Confinement 195

Chapter 195 I’m Feeling Stuck

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 ”To put it simply, it “hurts””

 ”Ah, yes, yes! Hahaha, it hurts, it hurts”

 ”I wonder why? She thinks she’s leading, but she’s actually lagging behind…”

 ”About two laps”

 ”Yes, about two laps behind. And she thought herself cool (laughs), however, frankly speaking, she was a fossil”

 As soon as Saito-san started, the other maids continued to speak without interruption.

 ”Ah, ah, anh, w-who’s a fossil, i-idiot, aah, aah, aah…”

 Kyoko screamed in protest, but her face was distorted by the pleasure of having her vaginal walls rubbed up against my object.

 Kyoko herself may be wondering why I’m doing this to her.

 The reason why I’m pushing her like this, even using the maids, is because I’m actually feeling stuck with Kyoko.

 Lili had said that it would be easy to corrupt Kyoko, and I had thought that a woman with such a strong personality would fall quickly if I broke her heart.

 However, no matter how much I humiliated her, her condition did not change from [Subjugated]. Moreover, of all my girls, she is the one I’ve had the most.

 So I decided to let the maids make fun of her, thinking that there is nothing more annoying than being made fun of by someone who is younger than her, and whom she herself thinks so.

 ”Hahaha, she’s only looking erotic and not cute even though she’s dressed like that while having the cock shoved into her”

 ”Oh right, I think she’s feeling lonely too, after all, sometimes she comes to the dining room for no reason, right?”

 ”Yes, yes, and then she pushed her nose and peeks inside my skirt and touches my butt, like an old man. Does she think I’m happy to be touched? It’s disgusting”

 ”That’s right, I’ve had my breasts touched too”

 ”…Hey, Kyoko, what are you doing?”

 As I stare at her, Kyoko gasps and raises her voice.

 ”Ah, ahn, no, no, it’s not like that, it’s just a cute skinship between girls, ah, ah, ah, ah…”

 However, the maids let out a word of disgust at Kyoko’s comment.

 ”I don’t think anyone would pinch someone’s nipples for skinship”

 ”That’s right. Besides, it’s more annoying when she starts talking about her story while I’m being touched even though I didn’t want to hear it. After all, we’re busy, and this isn’t a cabaret”

 ”But, but, she’s so stupid and it’s kind of funny. If I flatter her, she’ll get carried away and start talking more and more ww”

 ”Yes, and you know, if we let her be, she’ll probably say that she’s been asked to be married by an Arab oil tycoon, or that she’s already decided to go to Hollywood, and everyone’s talking about her”

 ”Kuh, ah, ah, ah, s-shut up and remember it, you guys, remember my word! Hiiiii!”

 Kyoko turns her head back and the maids look into her face and make fun of her.

 ”Ahaha, you’re about to cum, right?”

 ”Hey, hey, Kyoko-tan, how do you feel now? Is it good?”

 ”You’re too naughty, Kyoko-tan”

 ”You’re so easy, Kyoko-tan”

 ”Ahii, ah, ah, ah, s-shut up, anh, this is, this is, hiii! If he sticks a big cock in me, naturally, I’ll be like this, uhiiiii!?”

 Splendid agitation skills. I know I’m the one who made them do it, but these shortcuts are really bad.

 ”I-I get it, y-you guys, you must be jealous. You must want to be stuck with this cock, don’t you? Stupid, stupid, don’t be jealous. This cock feels so good, it’s mine, you know”

 As soon as Kyoko started to say something like that, the girl who was restraining her… was it Hotta-san? She twisted her cheek uncomfortably.

 ”Uwaa, that’s so lame… bragging about your slave chain? That’s so uncool”

 ”Just now, you were screaming at me to stop”

 ”Oh, by the way. You said, “You only let him fuck you because he was crying and begging, or that he’s not skilled and it doesn’t feel good at all, moreover you still act like you’re feeling it as a favor”, right?”

 ”And yet, you bragged about having a cock in you, Uwaa, Kyoko-tan, that’s so uncool”


 ”Hee~… so that’s what you were saying about me?”

 At my words, Kyoko’s body jumped. Her face, which had been relaxed by the pleasure, became frightened at once.

 ”Well, I guess I’ll have to work a little harder. After all, you say that you are pretending to feel it as a favor to me…”

 With that, I increase the speed of my pumping.

 ”Nhii, i-it’s too much, w-waitt, it’s not like thatttt, ah, that’s right, I… Hiiii!?”

 ”No, no, no, you don’t have to worry about that. I heard I’m not very skilled and it doesn’t feel good. So, I’m just trying to cover it up with momentum at least”

 ”Nha, y-yah, ah, yah, ah, ah, ah, no, it’s not trueee, it’s, it’s a lieeee”

 The place where we’re connected is already sopping hot. Of course, there’s no way this is an act.

 But there’s no reason to go easy on her. In fact, I need to teach her exactly what will happen if she gets carried away.

