Confinement 174

Chapter 174 Gal Psycho

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 Kyoko has left with Kaneko-san to the dining room, and Masaki-chan has also left, saying she has an appointment with her mother to go shopping.

 I take Shima-san home, and then take Kurosawa-san to Tokyo.

 In Tokyo, she had a meeting with the editor-in-chief to discuss the next photo shoot.

 ”This meeting will give an alibi, and I also want to know how the editorial department will look like after Ponpoko-san is gone”

 Kurosawa-san said so.

 After promising to pick her up again in the evening, I went back to the bedroom and stared up at the ceiling.

 ”Well…what should I do?”

 I’ve been having s*x for twenty-four hours straight, so it’s not a bad idea to relax once in a while.

 Of course, I can recover my energy and stamina with energy drinks, so there’s nothing wrong with my body, but taking it easy is one way to have fun.

 Just as I was about to fall into a daze, Lili suddenly appeared in the air.

 ”Fumi Fumi, Tattakata wants to be held, Devi. What are you going to do, Devi?”

 ”Tattakata-san? That’s… something I should deal with, right?”

 ”Sure, Devi, but not absolutely, Devi. If you don’t like it, say no, Devi?”

 ”No, I’m good. This afternoon, right? I’ll just take it easy until then”

 The old Takata-san would have given me a hard time, but with the black gal Taka-chi, I’m sure I’ll have a good time.

 ”Okay, Devi. I’ll let her come here when it’s time, Devi”

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Why in the world would you change your mind?”

 ”It’s important to save money, but it’s also very important to have enough spare in my mind”

 When I said this and chuckled, Cockroach maid who was walking in front of me let out a confused “Huh”.

 This morning, I called Cockroach maid and said, “I want Kijima-chi to hold me” and she said, “Certainly… ehh!?” and looked at me twice.

 Since the last time I was held by Kijima-chi, I haven’t lost the first place, and I still have enough time to lose the first place for two more times.

 Cockroach Maid is probably wondering, “Why again?” I suppose it’s like that.

 As before, I visit Kijima-chi’s bedroom at one o’clock in the afternoon.

 To be honest, I’m excited.

 If I have s*x today, I can afford to lose the first place again. I can’t believe it, I can afford it.

 Thinking that I’ll get spare time for every time Kijima-chi holds me, I feel like it’ll be a piece of cake.

 (I mean… if I have s*x with Kijima-chan, I don’t have to wait for the last day of summer vacation to pay off the debt, right? What a piece of cake…)

 After I’ve done it once, I won’t be so scared, rather I’ll feel good, and on top of that I’ll be able to make some money, isn’t that great?

 Since I’m doing it for Kobayashi-sensei, I don’t have to feel guilty about it.

 A while ago, I would have heard “Serious Takaka” screaming in my head, but lately it’s been quiet.

 (That’s right. I’m not Takaka Takata. I’m Taka-chi, a dumb, s*x-loving, vulgar black gal who likes money and cocks)

 I muttered in my heart as I walked, and I really felt like that.

* * *

 (Takaka? Who is she? Is she delicious? I mean, am I cannibal? Don’t eat it, don’t eat it)

 While I was laughing by myself, Cockroach maid looked at me as if she was watching a suspicious person.

 (Ahaha, I’m so free! I love gals! I’m having fun with my favorite cock and getting money. No way, how can I not have fun in this situation?)

 When I got to the gorgeous room, Cockroach maid turned around and opened her mouth.

 ”Takata-sama, are you ready to go?”

 ”Course Of” (*Note: Morochin)


 ”Haha, I misspoke. Of course”

 The cockroach maid lets out a huge sigh, says, “Please don’t be rude” and knocks on the door, then she opens it without waiting for an answer.

 On the other side of the door is an absurdly luxurious room.

 I’m really amazed at how rich Kijima-chi is. He must have found some oil fields or something.

 ”Master! Sorry to keep you waiting. I’ve brought today’s squeezer!”

 ”Oh, thank you, Saito-san”


 Immediately, Cockroach maid straightened her back, her face turning red.

 It’s like she’s a high school girl who’s been approached by the idol of her dreams.

 When I turned my head toward the voice, I saw Kijima-chi in his underwear, sitting up on the bed.

