Confinement 175

Chapter 175 Announcement of the Results of the Seventh Round of Voting

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 ”Have you woken up? Takata-sama”

 I look up at Cockroach maid who’s peeking into my face, and I close my eyes once more.

 (Ah… My body is so dull…)

 Apparently, I’ve lost consciousness again.

 At least, I remember the last time, and about halfway through it. We had s*x in the missionary position, with tongue kissing.

 It was so intimate and so sweaty that I thought both of us would melt into each other.

 Anyway, Kijima-chi’s cock was too good.

 I love Kobayashi-sensei, I want to marry him, I love him, but Kijima-chi’s cock is the best.

 Ideally, even after I marry Kobayashi-sensei, I would like to remain close to Kijima-chi as a s*x friend.

 I hear that a good s*x life is the key to a happy family. The ideal situation is to have Kijima-chi fill in what Kobayashi-sensei lacks.

 (Wait, did I say too much about “love” or ”like” or something similar?)

 Maybe it’s because I got excited, but I really don’t want to get too serious.

 I mean that I liked him only as a s*x friend.

 Marrying a handsome husband and having s*x with a s*x friend who’s got a nice cock is a perfect match, isn’t it?

 As I was lounging on the bed, thinking such things, Cockroach maid tilted her head.

 ”If you’re feeling unwell, would you like to take a break from work today?”

 ”No, I’ll go. Gen-san and Tanaka-san are coming to see me today, and I have to take good care of my regular customers. Also, I’m supposed to teach the newcomer Iku-chan how to serve customers…”

 ”I see. Then you’d better get ready”

 ”My back is shaking… help me up…”

 ”I can’t help it…”


 Cockroach maid climbed onto the bed, grabbed my hands and pulled me up. This girl, despite her size, is very strong.

 As I let the force of the pull bring me up, I hug Cockroach maid, and she looks puzzled.

 ”Ehehe… you’re so cute…”

 ”Takata-sama, do you have any interest in such things?”

 ”No, I don’t, but now, I’m kind of interested in it…”

◇ ◇ ◇

 [Good evening! Aramaki-san announces the time is 9:00 p.m, Jake! Gather around the round table, Jake!]


 I can only sigh.

 I sit up in bed, with my head covered by a blanket.

 On my desk, the egg porridge that was served for dinner is still untouched.

 After all the splendid food I’ve eaten so far, the fact that the egg porridge is now on the table may be because someone is taking care of me, since I haven’t eaten for breakfast and lunch.

 I sincerely hope that they don’t try to kill me if they take such care of me.

 Misuzu-chan was torn apart, Kyoko-san was flattened, and the remaining seven were myself, Fumijima-san, Natsumi-chan, Masakey-chan, Akira-chan, President, and Yamauchi-san.

 To divide the group roughly, it would be Fumijima-san’s group including Akira-chan, as well as President, Yamauchi-san and myself.

 In this situation, I have no idea what to do.

 I don’t know who I should vote for.

 I wish I could talk to Kyoko-san again. Ever since I’ve been trapped here, I’ve been so dependent on her. And yet, I’ve cut her out of my life.

 The other girls seem to be in a mood to flirt with Fumijima-san.

 Natsumi-chan no longer hides the fact that she has a physical relationship with Fumijima-san, and Akira-chan calls him “Master”.

* * *

 I don’t know about Masakey-chan, but I think it’s better to assume that she is obeying Fumijima-san.

 The three of them are already in the majority just by following Fumijima-san’s instructions.

 The relationship between Yamauchi-san and the President seems to be irreparable, and even if these two cooperate and I follow them, we will lose 4 to 3.

 So Fumijima-san’s victory is solid.

 Even if I flirt with Fumijima-san and offer my body to him, I can’t beat the other girls.

 Or rather… there’s no way a mere magazine editor can beat Akira Mizuki. If I could win, I would have gravure on my face.

 And now, the only thing I can think of is to not antagonize Fumijima-san, though it’s just a life extension measure.

 Then, the vote naturally narrows down.

 And it’s all on President Kurashima.

 After the President drops out, it will be hell.

 Fumijima-san’s group, plus Yamauchi-san and myself, will start a woman’s battle over a man.

 I’ll manage to get by and find a way to win. It’s the only way I can survive.