 ”Hiii, anh, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, aaaaahhh…”

 When I slam my hips hard, the flesh shade rubs up against her flesh, and the sweet sound of her mouth overflowing with pleasure follows.

 Tears well up in the corners of her eyes. But I don’t stop my hips from moving.

 The mucus secreted in her womb was being stirred up by my cock, bubbling up and mixing up like a jellyfish.

 ”Hiii, c-cumming, I’m cumming!”

 Her flesh walls squeezed together, squeezing mine tightly. Apparently, she came.

 But I don’t care about that.

 I don’t care if she’s in the middle of a climax spasm.

 I thrust harder and harder, drilling her lowered cervix without mercy.

 ”Hiiin, nnnnhhh, htopp, htopp it, I’m htill humming, hlease I’m htill humming, horgive me, please horgive me, I hon’t want to hum ahainnnnn!”

 Even though she wants me to stop, but I want to know if she can make a joke when she has ahegao face. Also, I haven’t come yet.

 Moreover, her body doesn’t want to let go of my cock at all.

 So, I begin to pump harder and harder, as if I were trying to scrape off the entwining folds of her vagina.

 Immediately, Kyoko peeled her eyes open and clenched her teeth.

 ”Hii, higiiiiii!”

 She grabbed up the cuffs of the maid who was restraining her, and I heard the sound of the fabric being torn apart.

 Kyoko’s body convulsed with each movement of my object inside her vagina.

 ”Hii, ahii, hggg, hiii, cumming, I’m cumming while still cummming, ah, ah, ah, I’m dying, I’m dyinnnnggg”

 The maids, who had been making fun of her, turned red *puff* and their eyes were glued to Kyoko’s lasciviousness.

 The two who were holding her legs were rubbing their inner thighs together in frustration, and the pink-haired Inui-san was already slumped on the floor, gasping for air.

 Kyoko, too, must have lost control of her emotions. She shook her head, tears streaming down her cheeks.

 (More, more! I need to break her heart even more!)

 Without even wiping the sweat from my forehead, I make a quick swing.

 *Splat*, *squish*, *splat*, *splat*, *squish*!

 Her pussy, which was soaking wet, made a loud and obscene water sound.

 ”Higii, higii, ahiiiii, hiii, hii, hiiiiii!”

 ”Kyoko! Don’t ever disobey me again!”

 ”I-I won’t disobey youuuuu, please forgive me, I’m going to die… I’m going to die…”

 Her honey slit are red from being poked and prodded so hard.

 Her hips dance wildly as she floats in the air, her juices bubbling and her body in a frenzied pumping movement.

 The air that had been pumped into her vagina made a farting sound each time it was pushed in.

 ”Miserable Kyoko-tan, tell me what kind of position you’re in!”

 ”*Sob sob* Hiiin, Kyo-Kyoko-tan is, O-Onii-tan’s onahole, ah, I’m your onaholeee, I’m sorry, please forgive me, even though I’m an onahole, Uee, uuuu…”

 To tell the truth, Kyoko’s face was crumpled and she was crying, which excited me.

 With this, my desire swirled at the base and the swing of my hips became more desperate as I was about to climax.

 I knead my hips, turning them into a twisting motion.

 ”Take it, Kyoko!”

 ”Y-yess, Onii-tan, please give it to Kyoko-tan, give it to me!”

 Her brain must have been completely melted by the dopamin in her brain. With a crying face, her mouth smiled happily.


 Instantly, my cock, which had been thrusting up Kyoko’s deepest part, burst with a violent spasm. The white torrent rushed up from my urethra, making a sound from the base.


 Her black eyes lost, and Kyoko’s tongue sloppily spills out of the corner of her mouth, and she squirms as her consciousness flies away.

 ”Haa~, haa~, haa~…”

 I pull my cock out of her, catching my breath.

 Immediately, a white liquid dripped from her gaping hole. The maids followed the drop with their eyes.


 (No luck…)

 There was no sound of the level up after all.

 The fact that the maids didn’t fall even after going this far means that I’m doing it wrong.

 I must have overlooked something.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”So you two were related, huh?”

 When Yui-chan said this as if she was convinced, Tamine-san in the passenger seat looked back at the back seat and nodded “Yes”.

 The driver of the car was actually Tamine-san’s younger brother. Eitatsu Tamine-san.

 At first, Yui-chan was surprised to see Eitatsu-san getting out of the car, because he looked just like Tamine-san.

 Despite Yui-chan’s admiration, Eitatsu-san only turned his head slightly toward the rearview mirror and opened his mouth.

 ”Aniki, that mini-car behind us… it’s been following us from the roundabout”

 I hurriedly turned around and saw an orange mini-car driving quite far behind us.

 ”Hmm, I think they’re just heading in the same direction, Miss, may I take a detour?”

 ”Yes, please”

 Yui-chan nodded humbly.

 Well, Yui-chan, I think the young lady is me…?

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