Confinement 19

Chapter 19 Overcoming the Insurmountable Wall

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

(It’s an unbelievable scene, isn’t it?……)

I talk to myself in my heart as I look at the girl I’m laying down.

Her glossy black hair was radiating out over the white sheets. Her eyes were glazed with vermilion, as if she was in heat.

And now Kurosawa-san is lying on the bed with her fingers on the buttons of my shirt.

She is a reader model for a magazine, and the most beautiful and famous girl in school.

Most of the boys would hesitate to even talk to her, and most of the girls would give up on even trying to snub her.

She was such a distant presence for me, but now she was asking me, “Take off your clothes too, Kijima-kun” and trying to take off my shirt in a frustrated manner.

Her nightie was folded up to her breast. And what was peeking out from underneath was a micro-bikini that was even more nasty than her bare body.

It was probably Lili who had made her wear this outfit. She definitely had a dick on her.

And just looking at her breasts, I felt a tingle in my lower body.

She didn’t seem disgusted by the look on her face.

I guess the suggestion I’ve been giving her is working. I also think that my special training has paid off.

If I think back to each of the things I’ve said since I came into this room, I would say…… I want to die because it’s embarassing.

“It’s okay, you don’t need to push yourself”

“You can cry as long as you want…… And I still love you just the way you are”

“Misuzu, become my woman”

This memory…… Suddenly comes back to me when I’m taking a shower and it’s no longer a doubt that it’s becomes the thing that makes me want to scream “Aaahhh!”.

But this was the result of my training.

And I remembered the special training I had done last night.

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

“Fufun! All right, I’m going to give you an acting lesson now, Devi! It’s special training, Devi”


This devil is really into it.

“First of all, I want to clarify the mission that Fumi Fumi must fulfill the next time you have intercourse with Kurosawa-chan, Devi”


“Yes, Devi. The brainwashing is still in progress, Devi. Specifically, there are two. One is to make her feel happy, and the other is to make her tell you what her position is, Devi”

“What’s her position?”

“Anything is fine, Devi. She can be a slave, a lover, a saffle, a pet, or anything. Anyway, as long as you make her say, “I belong to Fumi Fumi” that’s all that matters, Devi”

“Is that really okay?”

I’ve been threatening her a lot until now. So, I should be able to get her to say that much.

“That’s fine, Devi”

I guess I didn’t quite get it. So, she smiled and added.

“I’ll explain it to you when the time comes, Devi. Even if it’s a lie, if you make her say it with her own mouth, it’ll be like a real body blow, Devi”

“How about happiness then? Is it reward time? But is it enough for her?”

“It’s meaningless if the reward doesn’t include being held by Fumi Fumi, Devi. If you do the same kind of beast that you did yesterday, then s*x with Fumi Fumi will be an arduous task, and the reward for that arduous task will be the conditioning of the reward time, Devi”

“……I don’t get it at all”

“Well, it doesn’t matter if you don’t understand now, Devi”

“But you see. I kind of get the whole “Be quiet and let me hold you, so I’ll be gentle” thing, but can I make her feel happy like that?”

“No way, Devi. Fumi Fumi cannot make her feel happy with your awful s*x, Devi”

“Don’t say that out loud!”

“That’s why you need to train yourself, Devi. And what kind of s*x do Fumi Fumi think makes a girl feel happy, Devi?”

“Isn’t it…… s*x with someone you love?”

“Then Fumi Fumi could never get it right, even if she was standing with her head, Devi”

“Don’t mention it!”

“Well, well, you should see this, Devi”

Lili then took out three books from somewhere and tossed them to me.

It’s a book with cover art like a shoujo manga. On the cover, there is a handsome man smiling with his hands wrapped around the waist of the girl who seems to be the heroine.

It’s not…… really related, but the handsome guys in these shoujo manga pictures have really long necks, don’t they?

“”The Knight Captain’s Troublesome Finger”, “I’m so Happy to be Loved to the Bone by My Prince”, “Sweet Kiss of a Doting Butler”…… What the hell is this?”

