Confinement 202

Chapter 202 right place, right time

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 ”So, how do you want to handle Surako, Devi?”

 Lili asked me.


 ”For example, she folds up small enough to fit in a bag, Devi. She might be a good bodyguard for Fumi Fumi, Devi”


 ”Devi Devi. The same thing that attacked PettanHinnyuu might attack Fumi Fumi in the future, Devi”

 ”I see. But is she strong?”

 From the looks of her, she’s just an ordinary girl. On the contrary, the way she shakes and trembles in fear of me is quite weak. She doesn’t look very strong at all.

 ”Not strong… but a nasty beast, Devi. Even a Greater Demon-class devil could be preyed upon by a surprise attack, Devi”


 I don’t really know what a Greater Demon-class devil is, but I can tell that it’s pretty strong.

 ”I see… Okay…”

 I look at Lolisla again, sitting down.

 She has an innocent face with a s*xy tear-stained mole. Her black hair reaches her back and her skin is clear and white.

 Looking at her like this, it seems that Yamauchi-san in her teens was one of the most beautiful girls in her grade.

 There are some traces of her original face, and her gestures and expressions are those of an adult. However, I don’t think there is anyone who can recognize this beautiful girl as her.

 Yamauchi-san is supposed to have run away with Hikami after performing a face-to-face s*x act, but I think it is safe to show her like this.

 I’m not sure if I want to fold her up and carry her with me, though.

 ”Well, I’ll think about it”

 I told Lili, and took Lolisla to the <Dressing Room>.

 Then, I told her she could wear whatever she wanted, since it would be a pity to leave her naked forever, and she said, “I-i-i-i-is it okay?”. She was frightened, but seemed to be happy and started to choose clothes.

 After a while, she came out of the <CostumeDressing room> and wore a gothic Lolita outfit.

 She was wearing a long black dress with red frills and a headband of the same color. Her feet were black leather knee-length boots.

 ”Um… why are you choose that?”

 ”Hii!? It doesn’t suit me, right? I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’ll change immediately”

 ”No, that’s not what I meant. It looks good on you, but I just thought it was unexpected”

 Not only does she look good, but unlike Kyoko’s weird sweet Lolita, she’s a real Loli, a real French doll. It was simply not Yamauchi-san’s image.

 ”Actually, I like cute clothes, but I can’t wear such clothes when I’m over thirty, and I thought this look would be okay…”

 ”I see. Yeah, it’s okay, it looks good on you. You look just like Lolisla”


 ”You can’t go out and call yourself Kiyoka Yamauchi, right? After all, you look like a French doll. So, from now on, you’ll be called Yamauchi Lolisla, a foreigner of Japanese descent”

 ”Y-yes… if that’s what you say, Master”

 Lolisla nodded her head in confusion.

 When I took her to the dining room, there was a rather unexpected person enjoying a cup of tea at the right or wrong time.

* * *

 ”What’s the matter, Chihiro? Aren’t you working?”

 ”As soon as you saw me, you asked me about my work… you’re a terrible Danna-samahusband”

 Kaneko put her cup down with a wry smile. Although I don’t admit it, she calls herself Chihiro Kijima.

 She’s supposed to be busy in Tokyo as the new president of an entertainment company.

 So right now, she is wearing a business suit, and probably on her way to work. I’ve set up a <One-time Door> in the reception room of the office, so she must have used it to visit me.

 ”The pretense is that I came to ask for a favor, but the real intention is simply to see my beloved Danna-samahusband”

 ”Please don’t tease me”

 ”I’m not teasing you, though”

 ”…Okay, what do you want from me?”

 I asked, and she gave a small shrug and opened her mouth.

 ”The other day, I asked Lili to send some maids to deal with some thugs. Something like that is bound to happen because of President Kurashima. So I was wondering if I could have one of the maids stationed here…”

 ”Oh, I see.”

 By the time I nodded my head, a more suitable person had already popped up in my mind.

 ”Well, Chihiro, how about this girl?”

 I pointed behind me with my chin, and Chihiro, who had her eyes on her, raised a yellow voice.

 ”Kyaa! Who’s this girl? She’s so cute! She’s like a doll! Don’t tell me you messed with this girl too?”

 ”Well, I mean…”

 ”Haa~… my Danna-samahusband’s a bad guy. I guess I have no choice. Nice to meet you, Ojou-chansweetie…”

 As soon as Chihiro held out her hand, Lolisla silently brushed it away.

 An indescribably subtle silence descended.

 And she stiffened for about two seconds, then she spoke again.

 ”A-ahaha…… I-I wonder if she shy person”

 Chihiro let out a dry chuckle, with veins subtly appearing around her temples.

 But Lolisla glared at her and spat bitterly.

 ”Could you not touch me? You AV star. You’re a third-rate ex-model who’s expired. You’d be better off surrounded by a bunch of Shiru Dan’yu[1]” (Shiru Dan’yu is a type of AV actor who plays a supporting role in adult videos. In adult video productions, there are times when a large amount of semen is required, and the actor provides his own semen)

 ”Ex!? Excuse me!”

 Chihiro gets upset. However, Lolisla turned her head away without a care in the world.

 I don’t know how she knew the term “Shiru Dan’yu”.

 Anyway, as Lili said, it was only me that Lolisla was scared of.

 I let out a sigh, then dare to speak in a low voice.



 Immediately, Lolisla stiffens in an amusing way. Then, she turns pale and starts to sweat profusely.

* * *

 ”You’ve got some nerve hitting my thing, huh…”

 ”Oh, oh, oh, oh…I-I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

 She fell on her butt as if she was going to fall off her back and started to get down on her knees in a hurry.

 At the sight of her, Chihiro tilted her head with a puzzled expression on her face.

 ”Hey, HusDanna-bandsama. Who’s this girl?”

 ”Yamauchi-san, the manager”

 ”Oh, I see… Huh, whatttttttt!? Eh? Eh? Eh? Seriously!? Haaaaaa!”

 With a pretty good comeback, Chihiro looked back and forth between me and Lolisla with a shocked expression on her face.

 Well, that’s the reaction one would expect.

 ”After Lili and Torture tortured her, or rather, played a prank on her, she fused with a beast and became able to change her age at will”

 ”F-f-fused with a beast…”

 Chihiro was completely taken aback. With frightened eyes, she looked at Lolisla who was kneeling on the ground repeatedly.

 ”So, I’ll leave her, Kiyoka Yamauchi, aka Lolisla Yamauchi, to Chihiro, and you can be friends with her”

 As soon as I said that,


 Their shocked voices echoed in unison.

 (What? You guys get along well!)

 Yamauchi-san, as a manager, knows all the ins and outs of the entertainment industry, and there’s no way she can’t make the most of it.

 Above all, with her appearance, she can do well as a junior talent, not behind the scenes.

 Yes, the right person for the right job. As for my bodyguard, I’ll just have to think about that separately.

 Chihiro and Yamauchi-san have a history, but as long as I keep telling them both, they should be fine. Maybe.

 ”You’re both my thing, so work together for me”


 They grumble. But I ask Lolisla.

 ”Do you have any complaints?”

 ”N-no, there isn’tttttt!”

 Again, I look from Lolisla, who is kneeling on the ground, and look at Chihiro, this time smiling at her.

 ”So take care of her, Chihiro”


 Chihiro’s expression was so complicated, with so many mixed emotions, that she would probably never be able to make the same face again.

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