Confinement 208

Chapter 208 Miss Bowel Climax

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 My white lace bra had been pushed up, revealing my breasts.

 And my nipples are already hard and lumpy, exposing my arousal to the Confinement King-sama’s gaze.

 (It’s… embarrassing~)

 This is not the first time that Confinement King-sama has seen my naked body, but when I follow his gaze with my eyes, a tremendous sense of embarrassment comes over me.

 (I wonder if it’s weird~… about my breasts~…)

 ”Um… is it weird~?”

 ”About what?”

 ”Well…my breasts~”

 The Confinement King-sama tilted his head slightly.

 ”I don’t know what you’re worried about, but you have very beautiful breasts. Your skin is white and your nipples are like cherry blossom petals, and I just want to stare at them forever”

 ”Always~…!? No, that’s so embarrassing I’d die~”

 When I involuntarily put my hand on my cheek, I felt Confinement King-sama laughing at me.

 ”That’s how beautiful and cute you are”

 ”I-is that so? Then, do I look like a Greek sculpture~, or Venus in beauty~, or the rose loses its color in front of me~, or the moon illuminates its beauty~? Do you mean to say I have the beauty of a heavenly goddess~?”

 ”H-hmmm? W-well, I didn’t say that much, but I guess it would round out to that”

 Confinement King-sama chuckled, grabbed my breasts with both hands and sucked on my nipples.

 ”Oh, oh, oh…”

 I bounce involuntarily.

 (Oh, Confinement King-sama is sucking on my breast!)

 Confinement King-sama squeezed and played with my fruit, and he also licks and sucks both sides of my nipples.

 ”Nnn, Confinement King-sama~, if you suck on my breasts like that~, oh, no, no, no, nnn…”

 The image of an impala being preyed upon by a hyena, a National Geographic channel, flashed through my mind.

 (Oh, I’m being eaten! And so violently, too~! I’m prey, aren’t I~?)

 I can’t help but twist my body in dismay at the unexpected intensity.

 I had imagined a softer caress, but in fact, a fierce oral caress followed my instincts.

 ”Kayama-san’s breast are so soft and comfortable to squeeze. They’re also quite sensitive”

 Confinement King-sama said in a somewhat teasing tone as he licked, sucked, pulled and stretched the cherry-colored bumps.

 ”Hii!? That’s because Confinement King-sama~, Nnn… is doing that~, ahh, nnn…”

 ”Your nipples are getting harder and harder. I guess the way you act with your head held high is very Kayama-san”

 With both hands plucking the two erected nipples, Confinement King-sama rubs them up and down.

 ”Hiii. ah, ah, ah, ahn, stop it… if you do that to me, I, I…”

 It was unbearable to have my lactation organ, which had become sensitive after licking, directly tortured.

 I could only let out a weak, pleading voice, and my hips adorned by the garter belt quivered on their own.

 ”An, no, Confinement King-sama~… Please don’t just abuse my breast~s, ah, nnn, nnn…”

 (I can’t believe I can feel this much from just my breasts~… I’ve never felt this much even when I do it myself, it’s amazing~… Confinement King-sama, it’s amazing~…)

 ”You’re feeling it with your breast, Kayama-san, you’re so cute. You’re so cute I want to tease you”

 ”Oh no, don’t do tha~t… don’t tease me~, please be gentle~”

 The Confinement King-sama looked up at me while sucking on my nipples, and I couldn’t help but hold his head in my arms as I was filled a love from him.

 Then, all of a sudden, Confinement King-sama reached out to my crotch and pulled down my shorts.


 I panicked and tried to stop him, but it was already too late, and he easily took off my underwear, exposing my pubic area.

 ”Oh, it’s so embarrassing, it’s so embarrassing…”

 Confinement King-sama leaned her cheek against my chest and grinned at my embarrassed face.

 ”Haha, you’re so cute, Kayama-san”

 As he says this, he rubs his fingertips over my sensitive spot. He rubbed the outer edge of my sensitive spot.


 I felt as if an electric current ran down my spine, making me jump.

 Then, Confinement King-sama exposed his fluid-covered fingers in front of me, and said teasingly.

 ”You’re so wet. Can’t you see it? You’re a dirty girl”

 ”Oh, please don’t say that~…”

 My face nearly burned from the embarrassment of having my woman’s most private place played with and the symbol of my desire clinging to his fingertips and I couldn’t help but cover my face with my hands.

