Confinement 197

Chapter 197 The Boy I Love

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 All I could do was watch.

 ”You insolent! Die!”

 The beast girl pounced on her with her claws flashing, and the blonde-haired woman prepared herself like a boxer, dodging with a paper-thin margin.

 “Hiii!?”, Yui-chan screamed. The blonde woman didn’t seem to be panicking at all.

 Instead, with a bored expression on her face, she dodged claw after claw with only a slight movement of her upper body.

 ”You! You! Youuuu!”

 The beast girl shouts in impatience.

 Despite her close-range infighting, her attack was not even grazed at all.

 ”T-that’s amazing…”

 Yui-chan muttered and stunned. I think I might have a dumbfounded look on my face.

 Yeah, it’s really amazing. I wonder what kind of kinetic vision she has to be able to do something like that.

 Anyway, I had no idea what was going on.

 The blonde woman said something about devil, but if there really was such a thing, and it attacked us, then I could only tilt my head more and more “why?” I can only tilt my head.

 (Can I assume that the blond-haired lady is on my side? Shouldn’t I run away while the blond lady is fighting for me? But I can’t leave Tamine-san and Eitatsu-san behind…)

 I can’t put my thoughts together at all.

 When I looked at Yui-chan, her eyes were shining like a child watching a hero show at an amusement park.

 She is a real young lady, bold and innocent. She’s convinced that the blond lady is on her side.

 But I’m not.

 I can’t trust a complete stranger that easily.

 When I was getting fucked out in the open, there was an old man who came to warn me like he was on the side of justice.

 What do you think happened?

 The answer is that Anna talked him into it and he started to fuck me.

 There is no one who will help someone for free, and it’s easy for a man to become a monkey when he can fuck a woman.

 That’s why Fu~min is amazing.

 There’s no other boy like him.

 He saved me twice, and even went into a yakuza’s office for me, and still didn’t ask me for anything in return. He’s a really, really great boy. I love him and he loves me.

 (I want to meet Fu~min…)

 As soon as I was thinking such a thing, I suddenly felt a strange touch on my fingertips.

 It felt solid and cold, like ceramic.

 As I jumped and turned my eyes, I saw a dark-haired girl with a gloomy face lying on her back on the road, picking up my finger and pressing it against her nose.


 I screamed.

 That’s too scary, you know!

 I felt a chill run down my spine, and I shook off the girl’s hand and fell back.

 What was strange was that Yui-chan didn’t react to anything, even though I was making such a fuss.

* * *

 ”W-w-w-w-what is it?”

 As I retreated in fright, the outline of the creepy girl blurred and changed shape as I watched.

 Then, in a matter of seconds, she changed into a familiar figure.

 ”Ah, eh, me? W-why?”

 It was unmistakably me.

 It was my face that I was used to seeing in the mirror.

 Not just the face. Everything she’s wearing is the same as me now.

 I was confused. I’m too scared. What is this?

 At that moment, Yui-chan shouted, “Yay!” when the fake me smirked.

 I turned my head and saw a beast girl being blown up like in a manga. The blonde-haired lady’s straight punch to the right caught the beast girl in the face.

 The beast girl rolled on the asphalt, sliding on the ground and repositioning herself on all fours.

 The next moment, she glanced at us and raised her eyebrows in dissatisfaction for some reason.

 Then, she suddenly turned her back to the blond lady and started to run away.

 ”R-remember it!”

 She left behind such a discarded line, which can only be called a standard small villain.

 But that was not the point.

 ”Y-Yui-chan! Yui-chan!”

 I hurriedly grabbed Yui-chan’s shoulders and called for help, but she didn’t respond at all, as if she couldn’t see me.

 As my face tensed up, the fake me slowly raised herself up.

 It was too scary.

 The blonde lady sniffed disinterestedly and released her fighting pose. I now turn to her and asks for help.

