Confinement 20

Chapter 20 Misuzu Kurosawa’s Climax

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 ”I’ll show you…… the heaven”

 ”Nooo…… D-don’t…… Nnn…… Chu……”

 Our breathing echoed in the dark room.

 And there was a small lamp in the corner of the room that acted like a projector, projecting the shadows of our lips overlapping each other on the wall.

 ”N-nn… Chu…. Nn, N-nn. Haa~…. Slurp….. Chu”

 The sound of the two of us devouring each other is so seductive. We kissed deeply, slurping each other’s mouths. Our saliva overflowed from the lips, ran down the cheeks and drew a stain on the sheets.

 As we were absorbed in the kiss, with our tongues entwined and our lips sucking, we also played with each other’s bodies.

 I clung to his neck as he stroked my hair with his hands down to my back.

 And while doing that, I felt the stiffness of his shoulder against my finger.

 The feel of his curved back.

 The feel of manly, muscular hands.

 And as my finger are touching his back, his finger also lovingly crawling over my skin.

 ――Fumi Fumi-sama loves Misuzu-ojou-sama.

 The words of Freesia-san came to my mind.

 (Does Kijima-kun really love…… me?)

 I don’t know.

 But his fingers were gentle enough to make me feel that way.

 Such movements of the fingers, as if handling a precious thing, as if loving a broken thing and as if he was loving me. It made me feel like I was being loved.

 ”Ahh, haa~…… Ah……”

 I couldn’t resist the comfort of his fingers as they spun, and I couldn’t help but let out a moan.

 As I still thinking, he parted his lips slightly and whispered into my ear.

 ”More ……entwined more your tongue”

 ”Haa~…… Haa~…… I-is it…… like this?”

 As I started to entwine my tongue with his, more and more strange sensations started to come up.

 My rejection completely disappeared, and before I knew it, I had no resistance to accepting him.

 I wondered how long we had been seeking each other.

 Chu…. Chu…..

 He parted his lips gently, but my tongue followed the touch of his tongue and I extended my tongue out of my mouth.

 (Ah….. It’s so lonely. More, more ……)

 Seeing me like that, he smiled and extended his tongue…… and my tongue responded it.

 *Lick, Lick* our tongue seeks each other outside of the mouth.

 (Ah……. I’m doing something really naughty……)

 As soon as I thought that, a hot breath escaped from the back of my throat.

 (No…… don’t be carried away. This is just a pretense, a pretense that I like him)

 However, the more I think about it, the more my body heats up, which feels like a painful and frustrating sensation.

 And my bottomless desire overflows from within me.

 In my head, I keep screaming, “No, no, no!”. But gradually, my voice is getting weaker and weaker.

 However, all of sudden――

 ”You are beautiful”

 I could hear him muttering that without letting anyone hear.

 Then he leaned his face into my neck.

 He bitten me sweetly, he kissed me gently. And when he crawls his tongue, my body jump at the sensation.

 Because he sucked on my neck, and I couldn’t help but let out a moan.

 ”Ah…. D-don’t do that…….. it’ll leave a mark…….”

 ”I’m marking you and make you my woman”

 ”No~…… Nnn, A-ahh……”

 At the same time that he crawled his tongue up my neck again, his finger crawled up and touched my breast.

 At that moment…

 A shock that felt as if an electric current had been sent down my spine ran through me.

 I felt as if a star had scattered before my eyes.

 *Twitch, Twitch*! and my body jumped fierce.

 (Eh!? W-why? Why am I so sensitive?)

 I was confused.

 It wasn’t even a nipple, just a stroke around it.

 It was just that, and yet I felt a stabbing sensation of pleasure.

 When I looked up after surprised at my own reaction, I saw him looking at me with loving eyes.

 ”Don’t look at me…… It’s so embarrassing……!”

 ”Misuzu is cute”

 ”No……. Nnn”

 My cheeks were flushed, probably bright red. I can see that even the corners of my eyes are red. And as I’m still embarassed, I put my hand on my cheek but his fingertips start moving again.

