Confinement 179

Chapter 179 Akira Mizuki’s Remain

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 When I woke up, I found myself in an unfamiliar room.

 Whitewashed walls decorated with gold. A huge bed with a canopy that could sleep ten people at once. The red carpet on the floor was so long that it almost covered the floor up until my ankles.

 ”Where…is this?”

 Papa had fallen to the floor and was just waiting to die. Nothing I could do but cry and cry.

 One by one, everyone went back to their rooms, and I was left alone in the room… I have no clear memory of what happened next.

 As I was puzzled, the door opened and a man came into the room. I was relieved to see him.

 Fumijima the pheasant man–my master.

 ”Master… w-where is this?”

 ”This is my bedroom”

 ”Bedroom? Why… did they let us out of that room?”


 When I’m confused, Master gets on the bed, takes off my clothes and strips me naked. Then he shackles me.

 ”A-are… you… going to… do that again?”

 My pink nipples already hard and bulging, as if in anticipation at the tips of shallow bowls.

 I almost didn’t resist.

 Rather, by the time I was blindfolded and hung by my nose with a hook, my cheeks were flushed and I was even breathing hard. I was excited. I could feel my body heating up at the thought of another horrible thing being done to me.

 While doing so, I could forget about Papa and I can forget everything while I’m in Master’s arms. And he’s the only one I can rely on now.

 As I’m blindfolded, I can feel my other senses becoming more sensitive. The sound of my master taking off my clothes, and the smell of an aroused male, made my female scent rise.

 Master must take a seat behind me on the bed. And with the feel of him holding me from behind, the comfort of bare skin touching bare skin, the warmth of Master’s body alone is enough to make me feel like I’m about to fall.

 (I think… he’s going to do that to me again…)

 When I think about it, I feel my crotch moistening. I felt a drop dripping down my thigh.

 (I’m getting very sensitive… I’m anticipating it… I’m supposed to be sad about Papa’s death, but I’m anticipating s*x without caring about that… I’m a bad girl)

 Master’s hands come up from the bottom to the top, setting my body on fire with the faintest touches of my stomach, my sides, just barely touching. Then he put his finger on the piercing in my nipple and pulled hard.

 ”Ow, that hurts!”

 It hadn’t even been a day since he pierced me. It’s still like a scar.

 ”Ugh… it’s tearing… it’s tearing off”

 ”But it feels good, doesn’t it? After all, Akira is a masochist”

 ”T-the one who did that… Master, isn’t it…?”

 It sure felt good. I felt as if the pain had become a sweet pleasure, spreading from my nipples.

 ”Nnn, ah, ah, ah, ah… ahh… Nnn, ah, it’s good… it’s good, it feels good… Master…”

 While squeezing my breasts, Master moved his fingertips to my vagina.

 I can feel it tingling. I’m waiting impatiently for Master’s fingertips to touch me there.

 He smears my nectar on his fingertips and softly touches it from all around. It’s so frustrating. He’s making me impatient.

* * *

 ”Master… do it more… harder… and worse…”

 ”Worse? You don’t even know how badly you’re being treated, do you, you stupid bitch?”

 (Terrible? I don’t realize?)

 ”I’m the mastermind of the death game”


 I thought that might be true. But when he dared to say it, the shock was more than I expected.

 ”I’m your father’s murderer. I’m the one who took everything from you. I was the one responsible for ruining your future by turning you into a masochist. I’m the one who degraded you to the lowest level of humanity. I’m the one who set up the death game to corrupt you to this point. How’s that? How does it feel to have your parents’ murderer do whatever he want to you?”

 ”No, no way…”

 ”Isn’t it awful? Isn’t it horrible?”

 I bite down on my teeth. I hate it. I feel awful. But at the same time, a shiver went down my spine.


 ”The frustration of having your parents’ murderer do whatever they want to you. Even that has been trained to feel good. Bitch”

 The more I think about it, the more my body starts to burn.

 ”The pampered Akira Mizuki is dead. The woman in front of me is an ugly female, ugly and pig-nosed. A miserable, drooling masochist who has no choice but to flirt”

 ”No, it’s not true”

 ”Shut up!”


 He slapped my chest from behind. Then, a dull ache shot through my pierced nipples. As it receded, a wave of pleasure spread out like a wave.

 ”Feels good, doesn’t it? How is that not true? Look!”

