Confinement 201

Chapter 201 Birth of Lolisla

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 The combination of Lili and Torture is really outrageous.

 But then again, same as Ryoko’s.

 In addition to the creature Terashima, I now have the trauma with the Deflated Sex doll Yamauchi.

 ”Change her back, then”

 ”It’s impossible, Devi”

 Lili replies with a straight face, and I go frozen in place.

 ”Why not?”

 ”I said it couldn’t be done, Devi. The manager’s torture was to relieve stress to stop Torture’s corruption, Devi. I let her do whatever she wanted, Devi, but then Torture got curious and started experimenting, Devi”


 ”If it’s on Youtube, the title will be like “I injected something else to replace the bone after removing it”, Devi”

 ”If you post such a disturbing video, you’ll be banned immediately!”

 ”Well, as it turns out, the newly injected material fused with the body cells and now it’s her normal state, Devi. So no matter how much healing power we use, she won’t return to her previous state, Devi”


 Their recklessness was far beyond my imagination. It’s almost as if the creature Terashima is cute.

 ”So, what did you inject her with?”

 Lili grinned and paused for a moment to catch her breath.

 And then, a drum roll sounded instantly.


 (Don’t play it! Don’t play it!)

 Badum tss! then a sound like cymbal hitting at the same time echoed out, and Lili said.

 ”`S-`li-`me, Devi!”

 An indescribable silence descended, and I tilted my head.

 ”…S? Slime…?”

 ”Yes, Devi, an amorphous beast that lives in the swamps of the Demon World. She hasI lavishly infused her with the body cells of the Black Death Slime, which is said to be the most worst of them all, Devi. Thanks to that, about three quarters of this woman is a beast, Devi”

 ”Did you really make her stop being human!?”

 The creature Terashima looked like a creature, but she was still a human. However, to my horror, this time they had easily surpassed that.

 While I was stunned, Lili called out to the deflated s*x doll or the former Yamauchi-san, who was trembling in the corner of the room.

 ”Surako, when will you stop sleeping, Devi?”

 Lili shouted, and the deflated s*x doll raised herself up, wriggling her body.

 While letting out a breath, the deflated s*x doll wrinkled face, where I think it was the corner of her eyes, showed a crying mark.

 ”Don’t slack off, Devi, take human form properly, Devi, or the Confinement King will be reckless again, Devi!”

 Slowly, the deflated s*x doll gaze moves.

 And as soon as she saw me, she cried out in surprise, “Piiiiii!” And then, as if air had been pumped into her body by a compressor, her body swelled up and she transformed into the naked figure of Yamauchi-san.

 ”P-p-p-please forgive me, please forgive me, I don’t want any more pain, I’ll do anything! I’ll do anything!

 She started to get down on her knees, rubbing her forehead on the ground without any motion, and I screamed out in panic.

 ”Wait, Yamauchi-san, stop, stop! Lift your face”


 She looked up, and apart from her frightened expression, she looked the same as before.

 The shape of her face, the texture of her hair, and the proportions of her body all look exactly the same.

* * *

 (But, three quarters of her body is slime, isn’t it?)

 As I stood there in silence, Lili interrupted me from the side.

 ”Surako, the Confinement King will forgive you. If you never disobey him again, he’ll let you live as an onahole, Devi”

 Immediately, Yamauchi-san rubbed her forehead against the floor again.

 ”I won’t disobey youuuuuu! I’ll never, ever, ever, ever, ever stand against youuuuu!”

 In the past, Yamauchi-san seems rather proud and high-handed. Especially to me, she treated me as if I were a rat, but her old self is no longer there now.

 (Well, this is what happens when someone pushes her so hard that she’s boned alive, isn’t it?)

 ”Well, that’s only if you can satisfy him properly as an onahole, Devi. Unfortunately, the Confinement King doesn’t like older women, Devi”

 ”Then, this is about right?”

 Suddenly, her face and body shape changed, making her look about ten years younger.


 I exclaimed, but Lili completely ignored me and said in an exasperated voice.

 ”You don’t understand, Devi. The Confinement King is a lolicon who spends all of his free time licking and ravishing Lili’s body, Devi?”

 ”I-I’m sorry! How about this?”

 This time, her whole body rippled, and then she shrunk to the shape of a ten-year-old girl.

 ”Yeah, OK, Devi!”