 It’s causing me stress. I couldn’t sleep last night because I couldn’t swallow anything. So, I just wobbled getting up from bed.

 I think I probably look terrible.

 As I staggered out into the hall, Masakey-chan was leaning her elbows on the round table, humming in a good mood.

 ”Good morning”

 ”Ah… yes, good morning, you look… well”

 ”Ufu, the Tebichi for dinner was delicious, and the plump gelatin seems to be good for the skin”


 ”Don’t you know? It’s Okinawan boiled pork leg”

 I felt like throwing up just hearing that.

 If I had been served such a dense food now, I might have thrown up just from the smell. It seems that the egg porridge was a result of the chef’s care.

 (Huh? …What is that?)

 While her hand was brushing up her hair, I could see a faint red ink-like substance on the cuff of her flowery one-piece dress.


 Almost as soon as I was about to ask that, the door to the President’s room opened. Then he and Akira-chan came out.

 Akira-chan is wearing a violet-colored one-piece dress.

 It’s different from the one she wore yesterday, and from that nasty bondage outfit. I wonder if Aramaki-san has prepared a new one?

 Akira-chan’s condition is the same as before. Last night she was crying and screaming, but now she seems to have calmed down.

 Then, the door to Fumijima-san’s room opened, revealing him and a woman with her arms crossed as if she were leaning on him.


 I rolled my eyes. The one who came out with him was the manager, Kiyoka Yamauchi-san.

 I looked around and saw that the President’s face was contorted in bitterness, while Akira-chan and Masakey-chan looked annoyed.

 ”Oh… the atmosphere is not good…”

 ”What about that girl with the short cut?”

 Akira-chan asks Yamauchi-san, who looks triumphant. Then, Fumijima-san opened his mouth.

* * *

 ”I had a little fight with Natsumi… She went back to her room early, but Yamauchi-san came to visit me afterwards…”

 I couldn’t help but be disgusted by his choice of words, such as “little fight” and “came to visit”.

 As we took our seats, Aramaki-san let out a sigh on the monitor.

 [Now that there’s no people who can stir things up or make fun of, it’s a little harder for Aramaki-san to do her job, Jake]

 ”Then why don’t you go back to Hokkaido?”

 Yamauchi-san said coldly, and Aramaki-san appeared in a close-up on the screen.

 [How rude! Aramaki-san is from Iwate!]


 Fumijima-san chuckles, and an effect like “Angry!” appears on the close-up image of Aramaki-san. .

 [Don’t make fun of Iwate! It’s the only one in the whole country! It’s the only prefecture in Japan that has salmon as its prefectural fish!]

 ”Is that so? What about Hokkaido?”

 [Hokkaido doesn’t have a fish as its prefectural fish! It’s like Nara, a prefecture without a sea, but they have a river fish…]

 ”Why do you say that!?”

 This is a stray bullet to Nara Prefecture.

 [Well, it can’t be helped that Iwate doesn’t have an image of salmon, Jake. It’s like Chiba Prefecture being the largest catcher of lobsters! But the largest catch in Honshu. The Southern Crooked Nose is a high-class brand of salmon, Jake!]

 ”I’m more shocked about the lobster”

 Everyone nodded their heads at Yamauchi-san’s comment. It’s not from Ise?

 [Then let’s announce the voting results, Jake!]

 When Aramaki-san says so, Fumijima-san raises his hand, “Um…”

 [What is it?]

 ”No, Natsumi is still…”

 Then, from the speaker, I hear Aramaki-san snickering.

 [A little while ago, Aramaki-san said, “There-are-no-more-people-who-can-stir-things-up…”, right?]

 The next moment, the door to Natsumi’s room slams open with a bang.


 I gasped.

 Natsumi-chan’s room was right in front of where I was sitting, and behind the open door, a head on the bed was staring at me.

 It was the same scene as when I saw Misuzu-chan.

 Even after the door was closed, the stunned air remained in the room. Aramaki-san is shown in a close-up on the monitor without caring about such an unbearable atmosphere.

 [Let’s start with the minority votes!]

 As usual, the words “Total Results” were drawn up with flashy movements and displayed with flame effects, as usual.

 [Fumijima Pheasant Man – 1 vote, Yamauchi Kiyoka – 1 vote]

 And then, with an explosion-like effect…

 [Itsuki Kurashima 4 – votes]

 appeared on the screen.

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