Confinement 184

Chapter 184 Happy Day

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 ”Masaki-chan, squeeze it again. But harder this time”


 Masaki-chan squeezed my cock between her breasts again and shook her twin breast harder, increasing the pressure with her hands.

 With more saliva dripping from her mouth, she began to suck on my cock quickly.

 ”Ugh, kuh…”

 I frowned, my voice quivering with pleasure as it swelled.

 Perhaps aroused by my behavior, Masaki-chan looks down, breathing hard, and extends her tongue to lick the glans.

 ”*Lick*, *Lick Lick…* *Lick*, chu, chu, nnn…”

 Her powerful meat ball bobs up and down, and her little pink tongue crawls around the reddish-black tip peeking out of it.

 ”T-that’s bad… and g-great”

 I feel a sense of immersion that envelops my entire p*nis. Her skin feels moist and inviting. And the rough tongue tracing the opening of my cock’s, making a stinging sensation come over me.

 This play is only possible because of Masaki-chan’s overwhelmingly big breasts.

 As I bounce my hips in the pleasure of the blowjob, Masaki-chan’s tongue flicks more and more wildly in delight.

 ”Huh…oh, Masaki-chan, that feels so good, I think I’m going to come right out if I’m not paying attention”

 ”Fufu, you can let out whenever you feel like it. I’m going to drink all of Fumio-kun’s precious baby milk”

 As soon as she said that, she sucked the glans into her mouth, shook her breasts, and started sucking on the frenulum.

 Masaki-chan was an angel to me.

 And that angel, with her lips pursed tightly and my p*nis occupied in her mouth, is making a very horny face.

 There was no way I could not get excited.

 ”Nnn, nnn, chuu! Nfu, chu, *lick*, nnn, chuuu!”

 ”Haa~, Ma-Masaki-chan!”

 The double-service of her soft breasts and fresh lips sucking me up causes a wave of heat to swirl around my base, and I clutch the sheet.

 I want to savor this pleasure for as long as I can. So, I strain my lower abdomen and legs, desperately trying to hold back my ejaculation.

 ”Nfu, Nnnn! Nnn, *sizzle*, *slurp*! Nfu, *sizzle*, *lick*, *lick lick*, *slurp*!”

 Her tongue was fierce, like a beast. Her cheeks are puckered up as she sucks. And the lustful sounds of lip-service echoed in the air.

 ”That’s amazing, Masaki-chan! Oh, I’m going to come right out if you do that to me”

 ”Hust let it hout, I’ll hrink it all, let hit hout, let it hout, let it hout, let it hout…”

 Masaki-chan was absorbed in her service, her eyes enraptured with debauchery.

 And then–


 A short moan escaped from my mouth, and my anger pulsed.

 *Tremble*, *Spurttt*! *Spurtttttttt*!

 A torrent of white liquid spurts out from me. And Masaki-chan takes it all in with her mouth and clears her throat.

 ”Puha… it’s so thick… it tastes like Fumio-kun”

 She murmurs as she removes her mouth from my cock, flicking her tongue around in her mouth as if to taste it.

 ”Well? Did it feel good?”

 ”Yes, very much. Thank you, Masaki-chan”


 She smiles softly, her cheeks flushed. What a cute creature. From her expression, I can tell that she’s very happy.

 Then she looked up at me.

* * *

 ”Hey, Fumio-kun, I want to feel good too. It’s okay if I insert it myself, right? It’s a happy day”

 (Happy day? Is today an anniversary or something?)

 ”Yes, I want to make Masaki-chan feel good too”

 Masaki-chan smiled happily and moved my legs down from her knees, then got up on my knees and straddled my waist.

 She then grabbed my cock, which was already regaining its hardness, turned it upward, and placed it on her moist vagina.

 ”Then, I’ll eat Fumio-kun’s…”

 She swallowed her saliva and began to slowly lower her hips. The head of my cock buries itself into her soft crack.

 I can feel the warmth of her warmth enveloping my cock. It’s still narrow at the back, and I feel a strong rubbing sensation, as if the skin is being dragged.

