Confinement 203

Chapter 203 California Shopping Street

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 After pushing Lolisla to Chihiro, I went back to my room.

 Just in case Fujiwara-san was awake, I connected the door to the corridor in front of my room, and stepped into my room again.

 The time is just after three o’clock.

 The afternoon sun was still shining diagonally, casting dark shadows in the room.

 As I look down on the bed and sit down, I saw Fujiwara-san’s sleeping face. She was curled up like a fetus under the towel.

 Her sleeping face is cute. I think she’s cuter without makeup, but when I say so, she giggles.

 It seems to me that I should not let a girl’s effort go for naught.

 So, I picked up my phone, turned on the camera, and snapped a picture of her sleeping face. Yes, I got a good shot.

 I save it in the Fujiwara-san folder, which is divided by girl.

 By the way, the most contents folder is Masaki-chan folder.

 There are quite a few hidden photos from my one-sided love period stored there.

 However, they are not erotic.

 On the other hand, the most erotic folder is the Ryoko folder.

 When I had s*x with Ryoko, the number of pictures in this folder increased at once. On top of that, Ryoko sometimes sends me erotic pictures as well.

 As I was thinking about this――

 ”Nn… Mmm…”

 Fujiwara-san moaned s*xily and slowly opened her eyes, probably because the shutter sound was too loud.

 Her mouth twisted into a pout as she caught sight of me in her sleepy, debauched eyes.

 ”Ehe~… it’s Fu~min…”

 ”Sorry, I woke you up”

 ”It’s okay… The first thing I see when I wake up is Fu~min’s face… what, is this heaven?”

 ”If I may speak for myself, I think it’s more like hell… in general”

 As I chuckled, she sat up with a dazed expression on her face and wrapped her hands around my neck.

 ”When I wake up… you must give me wake up kiss”

 And then she comes at me with (Such*´aзface`).

 Of course, there’s no reason for me to refuse.

 After pecking her lips, she leaned toward me with a look of “Ehe~…” on her face.

 ”You can go back to sleep. It’s only been three hours. I know you’re uneasy, but I’ll take care of Fujiwara-san”

 ”Nn… uneasy? I’m not uneasy…”

 ”You’re not?”

 To have one’s existence taken away from them is an extraordinary situation that would be unthinkable under normal circumstances.

 I know Fujiwara-san is a good-hearted person, but I don’t think she’s smart enough to stay calm in such a situation.

 ”Because Fu~min will do something about it, and so it will be done. Since Fu~min is always willing to help me, I’m not worried”

 ”That’s… a big responsibility”

 When someone trusts me that much, it’s rather discouraging.

 However, it seems that in the end, all I have to do is destroy the devil doll, so I’m sure she’ll be fine.

 ”Well…I’m not worried, I’m just thinking that it would be a loss if I don’t do what I can’t do now”

 ”Things you can’t do now?”

 ”Well, let’s go on a date”

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 There is a shopping street in front of the station.

 It’s a typical local shopping street, with many small stores lined up together under a short arcade.

 Even though it’s around four o’clock in the evening, there’s no sign of the weather getting cooler, and it’s quite hot under the arcade crowded with old ladies shopping.

 ”It’s cheap! It’s cheap! Come here!”

 As the loud voice of the grocer echoed, I was pondering with my hand on my chin with sweat trickling down my forehead.

 ”What should I make…?”

 I’ve come to buy some dishes for the lunch for the track and field club competition tomorrow.

 I am very enthusiastic about it.

 After all, Oniibig -chanbrother is coming to cheer me on.

 As I have just been converted to the Sprshort intdistance, I have been practicing, but to be honest, my time is hopeless. Normally, I’d feel depressed and say “I don’t want to run”, but not this time.

 It’s because I promised to have lunch with big brother.

 [Saori-chan’s bento? I’m looking forward to it!]

 That’s what big brother smiled at me this morning when we were doing radio gymnastics. And it really gets me fired up.


 ”Ugh… I should’ve asked Onii-chan what he likes”

 I was careless. Saori, you’re not thinking clearly.

 Port side, low barrage, Saori.

 Come to think of it, I don’t know anything about big brother’s tastes.

 The information is as scarce as much information as people know about Pippin Atmark(※A Macintosh-compatible home video game console co-developed by Bandai and Apple)

 Therefore, I was in front of the grocery store, and I was very worried.

 However, when I looked to the side, I couldn’t help but exclaim, “Oh!” .

 In the distance, near the entrance to the shopping street, I saw big brother’s figure.

 Lucky! But in the meantime, there was a girl with flashy blond hair standing next to him.

 She was wearing a saggy man’s sweatshirt. It’s not something I’d wear out in the open.

 (Together with Fujiwara-senpai… huh?)

 Of course, I know that big brother has a girlfriend, and I’m not going to get depressed just because I saw them together.

 Besides, it won’t be long before big brother loses interest in her, since she walks around in such a disheveled way.

 It’s said that not many couples who had a relationship during their school days end up getting married, and I’m prepared for a long-term battle. There is no need to panic.

 I’ll take the younger sister position for now.

 The time to win is when Fujiwara-senpai and big brother break up, and I’m watching vigilantly for that!

 …That’s a lie.

 I don’t think I’ll have the courage to confess to big brother when he and Fujiwara-senpai break up.

 I just want to be with him if I can. I want to be with him for a long time. That’s the best I can do.

 Nevertheless, now that I have found them, I am naturally curious.

 I followed them, hiding in the crowd of old ladies shopping.

 As I followed them at a distance, they walked into the sports store, holding hands in a fond atmosphere.

 This is the biggest sports store in this area, and I often go there myself. Next to the entrance, even though it was after the Bon Festival, there was still a big poster of the swimsuit festival on the wall.

 (Onii-chan is come to a sports store?)

 I can’t find any connection. I wondered what he came to buy.

 After watching them from the shadows for a while, they came out of the store and I let out an involuntary squeal.

 Fortunately, the noise of the shopping street was enough to prevent them from noticing me, but honestly speaking, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

 Fujiwara-senpai came out of the store wearing a bold yellow bikini.

 She came out in an outrageous outfit that was out of place in the scenery of a local shopping street.

 Her breasts were flat. Although I was still bigger than her, the cleavage between her legs was amazing. Unless she had a certain amount of confidence in her style, she would not have been able to choose such a swimsuit.

 While I was in a daze, I heard Fujiwara-senpai’s cheerful voice.

 ”Ahaha, I’ve seen it in movies. You know, in California or somewhere, some people walk around the streets in swimsuits. I’ve always wanted to do that! It feels so free!”

 H-Hello? This isn’t California. It’s a local shopping street. And a tofu seller-san shouted, “Thick deep-fried tofu! It’s cheap, it’s cheap!” .

 When I thought that big brother would be surprised by this…

 ”Well, let’s take a train to the next town. Maybe a movie?”

 (Eh, Onii-chan reacts normal! I mean, a train ride? In a swimsuit?)

 If I think about it, there is a young girl walking in the middle of the shopping street in a very revealing swimsuit, but no one is paying attention to her. The people passing by don’t seem to care about her either.

 (W-what? Maybe I’m the one who’s crazy?)

 And while I was in a daze, they disappeared beyond the crowd.

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