Confinement 17

Chapter 17 Please be Careful not to Exceed Your Capacity

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 In a classroom on the second floor of an old school building, where the sun has already set and the blue moonlight is shining.

 There, a black gal and I stood side by side.

 What is this? How did this happen?

 ”Ahaha, Fu~min is easy to talk to~. I think we’re perfect for each other, aren’t we?”

 ”It’s just your imagination”

 ”You like that again, huh~. Don’t be shy. Don’t be shy”

 ”I’m not shy”

 If she really thinks I’m easy to talk to, it’s probably because I’m not reserved.

 I become like that because Fujiwara-san is my revenge object. My prey.

 So, I don’t care whether she hates me or not, which is why I can say whatever I want.

 Easy words and thoughtless words are very similar.

 There is only a paper-thin difference between them.

 By the way, Fujiwara-san talks a lot.

 It’s hard to believe that just a few minutes ago, she was naked, stripped, and crying.

 What the hell is going on with her emotions?

 ”If Fu~min hadn’t come- seriously, my life would have been over…..”

 ”You’re exaggerating……”

 ”That’s not true. This time it was about Kasuya-chi~, but even before that, Teruya-chan and I had a lot going on. Oh, you want to hear about it? Do you want to hear it?”

 ”Not really”

 ”You’re so boring. I’ll talk on my own”

 ”You still talk?”

 ”You know, I used to be a very quiet girl. And for some reason, I got spotted by a really scary senpai……”

 ”Is that Teruya-san’s older sister?”

 ”Fu~min…… you heard what she said earlier, didn’t you?”

 ”………… Yes, so? Keep going”

 ”Ah, I have been deceived! Well, that’s okay. Her older sister, Anna-senpai, is a delinquent. She beat me up, kicked me, took my money, and finally forced me to do some kind of dirty work. The dirty old man ripped my membrane and took all the money I earned.

 ”Did you tell your parents or the police?”

 ”I can’t speak of it, I can’t. I didn’t want to worry my mom”

 ”You’ve had a hard life, huh?”

 ”Right? But then my mom got remarried and we had to move to this town. I was determined not to be bullied when I went to the next school……”

 ”But then you saw Teruya-san there”

 ”Yes, I was so surprised. It’s a school far from where I used to live. I was like, “Why is she here!?””

 ”I heard she was scouted by the coach of the track team”

 ”Yes, she was famous for being fast at my old school. And although, Teruya-chan is not a delinquent, however… If Anna-senpai finds me, I’m in trouble”

 ”Well, they’re sisters”

 ”That’s right. Anna-senpai was really in love with Teruya-chan. But the lucky thing was that my parents remarried and changed my last name. I thought if I changed my character, she wouldn’t notice”

 ”Oh, so you’re becoming such a dirty gal…….”

 ”Don’t call me a dirty gal! At first, I felt like I was disguising myself, but it’s been three years now. I’ve been doing this for three years now, and this is the real me, the “hundred percent” me”

 ”Hmm. But Teruya-san finally found out. I’m sorry for your loss, goodbye Fujiwara-san. I’ll never forget you”

 ”Wait!? Fu~min, you’re awful!”

 She leaned forward and thrust her face at me accusingly.

 ”But isn’t this Anna-senpai going to come and kidnap you, Fujiwara-san?”

 ”Then, Fu~min, you have to protect me!”

 ”I’d rather give her to you”

 ”Uuuu~…… you’re so mean. But Teruya-chan isn’t a delinquent at all, so as long as I stay away from Kasuya-chi, I’m sure she’ll leave me alone”

 ”What about you, Fujiwara-san?”

 ”Well. You see, it’s a secret between us, okay? Actually, Misuzu is missing. I think it was Anna-senpai who did it”


 (Oh, come on, you’ve got something interesting to say……)

 ”See, Fu~min heard about it, right? It’s Junichi-sama, you know. No matter how much she loves him, she can’t call her classmate with “sama”, right? Teruya-chan, she’s really in love with Kasuya-chi. If that’s the case, then the one who’s in the way the most is…….”

 ”His girlfriend Kurosawa-san”

 ”That’s right. If I thought that Teruya-chan asked Anna-senpai to kidnap Misuzu-chan, it’ll fit, right?”

 ”It sounds right”

 ”That’s what I’m talking about”

 With that said, Fujiwara-san proudly puffed out her small breast.

 I was impressed by the fact that idiots think of things as being idiots.

 But the truth is, it all adds up to an interesting degree. And it does.

 The Teruya sisters might be useful for something in the future, I thought vaguely.

◇ ◇ ◇

 In the end, I ended up sending Fujiwara-san to her home.

 Fujiwara-san is really driving me crazy.

 It was fortunate that Fujiwara-san’s house wasn’t too far from the school, but why would she clung to my arm all the way and saying, “You’re still groggy …….”.

 Is she teasing me because she thinks I’m a virgin?

 Even when I told her to “move away”, she didn’t move at all.

 I thought she would get upset if I told her that “the smell of your pee would transfer to me”, but on the contrary, she clung to me while giggling and saying, “I’m marking you”.

 However, I don’t think I will ever be able to understand this gal type.

 Nevertheless, I can’t deny that the situation of walking arm-in-arm with a girl made me a little nervous, like a couple.

 Even though we were arm-in-arm, there was no such thing as “Oh, your breast is hitting my arm”, which is common in romantic comedies. Because of her small breast.

 Still, one more unexpected thing happened.

 As we arrived at Fujiwara-san’s house, I found that it was, to put it bluntly, a huge mansion.

 When I asked her about it, she told me that her stepfather. In other words, her mother’s second marriage was a family of founders of a major general contractor that even I knew the name of. And he is the head of the family.

 She said her stepfather had no children with his ex-wife, so he doted on his stepdaughter, Fujiwara-san.

 ”Don’t be afraid. A home is a home, and a person is a person……”

 When Fujiwara-san said that and looked worried.


 Black gal, dumb kid, a bully, bullied, small breast, peeing girl, Ojou-sama…….

 That’s a lot of attributes!

 I think you’re overloading your attributes!

 I was screaming that in my mind.

◇ ◇ ◇

 In the end, it was past nine o’clock in the evening when I arrived home.

 ”You’re late!”

 When I entered the room, Lili was pouting.

 Lili was upset when I walked into my room. She said she had put a lot of pressure on Kurosawa-san, thinking I would be home earlier.

 ”Kurosawa-chan, she might already be broken, Devi”

 ”I think it might be better to break her and return her. I wonder if Kasuya-kun can still love Kurosawa-san……”

 ”Oh, Fumi Fumi, you’ve come to say some pretty devilish things, Devi. It’s just a shame you only talk about it, Devi”

 ”Leave that alone”

 ”What took you so long today, anyway, Devi?”

 In response to Lili’s question, I told her what had happened today and how it all went down.

 And then.

 ”Aww, you did it”

 Lili said with a grin.

 ”What’s that? What did I do wrong?”

 ”Pupu…… Maybe you’ll find out when you go to school tomorrow, Devi”

 ”What’s wrong with you……? You’re like kind of creepy”

 ”Don’t mind, don’t mind and those Teruya sisters are interesting. Let me check them out”

 ”Yeah, please do. Well, I’m going to go have dinner”

 ”Okay. By the way, Fumi Fumi, are you okay? Do you remember everything you did in “the beast and gentleman training”?”

 ”Yes, I’m fine. I can say the coldest lines with a straight face”

 When I replied, Lili stuck out her thumb.

 ”OK, Devi. Then we’ll go to Kurosawa-chan’s place as soon as we’ve eaten”

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