“It’s an otome story. So-called romance novels for women, Devi”


“However, the truth is a “very hardcore erotic novel”, Devi”

“Haaaaaa!? W-wait, wait a minute!? Is this an erotic novel!? What kind of girl reads an erotic novel!?”

“See, that’s the kind of reaction you get, Devi. That’s why you’re a virgin”

Lili shrugged her shoulders exaggeratedly.

* * *

“N-noisy! I’m not a virgin anymore! And what about this?”

“Don’t you get it, Devi? What is difficult to understand is that the ideal love of a girl is depicted in an otome novel, Devi. In other words, it’s a naked depiction of the s*x a girl longs for, Devi! To put it another way, it’s a wish list of s*x that girls want to have, Devi! If you practice the kind of s*x described here, you’ll be a cat’s ass, and the girl will be very happy, Devi!”

“……are you stupid?”

“What do you say!?”

As I showed my dismay, Lili waved her hand in the air.

“Even if that’s the case, you forgot the basic premise. It must be “good-looking””

“Oh, it’s simple, Devi”

“What is that?”

Good-looking, normal, and ugly. I’m not sure if this stupid devil doesn’t understand the tremendous difference between them.

I also wonder how many times I’ve cried over this insurmountable wall.

However, Lili confidently puffed out her breast, pointed her finger in front of my eyes and said.

“Now, Lili is going to say something that will give hope to all the ugly people in the world. Make sure you take notes!”


For some reason, she was full of herself.

I couldn’t help but gulp as Lili proudly showed off her breast.

And then Lili said.

“”Just getting used to see the ugly things, Devi””

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“What’s wrong with you, Devi?”

Lili hit her forehead at me as I close in on her. Wha!? Your horn is hitting. It stabs! It stabs!

“Fumi Fumi should have seen this too, Devi!”

“What’s that!”

“One! During a seat change, a girl who I thought was ugly was seated next to me. I thought she was ugly at first, but the more I saw her every day, the cuter she became”

“There was…….”

“Two! As they worked together to prepare for the festival, the fat guy started to look more and more like a cute chubby guy”

“There was like that too…….”

I was taken aback. As for the second one, I almost wondered if she was going to confess.

In response to my reaction, Lili snorted, “Fufun”.

“That’s not strange at all, Devi. It’s called the Zajonc effect, and people’s favorability to others increases proportionally with the number of times they come into contact with each other, Devi. So, what is a good-looking guy? In short, it’s a face that tends to be more likable, Devi. However, once they get used to looking at them, anyone can become more likeable, Devi” (*Note: Zajonc effect -> Mere-exposure effect)

“So…… that means…”

“Yeah! The wall between handsome and ugly is not an insurmountable barrier, Devi!”

At that moment, I thought I saw a wave splashing behind Lili.

“…..But the opposite is also true, Devi. If you have a dislike for the person, your favorability rating will go down with each contact. That’s why first impressions are so important, Devi”

“That’s no good!? No matter how you look at it, Kurosawa-san’s first impression of me is the worst! It’s obvious that Kurosawa-san doesn’t like me!”

Lili puts her forehead against mine again as I raise my voice. It’s stabbing me! Your horns are stabbing me!

* * *

“That’s~why! Until now, I’ve persistently suggested it to her, Devi! I’ve been planting the seeds of favorability in Kurosawa-chan’s heart, Devi! For whose sake do you think I’m doing this, Devi!?”

“Y-yeah……I-I’m sorry”

“Well, it’s all right if you understand, Devi. So, this is the time. If you can get Kurosawa-chan to like you even a little bit…”

“If I can get her to like me?”

“Every time she sees you, her favorability on you goes up in an inflationary spiral! And you can enter the bonus stage, Devi!”

“Lili-sama! I’ll follow you for the rest of my life!”

“Yes, yes”

Lili nodded her head in satisfaction.