 He gently stroked around the slight fabric of the micro bikini, tickling the area around my nipples.

 My nipples are already standing up, which is embarrassing. I’m expecting it.

 However, his finger gradually began to recede, and I couldn’t help but let out a sad sigh.

 ”Ah….. H-hey…. P-please don’t tease me…..”

 ”What do you mean?”

 ”…… Auuu”

 (Even though you know what I’m talking about……. You’re just teasing me……)

 ”Touch me…… I want you to make me feel good……”

 ”I don’t really know what you mean until you properly say it”

 He’s such a tease. He seemed to be enjoying himself very much and continued to caress my breasts, still leaving my nipples alone.

 ”Uuu…… Geez…… please stop teasing me…….”

 ”Misuzu is so cute and sweet, and I want tease you more”

 ”Auuuu…… you’re horrible. Geez, I get it. M-my nipples are aching! Touch it! Please touch it!”

 After that, he smiled wickedly and said.

 ”Very well, My dear princess” (*Note: Ohime-sama)

 It’s a ridiculously embarrassing line, but it’s so easy and pleasant to hear. I don’t know why, but it made me feel like I was floating.

 After a pause for breath, his fingertips slipped under the slight fabric of my micro-bikini.

 My heart was pounding loudly. My heart even rampaging deep in my chest.

 My expectant nipples are already painfully hard. And he pinched it with his fingertips and rubbed it up and down, then—.


 A current ran through the nipple that was being teased, causing me to lean back.

 And my nipples poked up through the fabric.

 However just as that, his finger moved back and forth across the surface, and a sharp pleasure stabbed at me.

 ”Ahh….. A-ahh, W-why!? Why is this so much….. I don’t knoww anything like this, ahhh, this is my first timeee……!”

 I didn’t know what was going on anymore.

 I’m going crazy, I’m going stupid. That’s what I thought.

 I was screaming and squirming violently. But he was not going to let up. He squeezed my breasts with his entire palm and pinched my nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

 ”Nnnn…. A-ahh, Hnn… Nnnn…. Nnn…”

 I struggled the pleasure by biting the edge of the pillow.

 However, his finger left my nipples and I let out a sigh of relief, but a harsh feeling came over me this time.


 When I opened my eyes in surprise, I saw that he was crawling his tongue over my nipples, which had been exposed after my micro-bikini came off.

 As he moved his tongue up my nipple, I felt a sharp sensation of pleasure as if he was touching my nerves directly.

 ”A-ahh, Nnn, A-ahh, Haa~…… A-ahh…….Nnn……”

 The movement of his tongue gradually became faster and faster, and when the tip of his tongue rolled the tip of my nipple, I had no choice but to begin to run up the floor of climax one step at a time.

 ”Ah, ah, Ahhhhhhh…….”

 I can’t take it anymore.

 (Cum! I’m going to cum!)

 As soon as I screamed it out in my heart.

 His touch suddenly disappeared from my nipples.


 I was so surprised that I opened my eyelids.

 And then I saw him staring at me.

 ”Why…… are you stopping……?”

 ”You know, it’s still a long night”

 ”N-no way……”

 My nipples were twitching and quivering in frustration. He stopped short. and I was left with my nipples hard and stiff.

 It’s cruel. Terrible. He didn’t really feel bad to me.

 And with that, I thought about touching them myself. Such a naughty thought crossed my mind once.


 I puffed up my cheeks.

 ”Misuzu is cute even when she’s mad”

 He then smiled mischievously.

 (Geez! I really can’t stand it, please!)

 I’m beginning to hate him more and more.

 The pleasure is still going downhill, but the desire is still swirling the inside of my body.


 While leaving me pouting, he crawled his tongue between my breasts, and went straight down to my navel. His saliva made a wet trail down the center of my body.

 ”I-it tickles……”

 He doesn’t stop, even when I wriggle away.

