Confinement 180

Chapter 180 Natsumi is a natural firecracker but the maid enjoyed it

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 A familiar electronic sound.

 As usual, a synthesized voice rang out.


 ”Akira Mizuki’s state has been changed to [Enslaved]”

 ”Along with that, the following functions are available”

 ”● Outer Wall”

 ”You can set up an outer wall in your room”

 ”● Age + five”

 ”Once a day, for ten hours, you can raise the age of any person by five years. The effect is maintained even when the person is out of “the room””


 (What does that mean, an outer wall in a room?)

 I tilted my head.

 It doesn’t make sense at all.

 (…I’ll ask Lili later)

 Akira climaxes wildly as she arches her back, and now she’s gasping for air as she leans back against me.

 ”Haa~, ahhh… haa~… haa~… aaah…”

 Her sweaty body was twitching and twitching involuntarily.

 I can’t really see her expression because of the blindfold, but judging from the tongue and drool spilling out of her mouth, she must have a pretty dumb face.

 She has a more than average face, so the sight of her disheveled appearance is very exciting.

 When I took off the nose hook and the blindfold, Akira stared at me with her eyes full of debauchery.

 ”Fue… Master…”

 She giggled, but she didn’t have the same stinging vibe as before. She’s just happy to see my face, happy to still be connected to me. That kind of mood.

 She repeatedly kisses my cheek while leaning against my body.

 ”More…more… please, Master!”

 I chuckle at her greed. I don’t intend to end it yet, either.

 It’s just before that, she’s in a state of [Enslaved], and there’s no longer any possibility of her betraying me, so I think it’s safe to tell her everything.

 After all, it’s bad to keep deceiving her.

 ”Hey, Akira… I’ve told you a few lies, you know?”


 ”First of all, President Kurashima is not dead, and I don’t intend to kill him. But he’ll have to take social responsibility for the evil he has done, though”

 ”…I don’t care it, either. After all, I am… Master’s property…”

 She didn’t seem to be upset, rather, with an enraptured expression, she ran her tongue down my neck.

 I knew that this was what it meant to be in a state of [Enslaved], but I was still a little surprised when she said she didn’t care.

 It’s probably the same for the other girls.

 It’s just that in the case of Kurosawa-san and Masaki-chan, they weren’t in a situation where they had to choose between their family and me.

 ”Also, the s*x between Akira and me isn’t actually being distributed anywhere, so you can continue modeling”

 ”I don’t mind it too… Master, please, give me more… more…”

 I couldn’t help but chuckle at Akira who was trying to move her hips in frustration.

 (Well…I guess I’ll talk about the future after she’s calmed down a bit…)

 Kurosawa-san hasn’t lost her dream of becoming an actress, and as long as she doesn’t have to choose between me and her dream, it doesn’t mean she has to give it up.

 ”Hey, hey, Master, give Akira a pat, pat… more pat…”

 ”You’re really a selfish girl…”

 As I say this, I think.

 The question is, who will take care of Akira?

 Kurosawa-san… no, I don’t think so. She’d get into trouble for sure.

 Masaki-chan… I don’t think it’s a good idea to put M person under S person.

 She could be under Tashiro-san, but… Shima-san is surprisingly weak mentally, and I think Akira will push her too hard.

 In that case, it would be better to leave her under Ryoko’s care and have her teach her how to treat me and the girls. They’re both M, after all.

 Once I’ve made that decision, all I have to do is enjoy Akira’s body.

* * *

 ”Well, Akira, please do your best to make me feel good”


 She smiled softly and started to move her hips again.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Oh… I can’t get enough of this…”

 ”Isn’t it great to have a hot pot in the middle of summer in an air-conditioned room? I mean, seriously”

 ”Even if I bring ice cream from the dining room after dinner, it’s okay!”

 ”Oh, that’s so good!”

 It’s one o’clock in the afternoon.

 When I went to report that I’d finished cleaning up the death game, Lili-sama said, “It’s a reward for all of you, Devi”.

 As I was told, I moved to a newly set up room next to the dining room, which was an eight-mat Japanese-style room.

 A gorgeous hot pot was prepared on the table.

 ”I can eat this, right?”

 Tapeworm smiled as her finger pointed at the table, and Earthworm was drooling.

 ”You can eat as much as you want!”

 ”Oh, yeah!”

 ”Well, let’s get started…”

 But as we hurriedly sat down around the table, the door suddenly opened.

 ”Oh, it smells good”

 As she said this, Natsumi-sama, the semi-favored princess apprentice, stepped into the room without a hint of reservation.

