Confinement 194

Chapter 194 Kyoko-chan is Still Miserable

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 ”Kyoko-sama, Confinement King-sama wants to see you”


 I frowned.

 I’d been caught off guard, and now I feel as if I’ve been hit by surprise.

 There are new girls, and other girls who have been left alone for a while.

 I had assumed that I wouldn’t be summoned for the time being, but that bastard, as if he was mocking my intentions, suddenly made a move on me.

 ”Please hurry up and change your clothes. Confinement King-sama is waiting for you”

 ”W-Wait a minute!”

 The maid in charge, Tapeworm, flipped up my underclothes and hurried me out of bed, which I had almost fallen asleep.

 Looking at the clock, I see that it’s half past ten.

 In her hands is an apron dress full of frills and knee-high socks with a heart pattern on a white background. In addition, a light blue headwear is included in the sweet Lolita outfit.

 I thought I was back to my cool self for the first time in a long time after the death game, but he came to reap my pride right away.

 After all, being forced to wear a sweet Lolita outfit that doesn’t even fit me and use infantile language is humiliating for me. But I no longer have the strength to reject him.

 The more defiant I am, the more he mistreats me, and the more my heart breaks.

 It might be easier if I totally depended on him like the other girls, but that would make my self-esteem creak.

 ”It suits you well”

 ”…I don’t want any compliments”

 After changing, I let out a sigh at the sight of my reflection in the mirror.

 It’s still the same awful cosplay.

 ”Well, let’s go”


 I have no choice but to leave the room and walk heavily to his bedroom.

 After knocking on the door and opening it, Tapeworm came up behind me and said, “Come on, hurry up” and pushed me back as if to hurry me.

 I’ve become accustomed to seeing this bastard in his bedroom. I can’t help but smile flirtatiously, as if by reflex.

 On the bed in front of me is the bastard wearing a cheap sweatshirt. On either side of him are a group of short-cut maids, looking very dignified.

 ”Kyoko, you know why you’re here, right?”

 ”Yeah, well, I don’t know… haha, I wonder why?”

 As soon as I smiled fondly, Tapeworm suddenly clung to me from behind. She wrapped her hands around my armpits and restrain me.

 ”H-hey! Hey, you! What are you doing!”

 I’m startled by the suddenness, but no matter how hard I try, she doesn’t budge.

 (What’s wrong with this girl? Why does she have this kind of stupid power?)

 I was restrained with a force that was unimaginable from the outside, and I peeled my eyes away.

 ”L-let me go! Let me go!”

 ”I refuse!”

 Without caring about me screaming, the bastard pinches his chin, and two maids approached from either side, each grabbing my legs and lifting me up.


 The two maids are just as strong as Tapeworm. In spite of my resistance, they put me in an embarrassing position, like a young child being held by a parent in the bathroom.

* * *

 ”Really… it was a terrible experience. To be crucified for twenty-four hours and raped without being able to move… it’s impossible, isn’t it? Even me. This is what it’s like to have my hand bitten by my dog”

 I could feel the blood drain from my face.

 The reason this bastard was crucified in the death game was because I coaxed that devil girl.

 Apparently, he knows that.

 He didn’t care that I was shouting in desperation, and still put his hand under his chin to say “Do it” to the last remaining maid.

 The maid with the flashy platinum-pink head kneeled down between my legs, slipped off my shorts, and suddenly thrust her face into my crotch.

 ”Hi, Hii! W-what the hell are you doing! W-what are you doing? Hii…!?”

 ”Hyoho-hama *Lick lick* Chu, Nchu, I hill make hu het, Nchu *Lick…*”

 The pink head suddenly inserted her tongue into my crotch and licked it up and down.

 ”Ah, no… kuh, s-stop it, stop it, hiin, hiin…”

 I feel a small tongue wriggling, and a thrill of pleasure creeps up on me. And it was happened when I’m being restrained, and my legs are spread wide apart. My hips are up in the air and it’s painful too.

