Confinement 187 5

Chapter 187

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

■ Main character

Confinement King ―――― Fumio Kijima (Ugly)

■ Kijima Harem


The First Favored Princess―――Masaki Haneda (Oppai-chan)

Height 142cm B110 W60 H75

Calm round face. Her forehead is a little wide, and when she smiles, she gives off a soft, limp air. She is short and has a childish face. She is often mistaken for an elementary school student, but her breasts are a raging size. Her nipples are also large.

Hair color: Chestnut with a slightly wide forehead.

Hairstyle: Shoulder-length, medium straight.

Hobbies: Handicraft, Reading Favorite book: The Catcher in the Rye.

Likes: Peach, salmon egg, romance novel, moveable alphabet, cute things.

Dislikes: Bugs, squid, octopus, sea cucumber.

Family: Eldest daughter in a family of teachers.

Skills: Good grades – 5th in grade. She makes a lot of doorknob covers. She is good at making rice omelets.

Personality: reserved, shy and serious. Calm, maternal and caring. Sometimes acts out of character when cornered. However, her true nature is S and she is full of complex.

How to call herself in First-person: Watashi

How to address the main character: Kijima-kun → Fumio-kun

Misuzu Kurosawa is her childhood friend, Natsumi Shima and Mai Fujiwara are her friends, and recently she has been teaming up with Ui Tashiro to make demands to Fumio.

Her affiliated member is Yui Kayama.

Special note: This is the girl to whom the main character sent a love letter.

She has become more and more S, yandere, and black-hearted with each time, and in a sense, she is becoming the most dangerous wife. Recently, she has been using a hand chainsaw.

■ Obtained functions


・Room Creation Level 4: You can create up to twelve rooms at once.

・Furnishing Level 3: You can set up luxurious furniture in the room.

・Special room: swimming pool.

・Paralyze (Stun): You can paralyze anyone in the room.


・Marker: You can locate a captive (a person in a state of [submissive], [subjugatied], or [enslaved]).

・Branch: You can temporarily lend the ability to set up a door to a person in state of [Enslaved]. However, additional functions are not available.


・Dressing Room: You can set up a dressing room with all kinds of clothes, from all time periods.

・Quiet: Prevents a person from telling others, explicitly or implicitly, anything that could be disadvantageous.


The Second Favored Princess ――― Ui Tashiro (Captain of the Track and Field team, Samurai speak style)

The youngest daughter of a lawyer family. She is a straightforward person who is well versed in both the arts and sciences, but is surprisingly naive and clumsy.

She has a ponytail and a dignified face. When she laughs, it is usually a high-pitched laugh.

She has leadership skills and was the main character’s idol when they were in the first year.

She has a thin, six-pack abs.

She is an expert in kendo, but chose to join the track and field club instead of kendo because Shima joined the club.

When she is cornered to the extreme, she regresses to infancy.

Her room is Japanese-style and there is a lacquered buffalo horn in the alcove.

Her favorite color is mugwort.

She can’t cook or do any housework because she believes according to some mysterious logic that she doesn’t need to do what Shima can do.

■ Obtained function


・Room creation level 8: You can use up to 28 rooms at the same time.

・Furnishing Level 7: You can set up extremely luxurious furniture in a room.

・Special equipment: courtyard

・Wonderful dream (Dream Wonder): You can show any dream to a sleeping person.


・Disguise: You can disguise yourself only in the room.

・Sense Sharing: You can share your senses with others of the same s*x in the room.


・Revisit: You can open a door to a place you have visited in the past.


Third Favored Princess――― Misuzu Kurosawa (Tsundere Reader Model)

Height 165cm B82 W56 H86

She has a slender 8-headed figure with slanted eyes and long straight black hair down to her back.

She was a member of a modeling agency called Modero Project.

Hobbies: Watching movies and foreign dramas Favorite movie: The Perfume of Yvonne

Likes: small puppy, tea, pancakes, steak

Dislikes: Teriyaki yellowtail, skipjack tuna

Skills: Modern ballet, which she studied until middle school

Personality: Strong-willed, with a tendency to talk down to those she considers inferior. She is a spoiled girl and a tsundere when it comes to those she loves.