 She grabbed Kei-sama, also an apprentice, by the scruff of the neck and dragged her into the room.

 We hurriedly straightened ourselves up and bowed at the spot.

 ””””Please be in a good mood! Natsumi-sama! Kei-sama!””””

 ”S-Stop it! You’re being too formal. Just be normal. Just be normal!”

 ”We can’t be like that. We’ll be scolded by the head maid if we do that”

 Centipede’s voice quivered.

 She’s the one who knows how scary the head maid is. She doesn’t want to take a sulfuric acid bath anymore. I guess she thinks so.

 ”Well… let’s do it this way. I’ll order all of you. As long as we’re only the one who was in the room, you and I are just Senpai and Kouhai on the track and field club. I’ll make sure to tell Lili-chan and Freesia-san”

 ”… Is this not a problem?”

 Natsumi-sama smiled, showing her white teeth as Earthworm looked up at her anxiously.

 ”Yes, don’t worry”

 We looked at each other and nodded.

 ”Well, let’s get back on track and make a hot pot!”

 ”Hot Pot, Hot Pot!”

 ”Then, Shima-senpai, please prepare the broth”

 ”Why not?”

 As we sat down with Shima-senpai, Takasago-senpai rolled over on the edge of the room.

 ”What’s the matter, Takasago? You’re not eating?”

 ”……Wake me up when it’s time for dessert”

 ”I can’t shake this …… girl”

 Takasago-senpai is still Takasago-senpai. I can’t help wondering how she can maintain that body shape.

 ”Oh, Hot pot salmon, shiitake… I mean… hey…”

 The contents of the pot were a lot of salmon, Chinese cabbage, garland chrysanthemum, shiitake mushrooms, and tofu. The miso broth with butter melted in it smelled so good.

 But for some reason… As soon as she saw the contents of the pot, Shima-senpai’s tension dropped.

 ”…Well, I wonder if Anisakis is okay…”

 ”Of course it’s okay, it’s not raw”

 Tapeworm makes a dumbfounded face.

 Although Tapeworm parasitized by anisakis would be very interesting, so I would like to see it happen.

 ”Oh, haha, yeah, t-that’s right, t-that’s right”

 And so we started to pick at the pot, and we were immediately hooked.

* * *

 ”Yummy!!? Delicious!”

 ”Kuhhh, I can’t get enough!”

 ”Here, Shima-senpai, Chinese cabbage”

 The salmon is delicious, and although the jagged cross-section that looks like it’s been cut off in some places is distracting, but it’s probably an absurdly good salmon.

 I hurriedly threw the ingredients into my mouth and squirmed in the heat. The flavor of the miso butter and a little bit of black pepper is perfect.

 To put it mildly, it’s absurdly delicious.

 ”Here, there’s hot rice and salmon roe too!”

 ”Really? I mean…Aramaki-san, I wonder if she’s a female”

 ”Here, Shima-senpai, Chinese cabbage”

 ”Oi! Saito, don’t keep bringing me Chinese cabbage! You’re always eating salmon!”

 ”I’m just looking out for Senpai’s health. Elderly people should eat less salt. You’ll raise your blood pressure”

 ”I’m not an old lady!”

 ”Senpai, please put some broth again and make tea!”

 ”Don’t try to use your Senpai!”

 Me and Earthworm looked at each other and laughed.

 After all, Shima-senpai is fun to play with.

 ”By the way, the death game is over, isn’t it? Are there going to be more favorites and semi-favorites?”

 ”Well, there’ll be two, maybe three? I had to go to Confinement King too, but I heard he was still flirting with one of them, so I thought I’d wait in the dining room…”

 ”So you came here because of the smell”

 ”That’s right”

 ”Though.. it’s fine to take care of them, but… it’s going to make our chances of being taken care of by Confinement King-sama more and more difficult”

 ”Shima-senpai is being taken care of by Confinement King-sama, isn’t she? What’s it like? Is it really great?”

 As Centipede’s mouth agape, Earthworm approaches Shima-senpai with a curious look on her face. Instantly, Shima-senpai’s face turned bright red.

 ”Hey, that’s not something you should be talking to people about!”

 ”Well… it’s fine, right? So, it feels good, doesn’t it? You love each other, don’t you?”

 ”Uh, yeah, well… it… it feels… good… and… I like him… I-I guess”

 Shima-senpai turned red and looked down. The four of us look at each other unconsciously. It’s so cute.

 So, we decided to tease Shima-senpai a little more.

 It’s just like Natsumi getting into the fire.

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