Confinement 188

Chapter 188 My Favorite Terrible Senpai

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 The day after the press conference to establish the new entertainment agency, at 11 a.m.

 ”It’s pretty shabby…”

 I muttered to myself, looking up at the building in front of me.

 The building was almost 40 years old, in the style of a Showa-era apartment building.

 The door is a sideways wooden door with frosted glass. The white walls are darkened along the rain gutters, and there are minor cracks visible in places.

 Currently, I was in front of the school’s girls’ dormitory, on the outskirts of a neighbourhood near the school.

 I had been neglecting Rin’s messages such as “Please play with me”, “Don’t ignore me”, “I’m lonely”, “I’m dying”, “I’ll do anything, please answer me”, and so on, so I decided to play with her for a while.

 Now that the death game is over somehow, I’ve got more or less free time.

 Fujiwara-san has also been neglected for a long time, but she’s probably still in Tokyo.

 So I suppose it was a process of elimination that brought me to Rin’s place.

 [I’m in front of the girls’ dormitory. If you don’t come out before ten seconds or so, I’m leaving]

 I pick up my phone and send her a message with social media.

 Almost as soon as the message sent notification appears on the screen, I hear the sound of footsteps coming from inside the dormitory. Then, I heard a rattling sound as if someone was sliding down the stairs.

 Finally, the side door swung open, revealing a teary-eyed Rin, breathing heavily.

 She was rubbing her butt, probably because she slipped down the stairs.

 ”Haa~, haa~… F-f-for a dozen seconds! S-Senpai, aren’t you too devilish!? It’s not just a matter of being impatient!”


 ”Anyway, if anyone sees us, we’ll be in trouble, so hurry up and get inside!”

 Inviting me into the entrance, Rin locked the door behind us and let out a big sigh, “Phew…”.

 The inside of the dormitory was dimly lit, even in the daytime, and there was no sign of anyone other than Rin.

 ”Is there nobody here?”

 ”Yes, everyone’s gone home for Obon. It’s supposed to be the period when the facility is closed, but I begged the dorm mother to let me stay because I had nowhere else to go”

 ”So, Rin… what’s with the outfit?”

 She was wearing a loose t-shirt, pink hot pants with fur puffs, and her hair was a mess. To put it bluntly, she has no feminine power.

 ”I-it can’t be helped! If Senpai had informed me beforehand, I would have greeted you in a cute way! But you showed up suddenly and told me to be there in ten seconds…”

 ”Ah, sorry, sorry, my bad for showing up so suddenly. Then, I’m going home”

 ”Senpai!? That’s terribleee! No, nooo! Please don’t leave me! Please stop! L-look! It’s a girls’ dormitory, you know! It’s a forbidden garden for men! Do you want to go through the laundry? Do you want to sniff the toilet? Oh, you can drink all the hot water you want from the bathrooms in the girls’ dorm!”

 ”Haa~… you’re appealing to the wrong people”

 I wonder how much of a high-level pervert this girl thinks I am.

 ”So, how long is this little onahole going to keep me standing in the doorway?”

 ”Uuuu… You’re so mean, Jeez. Anyway, please come up, I’ll make you some tea”

 Rin leads me to the back of the dormitory. Despite her grumbling, her steps seemed to be quite lively.

 And I was brought to the common room.

* * *

 There, we talked for a while over a cup of tea. Well… to be precise, she made me listen to her talk all the time.

 I guess she was hungry to talk. Rin spoke incessantly, as if afraid of being interrupted.

 The content of the conversation was very trivial. She talked about TV programs and interesting videos on the web. Perhaps that’s all she spends her days consuming now.

 Of course, there was also talk about yesterday’s press conference.

 ”I was quite a fan of Kirihito-kun, but it’s a pity”

 ”You’ve got bad taste”

 ”Oh, are you jealous? Are you jealous? You’re so cute!”

 To be honest, I was annoyed.

 I interrupted her, because it was getting too much trouble if she was carried away.

 ”Anyway, since I’m here, show me around the dormitory”

 ”Okay! Why don’t we start from the first floor?”

 According to Rin’s explanation, the first floor is mainly the public areas.

 Kitchen, dining room, lounge, bathrooms, laundry room, storeroom, etc.

 There are a total of ten double rooms on the second and third floors, as well as storage rooms and toilets on each floor. The storage room on the second floor is currently used as Rin’s room.

