Confinement 18

Chapter 18 Lover’s Play

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 ”Scary…… It’s scaryy…… I don’t want to disappear…….”

 If the voice had a form, I must have been crushed by my own voice which flooding this room right now.

 Although, my voice echoes in vain and it just a voice of “Scary”.

 At least as long as I can hear it, I haven’t disappeared yet.

 That gross man must be staring at me with his finger on the execution button.

 Such a delusion was lingering in my mind.

 I wondered how much time had passed since the cosplay girl had left.

 One day, two days…… no, I don’t think it’s been that long, maybe.

 ”How many times do humans think about things in a day? It’s two hundred million times. Two hundred million times. So, you see. Even if we use a few of those times for learning, I don’t think it’s a bad idea at all”

 Without any reason, I remembered that science teacher Inaba-sensei lectured Tateoka-kun, who was making a fuss during class.

 As I remember that, my thoughts were wandering aimlessly.

 Various people’s faces, various scenes, and various thoughts come and go without any clear reason.

 But the 200 million times I’ve thought today. The majority of them are occupied by fear. The next most was probably…… regret.

 Why did I do that at that time?

 Did that gross man do something wrong?

 That guy just sent a letter to a girl he liked, that’s all.

 But at that time, I thought it was the right thing to do.

 Because that guy is unworthy of Masaki.

 It’s a shame that he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

 That guy should look himself in the mirror and change his mind.

 And because Masaki is a kind and honest girl, so he might try to talk her into doing something wrong. That’s what I thought.

 I just felt that I had to protect Masaki.

 However, it’s just an…… excuse. I know. I already know that.

 Because I felt happy when I stepped on his head, I knew that I was enjoying myself.

 I enjoyed tormenting him.

 And the reward for that is…… this.

 This is what Freesia-san said.

 The only option left for me is love or death.

 As I don’t want to die, there’s really only one option.

 There was only one way to get back to Jun-kun.

 I will survive by flirting with that man lewdly, clinging to him miserably, and telling him about my undying love.

 I will make him fall in love with me, captivate him, and make him want to fulfill my wishes.

 That’s all I can do. Yes, that’s all I can do.

 But that’s only if that guy comes to me again…….

 As soon as I let out a self-deprecating sigh of exhilaration, I suddenly heard a creaking sound of wood, and I involuntarily jumped up.

 (Came! He came!)

 Subconsciously, my heart was trembling with joy.

 Unconsciously, I felt as if the depths of my eyes were moistening.

 I looked up at the ceiling to keep the tears from spilling, put my hand on my heart, and adjusted my breathing.

 (Don’t panic…… this is just the beginning)

 This could be my last chance.

 It’s too early to rejoice.

 When that gross man comes, how should I tempt him? Of course, I have thought of that.

 The first step is important. Be sweet. In an erotic way.

 [Ahhh~, I can’t take it anymore~. Hey, hurry up~]

 This was the image of a new wife who was waiting for her beloved husband to return.

 I know it sounds silly.

 It’s embarrassing, of course.

 But I had to do it.

 So as the light shone into the room in the form of a door, the silhouette of that gross man appeared.

 I stood up and with my trembling fingertips, untied the ribbon around the neck of my negligee, making a s*xy pose.

 (First of all, I should lean over and say, “Ahhhh~” ……It’s okay, it’s okay, don’t worry, hang in there!)

 After that, that gross man walks up to me slowly.

 My throat made a gurgling sound.

 (H-here it is, “Ahhh~”)


 ”Install the lamp”

 As soon as he said that, a small light suddenly lit up in the corner of the room.

 Its pale light illuminated the stone wall, and my shadows and that gross man’s shadow appeared on the wall.

 ”Eh? What happen?”

 I was so startled by the suddenness of the situation that all the arrangements I had been thinking about were blown away. I couldn’t think of anything to say beside “Ahhhn~”.

 As I panicked, I saw that gross man reaching out his hand towards me.


 A voice choked in the back of my throat and my body tensed up involuntarily.

 (Oh no! He’s going to mess me up again!)

 However, he held me in his arms and whispered to me in a voice that sounded like he was talking to a small child.

 ”It’s okay. You don’t need to push yourself”

 At that moment…


 The tension inside of me broken…….

 (Whose fault do you think it is!)

 While screaming in my heart.

 ”U-uuh….. sob, sob….. U-uueeeeh…..”

 Tears welled up in my eyes as I sobbed uncontrollably. My tears overflowed endlessly.

 And I hug that gross man’s chest and burst into tears.

 ”Sob….. Hiccup, Uueee…… Hiccup….”

 No, no, no. He’ll hate me.

 I have to make him like me.

 If he finds me annoying, everything will be over.

 However, the more I hurried, the more I couldn’t stop crying.

