Confinement 207

Chapter 207 I Want to be Yours

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 Just after the midnight, Fujiwara-san has fallen asleep in my arms and Lili appeared in the air while rotating.

 I then nodded, and she placed her fingers on Fujiwarasan’s forehead. Immediately, the sound of Fujiwara-san’s breathing came to a halt.

 ”Pinning done, Devi”

 ”Yeah, thank you, my arm is hurts…”

 Then I ask Lili while waving my numb arm.

 ”Do you think we can keep Fujiwara-san pinned up for the whole day tomorrow?”

 ”Hmm? No problem at all, Devi. Why, Devi?”

 ”I have to go to a track and field competition tomorrow and I don’t want to take Fujiwara-san out with me”

 ”I see, Devi”

 Lili smirked with her white teeth showing, as if she understood.

 Although going to the track and field competition was in the name of cheering for Saori-chan, it was obvious that I would meet Tashiro-san, Shima-san, and Kei-chan, and thus it would be immoral in its own way. After all, when Fujiwara-san is with me, there are some restrictions on my behaviour.

 ”Anyway, Ringlet(Tatemaki roll) is waiting for you in the bedroom, Devi. So, get going, Devi”

 ”Okay. Is it related to the devil doll? Is there any change from what we talked about during the day?”


 As I watch Lili nods, I summon the door. I then connected the door to the “Confinement King’s bedroom”.

 As I entered the bedroom, Kayama-san, who had been waiting, stood up quickly.

 When I look at her again, I notice that she is also quite pretty.

 Her chestnut-colored hair is curled vertically, and she has the beauty of a young lady. Her skin is so white that it is hard to believe that she was a track and field club until a while ago.

 She may have some foreign blood in her, after all she is a beauty with a clear nose and eyes.

 Her breasts are large for her small size.

 In the past, she looked a little smaller, probably because she was standing right next to Masaki-chan.

 Despite her ladylike appearance, she is wearing a short maid’s uniform, the same as the four members of Short Cuts.

 Even so, she looks elegant somehow, perhaps because her good education is exuding from her.

 ”I-I’m so happy that you invited me~! Confinement King-sama~!”

 Her eyes are so full of pure enthusiasm as she stares at me that I almost look away.

 She admires me. She adores me. She respects me.

 A gaze that appeals to me eloquently. I was feeling quite uncomfortable, being bombarded with unfamiliar emotions.

 (Lili had told me to behave like a king with this girl…)

 I sat down across from her, looked up at her as she stood there in awe, and said in the lowest voice I could muster.

 ”I’m glad you’re here. I actually have a favor to ask you”

 ”Yes, t-to me~!? Of course~! I’m available to help~!”

 As she leaned forward, I explain to her that Mai, who is now in the Fujiwara family, is a devil doll.

 As I proceeded, her expression turned pale, and when I stopped talking, she asked me with a trembling voice.

 ”So, Mai-sama, is she all right~?”

 ”Yes, I took her in”

 Instantly, Kayama-san breathed a sigh of relief. In her own way, she seemed to care about Fujiwara-san.

 ”I don’t mean to doubt it~, but it’s hard to believe that someone could take over someone existence~…”

 ”Well, I suppose it is. But it’s true”

 ”To think that such a horrible thing is in the same house is terrifying~”

 She hugs her trembling shoulders.

 That should be scary. After all, it’s a monster beyond human comprehension.

 But, knowing this, I was going to make her play a role.

 I looked at Kayama-san and spoke slowly.

 ”The one using the devil doll is the devil that opposes Lili, and their target is me”

 ”They’re targeting Confinement King-sama~…?”

 ”Yeah, they haven’t identified me yet. But it’s obvious that once they realizes my existence, they’ll come after me, and the girls I love. So, Kayama-san, I’d like you to pretend to be unaware of anything and play the role of giving false information to the devil doll”

 At that moment, I heard her gasp.

 ”…Me, giving false information~? Can I do that~?”

 ”I beg you. I know it’s a tough task. But I don’t want the people who hurt my things to escape. Those who do will be punished. I promise. The retribution for hurting Fujiwara-san must be paid back many times over!”

 Then, smiling quietly, she let out a breath.

 ”…I envy of Mai-sama~. I never thought that Confinement King-sama would think so much of her~”

 ”It’s not just Fujiwara-san. Kayama-san, even if it was you who was hijacked out of existence, I’d be asking someone to do the same thing I asked you to do. I said that about “my girls”. Are you not supposed to be mine?”

 ”A-am I considered a Confinement King-sama’s woman~… Is it safe to assume that~?”

 ”You already are”

 ”Then, please, do me a favor~! Can you do me one favor~?”

 And then, her face turning red, she said, clutching the hem of her skirt.

 ”Please hold me~! Please love me~! Please make me truly Confinement King-sama’s woman~!”

◇ ◇ ◇

 With that, I took off my clothes and went to bed in my underwear as Confinement King-sama urged me.

 I wore a new pair of underwear, as I had been invited to do so.

 It is a white on top and bottom with lots of lace, and a garter belt, which I bought at a department store in Ginza.

 (Oh, I’m so nervous~…I’m finally going to have s*x with Confinement King-sama, S-s*x, Sex~)

 The three letters of the alphabet “SEX” were filling my head with colorful flickering lights.

 Asking for s*xual intercourse is a trifling thing.

 I was amazed at my boldness. But from the bottom of my heart, I wanted to be the woman of this gentleman in front of me.

 (Tonight, I become his woman~…)

 My heart palpitated and my chest felt as if it would burst at the thought of crossing the line.

 I close my eyes as I lie on the bed, waiting for the arrival of my beloved gentleman.

 As I tensed up nervously, the bed creaked and I felt the Confinement King-sama climb onto the bed.

 I slowly opened my eyes and saw him looking into my face.

 ”Confinement King-sama~…”

 He smiles softly, and I feel something hot rising from deep within my chest. It immediately covered my chest, and soon tears of joy overflowed from the corners of my eyes.

 (I’m finally going to belong to the Confinement King-sama~… it’s like a dream~…)

 Biting down on my happiness and closing my eyes, he gently puts his lips to mine.

 ”Nnn, nnn…”

 Hot lips are slowly pressed against mine. My lips are gently taken, and my tongue, trembling with tension, is caught by the burning tongue.

 ”Nnnn, nnnn, ahh… Nnnn, nnnn…”

 (Oh, I-I’m kissing Confinement King-sama~. Does kissing involve so much tongue~? Oh, it feels so good~… I feel like I’m going to fall in love~)

 I’m intoxicated by the pleasure of rubbing my mucous membranes together. My brain goes numb and my consciousness becomes sweetly debauched. Confinement King-sama’s saliva is poured into me, and I feel as if he’s filling me up.

 ”Nnn…Confinement King-sama~…”

 As our lips parted, my tongue regretfully tried to follow his tongue to the outside of my mouth.

 I’m probably looking sloppy and debauched right now. I’m ashamed. The more I think about it, the hotter my body gets.

 ”Confinement King-sama~… it’s my first time~. Please be gentle with me… or else…”

 When I complained as if driven by the fever that was affecting my head, Confinement King-sama whispered in my ear.

 ”Don’t worry… soon, you’ll be begging for more”

 ”No way… something like that~”

 I turn my head away.

 My cheeks are hot.

 I know. Maybe it really will.

 I had a feeling I was going to be in that much of a mess.

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