissive]: <Stage Equipment Level 2 – Spotlight>, <Special Facilities – Runway>, <Washing (Cleaning)>.

 <Washing (Cleaning)> is a function that instantly removes dirt from my clothes. To be honest, the other two were pretty dull, so I’m glad to see this.

 The fact that I was able to make her fall to [Subjugated] in one night is a good job. To be honest, I didn’t expect that much.

 ”Fumi Fumi, it’s time for your radio gymnastics, Devi”

 Lili said as she appeared in the air, and I nodded when I tried to pull out my meat stick. However, Akira pushed her hips out and refused to pull it out.

 ”Nooo…don’t pull it out… Noo… don’t pull it out from me…”

 I can’t help but chuckle at this.

 (She’s so selfish..)

 ”Well, I’m off. And can you pin her up for a while and adjust her a bit?”

 I say to Lili, and pull my cock out of Akira.

 As soon as I do, Akira’s mouth drops open and she screams, “Nooo!” but Lili puts her finger on Akira’s forehead and pins her soul in place.

 ”This girl seems to be very selfish even after she’s fallen, Devi”

 I smiled at Lili who seemed to be taken aback and said, “Maybe so”. Then I asked her what was bothering me.

 ”By the way, how is Kurosawa-san’s preparation?”

 ”Perfect, Devi… you can look forward to it, Devi”

 She said, her mouth twisted in an unpleasant way.

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 [Good evening! Aramaki-san announces that it’s nine o’clock in the evening, Jake! Gather around the round table, Jake!]

 Loud as usual.

 ”Shut up! You fucking salmon!”

 I shouted angrily at the ceiling.

 With nothing to do but the stress of knowing that I might be the next to die, I couldn’t tell when I went to sleep and when I woke up.

 My sense of time is broken, and my frustration is at its peak.

 In such a situation, I finally lost my temper when I was served fried rice with bananas for dinner, which made no sense to me.

 Banana is not a snack but a staple food. Apparently, that’s what she was trying to say.

 And while I was punching the pillow in the mounted position, I heard Aramaki-san’s voice.

 I threw the pillow against the wall and left the room without fixing my sleeping condition.

 Most of the others hadn’t come out yet.

 The only person sitting at the round table was President Kurashima.

 He looked exhausted and downcast. He looked as if he had aged about ten years. Perhaps he had been here for a long time without returning to his room.

 As I was thinking this, Natsumi and Masakey-chan came out of their rooms and sat down at the same place as yesterday.

 Then Yamauchi-san and Kyoko-san came out and sat down on their chairs.

 The atmosphere is indescribably delicate.

 Natsumi-chan and Masakey-chan are sitting in a row, and the others are sitting one seat away from each other.

 To be honest, I’m relieved that Kyoko-san is not sitting next to me.

 She might be the mastermind. I couldn’t shake the suspicion.

 And then, an awkward silence fell upon us. To be honest, it was hard to think that this would continue until we were all together.

 So I asked Aramaki-san about something that had been bothering me, with a light-hearted feeling of distraction.

 ”Aramaki-san, can I ask you something?”

 [What is it, Jake?]

 ”Why is the mascot of the Death Game a salmon?”

 It’s a natural question. I guess everyone else was wondering the same thing. They all turned their heads toward the monitor at once.


 ”What is it?”

 [Because salmon are the most lewd creature in the world!]

 I thought I saw a question mark floating above everyone’s head.

 (Salmon is lewd?)

 [The missions in this death game are all lewd, Jake]

 ”Huh, that’s… yes”

 [That’s why the mascot should be the world’s most lewd creature, and it should be salmon, Jake!]

 What is that? I don’t get it.

 ”So, what’s so lewd about salmon, I asked you!”

 Kyoko-san shouted, clearly annoyed, and Aramaki-san let out an exasperated voice.

 [If you don’t understand the eroticism of salmon, you’re a real savage]

 ”What the hell do you mean!?”

 Kyoko-san shouted, and Aramaki-san suddenly appeared in a close-up.

 [Then, you should try talking to a girl on the street, “Ehehe, little girl, salmon pink, huh?” And you’ll be reported immediately, Jake!]


 [Not huh, Jake! Salmon pink is the color of vaginas! Salmon, along with abalone and red clams, are symbols of Eros!]

 I got a headache. Aramaki-san whispered to everyone who was holding their heads.