 I try desperately to resist, but I can’t even flail. I don’t know what’s going on, but none of the maids move an inch. No matter how I looked at it, I couldn’t believe the arm strength of these petite girls.

 ”Nchu *slurppp* *lick lick lick…* chu, chu *slurppp*”

 Her tongue licked up my clit and sucked on it, sending a flicker of pleasure through my eyes. I looked at the bastard and screamed desperately.

 ”Hii, ah, ah, nn, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ahh, let her stop… it’s not only me who’s bad! L-Let her stop!”

 But the bastard just shook his head, grinning.

 ”Nhii!? Don’t, don’t, stop…aahhhh!”

 As if she was used to licking a woman’s crotch, the pink head was precisely hitting the spot that felt good.

 I don’t know if it was the maid’s drool or my nectar, but drops of water dripped down and started to draw polka-dot stains on the carpet.

 ”Well…Inui-san. That’s enough foreplay for now. Take off her underwear because it’s in the way”

 ”Y-yes! Understood! Confinement King-sama!”

 The pink head whose name is called pulls her tongue out of my crotch and stands up, her face beaming with delight as she reaches into her apron pocket and pulls out a knife from it.

 ”Wait, wait, wait!”

 My face twitches at the sudden appearance of the knife.

 But without caring about that, the pink head cut the thin part of my panties and ripped it off.

 ”As usual, Kyoko seems to feel things easily. You’re already soaked to the skin”

 ”Haa~, haa~, haa~… D-don’t look…”

 The bastard grinned, deliberately peeking between my legs.

 Even I have a sense of shame, you know. This guy… has a really bad personality.

 As I stared at him, adjusting my ragged breathing, he took off his pants as if to mock me, exposing his cock, which was now fully erect.

 Immediately, I hear the gasping sounds of the maids holding my body. As I look around, the maids on either side of me are staring at his cock, their faces bright red, but their expressions intoxicated.

 Tapeworm had once told me that it was her dream to lose her virginity to this man, and from the looks of her, she was not lying. I can’t help but think she’s really crazy.

 The bastard didn’t seem to pay the slightest attention to the maids’ gazes, as he walked up to me and rubbed the tip of his cock against my crotch, as if he were twisting honey around the tip.

* * *

 ”No… stop it… you idiot…”

 ”Idiot? Who are you talking to…!”

 As if to punctuate his words, he pushed his cock inside me.

 ”Kuh… nhhh… ah… ah, ah, ahhhhhh!”

 It’s as thick as ever. And when my vaginal folds were caught in his frenulum, I screamed wetly.

 No matter how many times I experienced it, I could never get used to the tremendous pressure. The vicious iron stake gouges out my insides as it pleases.

 ”Nhiiii! My insides are getting crushed…”

 He shoved me to the root and made me arch my back. After that, the bastard grabbed my chin and forced me to look him in the eye.

 ”Kyoko…I thought I taught you how to talk to me? Could it be that the M Kyoko is deliberately acting like that because you wants to be treated badly?”

 I heard the blood rush to my throat.

 That’s right. I know firsthand what kind of horrible things will happen to me if I disobey.

 ”U…uuuu… O-onii-tan, forgive me, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, Kyoko-tan was a bad girl. Ouch, it hurts, it hurts, Onii-tan, don’t be rough to me”

 ”Haha, yeah, that’s fine. That kind of attitude will make me want to be a little nicer to you”

 Looking at me with satisfaction, the bastard began to move his hips slowly.

 ”Nnn… Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah…”

 I felt a thick object rubbing up against my vaginal wall as it came and went. And the sweet stimulation spreads like a tingle. It’s okay. As long as he’s this gentle, it’ll just feel good.

 (It’s all right if it’s like this. So, I won’t disobey him again)

 While I’m thinking about this, the bastard slowly moves his hips and calls out to the maids.

 ”Everyone, what do you think about Kyoko? Tell me what you think. Just like when all of you surrounded Fujiwara-san”

 (What? Who’s Fujiwara-san?)

