Confinement 178

Chapter 178 The Great Chainsaw Festival of Midsummer

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 I don’t know the exact time, but it will probably be about two hours before the next voting results are announced.

 There are only five of us left: myself, Fumijima, Kinuta, Akira, and the newcomer, the smaller model.

 I have already voted in the next round.

 Of course, Akira is the one I voted for.

 I also asked Fumijima to choose me. With the condition that I would serve him as his lover and s*x slave for the rest of my life.

 Fumijima is probably the mastermind of this death game.

 The purpose of this death game was probably to kill President Kurashima. It may have been some kind of revenge, but he has done so much. It is safe to assume that his resentment is considerable.

 I believe that the reason the game is still going on is to kill the President’s daughter as well.

 That’s why I’m going to join him and survive.

 This is a man who can accomplish so much.

 A man of wealth and talent that one would never guess from his appearance. His energy is beyond human level.

 Not just for survival, but also for the future, he is a perfect partner for me.

 In fact, I should say that I have saved myself the trouble of looking for someone to be my lover.

 ”It’s probably a good thing that I’ve cut ties with the President. And it wasn’t strange that I should have been caught by now… like the President and Hikami”

 As soon as I said this to myself, a recessed light bulb in the ceiling flickered on and off.

 (What? Is it off?)

 I looked up at the ceiling and saw an unfamiliar girl smiling in front of me.

 ”Hello, Devi”


 I choked out in the back of my throat.

 (Where did this girl come from?)

 She must be a middle schooler.

 She has red hair with twisted horns. And red eyes that looked like colored contacts.

 She looks like an anime character, in a very revealing bondage-style cosplay.

 But if I look closely, I can see that she is floating in the air.

 ”W-what? What are you!?”

 ”It doesn’t matter who Lili is, Devi, but why do you think you’re not the target of revenge, Devi? You’re just as guilty, Devi”

 ”No, I’m not! I’ve only been forced to be a part of this! I’m a victim, too!”

 The cosplay girl cowered in front of me, as if in disgust.

 ”But you could have run away. You could have jumped into the police station, Devi, However you got your fill as the President’s lover, Devi”

 ”No, that’s not true! It was the President who was at fault!”

 ”Well, okay, Devi, If you say so, then you’ve survived the death game, Devi”

 As soon as she said this, a figure appeared behind her, emerging from the darkness like an ooze.

 It was a woman in a black rider suit, with black skin like charcoal.

 Only her eyes and lips are red and her hair is gray.

 Such a creepy woman was standing there with a chainsaw in her hand.

 ”I’d like to introduce her, Devi, she’s Torture, she’s still just barely in control, but if her corruption continues, it will get out of hand, Devi, so I’ll use you as a sacrifice to dissipate her destructive impulses, Devi”

 ””S-Sacrifice”? I thought the death game was over! I survived, now!”

* * *

 ”This has nothing to do with the Death Games, Devi, but you’re being executed, Devi”

 ”No, that’s unreasonable!”

 What was all that about? What was the point of having s*x for twenty-four hours and confessing to the President’s misdeeds?

 ”Unreasonable, Devi? Yeah, it’s unreasonable. It doesn’t make sense. After, you’ve worked so hard to survive, but now you’re screwed. And that’s what happens to you, Devi”

 The costumed girl twists her mouth into a grin.

 ”After all, I’m devil! So, Lili, the devil, will do as requested, and naturally does so, Devi”

 The black woman pulls the string with a vigorously, and brooom! The chain saw’s engine drives.

 With a rumbling sound, the chainsaw’s body shuddered, and a cold sensation crawled up my spine.

 ”Well, since Fumi Fumi is so noisy, when Torture gets tired of you, I’ll restore you to your original form, Devi. It won’t extend your life span, but if you want your twenties back so badly, I can make you look a little younger, Devi. However, by then, you’ll be a different person than the original Kiyoka Yamauchi, Devi, the lecherous bitch, Devi…”

 Without waiting for the cosplay girl to finish her words, the chainsaw blade begins to spin with a rumbling sound.

 ”No, stop! …Stop!”

 I kicked the sheet and backed away frantically.

 Immediately, the headboard of the bed hits my back. A black woman was coming toward me, and I had nowhere to run.

 ”Ah, ah, ah…”

 I opened my eyes and saw her raising her chainsaw high in the air.

◇ ◇ ◇

 I heard the woman’s scream. No, it’s a shriek. And I heard the loud sound of an engine too.

 I don’t know who it is, but the girl’s crazy laughter echoes through the walls.

 ”What, what, what, what!? What happened!?”

 I jumped up and fell down from the bed, which I had been lying in a daze until then.

 Right next door, in Yamauchi-san’s room, something was happening.

 No, it’s no longer something.

 The images of Misuzu-chan and Natsumi-chan who were torn apart passed through my mind.

 The same thing is happening right now in the next room.

 A murderer is in the next room. That’s all I could think.

 The scream that sounded like Yamauchi-san soon died out, and now only the driving sound of a chainsaw was heard.