How to call herself in First-person: Atashi

How to address the main character: Anta→Kimo-jima→Kijima→Kijima-kun→Fumi-kun→Fumio→Fumi-kun.

Haneda Masaki is her childhood friend, Mai Fujiwara is her best friend.

Her affiliated member is Kei Takasago.

Special note: The main character’s first s*xual experience.

Former lover of Junichi Kasuya.

■ Obtained function


・Room creation level 2: You can use up to four rooms at once.

・Furnishing Level 1: You can set up simple furniture in the room.

・Special room: Bathroom

・Passage Through the Room: Move through the room to the other side of the wall.

・Silence: If you try to “talk” to someone about something disadvantageous to the owner, you will be forcibly sent back to the room.


・Charm Correction: Increases interpersonal favorability according to the number of captives in state of [Enslaved].

・Backdoor: You can set up a backdoor to the room for every [Enslaved] person.


・100% Success (Hole-in-One): Regardless of s*x or race, you can always impregnate a woman.

・Glans in a row (Tandem twins): Another one will grow.


Main character’s lover ――― Mai Fujiwara (Black Gal with Overloaded Attributes)

Height 155cm B70 W53 H76

Blonde hair in a side-tail and brown skin. Pink ribbon is her hair’s accessories. When she’s in young lady mode, she wears a straight black wig. She has hopelessly small breasts that would make a washboard run away barefoot, and she usually wears three layers of pads.

Her private life is usually in the mode of a young lady, so she mainly wears a white dress.

She likes the main character, her mother, and her stepfather.

What she doesn’t like is groups of girls.

Koganei was her mother’s surname before she remarried, and Itai was her father’s surname when he was alive.

She has a history of being spotted by a delinquent girl named Anna Teruya and forced into prostitution.

Her stepfather, who dotes on her, is Seigo Fujiwara, the head of the Fujiwara Group.

In the same class, she discovers the younger sister of Anna Teruya, the girl who once forced her into prostitution, and begins to wear gal fashion as a disguise.

She is pretending to be a cheerful and cheerful idiot, but in fact, she is a cheerful and cheerful idiot more than she thinks. This is not a pretense at all. She is severely traumatized and needs a dependency.

Her parents are rich, and she is an ideal wife in the sense that she is a devoted woman with excellent housekeeping and erotic skills. However, she is an idiot, and when she gets mad, she uses her family’s wealth without hesitation.

She calls the main character Fu~min. She and the main character have been in the same class since the second grade, though she doesn’t remember his name.

She uses the first person as “Aashi” (or “Watashi” when she is in the lady’s mode).

Misuzu Kurosawa is her best friend, Masaki Haneda is her friend, and Yui Kayama is her personal maid.

■ Obtained function


・Room creation level 5: You can use up to 16 rooms at the same time.

・Furnishing level 4: You can set up quite luxurious furniture in the room.

・Special Facilities: Corridor

・Ban (Prohibit): You can prohibit one action only in the room.


・Periscope: You can watch the outside of the room while you are in it.

・Forget Person: You can erase the memory of the person who was in the room.


Semi-Favorite Princess――――Ryoko Terashima Ryoko (Creature Detective)

Height 168cm B85 W57 H91

She has a short, wavy bob with black hair and a sharp jawline.

She mainly wears a white blouse and a black pantsuit. At home, however, she wears a jersey and glasses, plus a padded kimono in the winter.

She has a nipple piercing, a tattoo of angel wings on her back, and a tattoo of a coat of arms on her abdomen.

She likes barbecue and cop dramas. Loves listening to 80’s Bay Area Thrash Metal and Nordic Grind Deathcore. (A fan who goes their every show in Japan).

Dislikes EDM and Yuzu Kosho.

Serious and clear minded. She is thoroughly unfriendly towards those she is not interested in.

She was born into an ordinary businessman’s family, and is a good student of both the arts and sciences. She was accepted to a national university in the Tokyo metropolitan area straight away, but wanted to become a detective in the field due to the influence of criminal dramas. She did not apply for career employment.

One incident leads her to fall in love with and become engaged to Inspector Nakamura, a career detective 15 years years away, her senior. However, just a month and a half before her wedding, she was corrupted by the main character and lost all interest in her fiancé.

She uses the first person “Watashi”.