 But my appearance seemed to have inflamed the Confinement King-sama’s appetite.

 So, he raised himself up from my body and said, “Kayama-san, show me how you spread your legs”.

 ”No, s-something like that~!”

 ”You don’t have the right to refuse. Kayama-san is mine”

 Confinement King-sama’s calm, yet decisive words made my core heat up deep inside my body.

 (Ah… so manly~. I like him~, I love him~. I adore him~. There’s no way I can disobey him~)

 ”…I understand”

 I move my right hand to my crotch and, biting down on my shame, spread my fingers across my cleft.

 The inside of my body is soaked with love juice, and the pink mucous membrane forms a lewd diamond shape, shivering and tingling.

 My cheeks were burning. Steam seemed to be coming out of my head.

 (E-even if it’s for my beloved Confinement King-sama~, this is too embarrassing~…)

 ”What a nasty shape. It’s tingling~. For a young lady, you seem to be quite covetous here~”

 ”Confinement King-sama, please forgive me~, but why do you say such a mean thing to me~?”

 I feel like crying from shame. However, Confinement King-sama looked at me happily and spoke.

 ”A man is a creature that wants to embarrass the girl he loves~. Do you understand what it’s like to feel the need to be so mean to a girl?”

 (Does he love me~? Is that what he means~? If he say so, how can I resist~?)

 The unexpected whisper of love made me feel dizzy. In my head, only the words “I love you” is swirling.

 Meanwhile, Confinement King-sama moved his face to my crotch and began to run his tongue over my vulva, which was covered with my love juice.

 ”Hiii!? Ah, ah, ah! Confinement King-samaaaa…”

 Confinement King-sama’s scorching tongue flicked from the skinned buds, to the petals, to the honey dripping nostrils.

 ”*Slurrp* *Lick Lick…* *Lick Lick* *Slurpppp*”

 ”Haa~, nnn, no, no Confinement King-sama, that place is filthy~. Hii!? Ah, no, don’t lick it~, nnn! No, don’t suck it~…”

 The embarrassment of being sucked on my pussy and having the nectar in my vagina sipped and drunk was too much for me.

 In pleasure and embarrassment, I let out a sweet voice and writhed helplessly on the sheets.

 (Aah! I’m so embarrassed, but it feels so goood~! It feels so good~!)

 Then, when the tip of his tongue peeled the skin of my vulva, my hips bounced up and down. Confinement King-sama began to roll his tongue over the pointy flesh buds and a sharp s*xual sensation ran down my spine.

 ”Ahhh, no! Nnn, you can’t go there~! Aaah, aaah, aaah, aaah, Confinement King-sama~, please forgive me~, please forgive me~, aaah!”

 The waves of pleasure kept coming. I gripped the sheet tightly, and with all my strength, I lifted my hips strongly.

 (What is this~! Ah, it’s so greattt~! It feels so good that I can’t think~! I can’t think of anything else~!)

 ”Kayama-san’s voice is so erotic and exciting. Then, I’ll make love to them too”

 Confinement King-sama’s hands reached out to my breast and pinched my pointed nipples. As he licked my nipples and played with my left and right nipples at the same time, a sharp sensation of pleasure came over me, making me scream out loud.

 ”Hahn, nooooooooo!”

 Simultaneous torture of the upper and lower parts of my body. The double and triple waves of pleasure that hit me numbed the core of my head, and I could no longer even close my mouth.

 The drool that sloppily dripped from the edge of my mouth was so sloppy that it made me dizzy.

 ”Nhiii, it’s coming, it’s cominggg!”

 When I was frightened at the prospect of a fast-approaching climax, Confinement King-sama said to reassure me.

 ”You can cum as hard as you want”

 And then, as if he knew everything about women, he began to drive me over the edge with his insistent caresses.

 ”Oh, no, I’m cumming~! Haa, I’m cummmmmming~!”

 My body tenses and my hips lifted up as if I were bridging, and my white body, adorned with a garter belt, jerked and trembled. It’s a tsunami of pleasure that rushed through me.

 (Haa~, this is amazing~… I’ve never felt anything like this before~)

 The dizzying pleasure gave me the impression that I was ascending to the heavens. And now, I felt the joy of being born a woman.

 (I-I was made to climax by Confinement King-sama…)

 Forgetting to even close my mouth, I let my empty gaze swim in the air.

 And as I was biting down on the joy of being taught s*xual pleasure by my beloved gentleman, Confinement King-sama suddenly moved between my legs.

