Confinement 176

Chapter 176 No Need to Think

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 Akira-chan looked as if she was about to cry, and leaned closer to the President.

 Last night, she had been crying out for him to let her go because she didn’t want to be separated from Fumijima-san, but it didn’t mean that she didn’t care what happened to her father.

 ”…What’s the mission?”

 In the indescribable silence, President Kurashima looks up at the monitor with a resigned look on his face.

 [The method of execution this time is so bad that even Aramaki-san is shocked… though the mission is a bit more lenient]

 A close-up of Aramaki-san appears on the screen, and the words appear in the background.

 [Ten rounds of lovey-dovey s*x with Kiyoka Yamauchi]

 Certainly, compared to the previous missions, this one was pretty sweet.

 Just as Akira-chan let out a sigh of relief, Yamauchi-san said coldly.

 ”No, thank you”

 ”Manager! No way…”

 Yamauchi-san sniffed as if she didn’t care, and President sat down on the chair and sank down.

 [What’s the matter, Shacho? If you want to survive, you must woo her. Or you’ll be executed, Jake]

 As Aramaki-san said, this is the point where he has to get down on his knees to woo Yamauchi-san, and in order to survive, he has to let go of his pride.

 But the President remained drooping and did not look up.

 ”Please! Manager, please save Papa!”

 Akira-chan clung to her, but Yamauchi-san’s cheeks twisted in annoyance.

 ”I don’t want to. Anyway, that squishy dick of his can’t even have proper s*x without Viagra since last year. He’s got ED 80% of the time, and he can’t have s*x ten times”

 ”Eh, ehh…?”

 Akira-chan looks back at the President. And she noticed his shoulders trembling.

 So, what was he trying to force her to get down on her knees before Kaneko-san’s mission?

 Was he just going to make her get down on his knees and then say he couldn’t do it?

 Aramaki-san let out a chuckle to the President, who was still drooping and shaking his shoulders.

 [I see. I tried to be lenient. But it was still too high a hurdle]

 The President abruptly stood up from his chair, looked up at the monitor and shouted.

 ”Please, I don’t care what happens to me, Ak–“

 But the President’s voice trailed off.

 Suddenly, the floor beneath President Kurashima’s feet opened up, and he plunged straight down into the darkness.


 The event was so sudden that everyone could barely catch their breath.

 ”Pa…pa?” she says after a brief pause. However, Akira-chan’s perplexed voice hung in the air, with nowhere to go.

 The event was simply a hole opened on the floor, he fell through, and then closed.

 That was it.

 It was just a moment.

 But I couldn’t help but twist my head.

 (Just fell?)

 Crashing to death is bad enough, but compared to the deaths of Hikami-kun, Kaneko-san and Kyoko-san, it doesn’t seem like a shocking way to execute someone.

 I looked up at the monitor and saw Aramaki-san jump.

 [If you think he just fell in, you’re wrong, Jake. After all, the lower he falls, the narrower the cone of this hole becomes!]


 [Yes, he’ll get caught in the middle and won’t be able to move properly. And he’ll spend the next few days suffering in the suffocating darkness, and finally starve to death]

 That’s the worst. To be stuck in a dark, narrow tube like a piece of trash, and to gradually weaken and die over a period of days, that’s too bad.

* * *

 ”That’s… terrible”

 ”That’s bad taste…”

 Akira-chan falls to her knees and Masakey-chan mutters to herself.

 Even Yamauchi-san, who had given up on the President, frowned at this method of execution.

 The monitor disappears and the voting ends.

 Akira-chan is crying tearfully, running her fingers over the floor where the President fell.

 Fumijima-san got up from his seat and went back to his room as quickly as he could, expecting Akira-chan to join him.

 What a heartless man.

 With a sigh, Yamauchi-san stepped toward her room, but Akira-chan screamed at her back.

 ”It’s your fault!”

 ”He deserved it for what he did, didn’t he? What? You want me to let him fuck me one last time? You’ve got to be kidding me. I’m a victim of that guy, too”

 ”Shut up! Traitor! You’ll be the next one to die!”

 Yamauchi-san disappears into her room, listening to Akira-chan’s curses behind her back.

 And Masakey-chan is watching them with a grin on her face.

◇ ◇ ◇

 This time, too, I was the last one to come back to “The Confinement King’s bedroom”. Though, Fumio-kun and I were the only survivors of the death game.

 On the sofa set, it’s just Fumio-kun and Kaneko-san. It seems to have become quite lonely.

 Natsumi-chan has probably already left for her club activities.

 ”Good work!”

 When I called out to Kaneko-san, she smiled and said, “Good work too”.

 I felt that her expression had softened a little.

 I sat down next to Fumio-kun and asked him what I had been wondering about.

 ”Fumio-kun, when you voted, Yamauchi-san came out with Fumio-kun, right…? I don’t think that was in the scenario, was it?”

 ”Yes, about two hours before the vote, Yamauchi-san came to my room. Thanks to her, I couldn’t even go to the radio gymnastics, so I secretly asked Lili to send a message to Saori-chan on social media, saying “Sorry, let me take a day off today””

 ”What are you doing here?”

 ”She said, “You’re the organizer, aren’t you?” She also says to me that she can be a slave or a mistress or whatever I want, just don’t kill me”

 ”Fufu, I knew it would be something like that”

 ”Well, I’m not going to kill her, and it’s been decided that she’s going to be mine, so I said yes”

 ”But first, she’ll have to be sacrificed to Torture, Devi”

 Lili-chan interjected, appearing in midair.

 Lili-chan doesn’t tell me the details of Torture’s sacrifice, and Fumio-kun just smiles and covers it up with a complicated look on his face.

 I’m very curious about it.

 I haven’t seen Torture-san lately, either.

 Then, Kaneko-san asks Lili-chan, while I pout my lips.

 ”How’s the President doing?”

 ”I pinned him up and threw him in the other room, Devi”


 The part about the cone, of course, was spoken out of turn. The President’s still intact.

 ”It’s up to The Unsociable to decide where to let him go, though I did meet with her last night and gave her all the information I had, Devi. I’m sure The Unsociable will make arrangements by the end of the day, Devi”

 I’m a little worried.

 ”About Shiratori-san… It seems Lili-chan trust her a lot… are you sure?”

 ”Don’t worry… Devi. I don’t trust her, Devi. I’m just doing it because I know it’s better to trust her, Devi”

 I have no idea what’s going on here.

 As my expression clouded, Fumio-kun took me by the shoulders.

 ”Let’s leave the post-death game stuff to Shiratori-san, and let’s close the curtain properly. From now on, Masaki-chan will be the main character, so do your best”

 I leaned against his chest and looked up at him.

 ”Yes, it’s for Fumio-kun. I’ll do anything”

 That was it. I don’t have to think about anything. Because he wants it, that’s reason enough.

 I’ll become a serial killer for the sake of someone I love.

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