Confinement 205

Chapter 205 Cum train

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 ”Ahaha, that was fun!”

 ”I almost had a heart attack…”

 As soon as we came back to my room, Fujiwara-san jumped onto the bed in excitement.

 And I recalled the events of the evening as I looked at her laughing.

 After leaving the shopping street, we took the train and went to the next town. We did not have a clear destination in mind.

 After all, she said, “I want to walk around the city in the swimsuit, while others don’t recognize me”. That’s what she told me.

 In the evening.

 If it were not summer vacation, the train would be crowded with students on their way home from school, but since it was after Obon, the train was quite empty.

 There were two married women with their children, and three girls who seemed to be on their way back from somewhere to play. They were the only ones in the same train car.

 The sight of black gals in bikinis on the train, though unrecognizable to anyone, is quite surreal.

 On top of that, Fujiwara-san, who for some reason was very excited, sat down between my legs as soon as I sat on the seat, and suddenly pulled down the zipper of my pants.

 ”Hey, hey!?”

 I exclaimed. But Fujiwara-san was unconcerned.

 ”Fufufu, good afternoon, Ochinpo-chan ♪”

 She hums as she pulls out my cock and slowly starts squeezing it with her hand.

 This made me panic. That’s right. Fujiwara-san may be invisible to other people, but I’m not. At this point, I’m just an exhibitionist.

 However, despite my panic, the other passengers are chatting and laughing with no particular concern. No one pays any attention to me.

 (W-what? What’s going on here?)

 It’s a bit of a guess, but it seems that not only Fujiwara-san herself, but also her actions are unrecognizable to other people.

 To what extent are these things unrecognizable?

 For how long will she be unrecognized?

 I don’t know where to draw the line, but for the time being, I don’t think I’ll be reported as an exhibitionist.

 ”Aha, it’s twitching. Long time no see, Ochinpo-chan. How are you? I have a date with Fu~min today”

 ”No, don’t talk to it like that”

 ”I’m fine and I, cock, please take care of me! Suck me please!”

 ”Stop making up comments from my cock!”

 But Fujiwara-san deliberately ignored my comment, and let out an exasperated voice.

 ”Geez, Fumi-chin, you’re so impatient!”


 ”Eh, what? Yeah, yeah. That’s what I meant. Okay, okay. Well, if that’s the way it is, then I have no choice! I’ll make you feel good, Mai-chan”

 My cock and her seemed to be having some kind of conversation. The world was a wonderland.

 ”Well, let’s get started…”

 With that, she began to run her tongue over my cock.

 Her tongue, covered with sticky saliva, crawls around the frenulum, and licks the glans with her tongue.

 Nnnn, *Slurp Slurp Slurp…* Nnn…

 I feel the roughness of her tongue and the slickness of her saliva.

 Even though I’m in a place like this, I can’t help but feel a rush of pleasure running up my spine.

 (What the hell is this situation…)

 I’m on a train, in full view of the public, but I’m being sucked off by a bikini gal. This situation is too surreal for me.

* * *

 ”Fujiwara-san… we’re about to arrive at the next station, please stop”

 When I said that, she giggled mischievously, and took my cock in her mouth.

 ”Nope… Hamu…”


 A warm, moist feeling enveloped the glans. I frowned at the raw feeling in my mouth.

 *Sizzle* *Sizzle* *Sizzle* *Sizzle*!

 Her lips began to suck on my cock and squeezed hard, and while she was doing so, the train stopped at the station.

 As soon as the doors open, passengers start coming in. Then, a group of what looked like college girls carrying sports bags positioned themselves around the area next to me.

 There is an athletic stadium at this station. They are probably college girls on their way back from a game.

 Right next to the college girls, who were chatting about how their times had been, or how they should have something to eat before going home, Fujiwara-san was still sucking my cock as enthusiastically as ever.

 ”Nnn *Slurp* hit his exciting, hight, hu~min? Ihyomohyorihohimon, *slurpppp*”(*いひゅもひょりほーひぃもん?)

 If she’s asking if I’m excited, the answer is yes.

 When I nodded my head, she deliberately made a loud noise and sucked my cock more and more vigorously.

 *Slurp*, *Slurp*, *Slurpppppp*!

 Her tongue and the backs of her cheeks are rubbing up against it, and my glans is swollen to the point of bursting.

 There’s no way I can take this.

 ”Fujiwara-san, I-I’m going to cum…”

 ”Hit’s fine, hust put it hout, I hill haccept hit hall”

 I couldn’t hold back, and held her head.

 As I jerked my body in desperation, my elbow hit the college girl next to me.

 She is glaring at me. She looks like a strong woman. However, she clicks her tongue and turns away immediately.

 *Sizzle* *Sizzle* *Sizzle* *Sizzle*!

 No matter what happens, Fujiwara-san doesn’t care. She was so determined to finish me off that she was moving her head back and forth more and more vigorously, making the whole train car echo with the vile sound of water.

 And finally, my thing burst.

 Sizzle! Spurttttt! Spurtttttttt!

 ”Kuh, ugh…”

 I moaned as the pleasure rushed up my spine.

 And my elbow hits the college girl next to me again.

 She’s staring at me with an annoyed scowl on her face.

 “–She’s staring at me.”

 As soon as I thought that, a strange switch went on.

 I was in the middle of cumming, but the feeling of climax hit me again as if to chase me down.


 I screamed out and arched my back with a shudder as my hips rose and fell. A further large amount of semen shot up my urethra.

 I continued to spit my semen into Fujiwara-san’s mouth. I was messing up the back of her throat, spasming violently.

 When I looked up, the college girl next to me was still staring at me.

 I wonder what she thinks of me, though I’m sure I’m exposing a pretty hot face.

 ”Gulp, gulp, gulp…”

 While I was thinking about this, Fujiwara-san was looking up at me with an upward gaze, slurping hard and swallowing down my semen.

 On the train, a bikini gal sucking me off and shooting my load into her mouth while a college student stared at me… it was all too perverse.

 As soon as Fujiwara-san had drunk all I had taken, she let go my thing of her mouth.

 After pecking at the tip as if to suck out the last remaining drop, she looked up at me and smiled happily.

 This is the story of the early part of our date.

 Later, at the movie theater, in the family restaurant, and on the train on the way home, I was squeezed to the hilt, and in total, I shot six loads of cum into her mouth.

 I looked again at Fujiwara-san lying on the bed, and let out a sigh.

 ”I told you that we should take the steps to make love slowly, but… you’re really playing a pervert”

 ”You’re saying that after making me drink so much semen?”

 ”I didn’t make you drink it. Besides, Fujiwara-san is my first girlfriend, and I want to take good care of you, you know”

 I said, and she smiled happily, then shook her head.

 ”Fu~min, it’s not like that. After all, I’m your first and last girlfriend”

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