Confinement 191

Chapter 191 A knife is not needed for a succubus

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 In the moonlight, my shadow stretches long above the ground.

 I jumped from building to building, flipping up the skirt of my maid’s uniform, searching for the presence of semen in order to find today’s evening meal.

 If possible, I would like to have a good meal. Although it may not be as good as Fumi Fumi-sama’s, I’d still like to have a reasonably rich semen.

 Fumi Fumi-sama is currently training Ryoko and Akira. If they are asleep, I might consider grabbing a bite, but that is not possible.

 After all, there is a certain risk I will take when I snack on Fumi Fumi-sama. Once, I was caught snacking on him, Ohime-sama made me wear a chastity belt for a while.

 A chastity belt for a succubus is the work of the devil, that’s all I can say.

 ”It seems… this one smell more like a squid”

 Relying on the faint smell, I change my course.

 If I can find a dirty old man of forty years, who is still a virgin and has matured completely, that would be great.

 By the way, was it Inomoto?

 I discovered that Ryoko-sama’s colleague, a detective, is a well-matured virgin, and I’ve often snacked on him, but when I visited him the other day, I found that he had lost his virginity!

 This is not allowed! This is really wrong!

 When a virgin over forty suddenly loses his virginity, the taste is worse than usual, and the smell are worse too.

 It is very difficult to eat such food.

 That’s why I’m wandering in search of a new virgin male…

 As I landed on the rooftop of the apartment building, which smelled slightly of squid, I sniffed and sniffed.

 ”Ah… it looks like a miss…”

 If Fumi Fumi-sama is Junmai Daiginjo, this aroma is probably just Junmai-shu. (*Note: kind of Sake)

 At any rate, it’s not a bad way to fill my stomach.

 ”It can’t be helped…”

 As I shrugged my shoulders, someone suddenly shouted behind me.

 ”I thought I smelled a succubus, but turns out it’s you!”

 Said the voice of a girl who seemed to be very cunning.

 I turned around to see a girl with blond hair… or rather, ochre hair, with triangle-shaped dog ears sticking out of it. It was a girl of elementary school age, who was pointing at me.

 She wore a red collar, and her bosom and waist were covered with a fur-like material in a peculiar fashion.

 She is a wolf beast woman (Werewolf).

 Her face, language, smell, and everything about her are crude. As a succubus, she is probably the one species I don’t want to deal with.

 Normally, I would ignore her completely and leave this place immediately, but I am curious about the two people standing right behind her.

 One is a devil in a butler’s uniform.

 His head looks like a goat’s skull and he has hollow eyes.

 Such a figure is familiar to me.

 I think he was called Orphis, was he Lord Andras’ right-hand man?

 And the other one, surprisingly, was just a human.

 She wore a bright red evening dress and had curly platinum hair. She looked like someone who worked at a cabaret club. Her belly was bulging, as if she was pregnant.

 Apart from that, she is a beautiful woman in her own way. Of course, she’s no match for me.

 ”You’re Succubus, aren’t you?”

 ”…I don’t know who you are, but I honestly don’t recommend you human to hang out with devils”

 When I said this, she narrowed her eyes s*xily, and her mouth relaxed slightly.

* * *

 ”Thanks for the advice. But that’s not possible anymore. I’m already the wife of a demon world noble”

 ”Marry a human? Well… there are some strange people out there”

 ”Well, I guess beauty is a sin”

 The butler devil opened his mouth as if to bite the end of her words.

 ”Excuse me. I see that you are a succubus under Miss Liliamos. I would like to know what your Lord is doing on human world (earth)”

 ”It’s sightseeing”

 The pregnant woman chuckled as I answered without pause.

 ”…I take it you don’t intend to speak”

 Meanwhile, the butler devil’s voice became slightly lower and more intimidating.

 Since he is trying to intimidate the woman into doing his bidding, he must be a harassing his wife at home.

 However, there is no need to make a scene unnecessarily. I will respond as usual.