 When I peeked into Rin’s room, I felt a bit sorry for her.

 There was no window, just two cardboard boxes with her personal belongings in the corner of the room. And a futon laid directly on the floor. That alone was enough to fill the room.

 ”While everyone’s back home, I can watch TV freely in the lounge”

 ”Hmm… doesn’t the dorm mother say anything?”

 The school’s dormitory is a public facility, and I’m stunned that the school would let such bullying go on.

 ”Well, it’s a woman’s extraterritoriality, isn’t it? Unless someone commits suicide, I don’t think it will be a problem”

 Rin smiled sadly and shrugged her shoulders.

 After we finished looking around the dormitory, Rin asked, “Would you like to have lunch?” but I shook my head.

 ”I think I’ll take a bath”

 ”Oh, do you want to drink the bath water?”

 ”Yes, I do!”

 Then Rin looked at me as if she was surprised.

 ”You come to a girl’s dormitory and want to take a bath… are you insane?”

 ”I must be crazy if I drank it!”

 ”Okay, okay, please don’t yell at me. Senpai always threatening me like that…”

 I followed Rin, who seemed reluctant, and stepped into the changing room.

 On the wall of the changing room, there are shelves for the number of people, and on each shelf are shampoos and conditioners that seem to belong to each person.

 But Rin picked up the shampoo, conditioner and body soap that were placed directly on the floor beside the shelf.

 Apparently, there was no place for her even on the shelf in the bathroom.

 If I looked carefully, I found one shelf lined with cleaning tools. Perhaps that was originally Rin’s shelf.

 ”Well, Senpai, I’ll wait for you with cold barley tea”

 ”Haa? What are you talking about, undress me”

 ”Oh… I guess that’s what I’m supposed to do…”

 Rin put her hands on my clothes and took them off one by one. When she finally got to my pants, she turned away, her face reddening even after all this time.

 Then, when she finished undressing me, she started to undress herself.

* * *

 ”What? Why are you trying to get in here with me?”

 ”Well… in a situation like this, I thought we were supposed to get in together and do back rubs and soap play…”

 ”What? Are you a pervert? Aren’t you frustrated?”

 ”Ehh!? Why are you saying that?”

 ”Shut up, I’m trying to refresh myself in a bath infused with girl extracts, and you’re lowering the purity!”

 ”No, it won’t! I-I’m a young girl too! I mean… Do you want to fake your age with the extract? You smell too much like an old man…”

 ”Shut up and get your ass in here!”

 ”After all… you’re going to make me come in”

 The bathroom is as old as the exterior of the building, with round tiles on the floor, and the paving joints have darkened considerably. However, it seemed to be well cleaned.

 The bathtub is reasonably large, but it is probably full if five people are in it at the same time. There were only three washrooms.

 After taking off my clothes, Rin, with a towel wrapped around her head, followed me into the bath.

 ”Rub my back”

 ”Yes, yes, with pleasure”

 I sit down on a plastic bath chair, despite Rin’s exasperated tone.

 Rin used a sponge with body soap to moisten and cover her body with foam and hugged me from behind.

 Oh, it seems she knows what she’s doing. She’s starting to wash my back with her breasts.

 Numerous tiny bubbles popped between our skin, which was smooth while brushed against each other, and the soft warmth and pleasure of her breasts spread across my back as if they were soaking in.

 ”Nnn…this feels better than I thought…maybe”

 With the feeling of the nipples rubbing against my back, Rin let out a sweet voice.

 She clung to me from behind, moving her body up and down in a languid arc, washing my back with her breasts.

 It felt so good to feel her ample nipples squishy and fluttering as they rolled over my skin.

 ”That’s a nice sponge”

 ”Fufu, Fujiwara-senpai can’t copy me”

 ”Don’t start a weird rivalry with her”

 ”I don’t mean that!”

 It’s true that Fujiwara-san is more of a washboard than a sponge, but I can’t say that she’s a good washboard.

 After scrubbing my back, Rin said.

 ”Let’s see, the next one is…”

 She made a show of searching her memory, took my arm in her hand, and boldly straddled it to her own crotch.

 ”W-wait… this might be embarrassing”

 Rin’s thighs are a little too narrow for her comfort. I felt like my arm was going to burn from the hot wetness of her slit.

 ”Hey, Rin?”