“Then let’s do the special training, Devi! You’re going to read the novels that Lili has picked out and learn the ideal way to act, the ideal way to talk, and the ideal lines to say to make a girl fall in love with you, Devi! I recommend you to read them, Devi!”

“Yes! Mam!”

“And there’s one more important thing, Devi!”

“What’s important?”

“Kissing and caressing are important for a girl’s ideal s*x, Devi!”

Lili said to me as I stood there, frozen in thought.

“To be honest, kissing and caressing are not really necessary for a man, Devi. Because they just need to stick their dicks in and squeeze it, and that’s it, Devi”

“Why do you putting it like that!?”

“But that’s not the case with girls, Devi. What girls want from s*x is to feel loved, Devi. Only by whispering a lot of love, taking the time to kiss and caressing carefully can a girl feel loved, Devi!”

“What a pain in the ass!”

“Yes, it’s a pain in the ass, Devi. That’s why you must have love to do it, and men who can do it are popular, Devi!”

I was getting tired of it. Yes, there is something wrong with me.

“Well…… I was supposed to be taking revenge on Kurosawa-san, right? Why do I have to do something like that?”

“If you don’t want it, of course, you can change to the Ryona route from now on, Devi. But that’s pretty hard to do if you’re not a serious sadist, you know?” (*Note: Ryona -> a fetish refers to the action of a woman being abused by a man)

“Is that so?”

“Yeah, you have to be able to break a girl’s fingers without even thinking about it, Devi”


“And if the brainwashing continues, Kurosawa-chan will be willing to do whatever Fumi Fumi wants, Devi. Lili recommends that you impregnate her like a pig with several babies, Devi. Of course, you don’t have to take responsibility, Devi”

“……I get it, I get it. I’ll do it”

“Okay, let’s start the training, Devi. I’m going to start training you to be a good kisser and a good caresser, Devi. I’ve prepared a practice table for you today, Devi”

“Practice table?”

“Come here, Feri”

When Lili snapped her fingers, a black mist appeared in the room, around the top of the bed. It gradually took the shape of a woman.

It was a girl, crawling on all fours like a cat.

She had twisted horns just like Lili’s, and had shoulder-length green hair.

She was probably about the same age as Lili, and quite cute.

I say probably because I couldn’t get a good look at her face.

She was blindfolded and had a ball gag over her mouth.

She was also wearing an indecent bondage suit that looked like it was made of braided leather straps, leaving nothing but the most important parts exposed.

“This girl……?”

“She’s Feri, Devi. She’s the only daughter of a rival aristocracy that I had attacked and destroyed a while ago, Devi. Lili kept her as pet slave, taking away her speech and carving a crotch tattoo that would keep her in heat at all times, Devi”

“……Uhh, what a disturbing thing to say”

“Well, the demon world isn’t perfect, and Lili is no exception”

As she said this, Lili removed her shackles.

When the shackles are removed, Feri doesn’t say a word, just lets out a horny panting “Haa~…… Haa~……”.

“Fumi Fumi…. uses this girl as a practice, Devi. But no penetration. You just need to kiss and caress her to make her come, Devi. Don’t worry, Lili will teach you how to do it in detail, Devi”

And so, I began my special training.

Under Lili’s guidance, it took six hours to make the devil girl climax with just a kiss and a fingertip, and then she made me read the otome novels.

So, right now, I’ve learned how to talk, how to caress with a feather touch, and how to use my tongue at a high level.

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

“Kijima-kun, I…… have unbuttoned your button, see?”

With that said, Kurosawa-san looked up at me with somewhat feverish eyes.

I can’t do this. Because my mind had wandered elsewhere as I remembered the training.

However, I continue to do it by taking off my shirt and smiled wickedly as I brushed her hair back, like the main character in “The Knight Captain’s Troublesome Finger”.

“I’ll show you…… the heaven”

“Nooo…… D-don’t…… Nnn…… Chu……”

After quoting a line from the beginning of the second chapter of “I’m so happy to be loved to the bone by my prince”, I sealed Kurosawa’s lips again.

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