 ”Nnn, nnnn… Nnnn, ah, ah… haa~, haa~, it’s in… Fumio-kun”

 When my cock was buried in her vagina to the root, she used her hand on my chest for support and let out a hot breath.

 Then she raised her body and started to move her hips back and forth slowly.

 ”Nnn, nnn, ah, nnn… ah, ah, ah, ah…”

 Her shoulder-length chestnut hair and powerful breasts bounce up and down as she moves.

 ”Ah, ah, ahh, ahh, ahh, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah…”

 Her voice is becoming more and more rhythmic. And the sound of the water and her voice echoed in unison.

 ”Nnn, nfu… how is it, Fumio-kun? Does it feel good? I’ve been practicing. Use my hips. Nnn, nnn…”

 When said so, her cheeks turned slightly cherry-red. And hearing her healthy question, my cheeks naturally relax.

 ”That feels so good. And the sight of Masaki-chan swinging her hips is really naughty and exciting”

 ”Ah, the one who made me such a naughty girl is Fumio-kun, Nnn… you know…”

 ”Yes, then, I’ll make you even more naughty”

 I reached out and grabbed her twin breast while I was lying down. The bulge that couldn’t fit in my palm twisted indecently.

 ”Oh no, Fumio-kun…”

 ”Squeezing your breast while being squeezed like this, it’s really great. No, I think Masaki-chan’s breast are the best”

 ”Hyan, i-if you squeeze them like that, I won’t be able to move properly, ah, nnn… ah, ah, ah, nnn…”

 From Masaki-chan’s point of view, just being inserted must be quite stimulating. On top of that, there’s no way she can stay calm when she’s getting s*xual sensations in her breasts as well.

 ”Fumio, Nku…ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, nnn, it’s so naughty, no, no, ah, ah, ah, ah…”

 Masaki-chan’s cheeks are flushed red, and she’s breathing sweetly… The sensuality exuding from her petite body is almost lethal.

 ”You look so beautiful, Masaki-chan. I didn’t think Masaki-chan would become so naughty”

 ”No, it’s embarassing, d-don’t look at me, nnn… hii, ah, ah, noo, ah, ah”

 Perhaps her embarrassment had robbed her of her tolerance for pleasure, she raised her pretty eyebrows in a frown and slowed her hips while shaking her body in small increments.

 ”Ah…ah…haa~, haa~, noo, if I move now, a big one will come, a big one will come”

 ”Don’t worry. Accept what feels good, and be aggressive and wild. I still love you, Masaki-chan”

 ”If Fumio-kun says he loves me…”

 With a hot exhale, Masaki-chan bounced her hips as if she had made up her mind.

* * *

 ”Hiiiiin! Aa, aaahhh! An, aaah!”

 ”Yes, yes, it is Masaki-chan’s role to be wild when having s*x. Masaki-chan, let me suck your breast”

 ”Yes, yes, suck it!”

 I let go of her breasts, and Masaki-chan bends over and puts her hands on the bed. I then grabbed the heavy breast hanging down in front of me and sucked on the nipple.


 Masaki-chan shudders.

 ”They’re delicious, Masaki-chan’s breasts. I could suck on them like this forever”

 I lick and suck on her pink nipples while squeezing her soft bulge like a freshly made rice cake. Then I tasted them alternately from right to left and left to right.

 ”Ah, Fumio-kun, suck it! Suck me more, nnn, nnn…”

 She let out a sweet breath, but did not stop moving her hips. As if it was her duty to do so, she continues to bounce her hips violently.

 When her nipples are lightly brushed with my teeth, Masaki-chan arches her back, her voice trembling.


 ”Babies chew like this when they don’t get enough milk, right?”

 ”But, Fumio-kun doesn’t have to bite… Ah, nnn, nnn! Then please make my milk come out, make me pregnant”

 Ignoring her pleading voice, I repeatedly bite her sweetly. Her voice gradually rose, and she writhed violently on my waist.

 ”Hii, nnn, haa~, Fumio-kuun, ah, my baby…”

 After licking and sucking on her cherry-red nipples, I embraced Masaki-chan and raised my body to a face-to-face sitting position.