 ”You’re so selfish, Devi…”

 ”Stop making up my hobbies without my permission! I mean, what’s going on here?”

 ”What’s going on? Slime is an amorphous creature, Devi. It’s fused with the manager’s body, however it can’t change into anything other than the manager, Devi, but on the other hand, as long as it’s the manager, it can change into any age state, Devi”

 ”Oh, I see…”

 When I look at the girl sitting on the floor again, there is indeed a shadow of Yamauchi-san.

 The crying mole around her eyes is still there, but her long slit eyes have changed into innocent, round curves, and her contours are looser. Long black hair and small lips like cherry petals. Her breasts were as small as a small plate, and their tips were cherry-red.

 She was, to put it mildly, quite a beautiful girl.

 Lili grinned and whispered to me as I cleared my throat.

 ”I think you like it, Devi”

 ”Oh, but this smells like a crime…”

 ”Despite her looks, she’s actually older, Devi… Legal Loli, Devi. Loli Baba, Devi”

 ”Is she older than Lili?”

 ””I’ll kill you”!”

 Apparently, it was a landmine. So I laughed and tried to cover it up, but Lili glared at me and spoke.


 Lili said, as if she had just remembered the word.

 ”Well, then, Devi, let’s bring her to the bed and get her in your arms, Devi. If you don’t want Surako to get hurt too, you must do everything in your power, Devi!”

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇


 The drum roll sounded again, and then badum tss! a sound of cymbals echoed, and Yamauchi-san opened her legs fully on the bed.

 ”Please, help yourself!”

 (…I’m worried)

 When I looked at the bed again, I saw a black-haired Loli with her cheeks dyed, her legs spread wide, and her pink slit fully open.

 Normally, I would be moved beyond tears, but when I’m told that three quarters of this girl is a beast, I’m scared out of my wits.

 ”It’s going to be okay, right? I’m not going to get bitten, am I?”

 ”Yes, Devi”


 ”Normally it would prey on you, Devi. The Black Death Slime is a creature so deadly that any lesser dragon would run away with its tail between its legs, Devi, but you understand what would happen to you if you tried that, Devi, don’t you, Surako?”

 ”O-of courseeeeee! N-no foreplay required. It’s easy, simple, and safe to enjoy!”


 I climb up on the bed and take off my underwear and pants.

 If I look at her again, she’s really cute. If I don’t have to worry about being preyed upon, I’m willing to do it instantly.

 With that thought, I squeezed my half-standing cock and climbed on top of her.

 ”I-It’s so soft!”

 I was surprised.

 It must be because she has no bones. It felt soft and fluffy, as if I were squeezing on top of a mattress of the finest quality. No matter how soft a girl’s body is, this is a different level.

 ”Okay, I’ll put it in”

 ”Y-yes, please do as you like”

 She squeezed her eyes shut as if she was scared, and waited for the moment.


 As I slowly insert it, I feel the entire vagina sticking to me. The cool folds that don’t seem to be the temperature of a human body are sucking on my object.

 ”Aah, aah… Aah… Ah, ah, nnn”

 A young but s*xy moan sounded in my ear.

 The moist hole was sticky, but the texture was not sticky or unpleasant. I couldn’t help but let out a squeal at the unique feeling, which was neither human nor artificial.


 The feeling of her wrapping around my object felt too good. It’s as if I’m being squeezed from all sides by a firm hand.

 ”Ah, ahh, h-how are you feeling…?”

 As soon as she fearfully opened her eyes, her face twitched in fear.

 ”Hiiii!? D-don’t be mad! Don’t be mad!”

 ”Calm down, I’m not angry”

 ”…I-i-i-i-is that so?”

 In fact, the frown on my face is just because I’m trying to endure this awful pleasure.

 (This is outrageous, this Loli slime…)

 ”Well, then, I’ll do my best”

 As soon as Lolisla said that, her vagina started to vibrate on its own, even though she didn’t shake her hips.

 ”Wait, wait, hold on! I’m the one who’s moving!”

 I hurriedly made her stop moving.

 Is she an electric onahole?

 Of course it’s going to make me cum soon.

 I put my weight on top of her small body and press down.

 It’s called a seed press.

 I hold her head in my arms and press down so hard that it would hurt a normal human being, and the place where I press down goes down everywhere.

* * *

 (Whoa, whoa, t-there’s nothing to hold on to!)