 (Oh, no, no, no, it’s scary. But, but, if I stay here like this…)

 My back teeth are rattling. My heart feels like it’s going to jump out of my mouth and it’s beating painfully hard.

 (No, no. There’s nowhere to run if I stay here!)

 I should get out of here while the murderer is in the next room. And if it’s under the round table, that’s good. If I hide there, when the murderer comes out of the room, I can see who it is.

 I’m afraid to come out here. I’m scared out of my mind. But I have to. I don’t want to be torn apart.

 Holding my trembling body in place, with all the courage I could muster, I opened the door and stepped out.

 But as soon as I stepped outside the door, the door to the room I was in suddenly closed and the lights in the hall went out.


 I almost screamed, and held my mouth with my hand. If I scream, the murderer will notice.

 I groped for the knob of the door and pulled it gently, but there was no sign of it opening.

* * *

 (What!? Why!? W-what happened!?)

 I was just confused. I grabbed the doorknob and just stood there in a daze.

 The sound of the motor in Yamauchi-san’s room could not be heard from this side. In the silence, I heard the sound of water dripping from somewhere.

 Looking back toward the hall, it was as dark as if ink had been poured over it.

 (W…What should I do?)

 Suddenly, as if illuminated by a spotlight, the figure of a girl appeared in my vision.

 It was a girl in a flowery one-piece dress.


 As soon as I looked at her, I froze.

 It was indeed Masakey-chan.

 But her pretty face and her dress were splattered with blood.

 She was carrying a small chainsaw in one of her hands, and dragging something with her other hand as she walked towards me.


 I quickly grab the stuck doorknob and press my back against the door to make me stronger.

 However, she stops just a few meters away, and without saying a word, throws out the thing she has been dragging in front of me.

 The next moment, it was illuminated by a pin spot.

 It was a salmon.

 It was a very big salmon.

 (No way, is that Aramaki-san…?)

 Normally, I would have known that it couldn’t be, but I was in such a panic that I thought so.

 Masakey-chan pulled the starter string vigorously, and the engine sounded like the beating of a heart.

 Immediately, Aramaki-san’s voice rang out from the speakers.

 [Stop! Aramaki-san is just a part-timer!]

 Aramaki-san’s desperate voice echoes back to me.

 The next moment, there was the loud sound of a chain saw blade spinning, and Masakey-chan cut the salmon in half right in front of me.

 [Gyaaaaaaaaaaa, Jakeeeeeee!! You can’t eat me rawwww! Sashimi is dangeroussssss!]

 ”A, Aramaki-saaaaan!”

 Aramaki-san’s scream echoed through the speakers.

 [At least… Made me a stylish marinade… Jake]

 And with that, the sound disappeared from the speakers.

 Then, the salmon rolls in half on the floor. (※The maid later ate it with relish)

 Normally I would have been dismayed at this travesty, but I was completely shaken up.

 Masakey-chan looked down at me with a smile on her face and licked her lips.

 ”Now… it’s just you, Ponpoko-san”

 ”Hiiii!? W-w-w-why it just me…!? W-w-w-w-what about Fumijima-san and Akira-chan?”

 Then, she sadly lowered her eyes.

 ”I love Fumijima so much, but he’s whispering his love to that bitch. Can you believe it? Even though I’m the woman who cares him…”

 ”You two were together? With Fumijima-san?”

 ”…Yes. We’ve eaten together and exchanged phone numbers. I thought we were dating… and yet, I’m just looking at him from afar and he doesn’t even notice, and now he’s attracted to a woman other than me… and I’ve never been told that he loves me too…”

 (S-she’s yandere! And it’s severe!)

* * *

 ”Did you kill him?”

 ”Yes… while they were mating, I cut them in half at once. Even though the top half of their bodies are gone, the bottom half is still connected, you know? It’s really disgusting…”

 ”Hiiii!? How is Y-Y-Y-Yamauchi-san…!?”

 ”You heard the sound, right? The only two left are you and me. We’re ready to be released now”


 I let out a dumb voice.

 ”D-d-d-d-does that mean we can survive…?”


 As I say this, Masakey-chan raises her chainsaw and comes towards me.

 ”Eh!? Eh!? Hiiii!?”

 I crouched down with my head in my hands, and the chainsaw blade swept over my head with a buzzing sound.

 The blade struck the door behind me, making a rumbling metallic sound, and sparks flew violently.


 The sparks that rained down from above my head and directly beneath me made me stiff and unable to move.

 Scary, scary, it’s too scary! I’m going to die! I’m gonna die! No, no! I don’t want to be cut in half! I don’t want to be torn apart!

 And now, I’m having trouble breathing. Fear is about to deplete my oxygen supply. My vision is becoming hazy. Oh, no! I’m going to pass out right now….

 I’m panting, desperately trying to hold on to consciousness, but amidst the clanging metal and sparks, my consciousness is slowly fading away.

 Then, just before I lost consciousness…

 [The trigger is Kirihito Hikami, and when you hear his name, you’ll cry out loud]

 I heard Masakey-chan muttering that.

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