She addresses the main character as “Master” or “Confinement King-sama”.

Takehiko Nakamura is her ex-fiancee, Kyoko Terashima is her sister

■ Obtained function


・Room Creation Level 3: You can create up to eight rooms at once.

・Furnishing level 2: You can set up a good amount of furniture in the room.

・Special room: Kitchen

・Room connection (Connect): You can install a door to go back and forth between rooms.


・Interior work (interior construction): change the material and color of the floor and walls in the room.

・Room extension level 1: You can increase the size of the room up to four times.


・Summon Slave: You can teleport an [Enslaved] person.

・Monologue: Only when the room is dark, you can hear the voice of the person in the room.


Semi-Favored Princess Apprentice – Saki Shiratori (The Unsociable/Her eyes are like a Civet’s)

She is not ugly, but she looks mushy all the time.

She is the daughter of Natsumi Shima’s eldest sister. She is the niece of Natsumi Shima. She has excellent grades and is smart and logical.

She is on the track and field club, specializing in middle and long distance. Although she is not that fast, she has a high winning percentage by using tactics.

She is believed to be staying at her mother’s house (Natsumi Shima’s house) for her higher education.

However, in reality, her mother, who is concerned about her character, left her at Shima’s house because she completely destroyed the relationship of a senior student whom she unrequitedly had a crush on when she was in Tokyo, and attempted to offer it to her friend in the condition of a slave. Thanks to her, she has acquired more social skills than before. However, she hates to lose and has a strong desire to improve.

She is disappointed that the main character is not able to use his power, and her main concern is how high she can push him.

Currently, she is concurrently the President of an entertainment agency.

Kei Takasago is her friend, Sato, a junior, is her close friend, and Kizuna Tateoka is her acquaintance through Sato.


Semi-favored princess – Yui Kayama (Fallen young lady, Miss Bowel)

Height 147cm Bust 82cm W58 H78

Beautiful girl with ringlet blond hair. Her mother is Aoi Umidori, a former actress. Her father’s company went bankrupt, and her mother and father are divorced, and her father is currently on the run overseas. Her grades are not bad, but she lacks common sense due to her raised as a young lady in a box.

She is extremely sensitive to stress because of her S part, and easily gets an upset stomach. Because of this, she was given the nickname “Miss Bowel”

■ Obtained function


・Room creation level 7: You can use up to 24 rooms at once.

・Furnishings level 6: You can set up luxurious furniture in the room.

・Special equipment: stairs

・Trojan horse: You can set a trigger and a single action for anything that enters the room.


Semi-favorite princess apprentice – Kei Takasago (troublesome sweet girl)

Kei-chan. Basically a slacker. Full of desire to be fed by the main character.

■ Acquire function


・Room creation level 9: You can use up to 32 rooms at the same time.

・Furnishing level 8: You can install cultural asset level furniture.

・Special room: Sauna

・Sleepwalker: Forcibly puts people in the room to sleep and makes them do simple actions while they are asleep


Semi-favored princess apprentice ― Natsumi Shima (stable Kansai dialect, in charge of tsukomi)

She’s the type of person who will do anything for someone. Lili calls her “Nande Yanen”. (Why not?)

Despite what she says and how she looks, her thoughts are romantic and girlie.

When she was a freshman, her seatmate was Fumio Kijima no matter how many times she changed seats.

She is a member of the track and field club and specializes in long distance.

■ Obtained function


・Room creation level MAX: The number of rooms that can be created is no longer limited.

・Furniture Installation Level 9: You can install national treasure grade furniture.

・Special room: Prison

・Delivery Entrance: You can install a delivery entrance to carry in large items.


Semi-Favored Princess Apprentice ― Akira Mizuki (Forced M model)

■ Obtained function


・Stage equipment installation level 2: Spotlight

・Special Facilities: Runway

・Washing (Cleaning): Instantly removes dirt from clothes


・Temporary door (one-time door): You can install a one-time use back door.


・Outer Wall: You can install an outer wall in a room.

・Age plus five: Once a day, for ten hours, you can raise the age of any person by five years.


Yui Kayama’s pet ― Kibou Amemiya (M Lesbian)

She has the emotions of an elementary school boy who falls in love with Yui Kayama, and as a result she’s always teased.