 ”Hii, no, ah, it hurts, ah, ah, ah…”

 He said so while repeatedly slapping his palm against my nipple. My whole breast was burning, and my nipples, which were already hard, became tense as if they couldn’t take it anymore.

 ”Feels good, doesn’t it? You’re already a helpless masochist, aren’t you?”

 And with that, Master pressed his hard, hot cock against my slit. I feel a shiver run down my spine. The feeling of my love juices dripping was so fresh.

 (I-I’m going to get fucked again by the guy who killed Papa)

 I felt like my head was going to explode at the thought. I desperately tried to hold back my hips that were about to start moving of their own accord. That was all the resistance I could muster.

 ”Ah… insert it… insert it…”

 The voice that spills out of my mouth has an enchanting sound. I felt as if my body was getting hotter and hotter at the shamefulness of my voice.

 ”No… nooo… don’t… haa~… eh?”

 However, with the tip touching the entrance area, there was no sign of further movement from Master.


 To my confusion, Master whispers to me.

 ”I want you to swear again that you are mine, my bitch, and it is up to me to make you live or die. You will live as my bitch for the rest of your life. You’ll kneel at the feet of your father’s murderer and give me everything you have”

 ”No, no… no way, I won’t do that…”

 ”Well, okay. If you don’t want to tell me, I’ll just let you go. You don’t have your father’s backing and I’ve shown the world your live s*x. Although you can’t be a model, you can at least be an AV star or a prostitute and make a living”

 ”Uuu… Uuu…”

 The tears well up under the blindfold. It sucks. But it feels so good to feel so bad. My body keeps betraying me. It’s telling me I can let go, but inside my head, I’m crying out that I don’t want to.

 I’ve reached my limit. My body was burning hot, and I felt a painful tingle in the pit of my stomach. My lewdly corrupted body yearned to be dominated by this awful man.

* * *

 ”I will… I will… Akira Mizuki will be Master’s bitch. I will give you everything I have. Please let me to serve Master for the rest of my life…”

 ”Do I matter more to you than your father? Can you ever love me?”

 ”Yes… yes, Master is more important than Papa… I… love… you”


 As soon as Master said that, I was so excited that I forgot myself.

 ”M-master, please, I-I can’t hold back any longer. Please fuck me! Please make me cum with your amazing cockkkkkk!”

 ”You’re so impatient!”

 With that, Master thrusts out his p*nis, which is still at the entrance, and it plunges into my already melted vagina with a watery sound.

 ”Nhiiiii!? It’s coming in! Master’s cockkkkkk, it’s coming innnn!”

 Then Master begins to move his hips violently.

 My mouth is filled with saliva, dripping from the edges of my mouth. My thoughts melt away, and I feel my vagina sucking shallowly on Master’s cock.

 ”Nhhh, it’s so intense… ah, ah, ah, ah, iiiii, ahh…”

 ”Good, get more wild, let me enjoy you, bitch!”

 ”Yessss, nhi, ah, ah, ah, ahhh”

 The pleasure of being thrust up in a back sitting position was so good.

 The feeling of having my body gouged out by a thick stake made my spine shiver with the pleasure.

 The frenzied pounding of his hips is so self-absorbed. To this man, I’m nothing more than an onahole. Knowing this, I became more and more excited.

 ”Hii, hii, ah, ah, ah, ah, ahh!”

 (I can’t get away from this cock… I can’t get away from it anymore)

 In a corner of my head, my rational mind sags. I really can’t do it anymore.

 He kept thrusting deep inside me, and I easily reached my limit.

 ”M-Master, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!”

 ”Good! You can cum!”

 ”Ah, ah, ah, iii, cummmmmmingg!!”

 As soon as Master allowed me, I climaxed. My swollen petals squeezed together and squeezed Master’s cock.

 At the same time, Master’s cock exploded.

 The thick stake buried in my vagina shivers and spits out a mass of heat, slamming the mass of fire into my innermost parts.


 My ego is completely unhinged, and I’m in shock.

 I arch my back so hard that I think my spinal cord is going to crack, and I make a helplessly miserable face. I can’t stop crying. I can’t stop drooling. I think I have a terrible face worthy of a female pig.

 I can’t do this anymore. I’ve been completely corrupted.

 What little reason I had left disappeared with those words, and all that was left behind was the remains of a beautiful young model named Akira Mizuki. A helpless and miserable bitch.

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