 ”Well, I’ve already learned about it”

 With that, Rin rubbed the foam on my arm and began to move her hips back and forth, as if spreading it.

 ”Nn, aah, aah, fuh, aah, aah, yes…”

 Even though, it was a scrubbing.

 The feeling of her soft, squishy pubic flesh could be felt directly on my skin.

 And the line from her shapely navel back and forth in front of me to her slightly rounded lower abdomen caught my attention.

 Yes, girls are cuter when they are a little looser and rounder.

 ”Auh, Se-senpai, ah, ah, ah, does it feel good? Ah…”

 ”Yes, it does”

 ”Ehe, aah, aah, aah, nnn, aah…”

 After letting her continue for a while, Rin turned her wistful eyes toward me.

* * *

 ”Senpai… I feel like kissing you”


 I say, and she lets go of my hand and hugs me from the front.

 She lightly thrusts her lips at me, and as her sweet breath and wet lips invite me in, I place my lips on hers as if I were pecking at fruit.

 ”Nnn, chu, chu, ah *slurp* nnn… Hamu…”

 Our tongues intertwine, and like a person in distress searching for a little morning dew, we fight for each other’s saliva.

 I dipped my tongue deep into her oral cavity to taste her more deeply, licking her gums and the underside of her palate.

 ”Fuha, Se, Senpwai… my houth helting…. nnn”

 Using my lips to seal away Rin’s moans, I hug her bubble-covered back and slide my fingertips along her spine.

 ”Hyah, kuchu, kuchu… hyah, ahh, ahh”

 As Rin bounces her hips in embarrassment, I forcefully restrain her and hold her ass, stroking them while enjoying their roundness.

 The soft, pliable elasticity of her buttocks rebounded against my fingers, and felt good in my palms.

 ”Hey, senpai, isn’t that too naughty? The way you’re touching me”

 ”Idiot, that’s what it means by a naughty touch”

 When I pressed my fingertip lightly into her anus, Rin immediately let out a scream.

 ”N-nyan! No, no, no! Don’t! Stop it! No, not my anus! Please don’t touch it!”

 Instantly, she jumps away and sits up, hugging herself.

 ”So… an onahole doesn’t like to be touched?”

 ”No, because… it’s dirty”

 ”Come on, from the beginning, there’s nothing clean about your body!”

 ”No, Senpai, that’s normal. Such part is dirty…”

 ”Oh? Are you talking back to me?”


 I shouted, and Rin started to get down on her knees right there, even though I didn’t force her to.

 ”I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Senpai, please forgive me! I’m scared if it my anus… Please forgive me for the anus so I’ll do my best to make your cock feel good in my front hole! You can fuck Rin’s hole as long as you like… please, please”

 I stood up, bathed in the hot water to remove the bubbles, and quickly got into the bathtub.

 Then I beckoned to Rin, who was still sitting there with a frightened look on her face, “What are you doing, come here”. She looked relieved, washed off the bubbles, and came into the bathtub.

 It’s nice to have a big bath where I can stretch out my legs.

 As I lay on the edge of the bathtub with the edge of the tub as a cushion, Rin leaned in close to me and put her head on my shoulder.

 ”Ehehe…bathing with Senpai, whaa… it’s getting really big”

 Rin’s face was enraptured as she handled my object, which had grown even larger due to the warmth.

 ”Hey, Senpai, can I serve you with my hole?”


 I replied curtly, and she straddled me with an embarrassed smile on her face. Then she sank down into the hot water.

 The feeling of the warm, taut crotch, the vaginal flesh moistening at the tip, is pleasant.

 ”Nnn… Nnnn… I knew it, it’s bigger than usual…”

 Her cunt hole swallowed my cock in a steady stream. Then, just as I reached the base, her body twitched as if she had been hit by electricity, and there was a huge wave in the bathtub.

 ”Kuh… it’s so deep, just below the navel, the deepest part, it’s hitting me”

 Rin clenches her teeth and frowns. However, despite her stiff appearance, her vagina was peristaltic and twitching to an unusually high degree.

* * *

 ”Come on, don’t be silly, move your hips”

 ”Yes… I’ll do my best”

 Perhaps concerned about the surging hot water, Rin moved her hips back and forth, making small, repeated thrusts.

 ”Nnn, nnn, ah, ah… my head is getting fuzzy. I feel like I’m going to burst. It’s hard to move in the bath after all… the water will spill…”

 ”Shut up”


 Even though she was whimpering, she still couldn’t resist the pleasure.

