Confinement 189

Chapter 189 Lewd Model Part One

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 Late at night, I used the <Passing Through the Room> function to break into the hospital room where Akira was staying.

 It was a hospital attached to a university, not far from the entertainment agency’s own building.

 I had been informed by Akira herself via social media that Ponpoko-san and Akira had been hospitalized there for tests.

 Upon entering the hospital room, I found Akira lying on the bed, wearing a light pink hospital gown and her hair untied.

 Her outline is a little softer than Kurosawa-san’s. In the moonlight, her well-shaped face was as beautiful as a sculpture, even without makeup.


 When Akira noticed me coming in, she hurriedly raised herself up and got off the bed, smiling happily like a dog waiting for her owner’s return.

 ”…Come here”


 Extending my hand to her, I made a door appear on the wall. Then I take her downstairs to “The Confinement King’s Bedroom”.

 ””””Welcome back, Confinement King-sama””””

 In the Confinement King’s bedroom, four maids were waiting for us.


 Come to think of it, Akira had never met these maids before. So while smiling at her confusion, I instructed the maids.

 ”This is Akira Mizuki, my new semi-favored princess apprentice. I’m sorry, but I need you to get her ready. Just as I instructed you”

 The maids’ eyes widened in unison as I said these words. They probably knew of Akira Mizuki as a model.

 In terms of name recognition, Akira is far more famous than Kurosawa-san.


 However, the girls do not make a fuss, and immediately respond with a bow. They are really well educated.

 ”Now, Akira-sama, this way, please. We’ve prepared your clothes for tonight”

 ”Ah, yes”

 The maid leads Akira out of the room, and I activate <Summon Slave> to summon Ryoko.

 When Ryoko appeared in front of me, she was wearing a pants suit as usual, a can of beer in her right hand and Saki Ika (dried squid) in her left hand. Apparently, she had just had a drink at home.

 ”Are you calling for me, Master?”

 ”Oh, yeah, sorry to bother you all of a sudden, but I thought I would let Ryoko teach the newly semi-favored princess apprentice. You remember Akira Mizuki from the death game, right?”

 ”Yes, of course”

 ”Well, drink that beer for now, and that Saki-Ika too. When she’s ready, she’ll be back here”


 After she replied, she gulped down a can of beer in her hand.

 After a while, the door opened and Akira came into the room.

 She comes in shyly with her breasts and crotch exposed.

 Her hair is tied up in twin tails and she is wearing an enamel bustier with a black frill around her waist. Around her neck was a red collar, with a thin chain hanging from each of her nipple piercings.

 Her arms were handcuffed behind her back and, as usual, she had a nose hook hanging from her pig nose.

 All according to my orders, of course.

 ”Uhh… Master?”

 She looks puzzledly at Ryoko, who’s standing next to me.

 ”You met her in the death game, right? She’s Ryoko Terashima, my female slave. Akira will be under her umbrella”


 She immediately looked unhappy.

 I guess that’s the difference between Ryoko and the other girls.

 If I think about it, Misuzu and Masaki-chan also obeyed me in the end, but they still nagged me. But Ryoko never does.

* * *

 ”Under her umbrella, but I’m more… Kyaa!?”

 Slap! A harsh, dry sound echoes through the air.

 I didn’t know what the rest of the sentence would be after “I’m more”.

 Because Ryoko walked up to her and suddenly gave Akira a hard slap on her cheek.


 I was also surprised by this.

 But Ryoko also looked surprised at my surprise. I don’t understand.

 ”Please excuse me. A slaves would never talk back to their master, so I’m sure she’s just pretending to want me to hit her…”

 She said this with a hundred percent straight face.

 What is it? Is this some kind of female slave story?

 I chuckled and walked over to Akira, who had tears in her eyes and was on the verge of crying.

 ”…That’s why, Akira, as a female slave, you will obey all of my commands. You’re going to be under Ryoko’s control, and you’re going to be trained as a female slave, okay?”

 ”Y… yes”

 Akira sagged, and I turned back to Ryoko.

 ”Then let’s start today’s training. Ryoko, take the camera. Akira, get down on your knees!”

 I take off my T-shirt and pull down my jeans, watching Akira kneel down on the carpet.

 As I walked up to Akira and pulled down my pants in front of her, my cock, already pent up with desire, raised its head at a sharp angle.

 Akira’s throat pulsed a little as soon as she saw it.

 ”Ah… My master is so strong…”

 Her eyes were moist and her mouth was half open. While staring at the reddish-black tip, Akira muttered so.

