Confinement 190

Chapter 190 Lewd Model Part Two

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 ”Master, may I give her a little lesson?”

 ”Yes, please”

 I nodded, and Ryoko smiled at me.

 However, Ryoko and Akira are both M. So, I don’t expect her to train her in any kind of S way.

 What I expect from Ryoko is to be a model for Akira.

 Although I don’t expect Akira to be as absolutely obedient as Ryoko, because of their different history of Enslaved, and although I don’t want her to be, I think it’s just right to expect an excessive amount of obedience from Akira, who has a habit of childish mounting, such as “I’ll tell Papa about it”.

 For that reason, I was honestly surprised to hear Ryoko actively say “lesson”.

 As I watched her curiously to see what she was going to do, she slowly walked behind Akira.

 Playing with the area where Akira and I were connected, Ryoko twirled the dripping love juices around her fingertips, and suddenly reached for Akira’s butt cleavage.

 And the next moment…


 Akira, who was supposed to be in a daze, bounced up and down.

 ”A-a-a!? My anus!? S-something’s coming in!?”

 Akira looks back at her with wide eyes, and Ryoko tells her in a tone like a mother telling her child.

 ”Be quiet. It’s only up to the first joint”

 ”So, it’s the first joint…. No, don’t put your finger in there, that’s not the part you’re supposed to put in…”

 ”It’s not up to you to decide what’s in there and what’s not. After all, if Master asks you to give it up, all you have to do is give it up quietly… easy, right?”

 ”No, I don’t think so… Uuuu…”

 Anal abuse.

 I felt goosebumps rising on Akira’s arms. Anal must be a new sensation for her.

 Whenever Ryoko moves her hand, Akira’s tense body trembles. Her vaginal flesh tightens around my object, converging as if in fright.

 (Well, I didn’t tell her to give it up, did I?)

 I felt like a victim of false accusation, but I couldn’t help but start to move my hips, stimulated by the naughtiness of Akira’s madly raised eyebrows.

 ”Nhiiii! No! Master, if you move now…”

 Akira cowered as I thrust my hips up to her cervix, and a sudden drip of sweat, probably from cold sweat, splattered everywhere.

 ”Well? Are you starting to feel better?”

 ”No, I’m not! I’m not! Guhiii…”

 Akira’s eyes widened in desperation. She jumps up and down, clenches her teeth, and exposes her teeth braces.

 But Ryoko was unconcerned. She didn’t change her expression, but just kept on working on her anus.

 I can’t see her from here, but I’m sure her finger is almost in there.

 ”Don’t say no. Instead, say it yes. If Master asks you if it feels good, there’s no other answer than it feels good”

 ”No, that’s impossible, it’s so messed up, hiiiiii?”

 ”Don’t be absurd. If Master says crows are white, they are white. If you believe it feels good, it feels good”

 This is the kind of psychology that would have surprised Japan before the war. I was taken aback by this.

 ”How is it? How it feels to have my finger rubbed up and down inside your anus?”

 ”Noo, stop it, it feels weirddd!”

 Akira shakes her head desperately, but Ryoko, who was unconcerned about her confusion, increases the depth of her fingertips.

* * *

 ”Fuhiii!? Ahhhh… Master’s cock is in there too… it’s so painful… It’s going to rip my stomach open”

 ”Even though you don’t want to, your body is trying to pull my finger deeper and deeper. Would you like me to put another one in?”

 ”No… if you do that, it’s breaking, don’t spread my anus any further…”

 It’s no longer a gasp, but a scream. I could feel Akira’s skin trembling. She was probably experiencing the same sensation she felt when she was excreting.

 Perhaps it was because she was straining her lower abdomen in an attempt to deny the penetration of the fingers, but her vaginal flesh was clenching around my object as if it were about to be bitten off.

 Just moving my hips slowly is enough to make me feel good, but when she gets to this point, I want to make her come as hard as I can.

 ”Then, Ryoko, adjust your timing”

 ”Yes, Master”

 Smiling and nodding, she pressed her breast against Akira’s back and whispered in her ear.

 ”Make a nice moan. Then, Master will be pleased”


 Akira’s face twitched in despair, and I began to thrust my hips as hard as I could. Then, like a pounding rice cake, Ryoko pull her fingers at the same time as my thrusts.


 The thrusts into her uterus and the fingertips rubbing up against her anus alternately assaulted Akira.

 Akira’s twin-tails are shaken wildly. Her face was a mess of sweat, semen, tears, snot, drool, and all kinds of fluids, and she no longer looked like a beautiful model.

 ”No, no! Don’t move your fingers! It’s creeping me out, I don’t want to, yet it’s creeping me out…”

 A two-hole violation that grabs the s*xual center.