 I frowned at the unfamiliar name. But the maids immediately jumped and looked at him. Then their expressions became tense.

 ”T-that was…”

 ”I’m sorry. I’m sorry!”

 ”P-Please forgive me, please forgive me!”

 The maids looked terrified, as if they were about to cry. In fact, the pink-headed maid was already on her knees.

 But the bastard looked around at the maids and said in a gentle voice.

 ”It’s not that I blame you. I just want to show this little Kyoko-chan how pathetic she is”

 ”Certainly, may I?”

 ”Of course. From now on, for a while, you can go back to the way you were before, not the maids”

 Then the bastard smiled, and the maids looked at each other in confusion and nodded.

◇ ◇ ◇

 A black Citroen DS9 was parked at the roundabout.

 As Koganei and her group approached, a man who looked like a driver in a dark suit got out of the driver’s seat and bent down reverently.

 The driver took the carrying case from the girl with Koganei, carefully loaded it into the trunk, and opened the door of the back seat.

 As Hikaru had said, it was true that Koganei had become the adopted daughter of a wealthy man.

 It’s annoying to hear that she’s a lady, when all she’s ever done is lick my shoes and men’s dicks.

 But that’s not the problem.

 After all, behind Koganei is that red haired devil.

 That’s what I’m thinking.

* * *

 I know that red-haired devil is the source of all this.

 In fact, the story was too good to be true.

 Even the fact that I instructed someone to kidnap that Kurosawa girl, I feel like I was led there in order to become the one to blame.

 Then, why did the wicked devil focus on me as the one to blame for her crime… that’s the question.

 So, I thought about the place where track and field club kidnapped. Aside from Hikaru, there’s only one other person who knows me there. That’s right, Koganei.

 But I’m already Lord Andras’ wife. I’m his prisoner. Even my imprisoned ex-husband, Ryu-chan, I have no feelings for him, and I have no need to get involved in earthly affairs.

 But that’s not what this is about. Even if it’s a devil, I don’t want to be left on the hook for it.

 Fortunately, my husband has given me a mission: to find out what that red-haired devil is doing in the human world.

 In order to achieve that goal, it wouldn’t be a violation of my husband’s order if I hurt Koganei.

 Orphis, who had been my best hope, was seriously injured in the recent battle with the Chainsaw Woman, and he had to be sent back to the demon world.

 To be honest, the remaining devils who had been entrusted to me by my husband were not strong enough to fight, but once I found out where she was, there was something I could do.

 As I watched the Citroen slowly drive off, I called out into the darkness.

 ”Ulrich, Annabelle, you’re up”

 Slowly, two figures emerge from the darkness.

 One has triangular dog ears sticking out of her ochre hair. She looked like a naughty girl of elementary school age, with fur covering her chest and waist.

 The other is a girl with long black hair and a pale face that looks sad. If I look closely at her arms and neck, I can see that all her joints are ball-joints.

 These are the two devils entrusted to me by my husband, Ulrich the wolf girl and Annabelle the devil doll.

 ”Ulrich, can you remember the smell?”

 ”What do you mean I can remember? Of course! Absolutely! Don’t be ridiculous!”

 This naughty little girl is rebellious anyway. She listens to me at least, but she seems to be in a state of insubordination.

 ”Then, chase that car quickly!”

 ”Don’t tell me what to do!”

 ”Do you want me to tell your Master about it?”

 ”Uuu, silly! You’re a cunt!”

 She swears viciously and runs off after the Citroen. Well, this level of defiance is adorable.

 An orange mini-car, which was leaving the roundabout after the Citroen, was startled by Ulrich running at a high speed and braked suddenly.

 They might have seen her, but it wouldn’t have mattered much.

 Then I turned my head toward the doll.

 ”Annabelle, when Ulrich stops the car in a secluded area, you make your move. Okay”

 The creepy doll nodded and disappeared, melting into the darkness.

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