 ”You like this, don’t you?”

 ”Yes, yes, I, I like it, I like it…”

 Then, as I pressed the cowper-soaked tip against her hooked nose, her dark eyes followed the tip and she leaned closer.

 ”Oh… oh… Master’s smell”

 She rubbed the oozing cowper against her nose as if she were shoving it up her nostrils, and when her nostrils caught on the glans, she giggled a little.

 ”Oh… it smells… It smells so bad… and yet I’m so happy. More… Master, more…”

 But smelling isn’t much fun. So, I slide the tip directly to her lips.


 And then, I shoved her lips with my erection.

 She looks puzzled for a moment, but soon her eyes relax slackly.

 She looked like a baby who had been given a bottle.

 Except that it’s not a bottle she’s sucking on, but a lewd stick of flesh that smells nasty.

 ”Nchu, it’s great… Fuaaa *sizzle* *slurp*, chu…”

 Akira takes it in her mouth and starts to swirl her tongue and move her head back and forth.

 ”Fuaah… it’s hmell so hood…”

 ”How about it? Does my cock taste good?”

 ”Yhes… it’s hery hood”

 When she moves her head back and forth, her left and right twintails sway like cheerleader pom-poms.

 ”Uuunn, mufu, muuu… *Slurp* *Slurpp*”

 The soft lips rubbed up against mine, causing the fluids to bubble up, and the warm tongue stimulation made my cock tingle hotly.

 ”Okay… that’s good”

 I stroked her head and she lowered her eyes happily as she sucked on my cock.

 ”Keep going, make me feel better”


 Her eyebrows lowered into a figure eight and her lips pursed.

 ”*Slurp* *Slurpp* *Lick Lick* Chu…”

 The movement of her tongue quickens, and she began to play with the frenulum, rubs the trunk where the blood vessels are visible, and gouges out the trembling opening of the cock with the tip of her tongue.

 It made my urethra twitch, and I felt a hot thing begin to swell in the back of my unbearable sac.

 Still, she sucked it deep into her mouth with the tip of her well-developed nose was buried in my thick pubic hair.

 As I was so excited by the sight, I grabbed her twin tails and plunged my cock into the back of her throat.

* * *


 Akira’s eyes are black and white. Her eyebrows are furrowed frantically, and her cheeks are puffed out as she wrinkles her brow. Her steeple-colored eyes moisten, and teardrops burst into streaks on her cheeks.

 (I can’t get enough of it)

 *Sizzle*! *Sizzle*! *Sizzle*!

 ”Nkuu…!? Muuuuu!?”

 Akira moans in pain as I start to move my hips hard. But the expression on her face was not one of pain, it was one of pleasure.

 Unable to resist, I pushed my glans deeper into her throat.

 ”Geeeee, ohhh, oeeeee!”

 Immediately, the back of her throat twitched, and Akira began to moan madly. But I’m not going to show mercy.

 So, I grabbed her by the twin-tails and pulled her roughly while her face twisted in pain.

 ”Hora! Hora! Hora!”

 ”Mufu, ogo, ogo, ogee…! Ee, ee! Oeee…!”

 Feeling the rubbery elasticity at the back of her throat, I squeezed the meat stick up, feeling it all over my tip.

 Her smooth, milk-colored skin was flushed red, perhaps from excitement, perhaps from being on the verge of suffocation.

 ”Muaa!? Egoo, nmu, nnn, Gobo…”

 Akira’s eyes were black and white, and the snot dripped from her upturned nose, splattered by her gushing breath.

 ”Ukuuu! Mukuu…! Nnnnn!”

 Gradually, my testicles started to lift up, and I accelerated the movement of my hips, hoping to end up in Akira’s mouth.

 Akira must have sensed that. So, she narrowed her mouth in a cheerful manner.

 ”Ryoko, capture the moment”

 ”Leave it to me”

 I commanded Akira as Ryoko held the camera up so that she could peer into it from above.

 ”Okay, model-san. Look at the camera and smile! Come on, smile!”

 This is outrageous. She was in a state of anguish and could barely lower the corners of her eyes, but I unleashed my essence on her.


 With my moan, the symbol of animal lust flows into the back of her throat at once. The continuous sound of the shutter, the flashes blinking, and her black eyes darting like the needle of an old record.

 And then–


 She lets out a muddy, animal-like moan.

 Semen floods into Akira’s mouth, making a splashing sound. And then she spurts out a mixture of semen and juice from her mouth and nose.