 And he continues to crawl his tongue to my navel and put his hand on my panty…… I don’t even know if I can call them panty, because it just a string-like underwear, and pulled it off easily.

 ”Ah…. Don’t…..”

 ”That’s no good”

 He held my legs when I tried to close them in a panic. He also brought his nose close to my vagina, not caring about my uncontrollable outburst.

 ”It’s very wet. ……It’s a big flood”

 ”Noo…… don’t look at it…….”

 But he didn’t stop. Instead, he sniffed and sniffed and sniffed.

 ”It smells naughty…… like a female in heat. I’m glad you feel this way”

 ”I didn’t…… feel it that way! You! Pervert! Idiot!”

 Of course, I feel it.

 My word just an empty lie that is.

 But sniffing it is terrible. It’s too dirty. I am so embarrassed and ashamed that I want to run away.

 But if I look closely, I can see that his face is also bright red. His breathing seemed to be getting more ragged.

 (He’s excited. Does that mean he’s excited by my smell?)

 As I was thinking about this, he suddenly grabbed both of my legs.

 ”I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can hold back”

 When he whispered this, he grabbed my ankles, lifted me up, and rolled me forward. Then my hips lifted up and he pushed me down so low that my knee almost touched my nipples.

 ”Eh, wait, what are you doing?”

 I was in a position like I was in the middle of a forward roll. It was an embarrassing position, as if a frog had been turned upside down. While being held down in such a position, he opens both of my legs to the left and right.

 With my eyes rolled up, I looked up and saw that I was facing the ceiling, with my vagina fully open, right in front of him.

 I was so embarrassed that I felt my cheeks heat up to the point where they almost made a buzzing sound.

 ”Nooo, you idiot! Don’t look, don’t look it……!”

 ”I want to see Misuzu’s place. It’s so beautiful. It’s pink and wet and shiny”

 ”Nooo…… Don’t say it clearly……”

 However, as soon as his lips touched mine, I felt a shiver run through my body. The overflowing liquid dripped down over my stomach and pooled on my navel.

 ”Today….. I want to taste all of Misuzu.”

 With that said, he began to caress my clitoris with his tongue, tracing the shape of my vulva and gently teasing the inside with the tip of his tongue.

 ”Ah…. H-hyan….”

 I unintentionally let out a longing voice, and my brow furrowed.

 I couldn’t do anything about it, so I just closed my eyes and let him do as he pleased.

 (Ah, it’s naughty…… It’s really naughty. It’s bad……)

 ”Uuumm……Nnn, O-ohh…….”

 However, all of sudden, he pecked lightly at my clit, and blew on it.


 A pleasant sensation like a weak electric current rushed up my spine. But that’s it. He just pulls his lips away from my crotch again.

 (Again…… He’s trying to tease me again)

 ”Ugh, you’re such a tease…….”

 He smiles up at me when I look up at him scornfully.

 ”Then, I’ll do what you want, my dear princess”

 The next moment――

 I felt a sudden sensation.

 Without warning, he licked up my clitoris with his tongue, and I squealed, “Ah!”. Then, I desperately try to close my legs.

 But that didn’t stop him from doing it.

 He spread my legs forcibly with his head between them and ran his tongue over the inside of my pussy to slurp up the overflowing honey.

 ”A-ahh, Ah….. It’s too much, Ah, Hiii….”

 (It’s hot! It will burn. It’s going to burn)

 The tip of his tongue, which seemed to be burning, crawled around my labia majora, labia minora and vulva, setting them on fire one after another.

 ”Ah…. Nooo, I-if you do that kind of thing…. Hyann… I-it’s hot….”

 The tip of his tongue, which had licked up the vulva, then moved on to the clitoris and played the nasty bud of flesh from side to side, back and forth.

 ”Hiih!? Hii…. I-it’s feel so good….. It’s so good!”

 (Geez, I don’t know what’s going on here anymore……)

 The overwhelming feeling of pleasure engulfed me. It feels as if my body has melted into mud.