 When I still thought that, that gross man whispered in my ear again while patting my crying head.

 ”You can cry as long as you want…… And I still love you just the way you are”

 Then, using his finger, he lifted my face and forcibly took my lips.

 ”Nnn!? Nnn…. Nnn….”

 I couldn’t help but widen my eyes. I felt my breath choked. My head is foggy. And I can’t move my body to resist.


 His tongue broke my lips and entered my body.

 When our tongues intertwined, I felt an electric current run up my spine and numb the core of my head.

 Chu, chu, chu……

 The sound of nasty water rubbed my eardrums, and gradually my body relaxed. I found myself with my hands around his neck.

 A long, long kiss.

 And when our lips parted, a thin, nasty thread of saliva was drawn between us.

 ”Haa~….. Haa~….. W-wait, wait a minute…….”

 ”No wait”

 As I still confused, that gross man slowly pushed me down.

 ”Install the bed”

 As soon as he muttered that, suddenly a soft thing hit my back.

 Before I knew it, a bed was lying there, where there should have been nothing.

 (Eh? What? How? A bed?)

 I was confused.

 However, as I looked around unconsciously.


 Suddenly, that gross man called my name.

 When I turned my head to look at him, he was staring at me.

 I didn’t feel bad even though he called me by my name.

 With his piercing gaze, I opened my mouth to complain.


 ”Become my woman”

 He then covered my lips with his own again.

 ”Nnn!? Nnn……!”

 He broke my lips again and forced his tongue inside me.

 His hot tip of the tongue caresses my mouth, tracing my teeth gums.

 I feel rough, I feel slippery, I feel drool dripping from the edge of my mouth and streaking down my cheeks. Every touch is so vivid.

 ”Nnn…… Haa~…… Nnn…….”

 Our tongues intertwined with each other, and the sound of nasty water sipping, sucking, and splashing echoed. The rough feeling of the tip of the tongue conquered my inside helplessly.


 But all of a sudden, an electric current ran down my spine, making me involuntarily turn my head.

 Before I knew it, my negligee had been pulled up to my chest, and he was reaching for my breasts.

 I could feel my body becoming more and more sensitive as I responded to his finger crawling around my nipples on top of my bra.

 ”It’s embarrassing~……”

 My face is hot, my cheeks are hot. And I involuntarily covered my face with my hands.

 I think my ears are even red too.

 ”Inviting me out in this kind of underwear…… Misuzu is a very naughty girl”

 (Hmm, he’s looking at my…… underwear?)

 I opened my eyes fearfully and looked at my own body.

 And I couldn’t help but notice…


 I leaked a voice without a trace of s*x appeal.

 Because what I was wearing was a white-colored small triangle-shaped fabric that barely covered my nipples and crotch. And the rest of it was a string.

 It was extremely so revealing and was what I would call a micro-bikini.

 I felt like I was ready to be violated.

 I was a complete pervert.

 (What are you making me to wear? Freesia-sannnnnnn!)

 With that, the image of a silver-haired maid smiling with a peace sign crossed my mind.

 But wait, my goal is to seduce this guy. I know it sounds crazy, but in this case, it can’t be wrong.

 However, when I looked at that gross man, he somehow looked embarrassed and averted his gaze.

 ”U-umm…… this underwear is……. you know”

 ”Please give me a break. I can’t resist when someone asks me out to dress like this. So, just take your time and make love to me tonight……”

 (W-what? Is he embarrassed? It’s kind of cute…….”

 And to hide his embarrassment, that gross man covered my lips again. This time, he kissed me gently, as if he was pecking me.

 He kissed me again and again, as if he was making love to me, as if he was playing with me.

 That gross man’s finger also crawling all over my body while we were kissing.

 My neck, my back, my flank, my navel, my thighs…….

 It was a strange feeling, both relieving and frustrating.

 ”Nnn, Ah…… Ah…… Nnn, Haa~…… Haa~…….”

 Gradually, my voice became unbearable as I felt the gentle touch of a hand that seemed to be stroking me with a feather.

 And the warmth of the bare skin touching each other is comfortable and makes me want it more.

 ”Hey, Kimo, I mean……Ki-kijima-kun …….”

 ”You know my name?”

 ”Of course. ……We’re classmates, after all”

 Of course, it’s a lie. Because I had a very hazy memory, but somehow, I remembered it.

 ”Please…… take off your clothes too, Kijima-kun. I don’t want to be the only one dressed like this…… It’s embarrassing…….”

 ”Then, Misuzu, unbutton it for me”


 I didn’t want to disobey him.

 So, I unbuttoned his buttons one by one.

 Meanwhile, his finger kept stroking my hair.

 (It’s like he’s praising me……)

 For some reason, I felt both happy and embarrassed.

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