 ”Confinement King-sama…”

 He grabbed my knees and smiled quietly.

 ”I’m going to insert it. I’m going to make Kayama-san mine”

 ”Yes, please come~, Confinement King-sama~…”

 There’s no reason to resist. The pit of my stomach is quivering with desire to be his.

 Without hesitation, his hips thrust out, and a hard object entered my soft hole.

 ”Nnn, nhh…”

 A narrow passage of flesh that has never known a man. The torment of having it pushed open assaulted me. I’m suffocating. But I’m sure it’s because I’m still untied from my climax, it wasn’t that painful.

 (Confinement King-sama is coming inside me~. Oh, at last~, I’m going to be united with Confinement King-sama~…)

 The joy of the union slowly heats my heart.

 Eventually, after a faint pain, Confinement King-sama’s muscular cock was completely buried inside me up to the root.

 ”Kayama-san, it’s all the way in. Does it hurt?”

 ”No, I’m fine~. It almost doesn’t hurt~. I’ve been riding horses since I was a child~, so that may be the reason~”

 I’ve heard that women who ride horses or do strenuous sports sometimes feel no pain the first time. That’s probably true.

 ”I see. Then I guess it’s okay to move hard”

 As soon as he said that, Confinement King-sama suddenly started to move his hips violently.

 ”Oh, Confinement King-sama!? That’s so sudden~, aan, nnngh! Aah, aah, aah, aah, aah…”

 Confinement King-sama is ravishing my freshly lost innocence. However, despite the intensity, there was no pain, and the pleasure of being rubbed against the folds of my flesh only made my rational mind go wild.

 (Oh, it’s greattt, it feels so goooood~! I-is this really something that feels so good~?)

 ”Aah, don’t, don’t thrust me so hard~, nnn! Ahh, it’s so good, it’s rubbing~, it’s rubbing~! Ahhh, no! Ah, nooo, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ahhh!”

 I clutched the sheet tightly, and was wildly excited by the violent pumping. It’s like a storm. Confinement King-sama thrusts his hips nimbly as he gazes down happily at my dishevelled form.

 ”You’re a virgin, but I can’t believe you feel it this great. It looks like I don’t have to hold back”

 As soon as the Confinement King-sama says this, he puts my legs on his shoulders and rolls my upper body and make me look toward the ceiling. My body is forcibly folded in half.

 ”W-w-w-what kind of shameful position is this!? I-I don’t want to be in this embarrassing position!”

 ”In this position, I can connect with you deeply. Look, like this…”

 Confinement King-sama moves his hips, and the vaginal wall on my abdomen is rubbed up.

 ”Ah, nhiii!?”

 I feel a flash of excitement in front of my eyes. I couldn’t help but let out an urgent cry.

 ”It feels good here, doesn’t it?”

 Confinement King-sama asked me happily, as he thrusted his hips in and out of me.

 ”Nhh…Confinement King-sama~… D-don’t do this to me~…”

 ”You have a nice face. I can’t believe I’m making a classy young lady look so vulgar. I’ll rub you more, come on, come on!”

 ”Ah, no! Ah, ah, wahhh! Ahhh! Aaahhhh!”

 He moves his hips faster and rubs my sensitive spot relentlessly, giving me a dizzying feeling of pleasure.

 (This is too good! It feels so good, I think I’m going to die!)

 Eventually, just as I was about to cum, Confinement King-sama suddenly slowed down his movements.


 ”You said you wanted me to be gentle”

 I was one step closer to reaching the top, but I couldn’t. Such soft stimulation won’t get me to the top. It’s killing me alive.

 ”Don’t do this to me~… please… make it harder~”

 I plead weakly with a broken face.

 ”You’re so cute when you’re honest, Kayama-san. Good. I’ll do it harder and harder. So hard that you won’t be able to think about anything else…”

 Immediately, he starts pumping like he’s on fire.

 *Thump*! *Thump*! He thrusts hard into the depths of my vagina, pushing me to climax at once.

 ”Something like this… ah, hyaaa, noooo! I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cummmmmmmming!”

 As I was going wild, Confinement King-sama was looking at me with a look of pleasure on his face.

 (Oh, Confinement King-sama is happy~… I’m glad~…)

 As soon as I thought that, a tremendous pleasure that seemed to sear my brain came upon me, and my consciousness was swallowed up in the white light.

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