 Even the drool that drips from the edges of my mouth can’t be stopped.

 My face must be so debauched right now that it makes me look quite sloppy.

 ”You are looking so comfortable. It’s so naughty”

 ”Nwoooo, D-don’t say that…. Please don’t say it….”

 After saw me like that, he started to pinch my clitoris again, and sucked on it with a sucking sound.

 Slurp, Slurp, Slurrrrppp, Slurp, Chu……

 ”Hiiiiiin!? A-ahh, Ahh, A-amaziiiing….”

 With that, my body started to tremble against my will.

 ”Hyaah, Hyaaa…ahhhhh!!”

 My eyes started to flicker.

 And I stared desperately into his eyes with a scream of desperation. I don’t know what I’m saying anymore.

 ”Ah, Cwumming, I’m going to cwumm!”

 I writhed in agony, covering my face with my hands. And I screamed and jerked my body up.

 But at that moment…

 He pulled his mouth away from my vagina.

 ”Not again!? Ahh! You’re terrible, you’re so terriwble, Kijimwa-kun is terriwble! I hate you!”

 (No, I can’t, I can’t do it anymore! Idiot! Idiot! You’re Idiot!)

 I shook my head like a spoiled child and pounded on the bed.

 ”Do you want to cum?”

 ”Haa~…… Haa~…… I want to cum…… I really want to cum……”

 Then he slowly laid my body down on the bed.

 Then, when he moves behind me, he hugged me tightly.

 ”Then…. Let’s cum together”

 He whispered in my ear, and my body trembled with excitement.

 And so, there’s something hot pressing against my crotch.

 I looked below and saw his pants under the bed, wondering when he took them off.

 (Aah…… it’s his p*nis……)

 While looking that, I can feel his chest beating against my back. His heart is pounding.

 (Kijima-kun was also holding back…….)

 When I thought about it, a loving feeling came up slowly from deep inside my heart.

 It’s sly…. It’s sly…..

 Then he entered into me really slowly.

 ”Nnn… Kuhh… Haa~, Haa~, It’s big, Haa~…. Nnn!”

 My pussy is getting very sensitive. Because each time his thing moved a little further in, a tremendous feeling of pleasure swelled in my insides.

 ”Look, I’m going to insert it. I’m going to put it inside Misuzu……”

 ”I-it’s gonna go all the way in. …… It’s so big. …… It’s so hot. ……”

 And finally――

 Zupun! My crushed womb shuddered with delight as he thrust deep into me.

 ”Aaahhh! Aaahhh!”

 I felt as if I had been skewered through the center of my body. I squirmed as I writhed in my white throat.

 His big cock was buried in me up to the root. Our crotches are in perfect contact with each other. The feeling of unity is overwhelming. I could feel his cock pulsing in my body at a different rhythm than my own.

 ”Ugh….. Misuzu, you’re so tight. I can’t believe it”

 ”Noooo, it’s embarassing…… Don’t say that”

 While covering my cheeks with my hands, my eyes were glued to the part where we were connected.

 (That’s right….. I’m become Kijimaa-kun’s exclusive)

 However, as he reached the very back and crushed my womb, he did not move for any length of time.

 And it makes the inside of my womb tremble.

 (Move…… Please move……)

 I tried to move my hips in frustration, but he grabbed my chin and turned me around, forcefully taking my lips.

 ”Nnn…. Nnnnn…..”

 I wasn’t allowed to cum twice in the foreplay. So, the remaining fire was swirling in my womb.

 With that, the feeling of his cock pulsing inside his body is so vivid. And the inside of my body is scorching with lust, as if it were being oiled by a slow, distant fire.

 ”Geez…. Don’t do that, please let me cum……”

 ”Then, tell me you love me”


 ”Every time Misuzu says she loves me, I give you a thrust”

 ”You idiot……. I don’t know about that, Nnn…..”

 I tried to reject it but he moves his hips delicately, rubbing my vagina and teasingly running his fingers over my back, breast and thighs.