 “Help me!” and “There’s a strange girl over ther!” and “There’s a weird guy!”.

 I no longer had time to consider whether she was a friend or foe.

 But she was just like Yui-chan.

 As if she didn’t hear me, she takes one look at Yui-chan who is trying to talk to her, and walks towards the mini-car.

 As for me, I’m just in a daze.

 After watching the blonde-haired lady’s car drive away, Yui-chan opened her mouth.

 ”I was wondering what was going to happen at one point, but she saved us”

 And then she “turned her face toward the-fake-me”.

 After that, it was terrible.

 Immediately, I heard sirens, and policemen got out of the police car and ran up to Yui-chan and the fake me, asking “Are you okay!” .

 As I thought, they ignored me.

 It’s not just the policemen.

 Tamine-san, who woke up, and Yui-chan also ignore me. Even though I screamed, slapped and grabbed their hands, they all acted as if they didn’t notice me at all.

 (As I thought, why they can’t see me? Why they can’t even hear me? W-what happened? Why is this happening to me?)

 Only the fake me was looking at me with a triumphant look on her face.

 Eitatsu-san was put in an ambulance and taken to the emergency room.

 And the fake me responded briskly to the police officer’s questioning. But, all I could do was bite my teeth and watch.

 Yui-chan, Tamine-san, the policemen.

 I spoke to everyone and anyone, desperately pleading.

 I told them that I was here, and that the other me was a fake.

 But not a single person responds.

 After a long interview, the police started to leave and Tamine-san went to the driver’s seat.

 Yui-chan pulled the fake me by the hand and got into the back seat of the car with her.

* * *

 ”Wait, wait!”

 When I try to enter the car, the fake me pushed me away, and the car drove away.

 I was left alone on an unfamiliar dark country road.

 And it made me feel anxiety and cried profusely.

 After a while, I started to walk along the dark country road, crying.

 Towards the direction where Tamine-san’s car drove off.

 Probably, I guessed that my house was in this direction.

 I trudged along an unfamiliar road.

◇ ◇ ◇

 By the time I reached my house, the sun had already risen.

 I’ve never walked this far in my life. My legs are like sticks and I’m exhausted.

 The gate of the house I arrived at was tightly closed and no one would come out no matter how hard I rang the doorbell.

 As I sat in front of the gate, the garage shutters began to open with a creaking sound.

 I dragged my aching legs and rushed to the garage, where my stepfather’s car was slowly coming out. He was probably on his way to play golf.

 ”S-stepfather! Stepfather!”

 I pounded on the window of the back seat.

 But my stepfather didn’t seem to notice me, and was chatting with the driver.

 ”Notice me! I told you to notice me!”

 But in the end, my stepfather didn’t seem to pay any attention to me, and the car increased its speed and drove away as if shaking off my hand.

 With that, I sat down on the spot.

 I didn’t have enough energy to stand up.

 Am I becoming invisible?

 Will no one ever notice me again?

 Even though I’m here.

 (What if no one will notice me…)

 I lie down on the asphalt. Although, it’s too hard to sit.

 I see the summer sky, electric wires, and sparrows flying over the sky.

 Despite the sunshine, my heart is cloudy and gloomy. No, it’s pouring down rain.

 Will no one notice me for the rest of my life?

 Will I die without anyone noticing?

 I was so scared I started to cry.

 I didn’t know what to do at all.

 ”Somebody… somebody help me…”

 With a sob, a tearful voice spilled out of my mouth.

 ”…I can’t stand the sight of you sleeping on the road, really… what are you doing, Fujiwara-san?”

 There was a figure peeking at my face, letting out an exasperated voice.

 I involuntarily raised my eyes.

 ”…Can you see…? Can you see me….?”

 ”Of course, you’re my girlfriend, who I can only assume was kicked out and in a fit of rage, crying and lying on the floor in front of the house like a child in a toy store”

 There stood the boy I love with an indescribable look of disappointment on his face.


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