Because her father, who worked at the bank refused to give Kayama’s father a loan when Kayama’s father’s company went bankrupt, she is resented by Yui with all her might and is reduced to a servant.


Meat Onahole―――Kyoko Terashima (Forced Sweet Lolita, Bis*xual Sister)


・Room creation level 6: You can create up to 20 rooms at the same time.

・Furnishing Level 5: You can install luxurious furniture in the room.

・Room Extension Level 2: The room can be extended up to eight times its size.

・Special room: Large baths


・Visual Possession (Sight Hack): You can project a scene on the wall that the [Enslaved] person is looking at.

・Good or Bad Scale (Love Scale): You can check each other’s good or bad feelings by designating two people in the room. However, you cannot specify yourself as the target.


Meat Onahole―――Rin Fukuda (dependent junior, self-conscious)


Maid Apprentice – Masako Inui (Short cut, Earthworm)

Alias Mako. Rin Fukuda’s best friend.

Dyes her hair platinum pink and works at a girl’s bar.

She is very sociable, and will go along with anyone.

Breasts: B


Maid Apprentice – Ayaka Kishijo (Short cut, Centipede)

The only non-virgin among the Shortcuts.

She has a rather strong attitude and a tendency to look down on others.

The one who took a sulfuric acid bath.

She is good with a great sword.


Maid Apprentice – Ayumi Saito (Short cut, Cockroach)

She is in charge of Takaka Takata. When relaxed, she speaks with “-ssu” on the end of her words.

Actually, she’s interested in girls.


Maid Apprentice – Eri Hotta (Short cut, Tapeworm)

She specializes in battle axes. She was defeated in a battle against Yolanda, and was punished by having her own intestines made into sausage.

She is the strongest of the Shortcuts, and can defeat Orthrus with a single blow.

Mako gave her the nickname “Lu Bu”.

She tends to be very M.


Chihiro Kaneko (AV actress, stage name Ai☆Maimi) 26 years old.

・Hair color: Light chestnut brown

・Hair style: One length long hair.

・Breasts : F

・Other : Excellent proportions with a sharp face and long arms and legs.

She is slim but has a large bust, giving an unbalanced overall impression.

Pink lines on her wrists that look like self-inflicted scars.

She is wearing a white puff-sleeved top and a long black skirt.


Chairwoman of the Public Morals Committee――Takaka Takata (THE nosy one)

An uptight and inflexible public morals committee chairwoman.

However, she is having an affair with Kobayashi, a teacher, and after graduation, the teacher promises to leave his wife and marry her.

She claims it’s pure love because he has promised her.

She was confined and forced to work in a girl’s bar. However, having frustrated by the fact that she was completely useless, she worked hard to become a great gal.

■ Obtained function


・Furniture installation level MAX

・Stage Setup Installation Level 1 : Reversal Event

・Function Lending (Lend-A-Function): Lends the authority to activate functions to [Enslaved] person.

* * *

Childhood friend――――Saori Moribe (Pharaoh’s little sister)

Height 145cm B72 W60 H73

She has a childish face with a hidden eye. Because of her father’s influence, she became an old game freak and has many old PC machines at home.

Her favorite words are “Iiroitsu Kaizutsu” and “Emono ga Itaze”. (*Note: From the Black Onyx and Last Armageddon)

For some reason, Detective JK’s ability to detect lies is not activated on her.

There is a testimony that she died once when she was a child and changed her character completely before and after her death.

She and the main character went to school together when they were in elementary school. Since then, she has had a crush on him.

She chose to enroll in the same school as the main character because of this. To change her shyness, she chooses to join a track and field club.

■ Devil


The Devil―――――Lili (Devi, Poster Girl)

Height 145cm B72

Real name: Liliamos

She looks like a middle schooler or a high school freshman at the most.

She has a pretty baby face, red eyes, and a short cut with fiery red curly hair.

Two twisted horns sprout from her temples, and she has double teeth that look like fangs. Her clothes are a tight bondage that only slightly covers her chest and crotch.

When the main character told her that she didn’t look like a devil, she started adding “Devi” to the end of her words.

She calls the main character Fumi Fumi.

She calls herself “Lili” or “Atashi” in the first person.