 Ryoko’s skillful hands worked up her anus mucous membrane, as if she had been practicing in secret, and when Akira tried to escape, my object penetrated even deeper.

 ”Hiiii! Hiiii! Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!”

 She was no longer panting, but screaming. Seeing Akira’s terrified expression, Ryoko twisted up the piercing on her breast with her left hand, as if her excitement was getting the better of her.

 ”The piercing was supposed to be my gift…”

 ”Ow, that hurts! It’s tearing my breasts off!”

 Apparently, Ryoko was feeling a bit jealous of Akira’s nipple piercing. And to be honest, it was quite unexpected.

 ”Hahaha! Akira, you’ve been so tight since a while ago! Do you have some lesbian tendencies?”

 I said teasingly, and she jerked her head around frantically.

 ”No, no! I’m nhot! I love hock! I love Master’s hock! Hiiiiii! M-Master, hlease horgive me, m-my hass feel so wheirddddd!”

 ”I don’t know about the ass part, that’s up to Ryoko. But if you like my cock so much… then I’ll give you a service!”

 I forcefully push the rod deep into her vagina, and Ryoko matches my pace and pulls her finger out without mercy.

 ”Hohiiiiiiii! Pyo? Pyaaaa! Hiiiiii! Hiiii!”

 She didn’t scream again, rather made a strange noise. The thread of her reason was now completely stretched.

 ”Hold on!”

 ”Yes, Master”

 ”Thrust it!”

 ”Yes, master”

 With Akira’s screams as background music, and Ryoko rhythmically moving in time with me, the air inside her anus made a sound like a fart.

 Because of the seesaw-like movements, Akira’s lust raged like a flame being blown by a bellows, and her hips began to writhe as well.

* * *

 ”It’s coming! Hiiii! I’m going to cum so hard! “

 At Akira’s urgent plea, I reached over to the side table and grabbed the camera that Ryoko had placed there.

 ”Come on, show me your most nasty face!”

 I press the shutter and the flash flickers violently as I capture her head-on.

 ”Ha, hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I’m cumming, I’m cummmmming!”

 Immediately, her holes contracted violently. And the tightness pushed me to my climax.

 *Tremble*! *Spurtttttt*! *Spurttttt*!

 My cock exploded deep inside Akira, causing her pupils to dilate and tears to fall incessantly. And at that moment, Ryoko bent her fingers into a shape and pulled out her fingers at once, as if pulling out her intestines.

 ”Giiiiiiii! Hiiiiiiiiiiii, Hiiiiiii!”

 Akira must no longer know whether the source of her pleasure was in the womb or in the anus.

 As I clench my teeth and continue to press the shutter, Akira screams at the top of her lungs and shudders. And then, out of breath, her mouth gapes open and her eyes go blank.

 The fact that she was being filmed by a camera was probably no longer on her mind.

 With Akira on my chest, I checked the photos I had taken. It shows a terrible face. The beautiful model’s face is a messy, miserable climax.

 Thanks to the repeated firing, there are hundreds of images that could be used as a side dish many times. It was a full house of cum faces.

 I stroked Akira’s hair and spoke into her ear.

 ”Akira, I want you to be a pervert in front of me. But normally, behave as you always have”


 ”Keep modeling. And work your way up in the entertainment industry. Isn’t it exciting to have a top model as my s*x slave? After all, Akira, you belong to me. You’ll only live to satisfy me. Okay?”

 It’s a terrible thing to say when I think about it. She can follow her dreams. But the reason for doing so is so I can feel good about having s*x.

 But for Akira right now, it’s making her very happy. She’s rubbing her cheek against my chest.


 She was smiling.

 Ryoko looked down at her expressionlessly, and said to me.

 ”Master, as her superior, I have a proposal for her. After cumming so hard, I think it would be best for her to take a break”

 Indeed, Akira was exhausted. It seemed a pity to continue from here.

 ”Yes, you’re right”

 ”But don’t worry, Master. It’s my responsibility to fill in the holes left by my subordinates, and I’ll do my best to serve you from this point on”

 As she says this, Ryoko puts her fingers on the buttons of her blouse.

 (Ah… yes, that’s what she meant)

 The reason she pushed Akira to the limit so quickly, even sticking her finger in her anus, is because she wanted me to fuck her, right?

 I didn’t want to get into that, because it would have been tactless.

 Instead, I asked, “So, Ryoko, do you want to cum in the anal? You made fun of her, after all”, and she replied with a completely straight face.

 ”If it’s what Master want, I can do it…. However, I must gradually expand my anus so that Master can enjoy it, so if you wait a little longer, it will be in excellent condition”

 It seems that she was only instructing her as M’s senior……

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