 But even so, she never tries to vomit out mine, which is quite a feat.

 Finally, with a “Slurpp”, she sucked the semen down her throat, and I moaned as the sharp, painful sensation of pleasure was given to me.

 Then, letting out a sigh of satisfaction, I slowly pull out my stiff, still towering cock as I tease her lips.


 I let go of her twin-tails, but she remains in a daze.

 She didn’t even wipe away the semen dripping down her body, her stupid face making me doubt her IQ, and her body twitching in a posture like a dog barking.

 ”Well? Did you get a good shot?”

 ”Yes, very good”

 I looked into the display of the DSLR that Ryoko held out to me, and there, with her black eyes looking up, Akira was holding my object in her mouth and spewing semen out of her pig nose, showing the exact moment.

 ”Haha! I love your work”

 ”Thank you so much”

 With that said, I moved to the sofa and sat down on it.

* * *

 ”Akira, don’t sit there all day, come here”


 Akira stood up staggeringly and walked towards me with a fragile gait.

 ”Akira, swallow mine, with your bottom mouth. I’ll make sure to document the fact that you’re a helpless bitch”

 I said, and Ryoko nodded, camera at the ready. Akira then made a puzzled, terrified face.

 ”Um… Master, why did you take such a picture…”

 ”Hmm? Well, for one thing, it’s because your messy figure is beautiful. It’s great to see you all messed up. And the other is for you”

 ”For… me?”

 ”Yes. I don’t think you’d go against me, but…”

 ”I-I’m not going to disobey you!”

 ”But imagine if I had a picture of you that could end your life in one shot. Imagine if that got out. Men would look at you nasty, and women would look at you negatively. You’d be flooded with offers for AVs, but you’d never get a real job again. And all over the place they’ll talk about you like you’re some kind of pervert with a face like… that”

 In the middle of my words, Akira starts gasping for air and rubbing her thighs together.

 ”It’s up to me whether you live or die. What do you think? How does it feel to have everything under my control?”

 ”It’s so great… it’s so… wonderful…”

 Akira smiled at me with a look of utter ecstasy on her face.

 ”Then, show me your most miserable appearance, the kind of appearance that would make you want to die if people saw you”

 ”Yes, yes… e-excuse me”

 She gets on the sofa, straddles my waist, and sits down with her legs in an M-shape. It’s a face-to-face position.

 With her hands bound behind her back, Akira struggles to hold on to her precarious position, aiming at my hard, towering cock and lowering her hips.

 While the flash flickered and the shutter sounded,

 ”Oh… I’m being filmed, someone’s filming me while I’m inserting a cock, they’ll know I’m a dirty bitch…”

 Akira let out a moan.

 Around to the back of the sofa, Ryoko is looking over my shoulder, taking a series of pictures of Akira’s lasciviousness.

 It makes me happy to think that this image I’m looking at now will remain in the record. As expected of Ryoko, she knew exactly what would please her master.

 Akira became more and more aroused, and a foul odor was rising from her slutty, juice-soaked cave.

 It smelled like what could only be described as meth.

 As she slowly lowered her hips, her labia swallowed my cock, inch by inch.

 ”Ahh… I’m eating my master’s cock. I, I’m so nasty, I’m so horny, I’m so embarrassed… but, it feels so good”

 ”Nice face, you miserable little bitch”

 ”Yes, yes, I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m happy… I love being a bitch”

 Akira sways her twin tails and takes my cock into her vagina.

 My cock plunges deep inside her, wrapping itself around her soft folds and tugged up her salmon pink labia.

 ”Is it really feel that good, bitch? Did you want mine so bad?”

 ”Yes… I wanted it… and, hiiii!?”

 I gave her a violent thrust that pushed her lowered cervix deeper.

 Without waiting for her to finish her sentence, I thrust upwards, causing Akira to scream and shake her hair violently.

 The flash flickered wildly and the shutter sounded as she stuck her tongue toward the ceiling.

 ”Ahh, I’m being filmed, I’m being recorded, it’s over, I’m finished as a person…”

 As soon as she let out that sound, her dark eyes went up. Then she fell forward onto my chest.

 Apparently, she was so excited that she cum to the end.


 Ryoko, after taking a lot of close-up shots of Akira, who was breathing hard with a fuzzy face, pointed the lens at her.

 ”I can’t believe you’re the one who reached your peak without Master”

 She let out a slightly annoyed voice.

 Then she put the camera down on the side table and said to me.

 ”Master, may I give her a little lesson?”

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