Confinement 206

Chapter 206 I Can Say that I Love Him

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 After the two detectives JK walked away–

 ”It’s not safe for a woman to walk alone, I’ll take you home”

 While he saying this, I shook off Tateoka’s hand that was holding my shoulder who was being so friendly, and quickly left the bowling alley.

 (It must be tough for Kizuna to have a anikibrother like that…)

 In fact, as soon as I went out, I received an apology message from Kizuna on my phone.

 She really is a good sister.

 I had heard from the devil Lili that Tateoka was already castrated, but with the way he was acting, that information was doubtful.

 Of course, in order to make the best use of him, I have done my own research as well as Lili’s information.

 Masahiro Tateoka, Virgo, type B.

 His grades are below average, and he is a midfielder in the soccer club.

 He has already decided to repeat the year, and if he doesn’t drop out, he’ll most likely be my classmate next year.

 He has a girlfriend who he has known since childhood, though he has not kept in touch with her since his suspension. However, I have unconfirmed information that his girlfriend has been cuckolded by another man.

 The source of the last unconfirmed information was from Kizuna.

 She spilled it out.

 She only said that it might be true, but to my eyes, she seemed to be convinced of it.

 (Castrated, manipulated, her girlfriend cuckolded, and sad clown)

 Anyway, now that the connection with Detective JK is complete, that man is no longer of any use to me.

 Making contact with Detective JK went smoothly.

 And I was able to direct the plot just where I wanted it to go.

 I don’t know where they got the basis, but when Detective JK’s sister said that Fujiwara-senpai was the devil and the mastermind behind the kidnapping case, I was a bit panicked.

 I was prepared to revise the plot, but defeating the devil in secret would not raise the public’s opinion(props) for them. And thanks to Detective JK’s challenge, I was able to push them into the kill zone more naturally.

 The kill zone.

 In other words, my proposal is…

 [A special TV program called “Detective JK VS Confinement King”]

 On live national television, Detective JK would pursue Fumio Kijima as the true culprit in the case of the “Mysterious Disappearance”.

 ”Even if you call him the devil, it’s just a lie, so you can treat Fumio Kijima like a mastermind. If we give him an exaggerated name, it will look dramatic, right? For example, “Confinement King””

 ”Haha! I like that!”

 Detective JK’s Imoutosister took a big bite out of my suggestion. However, the detective JK’s Anesister gave me a suspicious look.

 ”It’s an interesting story, but is it really possible to do a TV special?”

 ”Don’t worry. Just leave all the arrangements to me”

 I don’t need to prove this statement.

 After all, Detective JK’s Imoutosister knows that it’s not a lie.

 Anyway, I’m glad that Detective JK’s Imoutosister is a person of very normal intelligence.

 If she’s anything like Takasago, she’ll say something unexpected and contrary to my prediction.

 Her intelligence is normal. She has a strong desire for self-expression and is sociable in her own way, but basically looks down on people other than herself. That is her character profile.

 And with the video.

 It is not very difficult to identify her character and the conditions for triggering her power of detecting lies by watching the process of chasing down the scammers in the video and their interactions.

 People with a strong desire for self-expression are always like that.

 In an attempt to show their strength, they show off the cards they have.

 Isn’t that great? I have a straight flush in my hand.

 So, just give them a royal straight flush, and that’s done.

 A cheat is not a cheat if it’s not exposed.

 Also, there is only one focus in this contact.

 To get past the detective JK’s Imoutosister’s ability to detect lies and make her think I’m on their side.

 As predicted, the detective JK’s Imoutosister asked me this question.

 [Are you a pawn of the devil?]

 [Are you sure you want to help us? Are you sure you’re not trying to trick us?]

 Both questions are to see if I’m friend or foe.

 As for the first question, the answer is YES, although I don’t like being called a pawn.

 As for the latter question, I have no intention of cooperating, only of tricking them. So the answer is NO.

 But at this time, I said NO to the first and YES to the second.

 In other words, I lied, but I was able to convince Detective JK’s Imoutosister that I was telling the truth.

 Here lies the trick.

 Well, I think the ballpoint pen was too deliberate, but I could not think of any other way to deceive her.

 But these two questions were their last line of defense.

 For her and her sister(Ane), their faith in their abilities is absolute, which is why they are willing to cooperate with me. After all, once they accept, “I’m not trying to trick you” as the truth, their trust on me will be solid.

 And now, the castle gates will be breached, and they will become losers who only wait for the castle to fall.

 After that, I either just nodded my head to any question that might be a lie, or told Tateoka the story beforehand and arranged for him to tell it to them.

 The happy-go-lucky[1] Tateoka was very useful. As long as he could get into the conversation, he would interrupt the conversation on his own.

 As a result, he confidently proceeded with the story, assuming my lie to be the truth.

 ”Hmm… how you escaped the ability to discern lies, Devi, I didn’t know”

 Suddenly, such a voice rained down from above her head, revealing a red-haired devil.

 Apparently, she had been watching the exchange between me and Detective JK.

 Peeping Tom is a bad-taste devil.

 ”…I won’t tell you. But if you’ve heard the whole story, then you’d better talk fast. I can ask you to make the rest of the arrangements, right?”

 ”No problem, Devi. So, what are you gonna do on the day of the show, Devi?”

 ”…I guess. I think I’ll go into the TV station as a member of Detective JK”

 ”Ha-ha, well, that’s interesting, Devi”

 Apparently, she got my intentions right.

 I really don’t like it.

 Honestly, I hate this devil.

 After all, I don’t know what she’s up to, and I feel like she’s going to act like she’s on my side and then stab me in the back.

 She talks to me as if she knows everything about my moves, but I can’t read her thinking routine, as if the synapses of devils and humans are different.

 It is very troublesome.

 However, I believe that Fumio Kijima is the best material.

 I can say that I love him.

 And I want to see how far I can push him because it’s a game worth challenging.

 World domination? I suppose he could do as much as I wanted.

 In extreme cases, just confined the world leaders of 196 countries and brainwash them.

 But that’s no fun.

 I’m going to enjoy this guy Fumio Kijima in my own way.

 If this devil wants to use Fumio Kijima and consume him, then eventually I will have to deal with her.

 I will protect Fumio Kijima for my own sake.

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