 His hair is shaggy, and he looks like he’s on the edge of a cliff. It’s funny.

 He’s ugly to all appearances but I don’t know why. I don’t feel bad about it.

 I guess I’ve just gotten used to looking at him, but just seeing his face reminded me of the other day’s s*x, and I felt aroused.

 ”Yahho ☆ Kijima-chi!”

 ”Hello, Taka-chi. Wow, what a cute uniform. Is it from Taka-chi’s school? It looks good on you”

 ”Right? Isn’t it cute? As expected of Kijima! You know what to do!”

 Today I’m dressed in the uniform I asked Cockroach maid to prepare for me.

 A dark green blazer and gray skirt, different from our school.

 My hair is straight and untied. On top of a yellow bikini, I was wearing it in a girlishly loose way.

 When I checked myself in the mirror, I thought I looked really cute.

 ”The other day, I was made to squeal, but now I’m going to make Kijima-chi squeal”

 ”Oh, I’m looking forward to it”

 While unbuttoning my blouse, I climbed up on the bed and immediately pushed Kijima-chi.

 Then, when I was all on four, I kissed him, and Cockroach maid opened her mouth behind me.

 ”She will remain in custody until four o’clock today. Then, Master, please indulge her to your heart’s content”

 She bowed and left the room in a hurry.

 ”Nnn… Chu… Chu…Shlurp, Slurp”

 I didn’t pay attention to Cockroach maid.

 I let my tongue linger in his mouth and give him the most erotic kiss I’ve ever seen on a DVD.

 It’s amazing, the rough feeling of our tongues intertwining makes my back shiver.

 I don’t remember kissing being so erotic.

 It’s probably different from the kisses I’ve had with Kobayashi-sensei. That one was like a kiss, this one was like a smooch.

 While slathering our mouths with saliva, we intertwine our tongues, suck our lips, and slurp up each other’s saliva.

* * *

 ”Nnn, puha, how’s that? Kijima-chi… did it feel good?”

 ”Yes, and Taka-chi’s s*xy kissing face is really cute”


 Even if I do something vulgar like this, even if I make an erotic face, I’ll be praised. Even if I do whatever I want, it’s allowed. It’s a real advantage to be a gal.

 But this kiss is so dangerous. I’m so turned on by the kiss that I can’t help but want to be penetrated.

 ”Kijima-chi, since it’s already done, can I get on top of you and have s*x with you?”

 ”Sure. Is it okay? I think it would be pretty hard for you to cum without foreplay, don’t you think?”

 ”Ehee… I also thought so before I’d have s*x with you, Kijima-chi, but I’m so horny, and it made me so wet, so gooey. I think I can take three people at once”

 ”Three… isn’t that a lot?”

 ”Haha, of course not”

 With a giggle, I took off Kijima-chi’s underwear and squeezed his cock.

 I knew this cock was top-notch. It’s totally different from Kobayashi-sensei’s. Just by squeezing it, it shivered and grew a little bigger again.

 ”Nnn… I knew it! I love big cocks. I really love it. I’d be in real trouble if I kept doing this. Any other cock would be too hard to live on, and if it’s not this cock, I’ll never be good enough”

 In fact, my cunt is so soggy.

 I’m so aroused that I’m surprised myself, and my heart is in trouble.

 If it were a manga, there would be a heart mark in my eyes.

 ”Ehehe, then I’m going to insert it…”

 With that, I took off my bikini bottom, pulled up my skirt, opened my legs to M-shape, and lowered my hips onto his cock.

 ”Oh… it’s so big… oh, no… it’s bad…”

 His cock slips in, making an erotic sound. It’s really big. It was forcing me to spread my legs apart, and my cunt made a squishing sound.

 And then, after the narrowest part, a huge cock entered my cunt with a mighty force.

 ”Nnnn!? Oh, it’s stuck deep inside me, nnn, ah, ah, it’s so hard, it’s making me so excited!”

 I arched my back.

 Stars scattered before my eyes with just one thrust. This is bad. My body’s twitching. My cunt looks like a little cunt when it’s on this cock.

 ”T-then… I’ll move”

 I change my mind and starts to move my hips up and down slowly.

 Even though I’m trying to do it slowly, my body starts to squirm and speed up.

