Confinement 183

Chapter 183 Oppai after all kinds of communication

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 ”Welcome home, Ohime-sama”

 After I returned from meeting with that Unsociable, Freesia was waiting for me.

 ”Thanks, Devi”

 ”How was it?”

 ”She’s really good, Devi… even when I give her bits of information, she fills it herself and picks out the only option that passes through the eye of a needle, Devi… she’s too good to be left human, Devi”

 In fact, Lili tells her that Seigo Fujiwara is a big fan of Aoi Umidori, and while he is eager to see her return, he respects her wishes to never return to the entertainment industry. And that Aoi is protected in the mansion as a maid.

 That’s all it took for the Unsociable to move Aoi Umidori, and with that, to move Seigo Fujiwara.

 The key question is why Aoi Umidori insists that she will never return to the entertainment industry.

 Even though I knew this was the key, she did not simply ask “Why?” which showed a glimpse of the Unsociable’s pride, and Lili liked it.

 Aoi Umidori’s reason for not returning to the entertainment industry can be found in the interview she gave when she retired from marriage.

 It is because the man she married, her husband, did not want to do so. He must be a very possessive man. He did not want to expose her to the gaze of other men.

 The fact that Aoi Umidori stubbornly adheres to her husband’s wishes despite the difficulties she faces in her life is proof that she still loves him deeply.

 Her husband has left his wife and daughter to escape from the debt collectors and is now on the run abroad. She does not have the money to go abroad to see him, and even if she did, she would let the debt collectors know where he is by going abroad.

 So, the Unsociable said to her.

 [If you return to the entertainment industry, I will arrange for you to be on location in any country you desire on a regular basis]

 In other words, she’ll use her job as a cover to let her see her husband.

 That’s what she suggested.

 And the wheels fell into place.

 Aoi Umidori agreed to return to the entertainment industry, and the Unsociable received full backing from the Fujiwara Group.

 After the merger and acquisition, the general manager and above were dismissed and removed, and now the new company under the umbrella of Fujiwara Group, but with completely independent management.

 For the time being, the Fujiwara Group is supposed to send a few people to manage the company, but this is only until the company gets on track.

 Things are progressing quickly and the day after tomorrow, a press conference will be held to announce the establishment of the new company as a subsidiary of Fujiwara Group.

 It’s a remarkable move, I’d say.

 An entertainment company is an ideal foothold.

 The Unsociable and Lili share the same interest in pushing Fumi Fumi to new heights.

 However, the height of Fumi Fumi in the human world for the Unsociable, and in the demon world for Lili…

 ”What about you, Devi?”

 ”Yes, I have three things to report”

 Freesia holds up three fingers. Then, folding her fingers over the first one, she opened her mouth.

 ”First, the recovery of Kirihito Hikami. This has gone without a hitch. The Baron seems to be quite fond of her”

 Freesia followed her gaze to where a beautiful woman with a short cut was lying completely naked.

 The woman who had once been Kirihito Hikami.

 When she was a man, she had a pretty good face, but now that she has become a woman, Kirihito Hikami has become quite a beautiful woman.

* * *

 ”Let get her some clothes, Devi. Dress her up in a pretty dress, put on some makeup and send her off, Devi”


 Our connection to the traffickers is already in place. Take them to the port, hand them over to the Japanese pretending to be Chinese, and it’s done.

 ”Secondly, the southern front has entered Lord Ami’s territory”

 ”Well… that’s good news, Devi”

 ”Yes, with Fumi Fumi-sama’s <Outer Wall>, we have turned the campsites of the troops into castles and are steadily advancing the invasion”

 ”Is Barver behaving properly, Devi?”

 ”For the time being”

 Freesia responds with a wry smile.

 One of Lili’s Four Heavenly Kings, the half-dragon Barver is a brainiac who can’t be controlled.

 If left unchecked, that half-dragon would just want to charge straight, so it’s hard to keep an eye on him.

 However, with the calm and composed devil, Crocell, as the second-in-command, I’m sure it’ll be fine, but if there’s any chance of the frontline collapsing, it will be when Barver does something.

 ”It is crucial that we musteliminate Lord Ami before Aneue makes a move, Devi”

 ”I am aware of that as well. But the succubus I left behind to spy on them reports that Lord Andras is stirring. He is probably spreading his roots in the human world…”

 ”Aneue’s lackey, huh… then he’s responsible for Anna Kamishima’s disappearance, Devi”

 I put my hand on my chin and think.

 I was planning to send the maids to the demon world soon, but if that’s the case, I’d better keep them here for a while longer.

 ”What about Torture, Devi?”

 ”Yes, that is my third report. The crests of corruption have disappeared and her skin has returned to its original state. Then, at present, Kiyoka Yamauchi’s mind was fixed, and I am repeatedly turning her into a lump of flesh and putting her back together, but I have been showing her lewd dreams according to her condition, so I will ask Fumi Fumi-sama to put the final touches on her in a few days…”

 That’s good news, too.

 Torture is a trump card in many ways. I need to keep her in a controllable state no matter what.

 There are a few things I want to talk to Fumi Fumi about, but it’s late today.

 He’s been having s*x for twenty-four hours straight for a while now, so it would be better to let him sleep quietly for today.

 I thought,

 ”Fumi Fumi is already asleep, Devi?”

 When I asked this, Freesia looked troubled and spoke.

 ”That’s the thing… Masaki-sama asked her for a reward”

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Ufu, Fumio-kun, you’re looking good already”

 Masaki-chan dripped enough saliva in her mouth to her cleavage, and started to shake her breasts with both hands.

 Using the slickness of her saliva, she rubbed my thing with her breasts softly and slippery.


 I couldn’t help but raise my eyebrows at her affectionate breast ministrations.

 ”Well? How’s it? Does it feel good?”

 With a soft, maternal smile on her face, Masaki-chan swayed her breasts.

 The sight of her full, white breasts swaying in front of me is simply spectacular. I feel like I could watch her for twenty-four hours without getting bored.

 ”It’s awesome, to say the least. Masaki-chan’s breast are so big and so soft that just being wrapped around them makes me feel very comfortable”

 ”It’s like I’m hugging Fumio-kun too, it makes me feel happy. Ufufu”

 I wondered what was going to happen when Masaki-chan came into the bedroom with a chainsaw in her hand and said, “Give me a reward…” But she didn’t seem to be angry. It was a threat, though.

 ”Well? What do you want me to do next?”

 ”Well, let’s see…. Now, rub the tip against your nipple while you’re squeezing it”

 ”On my nipples?”

 Releasing my cock from her breast, Masaki-chan squeezes it with her hand and rubs it against her pink nipple.

 ”Here, like this?”

 The way the glans rubs against her large nipples is truly indecent.

 ”Good. It’s like I’m working on your breast, it’s so exciting”

 ”Ufu, Fumio-kun’s nasty… I’ll do anything you want today”

 Masaki-chan smiled happily and softly.

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