 I had no choice but to start pistoning, and she let out a somewhat bouncy moan.

 ”Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, my, my body is rippling, an, nnn…”

 Leaning slightly forward, I put my hand between her breasts and grabbed her breast.

 ”Aaah, aaah, it’s, it’s tearing, aaah!”

 Her breasts swayed with an unusual softness despite their small size. It feels like pudding, no kidding. If I put enough pressure on them, they change shape as I hold them, without a core.

 Her tiny hole was also amazing.

 When I pushed in, it made a squishing sound and swallowed everything in its path, and when I pulled out, the depths of the hole became a vacuum, pulling and stimulating my p*nis.

 The gelatinous vaginal wall deforms with an incredible viscosity and wraps itself around my object. The density is really amazing.

 (…This girl feels so good)

 It’s really like a tool that exists only to be held by men.

 ”Ahii, hiiii, ahhhhh, an, an, ahn!”

 Gradually, the s*xual sensation increases. Every time I slammed my hips, the impact would spread throughout Lolisla’s body, causing her skin to ripple and shake, and that felt good too.

 I was so absorbed in slamming my hips against her.

 ”Kuh… ugh!”

 I moaned, almost coming out of my skin, and Lolisla’s face twitched in fear.

 ”Hiiii! I-I’m sorry, please forgive meeee”

 ”Shut up! Just keep moaning!”

 ”Yesssss, I’m sorry!”

 The words “shut up” and “moan” are contradictory, but I had no time to worry about that.

 I raised myself up and lifted the petite Lolisla’s hips so that she was in a neck-bridging pose.

 ”Ah, ah, ahhhhhh, ah, ah, anh, hiiii, it’s, it’s so great, ah, ah, anh, ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

 I grabbed Lolila’s body with both hands and moved her around like an onahole, slamming my hips down hard.

 It makes my magma stagnate in my lower abdomen. It was so hot that it looked like it was about to burst.

 (I’m almost at my limit…)

 Just when I thought that…


 The drum roll began to echo.

 ”Wait!? No, stop that soundddd!”

 This is just too much.

 But, badum tss! The cymbals made a loud noise, and then.,

 Tremble! Spurttt! Spurtttttt!

 Despite my resistance, I came just in time.

 ”Hiii, i-it’s coming! It’s comingggg! It’s spraying inside mee! My head is all messed up, I’ll absorb it alllll, hoooooo!”

 Lolisla’s head shook violently, and her eyes were half-closed.

 Her mouth was hanging open with her tongue hanging out sloppily, and the saliva and snot dripping down her face. Her young face had turned into a lone bitch exposing her stupid face.

 After pouring every last drop into her vagina, my body slumped in an indescribably delicate mood.

* * *

 All lingering feelings and such things were taken away by the drum roll.

 Then I looked down at what I was holding and bounced up and down.


 She trembled and convulsed, making a heavy breathing sound. I pushed so hard at the end, distracted by the drum roll, that her body resembled a hiragana character”の”.

 I can only describe it as a horrible scene.

 ”Hyuu… ahe…”

 Perhaps because she was so relaxed, Lolisla was shrinking back into a deflated s*x doll.

 I quickly pull out my p*nis.

 I don’t think it’s a good idea to stick my dick into her in this state.

 ”Um, Yamauchi-san, can you change to the human form?”


 After, Lolisla’s face bulged up again, with a look of complete surrender on her face.

 I looked into her face and told her.

 ”If you swear to obey me for the rest of your life, I won’t hurt you anymore, what do you say?”

 Then, with a fond look on her face, her mouth curved into a smile.

 ”Yhes… I swear…”

 Immediately, the electronic sound of the level-up echoed, and the announcement came.


 ”Kiyoka Yamauchi’s state has changed to [Enslaved]”

 ”Along with that, the following functions are available.”

 ”● PhobiaPhobia MakerInstill

 ”You can make someone dislike a specified object to the extent that it gives them goosebumps”


 At about the same time I let out a sigh of relief, Lili made a subtle face and spoke.

 ”Fumi Fumi, I’m not trying to tell you about your preferences, Devi… but shouldn’t you at least turn it off when you’re having s*x, Devi? Drumroll”

 Apparently, it can be turned off.

 The drum roll is too much of a fun tool, but it’s time to seal it (lol).

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