 Every time I went back and forth, I felt as if all the contents of my cunt were being pulled out.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, your cock is rubbing my pussy, and it feels so good”

 Before I knew it, I was swinging my hips wildly.

 Kijima-chi looked like he was having a great time, reaching out and playing with my breasts over my bikini.

 He takes off my blazer, and Kijima-chi pulls up my bikini. When my breasts fell out, he twisted his mouth into a smile.

 ”Ah, ah, Kijima-chi, touch my tip, I can’t get enough of it…”

 Such a small request is acceptable for a gal.

 Then, Kijima-chi rubbed up both nipples with his fingertips, as if he were making a rasp, and then the oozy stuff spread out from there in a radial pattern.

* * *

 My hips are getting more and more intense.

 *Splat*, *Splat*, *Splat*!

 ”Ah, ah, ah, it’s bad, it’s really bad! I’m going to cum so easily if I’m not careful, oh no, your cock dangerous. I can’t stop myself”

 I can’t stop for a second.

 *Splat*, *Splat*, *Splat*!

 ”Ohhhh, my juices are flowing, I’m being groped, I’m making dirty sounds, my cunt is buzzing, oh no, your cock’s killing me. I can’t take itttttt!”

 It’s like I’m being fucked in the head by a cock. The cock’s presence is too strong.

 *Splat*, *Splat*, *Splat*!

 ”Nnn, oh, oh, oh, it’s hitting me in the back too! It’s hitting me so hard! It’s thrusting into my uterus! Auh, ah, it’s pulsating, I can’t stop, ahh, ahh, it’s so goodd! This big cock is making love to my pussy”

 I can’t take much more of this.

 While trying to hold back the urge to come, I begged Kijima-chi.

 ”Nnn, Kijima-chi, can you cum? I want you cum before I cum. I want to cum while being ejaculated on”

 The last time, I cum while being sprayed in the womb by a vaginal ejaculation, and it felt so good. I couldn’t forget how good it felt.

 ”Okay, then…”

 Kijima-chi smiled and started to thrust hard.

 ”Niiiiiiiiiiii!? I’m going to cum in a second if you hit me with that much pressure, I’m really going to cum! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah”

 ”Don’t worry, I’ll cum soon, just be patient”

 ”You want me to hold back while you torture me with your cock… that’s foul, but, oh, oh, oh, oh, I love your cock so much”

 He’s thrusting so hard and I can barely breathe.

 ”Hiii, ah, ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhh…”

 (I can’t do it anymore, I can’t stand it. I want to cum, I want to cum, let me cum…)

 I’m going to cry. Just when I thought that…

 ”It’s coming out!”

 Kijima-chi shouted loudly.

 *Tremble*! *Spurtttt*! *Spurt Spurttttt*!

 With an abrupt sound, hot liquid flowed into my womb. This is exactly what it means to have hot chopsticks plunged into me. My s*xual senses were completely ready. And then it all came crashing down.

 ”Nnnghhh! Aaah! Cummmmmmmingg!”

 White halos scattered in front of my eyes, and my body tensed up tightly. It’s as if I’m being held in a vise or something.

 I can feel my cunt tightening up like it doesn’t want to let go of his cock.

 (Oh no! Oh no, I’m going to be stupid! My brain is burning and I’m turning into an idiot)

 As I feel the last drop of cum spurting into my stomach, I jump and shake my head.

 ”Nnnh, ah, aeea, ahee… Nnn, nnh… ah, I’ve been made crazy…”

 ”Oh, Taka-chi’s cum face is really cute”

 My eyes are wide open, my tongue protrudes from my mouth.

 I probably have a very slutty face, but still, gal is beneficial.

 I can make a face like this and still be called cute.

 ”How is it? Did it feel good?”

 ”It feels good, it’s too good…”

 I make a heart symbol with the fingers of my hands and smile at Kijima-chan.

 ”I really love your hot cock…. I can’t wait to see what you’ll do to me when you’re squeezing my hole with your big cock. I’m so in love with you. There’s no other cock like it”


 ”Hey, Kijima-chi, let’s do it again, let’s feel it again!”

 There’s still time.

 The thought that we can still have a lot of s*x today makes me really horny.

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