She can be both funny and witty, and takes good care of people, but has a cruel side as a devil.

Her special skill is brainwashing.

She has four underlings: Freesia, a high-ranking succubus; Torture, a fallen angel; Barver, a half-dragon; and here is also the calm and collected demon Crocell.

She and her sister seem to have an antagonistic relationship.


High-ranking Succubus―――Freesia (Head Maid, Great Succubus, Hittite)

Height 178cm B99cm W58 H88

She has long, straight, waist-length silver hair.

She is a legendary succubus who killed most of the males in the Hittite Kingdom by dying on her stomach.

She used to be a dark figure in the history of the world, but got bored after the Opium War. (*Note: アヘン)

She is the great succubus. After all, she caused the death of the previous Demon Lord on her stomach.

She was the trigger for the war of succession to the Demon Lord, but now she is Lili’s tutor and servant.

In a word, she is a pervert. She can be both S and M. She is very versatile. She pretends to be a submissive, but can be quite cruel with her sarcastic remarks and teasing.

She is also the head of the succubus tribe.

Her hobbies are s*x and making harigata (Japanese Dildo).

Her special skills are drain(energy absorption), martial arts, and bed technique.

Likes men, women, all things erotic, cream cheese, tokoroten, yams, dirty old men, and the smell of rubber bands.

Dislikes all kinds of amphibians

She pronounces herself “watashi” in the first person.

She addresses the main character as Fumi Fumi or Confinement King-sama.


Fallen Angel――――Torture (loves torture, healing magic)

She wears a rider’s suit with a sackhead that fits her body perfectly.

On her back, only the right side has black wings like a crow.

Her eyes are called the evil eye, and if a human were to look into them, their soul would be obliterated.



One of the Four Heavenly Kings of Lili, fighting on the southern front in the demon world. Seems to be a brainiac.


The Devil――――Crocell

A calm and collected devil who serves as Barver’s second-in-command.


Demon World nobleman — Baron Moho (nice guy, nice gay)

A pig-faced orc Lord over three meters tall. Dandy.

He is the No.1 devil whom female devils want to hold for 100 years consecutively.

But he has a curse that any man who is loved by him three times will become a woman.


Lili’s Pet – Feri (former daughter of a hostile nobleman?)


■ Hostile forces.

Teruya’s little sister――――Hikaru Teruya (Ace of the track and field team, loves Junichi-sama)

Teruya’s big sister――――Anna Kamishima (Yakuza wife, fugitive from prison)


Misuzu’s ex-boyfriend–Junichi Kasuya (Cuckolded boyfriend)

He’s a former ace of the soccer club, and a handsome guy.

He’s a strong fighter, and even the other delinquents at the other school take notice of him, but he’s also very interesting and popular, and is the center of the class. He has been in the same class as the main character since the second year.

Ex-boyfriend of Misuzu Kurosawa.


Kasuya’s best friend――Masahiro Tateoka (long hair, 1/3TS, playful).

Ryoko’s ex-fiancé――Takehiko Nakamura (police inspector, currently under investigation)


Public Morals Advisor――Zenkichi Kobayashi (indencent teacher)

A scumbag teacher who has his hands all over the chairwoman and vice chairwoman of the public morals committee.

He appears to be a serious man and has a good relationship with his wife. They have a one-year-old daughter.

His wife’s family is wealthy and self-employed, and they built a house for them when they married.


Demon World Nobleman―――Lord Ami


Demon World Nobleman―――Lord Andras

A lackey of Lili’s Sister, he is starting to enter the human world.


Detective JK sister――Claudia (Eyes that see through lies, fake foreigner)

Detective JK sister――Yolanda (Track and field coach, fake gaijin with abilities)

Tateoka Sister――Kizuna Tateoka (Lolita twin-tail)

President――――Itsuki Kurashima (President of an entertainment agency)

Model――――Kirihito Hikami (Male model)


Manager – Kiyoka Yamauchi (President Kurashima’s lover) 31 years old

Hair color: Black

Hairstyle : Long

Breast : F

A s*xy woman with a mole under her left eye.


■ Other


Aramaki-san (Salmon, the host of the Death Game)

She has a lot of anisakis in her stomach. An annoying fish that makes sharp salmon jokes and gets a close-up on the monitor.

