Confinement 196

Chapter 196 Night Raid

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 After driving around the periphery of a residential area, we came to a national highway with rice fields on either side of the road and few streetlights.

 Looking out from the car window, I see the lights of a few houses.

 In the distance, the shadow of the mountain was reflected as a black silhouette, and at the foot of the mountain, there were several glittering buildings that looked like love hotels.

 It’s unfamiliar road.

 If we drive in a roundabout way, it is impossible for the mini-car to be on the same road by chance.

 Nevertheless, if the mini-car are following us, we can be sure that the orange mini-car is following us.

 With that thought, Yui-chan and I looked behind through the rear window.

 And there is no sign of the orange mini-car, or on the contrary, there are no car behind us. The road is dark, lit only by sparse streetlights.

 ”It seems to be all right now~”

 ”Yes. And I don’t think someone follow me that often”

 Whenever something like this happens, I think to myself that it’s tough to be rich, because I still feel like a commoner.

 I always have to be on guard against kidnapping, robbery, and the like.

 But Yui-chan looked a little puzzled.

 ”But, Mai-sama~, I think you should be more aware of the danger. You may not be aware of it~, but if the Fujiwara family’s daughter were to be kidnapped~…”

 ”What if?”

 ”The Nikkei 225 will probably crash~”


 I turned around and saw Tamine-san looking at me from the passenger seat, nodding his head in a rather serious manner.

 I don’t really know what the Nikkei 225 is, but I’ve heard about it on the news, and I somehow know that it’s something serious.

 Yeah, well, I’ll be careful.

 –Just as I’m about to say that, the brakes suddenly hit with a resounding sound.

 The center of gravity suddenly shifts forward. Then, Yui-chan screams, “Hyaa!” and I, who had unbuckled my seatbelt, had no time to scream and slammed my face into the back of the seat in front of me and said, “Fuhe!”.

 ”It hurts, it hit my nose~…!”

 Yui-chan shouted accusingly as she held her twitching nose and looked up.

 ”What’s wrong~!?”

 ”Pardon me, Miss. Something like an animal suddenly jumped out…”

 ”If that’s the case~, it can’t be helped~”

 Well… Yui-chan. I said are you the young lady?

 ”Did you bump into it~?”

 ”No, I’m sure it’s fine, but…”

 Somehow, I feel that Tamine-san and the others are starting to treat Yui-chan as a young lady.

 I wonder if this is the difference in our capabilities as young ladies.

 My power as a young lady is… 53,000… or something like that.

 ”Just to confirm”

 With that, Eitatsu-san turned on the hazards and walked out of the car.

 Then Tamine-san too. I also got out of the car.

 After got out, I saw an empty country road. The sky was clear and the stars were beautiful.

 There were few houses and only fields. It is not surprising that there are raccoons and weasels in such a place.

 Eitatsu-san, who was crouching down to check the bumper, gave a small nod.

 ”It looks okay. There’s no sign of anything hitting it, and I’m not sure how I’d report it to Master if I damaged it…”

 Just as he stood up, a black shadow flashed by in the headlights.

 And Eitatsu-san was suddenly blown away. My eyes widened as I looked at it.



 Tamine-san shouted, and I gasped.

 He was blown off as if he had been knocked sideways with tremendous force.

 Eitatsu-san bounced on the asphalt and rolled several meters.

 ”Oh, Miss, please step back!”

 Tamine-san took out a special baton from his waist holster and stood protectively with Yui-chan and I at his back.

 In his line of sight, I saw a small figure. The figure, with small footsteps, came into the range of the headlights.

 First I saw her bare feet. Then, a small figure with only fur covering her chest and waist.

 It was a girl of elementary school age. Her hair was ochre, down to her shoulders, and on top of her head were triangular ears, like those of an animal.

 When I turned on her slowly, I found the girl had dark skin like a person from South Asia or the Middle East.

 Her face was pretty, but her expression was not pretty at all. Her mouth was twisted in a distorted manner, and her double teeth were peeping out like fangs.