 Gradually, Rin’s use of her hips escalated. Before she knew it, she was shaking her shapely ass in a wild fashion, performing a lascivious water dance.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, it’s so good, your c-cock feels so good…”

 Every time she shakes herself, the water trembles audibly and spills out of the bathtub.

 But Rin no longer cares.

 Like flint, Rin’s innermost depths and my glans rubbed against each other, sending sparks of pleasure flying.

 Still, I needed one last push to reach my climax.

 Unable to stand the frustration, I raised myself up, grabbed her hips and began to thrust hard from below.

 ”Ah, hii, hyann! S-Senpai, y-you’re so intense, ah, ah, aahh!”

 Then, hot water spilled out of the bathtub. And the water splashes everywhere. But I don’t care about that anymore.

 As I thrust with all my might, Rin panted wildly like a cowgirl straddling a rodeo machine, the towel wrapped around her head fell off, and she shook out her wet hair.

 I sucked on her nipple, which was still wet from the hot water, and lick on it.

 ”Nhiii!? Don’t suck on my b-breast nowww!”

 Rin was thrown into a frenzy by this intercourse. Still, when I licked and rolled her nipples with my obscene tongue, she screamed in desperation.

 ”Nnh, I, I’m going to cum, I’m really going to cum! Senpai, I can’t hold it anymore, even though, I’m supposed to make Senpai feel good, ah, cummmmming!”

 ”Yes! Just cum! I’m cumming too!”

 I could not help but be filled with an unexpected feeling of love and affection for her. So I thrust harder and harder from below, and the pumping intensified.

 ”Ugh, I’m cumming, Rin!”

 ”Ahh, p-please cum inside me! Senpai!”

 Rin responded to my moans with a desperate…

 Tremble! Spurtt! Spurtttt!

 The meat rod twitched wildly, leaving a sensation in my urethra as if my internal organs were being pulled out, and I slammed a scorching gush into Rin’s womb.

 ”Cumming, I’m cummmmming!”

 Rin arches her back, and as if in spasm, her vaginal flesh tightens around my object. It’s as if she’s trying to take in every last drop of semen into her womb.

 And while I held Rin in my arms as she slumped down, I continued to pump my semen into her womb for a long time.

◇ ◇ ◇

 After getting out of the bath, Rin and I continued to have s*x all over the dormitory.

 When we moved to the dormitory cafeteria naked, I made Rin lie down on a table that could seat about ten people, and fucked her in the missionary position.

 ”Ah, ah, no, e-everyone’s eating… when we’re having s*x…”

 Rin screamed even louder in excitement, and the table creaked violently as I shook my hips.

 Then, we tumbled out into the hallway, still connected, and connected in the side position as well.

 ”Oh no, I’m so embarrassed in this position… Kuh… you’re hitting me in a different place than usual”

 Then, I made her spread her legs on the sofa in the lounge, gouged her vaginal wall as if I were slapping her from above, after that, we went up the stairs while fucking her in the back, and broke into the room of Takaka Takata, the chairwoman of the public morals committee, and fucked Rin until the sheets were soaked.

 Then, as we both rolled down the stairs, I put my hands on the front door and we connected with standing back position.

 Forgetting that we might be heard outside. We just shook our hips like animals.

 Everywhere in the dormitory was a mess. Every time I pulled out my meat stick, the frenulum would scrape the white liquid out of her vagina and paint white polka dots all over the place.

 ”Cumming, cumming, cummmmming”

 We climaxed in the doorway, and then lay down while both of us breathing hard, just outside the door.

 I wonder what time it is.

 As I was thinking about this, Rin looked into my face and suddenly whispered to me.

 ”Senpai… don’t leave me… please don’t leave me alone, I’m lonely. I’ll give you my everything… Please don’t leave me alone…”

 Her moist voice was sucked deep into the noiseless dormitory, and silence enveloped Rin and me. From outside, the sound of children playing echoed in the distance.

 ”I’m going home”

 ”….As I thought …Sorry, an onahole shouldn’t be so selfish”

 She smiled sadly, and I wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, saying.

 ”I’ll be back. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you alone. I’ll use you as an onahole for the rest of your life, don’t worry”

 ”Fufu… you’re a terrible senpai after all”

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