 ”In the first place, my lord is a waste person of the Laplace family, not someone to be cared for by a great noble like Lord Andras. She comes down to the human world (earth) to watch the world go by, and does a bit of mischief to take her mind off things”

 ”Normally, that would be true. However, just when it seemed that she had suddenly launched a war against Lord Ami without much of an army, she unexpectedly defied most people’s expectations and is now overwhelming the Lord Ami. Even with Baron Moho’s support, I have to say that this is abnormal. And Miss Liliamos herself is not on the battlefield, but on the human world (earth). Who would believe it if you said your Lord was a sight-seeing trip?”

 ”It’s an honor to receive such high praise for my Lord, but does this Lord Andras have any free time? Wars between the nobles of the demon world are an everyday occurrence. I can’t believe someone would want to get involved in a war between other nobles…”

 ”If Miss Liliamos is just a piece of waste, as you say, then yes, I suppose she is”

 With that, the butler devil broke off and stared at me with hollow eyes.

 ”But you must know that my Lord was Lord Andras, who was under the command of Miss Liliamos’ sister, right? And he said to me that Liliamos may be the reincarnation of Laplace. If that’s true, it changes the story entirely”

 ”What would the change?”

 I forced down my inner turmoil and narrowed my eyes.

 ”There will be a great war over the abilities of Miss Liliamos. Before that happens, my Lord wants to take custody of Miss Liliamos… that’s the reason”

 (This is… not good)

 ”I don’t know anything about it. I would like to say good-bye… but it seems that the doggy over there wants to kill me, so it can’t be helped”

 The dog girl is on all fours, baring her fangs and putting all her strength into her legs as if she is about to pounce.

 ”Who’s a dog! You bastard!”

 When she raised her voice to bark, the dog girl bared her fangs and jumped toward me.

 Good grief.

 I leaned my body to avoid the incoming claws and, while dodging, I kicked the dog’s bare ass with my knee. It’s a dirty thing to touch, but it’s a great service.

 As soon as I did, she squealed, “Gyan!?” just like a kicked-up dog, and she rolled around on the concrete floor of the rooftop with inertia.

 Somehow she managed to get herself up, and though her face was contorted in pain, she got down on all fours to brace herself again.

 But she is a dog who never learns.

 If she doesn’t know the difference in ability now, there is no help for her. Or is her brain as good as a dog’s?

* * *

 ”Butler-dono, and Madam. Haven’t you been disciplining your pet?”

 ”Fufu, you are pet, Ulrich”

 ”Ugh, shut up!”

 The dog girl yells at her madam. Are they not master and servant? I’m not really sure.

 But even the dumbest doggy seems to have enough sense to be wary of someone who has just hit her. And she just bared her canine teeth and snarled to threaten me.

 ”Well, butler-dono, wouldn’t you like to take your ill-behaved dog home with you?”

 ”I’m afraid not, there’s no way. But if you could tell me where Miss Liliamos is and her purpose, I would appreciate it. Lady”

 In a low voice, the butler devil breaks the void and took out a large, curved scimitar, almost as tall as he was.

 ”I see… so you want to capture me and ask it with your body. If that’s the case, I’ll be more than happy to do so. Would you prefer to be groped? Would you like me to undress you right now?”

 ”Excuse me, I’d rather not fall prey to your <energy absorption (drain)>”

 ”That’s a shame”

 With that said, I lift up my skirt and take out two knives from the holsters on my thighs and brace myself.

 It’s not the best weapon to use against that huge sword, but it’s better than nothing.

 ”Even so, it is a weapon that lacks elegance…. The smaller the p*nis, the more the man care about its size.”

 ”Women can’t understand this romance”

 While exchanging such light words, I confronted the butler devil. He held the scimitar on his shoulder and lowered himself halfway.

 I felt a murderous air that made my skin tingle. He is no ordinary person, after all.

 I hold both knives in my hands and wait for him with my legs lowered. I must take the lead to make up the difference in reach. If he moves first, I will lose.

 The butler devil began to take a step forward in the silence that made it difficult to breathe. It was a sharp step, a blow in a kesa-gatame (judo). I quickly backstep to avoid it.