 ”If you don’t want to tell me, that’s fine. We’ll just keep going like this until morning”

 ”No wayyy…… that’s terrible”

 The sweet tingling made me feel like I was melting from the inside out. But I can’t make it to the end. I can’t cum. It’s a painful experience. It’s painful.

 (Geez…… I can’t do it anymore. That’s right, I just need to fall in love with Kijima-kun….. I don’t mind it…. But)

 As I hesitated, he whispered sweetly in my ear.

 ”You don’t have to hold back. Well, it’s not fair that I don’t tell it too…… So, I love you, Misuzu”

 ”….I…….you too”

 At that moment, his thing moved slowly in my vagina.


 (W-w-w-what is this?)

 My body has become too sensitive. This is the first time I’ve ever experienced such a sensation in my body.

 ”….Ki-kijima-kun….. I love you”



 I couldn’t hold back any longer.

 The desire that was swirling inside of me broke down.

 I want more and more of this pleasure.

 The moment I thought that, I unconsciously raised my voice.

 ”I love you! I love you! Kijimwa-kwun, I love youuuuuu! I really love you. Because I’m in love with you! More, more, please make me feel goooooood!”

 At that moment, I thought I saw him chuckle.

 But then he started to slam his hips as if on fire.

 I couldn’t even keep my eyes open anymore.

 I just kept shaking my sweaty naked body at the mercy of the pleasure that was raging inside my womb.

 ”A-ahh, A-aahh, Hiii, Hiii, Ahhh!”

 ”Okay, say it more. Misuzu belongs to whom? Tell me”

 ”I’m…… belong to Kijimwa-kwun, I’m…… become Kijimwa-kwun’s woman, Nnn……. I love youuu, I reallly love youuu…..”

 (Oh…… I said it …… I admitted I’m Kijimwa-kwun’s……)

 As soon as I think of it, a different kind of pleasure rushes up my spine.

 ”Hiii, H-hyaaa, Nnn, I’ve become Kijima-kun’s, I’ve become yours, I’ve become yours…….”

 He moved his hips even faster, as if he was excited by my voice. My womb has been completely crushed. and I felt like I was being scrambled inside my head with each thrust.

 Pound-Pound-Pound! The sound of clashing flesh made my back tremble. And Something, a huge something, rises up from my inside.

 ”Nn!? Ahhh……. This is my first time with this kind of thing. I-it’s amazing…. Something is coming……. Kijimwa-kwun! Please hold me, please, please, don’t let me go!”

 A desperate cry overflows from my throat.

 ”It’s okay…… I won’t let you go. Let’s cum together”

 As soon as he whispered that in my ear, something exploded deep inside me.

 My body was filled with strength. I was so tense that I wanted to scream. My pussy tightened around his cock, and he moaned in pain, “Ugh!” I’m not sure what to say, but I’m sure you’ll understand.

 Spurt….. Spurt, Spurttt! Spurrrttt!

 Immediately, his cock spurts out a large amount of scorching semen.

 Hot semen flowed into my womb and I was swallowed by a huge wave of pleasure that I could do nothing about.

 And it made my vision goes completely white with the depths of my body were on fire.

 (I-it’s so hottt!? My womb is on fireee!)

 ”A-ahhhhhhhhhh!? Aaaaahhhh!!”

 I couldn’t understand any more. No words can be spoken.

 As I shook my head, I screamed so hard that my throat ran dry.

 In the end, we sank into the bed, our bodies convulsing, as if we were exhausted.

 ”Haa~, haa~, haa~, haa~……”

 The two of us breathed in unison, and he kissed my cheek quietly from behind.

 Then, he whispered in my ear, leaning over me as if he were running out of steam.

 ”Now ……Misuzu is mine”

 Immediately after reaching climax, with a faint consciousness, I vaguely responded to it.

 ”Ehe~, I’m…. Kijimwa-kun’s womwan…..”

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