~She is originally from Iwate Prefecture, although the word “Jake” suggests that she is from Hiroshima.

Her dream was to be a stylish marinade, but she was turned into Ishikari-nabe.


Seki-san (Mackerel, the host of the last death game)

A non-existent person or fish that Kyoko made up randomly. Probably appears while singing “Sabadabada”.


Gorioka (homeroom teacher, gorilla, real name Sadao Morioka)

The homeroom teacher of the main character’s class. He is a good teacher who is serious and cares about his students.

Has a crush on Fumi, a girl who works at a girl’s bar.


Kitora-sensei (an unmotivated school nurse, in a relationship with Detective Inomoto)

Detective Inomoto (sympathetic senior detective, in a relationship with Kitora-sensei)

Tsuyoshi Hiratsuka (Judo Club, Han, Ui’s ex-boyfriend)

Konparu (Track and field club member, bad character)

Ota’s (little) sister (Track & Field mob, brainy)

Ota’s (big) sister (Track & Field mob, brainy)

Sato (Track & Field mob, Shiratori’s crony, Kizuna Tateoka’s friend)

Omuta (Track & Field mob)

Adachi (Track & Field mob, bad character)

Koike (Track & Field mob)

Ninagawa (Track and field club member who escaped from confinement)

Yasuko Kinuta (Ponpoko, editor of Morita Publishing)

A good-natured but strong-hearted person. Likes girly clothes.

Seigo Fujiwara (Mai Fujiwara’s stepfather, a powerful stepfather)

Etsuko Kayama (Yui Kayama’s mother, a former actress with the stage name Aoi Umidori)

Rena (Girls Bar Mob, enrolled in law school at a famous university)

Fumi (Girls Bar Mob)

A cast member in her late twenties. Gorioka is crazy about her.

Minami Shibata (Vice-Chairwoman of the Public Morals Committee, Tateoka’s girlfriend)


Eita Tamine (Fujiwara Group’s security manager)

He looks like he’s about to say “I’ll be back”. He is a large, strong man who wears sunglasses. He is often hired out as Mai Fujiwara’s bodyguard.


Reference Material Confinement King Level Up Record.

LV2 (Submissive) Misuzu Kurosawa 010 First time to level up

LV3 (Submissive) Ryoko Terashima 026 Creature

LV4 (Subjugated) Ryoko Terashima 026 Creature

LV5 (Enslaved) Ryoko Terashima 027 Female slave――Birth of Ryoko TeraShima

LV6 (Submissive) Masaki Haneda 033 The main invasion

LV7 (Submissive) Mai Fujiwara 035 Black gal is unexpectedly a game brain

LV8 (Subjugated) Mai Fujiwara 035 Black gals are surprisingly game brain

LV9 (Subjugated) Masaki Haneda 042 Each Monday

LV10 (Subjugated) Misuzu Kurosawa 044 Judgment Day Part 1

LV11 (Enslaved) Masaki Haneda 045 Judgment Day Part 2

LV12 (Submissive) Kyoko Terashima 074 Kawaii Kawaii Kyoko-chan

LV13 (Subjugated) Kyoko Terashima 074 Kawaii Kawaii Kyoko-chan

LV14 (Submissive) Yui Kayama 084 Who?

LV15 Submissive) Ui Tashiro 086 Devil’s tricks

LV16 (Subjugated) Ui Tashiro 087 When People Say Life, That’s a Heavy Thing.

LV17 (Enslaved) Ui Tashiro 088 Is this also called a honey trap?

LV18 (Enslaved) Misuzu Kurosawa 098 The first woman is a special

LV19 (Submissive) Kei Takasago 106 Sleeping Beauty [interlude]

LV20 (Submissive) Natsumi Shima 126 Female friendship

LV21 (Submissive) Takaka Takata 160 Takaka Takata has grown up.

LV22 (Submissive) Akira Mizuki 171 Lewd Sushi

LV23 (Subjugated) Akira Mizuki 171 Lewd sushi

LV24 (Enslaved) Akira Mizuki 180c180 Natsumi is a natural firecracker but the maid enjoyed it.

(Courtesy of Ijō nō-sama (Abnormal Brain))

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