 However, just as I was about to step in to counter, I noticed that the scimitar was coming at me sideways at a frightening speed, and I hurriedly jumped further back.

 He was so skilled that it was difficult to keep in time with him. It seems that he is not an opponent to be underestimated. Since the scimitar is not something that can be parried, I change the position of the knife to my right hand and hold it in front of my face.

 The next moment, I saw the butler devil swinging at me with a big upward swing.

 He steps even faster than before. So, even if I try to run sideways, the trajectory will change and I will be cut in half.

 Therefore, I crossed my two knives and desperately caught the scimitar.

 The impact was so strong that my shoulder almost came off. It’s a terrible force. If he overpowers me, I’ll die. Above my head, the knives and the scimitar collided with each other and made a sound.

 ”This, this is! No way, I never thought you could take my blow head on! Well done!”

 The butler devil shouted excitedly, but I had no time to reply.

 Honestly, it’s too hard. It’s almost as hard as a two-hole fist-fuck, which is harder.

 If it wasn’t for the Damascus steel knife I had made when I was in the harem of Fath-Ali Shah, the second-generation shah of Qajar Persians, it would have been broken by now.

 But there is nothing I can do from here. As I was stuck here, a dog bared her fangs and jumped at me.

* * *

 (Oh, this is bad…)

 At the moment when I began to seriously think that it would be better to be cut in half than to be killed by a dog――

 Someone kicked her in the stomach with all her might, and she shouted again, “Gyan!?” and was blown away.

 I widened my eyes. Then, I saw a person floating into the air and shouted.


 There was no doubt that she was floating in the air in the same position as she had kicked up the top of the dog’s head.

 It was Ohime-sama.

 ”Well, well, Miss Liliamos-Laplace, we have waited for you”

 The butler devil put away his scimitar and jumped away, bending elegantly at the waist.

 ”Hmm, you seem to have some respect for the nobility, Devi”


 Instantly, the butler devil tilted his head suspiciously.

 Well, I can understand your reaction.

 It is not common to hear such a ridiculous ending.

 I lowered my knife and turned my face to Lili-sama.

 ”What brings you here, Ohime-sama?”

 ”No matter what, a future without a servant deserves to be annulled, Devi”

 So she came for me. I’m touched. I want to fondle the princess’s crotch.

 ”So, Miss Liliamos, what brings you to human world (earth)?”

 In response to the butler devil’s question, the princess replied with a twist of her mouth.

 ”Sightseeing, Devi. I enjoy ruining random people on human world (earth) as a devil, Devi. For example, that woman over there”

 Instantly, the pregnant woman’s face, which had been smiling so elegantly, twitched dramatically.

 ”So you’re saying you set this up? You’re the one who got me and my husband arrested?”

 ”Yes, Devi, a little villain deserves a little villain’s end, Devi”

 To be honest, I didn’t understand why the princess was stirring her up here, but anyway, she had little fighting ability, and since she appeared in front of someone who wanted to get her, the situation wasn’t getting any better.

 ”Orphis! Go ahead and kill that little girl!”

 ”That’s not possible”

 The butler devil calmly responded to the hysterical pregnant woman.

 Of course. What he wants is not a corpse, but an ability that the princess might have.

 ”I wouldn’t mind if you do, Devi”

 Behind the princess who was slumped over, a rumbling metallic sound suddenly rang out from the coiled darkness.

 ”A chainsaw is more deadly than any magic sword, Devi”

 With an evil look on her face, the princess said something dreamless.

 Then, as if emerging from the darkness, Torture appeared with a chainsaw in each hand.

 ”Now, I won’t let you return unharmed, Devi, and you may tell Lord Andras, Devi. I’ll let him off the hook until I beat up Amy’s rotten, handsome face… Devi!”

 Then the princess glanced at me and spoke.

 ”By the way, this stupid succubus who calls her Lord “waste” will be wearing a chastity belt for one year, Devi”

 It was a death sentence.

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