Confinement 172

Chapter 172 The Killing Machine was put on hold

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 [Okay, let’s get back on track and announce the results, Jake!]

 Without regard for the room where Misuzu-chan used to be. Aramaki-san yelled, as if to hurry us.

 My head can’t keep up. This is insane.

 This is not the same story as the deaths of the female detective, Hikami-kun, and Kaneko-san.

 I can’t see any causal relationship.

 I don’t know why she died. I don’t even know who killed her. It’s such a horrible story.

 If I take Aramaki-san’s words at face value, it means that someone other than the mastermind killed Misuzu-chan.

 And not in a proper way. It’s insane to disassemble a single person.

 Someone in this room did that. And with no fear.


 Fumijima-san, Akira-chan, Masakey-chan, Natsumi-chan, Kyoko-san, President Kurashima, Yamauchi-san.

 I think President Kurashima is the most suspicious.

 If he was at the round table all the time, he must have seen someone going into Misuzu-chan’s room.

 In other words, only the President could have killed her.

 But if the President wanted to kill Misuzu-chan, he should have killed Fumijima-san.

 Not Misuzu-chan.

 When I look at Fumijima-san, he is biting his nails with a very irritated look on his face. He doesn’t seem to be sad.

 Misuzu-chan’s death also means that he will have one less vote at his disposal.

 It is a negative for him.

 Perhaps he preferred Akira-chan, so Misuzu-chan got in the way? Even if that’s the case, now is not the right time.

 [I’ll announce the minority vote first]

 ”I told you to wait! You bastard!”

 [Sorry, I’m salmon!]

 Natsumi-chan’s abusive voice is brushed aside, and Aramaki-san appears in a close-up on the screen.

 Then, as usual, the words “Total Results” were drawn with flashy movements, clad in flame effects.

 And the next thing that appeared was…

 [Itsuki Kurashima – one vote]

 ”…… O-one?”

 Kyoko-san looked at me with a shocked expression, and I hurriedly lowered my eyes.

 It was probably Kyoko-san who voted for the President.

 Then, with an explosion-like effect, the following message appeared

 [Kyoko – Seven votes]

 An overwhelming number of votes.

 That means everyone but Kyoko-san voted for her.

 The President’s group is damaged, and Fumijima-san’s group is arguing over who will be freed along with Fumijima-san.

 Someone other than these two groups are the mastermind. I guess that’s what everyone thought.

 And the people who are not in these two groups are me and Kyoko-san.

 Of course I’m not the mastermind.

 Although I was surprised that I didn’t get any votes, it probably means that Kyoko-san was more suspicious than me.

 This was a gamble for me, too.

 If I could not cut down Fumijima-san’s group, I would assume that there were other masterminds and find them. That was the only way left for me to survive.

 That is why I voted for Kyoko-san.

 Kyoko-san shrugged her shoulders exaggeratedly like a foreigner, and looked at me coldly.

 ”Well, well, well… Ponpoko-san, I never expected you to betray me like this”

 ”You’re the mastermind, aren’t you, Kyoko-san? Please be honest! Isn’t that right? This is the end, isn’t it?”

 When I said this, Kyoko-san looked surprised for a moment and then started laughing.

 ”What? Hahahahaha! I see, that’s what you mean! You idiot! You’re wrong, you’re wrong! I’m the mastermind? I’m not going to do anything complicated like that!”

 Kyoko-san pointed a finger at me, and I was just flustered. Did I screw up? Did I just betray her?

 Together with Misuzu-chan’s death, my mind is a mess. Help me, I don’t understand anymore!

 Aramaki-san appears in a close-up on the screen while I’m sitting in a daze.

* * *

 [I will announce the mission to Kyoko, Jake]

 And then, against the background of Aramaki-san’s close-up, the mission appears in white letters.

 [Twenty-four hours of machine s*x! Inorganic high-speed pistons excavate the womb!]

 ”Ma…machine s*x?”

 Natsumi-chan tilted her head.

 I’ve never heard of it either.

 However, I thought I could imagine what it meant from the words.

 [It’s a s*x machine made by modifying a rock drill and attaching a dildo. I’ve prepared the

 “XX Meijin”, Jake. Industry standard 2,450 BPM. 2,450 rapid vibrations per minute!’

 ”T-two thousand four hundred…”

 The blood drained from Kyoko-san’s face.

 [Yes Jake, if you insert it into your womb from behind and endure for twenty-four hours, you will survive!]

 ”I…isn’t that absurd?”

 Unusually, Yamauchi-san let out a squeak. Indeed, compared to this, the mission she completed seems to be better.

 Even if she survived this, her body would be destroyed.

 [Don’t worry, it’s safe, Jake. It’s been adjusted to be much milder than its original specs, Jake. If you enjoy it to the fullest and produce enough love juices, it’ll just barely hold together, Jake. It’ll be a bit of a mess, though. And you’ll never have proper s*x again, Jake]

 ”There’s not a single thing that makes it safe…”

 [Okay, the person who’s going to bind her to the machine is Yasuko Kinuta! You do it, Jake!]


 I was sitting there, dumbfounded, when someone suddenly called my name and I jumped up.

 I probably looked like a yoga practitioner floating in the air.

 [There’s a spare machine, you know. If you refuse, you’re going to have machine s*x together]


 To tell you the truth, I almost pissed myself when she suddenly turned on me, I’m lying. I peed a little.

 ”Tsk… that’s it. Let’s go, Ponpoko”

 ”Eh? Eh? Eh?”

 Despite my confusion, Kyoko-san quietly walks toward the red door. The floor is silent. The sound of her leather boots’ footsteps echoed loudly, tapping, tapping.


 I hurriedly followed her. At last, in front of the red door. When I got there, she turned around with her hand on the doorknob, and suddenly smiled.


 I’m puzzled. The next moment…


 She kicked my stomach with all her might, and I fell backwards. Kyoko-san jumped into the room, and the lock made a heavy sound.

 The monitor showed the room with the red door, its interior.

 Under the pink light, Kyoko-san sticks her middle finger at the camera.

 [I don’t have time for this stupid mission! I’m holed up in here. I know. I know the playroom is stocked with water and food for endurance missions]

 Kyoko-san sat down on the bed, laughing.

 [This is how I survived last time, you know. Go ahead, don’t worry about me, just keep playing. After you’re all dead, I’ll escape without a care in the world]

 But then, from the other side of the monitor..


 Kyoko-san’s dumb voice was heard.

 The bed and other furniture suddenly disappeared from the screen, and she was thrown onto the concrete floor.

 The next moment, the walls on either side of Kyoko-san began to close in on her with tremendous force.

 ”No, don’t, don’t, don’t crush me… Uaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

 The screen went dark, leaving only the reverberation of her fierce scream.

 Without really understanding what had happened, we stared up at the dark monitor in dismay.

 A moment later, the words “MISSION FAILED” appeared in red letters on the screen.

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