 Just because she was a child did not mean that it was safe.

 When I looked at Eitatsu-san, who was lying on the asphalt moaning, the side of his suit was roughly ripped open and blood was dripping down.

 If this is the girl who did it, she’s not something ordinary.

 As Yui-chan and I huddled together and retreated, Tamine-san pointed his special baton and glared at the beast girl.

 ”Who the hell are you?”

 At his voice, the girl lets out a menacing growl, “Uuuuu!” and puts her hands on the ground.

 She crawled on all fours like a dog. I can see that she is about to jump at him with all her strength.


 I pull out my phone from my hip pocket and tap the phone icon.

 The screen switches slowly, making me impatient. I hurriedly tapped the number 100, and the phone connected without waiting for a single call.

 But at that moment, there was a high-pitched metallic sound and I turned my eyes toward the sound.

 Looking there, I saw Tamine-san desperately fighting with a special baton against the long nails of a girl who was attacking him with great speed.

 As I watched him, Tamine-san’s suit was ripped open and soaked with blood.

 A big man was being overpowered by a little girl. I couldn’t believe it.

 He seemed to be managing to bounce back from the fatal blow, but with each claw strike, he staggered backward.

 While I was in a daze, I heard a call from the phone, “Hello! What’s the matter?” came from the phone, and I came to my senses.

 ”W-we’re being attacked! L-let’s see! W-where is this place!”

 [Calm down! What do you see around you?]

 ”I don’t know! There are so many fields! National highway! Y-yes, it’s national highway! I can see a love hotel in the distance. “It’s written with ‘Hello baby!’””

 Just as I was thinking that I shouldn’t have said such a name to a love hotel, there was a very loud metallic sound, and in the light of the headlights, I saw a baton flying away and spinning down into the grass.

 ”M-Miss! Please run!”

 After Tamine-san shouted that, he shouted, “Uooooooo!” while rushed toward the beast girl.

 But the girl made a small jump and hit Tamine-san’s neck with a roundhouse kick, causing him to roll and fall to the asphalt.


 I shouted, and the beast girl turned her head towards me and smiled.

 Who the hell is she? Is she really a human? Why did she attack us?

 My head is full of question marks. But I can’t just sit around.

 ”We’re running away!”

 ”Eh, ah, y-yes”

 I took Yui-chan’s hand and threw away my phone and ran away.

 As soon as we did, the beast girl got on all fours and started chasing after us at great speed.

 It’s fast, insanely fast. Really fast, like a dog. She soon caught up with me and raised her claws at Yui-chan, who was running behind me.


 Just as I was about to throw myself in front of her, a blinding light illuminated me.

 Suddenly, the beast girl jumped back, and I slumped to the ground while holding Yui-chan in my arms.

 It was hard to breathe. My heart was pounding.

 When I looked back, I saw an orange mini-car parked there.

 Apparently, it had been following us without lights, keeping its distance.

 After the car stopped, the door opens with a cracking sound. And there was a silhouette coming out of the driver’s seat, which was unusually tall.

 It was a tall foreign beauty with short bobbed blond hair.

 She had the figure of a Paris Collection model.

 She has a gorgeous face.

 And yet, she was wearing a nylon jersey, which made her feel very strange.

 (Do I know her from somewhere? Oh, that’s right. She was one of the two foreigners who were walking in front of me at school with Teruya-chi)

 ”Being attacked by a devil means… you’re not a devil?”

 She takes one look at me and mutters in Japanese. Her mouth twisted in dissatisfaction, as if she’d missed the point.

 ”Who the hell are you! Damn it! If you try to screw me over, I’ll kill you!”

 When the beast girl raised her voice in annoyance, the foreign woman turned her eyes toward her as if she were looking at filth.

 Then, beckoning to her, she said.

 ”You filthy devil! I have no interest on you, but now that I’ve found you, I can’t leave you alone. Come at me. I’ll destroy you!”

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