 ”Isn’t it nice when we’re facing each other like this, like lovers?”

 ”L-lovers… Nfu, I’m so happy, nnn… Nfu, *Slurp*, *Lick… * Nfu, nmu, *Slurp*, chu, fuuh…”

 I take her lips, and our tongues entwine in an intimate way.

 We kissed passionately, lost in the joy of loving and coddling each other.

 ”I love you, Masaki-chan”

 ”I love you too, Fumio-kun, I love you, I love you! I love you!”

 I bounced my hips in excitement, and pushed her up with great force.

 ”An, Fumio-kun! Aah! Hii, that’s too much, aah!”

 On top of me on my knees, her petite, meaty body bounces and sways. Masaki-chan twisted her legs around my waist and clung to me, catching the impact from below.

 My crotch is soaked with her love juices, rubbing up and down the narrow vaginal walls. With each thrust of her cervix, she cried out in a high-pitched voice.

 ”Ah, no, noo, Fu-fumio-kun, hyan! You can’t do it this hard, nnn! You’re making me crazy… aah, aah, aah, aahhhhhh!”

 ”It’s okay to go crazy. It’s Masaki-chan’s role to go wild. I’m going to show you a lot of the way you are feeling today, Masaki-chan”

 ”Ahhhh, noo! Ah, so good, it’s so good! Hyaa, it’s coming, it’s comingg! Nnn, Fumio-kun, ah, I like you, haaaann!”

 Masaki-chan clung desperately to me, and crying out in a sweet, moist voice. Her chestnut hair and red, uplifting breasts danced wildly.

 She’s usually reserved, but now she’s going wild. It makes me happy to think that I’m making her so wild.

* * *

 ”Come on, let me feel you deeper”

 ”Ahh, Fumio-kun! Ah, nooo! Don’t, don’tttt…!”

 As I thrust upward and crush her cervix, the sheer pleasure makes Masaki-chan’s skin crawl.

 Goosebumps appeared on her white skin, as if every pore in her body had been opened.

 ”F-Fumio-kuunn, no matter how much you want to, you’re too much, nnn, nnnnnnnnnn!”

 But I don’t take no for an answer, and I take her lips again.

 I kiss her passionately, tormenting her uterus.

 Her eyes are glazed over, and she’s still smiling. She may have lost most of her ability to think.

 As our tongues continued to entwine, I could feel the intensity of her sensuality rapidly rising.

 ”Nnn… F-Fumio-kuun, I, I, I, I’m going to cum…”

 When our lips parted, Masaki-chan moaned with an expression of utter debauchery.

 ”Okay, let’s cum together”

 I put my arms around her and gave her a full-on piston.

 ”Hiiiiiiiiiiiiin! Fumio-kun! My Fumio-kun, ahh! Your baby’s milk. Fumio-kun’s milk… I want a lot of it…”

 ”Yes, I’m cumming, Kuh…!”

 As I scowl in pleasure, hot liquid erupts furiously in her deepest parts.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ahhhh, ahh, ah, ahh, it’s hot, I’m cumming! Cumming! Cummmming!”

 Masaki-chan clung to me, her hands and feet clenched tightly.

 ”Ugh, it’s so tight…”

 Masaki-chan’s face contorts as she climaxes. The pulsing rage of my cock released intermittent semen, filling the depths of her vagina with white turbidity.

 As we held each other tightly, we both let out hot breaths.

 Then, after a while, when the waves of climax had subsided, Masaki-chan kissed me on the cheek.

 Deep kisses are good, but such a kiss that overflows with the emotion of love makes me unconsciously happy.

 Soon my crotch began to feel unsettled, and I looked into Masaki-chan’s face.

 ”Hey, Masaki-chan, next time I’d like to do you in missionary position, okay?”

 ”Of course. Tonight Fumio-kun can make love to me as much as he wants. It’s a happy day!”

 ”Well… what’s a happy day?”

 ”I thought it’s not the right word. But happy day is happy! Yeah! It’s a baby! Come on baby!”

 Masaki-chan, that’s not funny.

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