* * *

 [A few years ago, when the noon news program said that this spring’s trend was salmon pink, I was impressed that Japan was indeed a country of highly perverts, Jake]

 ”No… nobody means that…”

 In fact, salmon-pink cardigans and the like are usually in fashion, but if someone said that to me, I wouldn’t be able to handle any more salmon-pink apparel, at least not in the magazine I edit.

 Aramaki-san said triumphantly, as if she was proud of herself.

 [Aramaki-san’s dream is to accumulate money from this job and open her own store, Jake]

 ”What, are you going to open a store that sells only salmon pink clothes?”

 Kyoko-san asked in an exasperated voice, and Aramaki-san jumped.

 [I’m going to open a rotating sushi restaurant that only serves abalone, red clams and trout salmon]


 And then Aramaki-san went into a close-up again.

 [The name of the restaurant is Hanabira Dai Kaiten, Jake!‘ (*Note: is this the name of song?)

 ”That’s the worst kind of joke!”

 Judging from the buildup, this was probably Aramaki-san’s best attempt at a punchline, but I don’t know what “Hanabira Dai-Kaiten” means.

 Natsumi-san was the only one who reacted.

 No, the President is shaking his shoulders. He seems to be enjoying it.

 The rest of us look puzzled.

 [Well… Hanabira Dai-Kaiten is…]

 ”Don’t! You don’t have to explain!”

 She’s probably embarrassed that she’s the only one who can react. After all, Natsumi-san shouted desperately.

 Just then, there was a sudden sound from the red door. And the sound of unlocking echoed from the red door.

 When the red door opened, Fumijima-san stepped out in his usual sagging suit.

 Yamauchi-san looks at him as if she sees filth, and the President grits his teeth.

 But the sight of a figure coming out from behind him left everyone speechless.

 On all fours, walking out like a dog, was Akira-chan.

 She was still in the lewd bondage outfit we had seen on the monitor yesterday, her twin tails swaying like a dog with droopy ears.

 Her blindfold and nose hook were removed, but the lead from her collar was still in Fumijima-san’s hand.


 President shouted in surprise, kicking his chair and standing up.

 Akira-chan looked up at him with a glazed look in his eyes and let out a lisp like an infant.

 ”Papa, ehehe, I’ve become Master’s property…”


 Immediately, anger swelled up inside the President. Then, he punched Fumijima-san.

 But it was Akira-chan who stopped him.

 She stands up, spreads her hands and stands in front of the President.

 ”No, Papa, you can’t do that to Master…”

 ”Akira, what are you saying…”

 The President was stunned, and Fumijima-san opened his mouth with a triumphant look on his face.

* * *

 ”I’m pretty sure that I will survive. So, I’ve told Akira that I’ll get either Misuzu or her out of here”

 ”Yes… that’s why I did my best to make him choose me… so please don’t mess with him”

 Akira-chan smiled as innocently as an infant. And the President fell to her knees in dismay.

 In an indescribably confused atmosphere…

 [Then, the voting results will be announced]

 Aramaki-san suddenly said this, and Natsumi-chan hurriedly raised her voice.

 ”Wait, wait, wait! Misuzu-neesan haven’t arrived yet!”

 [Oh? There’s no way she’s coming]

 As soon as Aramaki-san said that, the door to Misuzu-chan’s room slammed open with a bang.

 [You’ll know it when you see it]

 When Aramaki-san said that, we looked at each other involuntarily. I had a bad feeling. No, I only had a bad feeling.

 Me, Natsumi-chan and Masakey-chan got up from our chairs.

 The three of us huddled together and walked toward the room fearfully.

 And as soon as we peeked into the room…


 I screamed and fell on my butt.

 The other two people reacted in a similar manner.

 We were falling back like insects that had been caught back.

 ”Oh… it has started, hasn’t it?”

 I heard Kyoko-san’s frustrated voice behind me.

 Inside the room was a pool of blood.

 Mutilated limbs lying haphazardly.

 Misuzu-chan’s bloodied head lay alone on the bed, like a mannequin for haircut practice.

 The scene of a gruesome mutilation.

 [It’s okay to kill each other, if necessary. The handbook says so, Jake. There’s no problem, Jake]

 ”No, what do you mean, no problem! People are dead!”

 I shout, and Aramaki-san sighs in annoyance.

 [Ten out of twelve people will die anyway. And it’s not uncommon for participants to kill each other. Shouldn’t you be glad? One less person means more chances of survival]

 As Aramaki-san said this, the door closed with a bang.

 [Let’s get back on track and announce the results, Jake!]

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