Confinement 209

Chapter 209 First Floor Story, Second Floor Story

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 Just after the first climax, the sound of the level-up echoed through the air.


 ”Yui Kayama’s state has changed to [Subjugated]”

 ”Along with that, the following functions are now available”

 ”● Manners(Manners) Instructor(Coach)”

 ”This function allows you to enforce your own manners on others. However, you cannot use multiple manners at the same time”


 I’m not sure if Kayama-san has the constitution to feel easily, but she was very excited after just one time of climax and from then on, she was at my mercy with a face full of love and debauchery.

 What I felt from her was an excessive longing for me, an atmosphere of almost worship.

 I thought that I could bring her to [Enslaved] at once with this feeling, but even though she came three more times, she was only [Subjugated] and the time was up.

 I had to get her home before the people in the Fujiwara house woke up.

 The time was now just after four o’clock.

 I give her a shower, change her into a new maid’s uniform, and take her back to the house.

 I gave her a little energy drink from the demon world, and stepped through the door with her hand in mine.

 The door connected us to a place I had been before. That is, the parlor of the Fujiwara family.

 In the same house, there is a devil doll.

 The thought of that made my cheeks twitch with tension.

 But now we’re in the main house’s parlor and the room where Fujiwara-san, or rather the devil doll, is located is on the second floor. On the other hand, the room assigned to Kayama-san was located on the first floor of the detached house.

 ”Confinement King-sama, this way please~”

 With Kayama-san’s lead, I moved to the detached room, keeping a watchful eye on my surroundings.

 As I walked, I heard the sound of my bare feet in the wooden hallway. Then, after a few moments, at the end of the main building, I saw a light coming on in the window.

 ”It’s about time for the cooks to start preparing breakfast~”

 Kayama-san whispers in my ear.

 When I reached the private room where she lived, I let out a deep breath.

 For the time being, I’m relieved. I’m sure no one noticed me.

 Her room was very plain, with almost no personal belongings.

 There were two beds.

 Until a while ago, she and her mother had shared the room.

 The furniture and furnishings look expensive, but there is almost no smell of daily life. According to Kayama-san, the time she spends in this room is very short, and her few belongings all end up in the closet.

 ”Once you come, I’ll open the door directly here next time”

 ”Night crawl… I’ll be waiting”

 ”Eh? Uh, yeah… well, maybe some other time”

 Smiling at Kayama-san’s feverish gaze, I set up a <One-time door> on one of the walls.

 ”This is a one-time door. It will disappear after you use it once, but if something dangerous happens, you can run here. I’ve made sure it leads to the dining room”

 I told her, and she nodded nervously.

 ”I’m confident that I’ll be able to help you”

 ”Yes, but… But before being useful~, you should prioritize running away if you’re in danger~. Kayama-san is my precious girl too~”

 ”Very important…very important… Ufufu, isn’t that so?”

 ”Yes, that’s right”

 When I kissed her lightly in farewell, she looked at me with a feverish look on her face.

 It seemed as if I was the hero of a hard-boiled movie.

◇ ◇ ◇

 A light shone outside the window, around the edge of the main house. From downstairs, I could hear the sound of doors opening and closing.

 Apparently, the servants of this house are up very early.

 ”Annabelle, what do you see? Did you find out anything?”

 ”Not much at all about this girl. At least I don’t know Laplace’s girl…”

 I sit down on the bed and look around, mildly annoyed by the devil doll’s mindless speech.

 Mai Koganei’s room.

 The furniture and furnishings are first-rate. It’s a messy place, but she seems to be living a cheeky good life.

 (Even though she’s a dirty bitch who’s been gang raped by a bunch of men)

 On her desk, there is a pile of what seems to be materials for pins, and not a single book. It seems she still can’t study.

 I stop my eyes on one of the pins that I am about to make. There was a familiar face printed on it.

 (Junichi Kasuya? I wonder if Koganei has something to do with him?)

 He’s the boyfriend of my cute sister, Hikaru-chan, and he’s the reckless boy who came to our office.

 I don’t know if it’s a bit like a grudge match, but if this boy hadn’t come in, I wouldn’t have been forced into the situation I’m in now.

 I need to make things right, even if I have to do it later. After catching him and giving him a good beating, I can give him to Hikaru.

 ”You know, there’s a boy in her memory who comes to her aid at the right time, so I’m thinking of meeting him and checking him out”

 Annabelle tells me, and I nod my head.

 ”Is that Junichi Kasuya?”

 ”Kasuya-chi? Who? It’s Fu~min. Fumio Kijima, my loving darling”

 ”He’s not yours. So, what’s he like?”

 ””H(*)e(*)'(*)s(*)-(*)a(*)-(*)h(*)o(*)t(*) g(*)u(*)y(*)””

 Okay, so he’s not Junichi Kasuya.

 Then, what’s that Kasuya pins for?

 Could it be that Hikaru is having Koganei make it?

 ”Is he suspicious?”

 ”It’s not that he’s suspicious, it’s just that the timing of his appearance is quite incredible. So, I was wondering if Wan-chan, Laplace’s girl might be helping him…”

 ”The devil must be helping him…”

 To be honest, I don’t have much hope for this story.

 I wonder if Koganei has anything to do with it.

 Almost at the same time as I tilted my head, Annabelle clapped her hands.

 ”Oh, yes. Remember how someone interrupted me when I took over this girl? The blonde foreign girl. She came to see me today”


 I watched her from a distance, but she wasn’t a normal person.

 Even if Ulrich is just a kid, it’s no small feat to overpower a beast man as a human.

 ”What does she want?”

 ”Ahaha, she wants payment for saving me. She’s despicable, isn’t she? She called herself Detective JK”

 (Detective JK? I’ve heard that before…)

 ”It was a couple of foreign girls, just…”


 ”They seemed to have activated some kind of magic…”

 ”Why didn’t you say so first, idiot?”

 ”I can’t help it. This girl whom I copied is an idiot”

 Annabelle puffed out her cheeks.

 I’ve heard that devil dolls can copy not only memories, but also personalities and habits.

 Knowing the sneering gloom of the past, I feel quite uncomfortable, but I guess this is the Koganei of today.

 But if Liliamos is behind that foreign woman, her strength is understandable.

 Liliamos must have given her abilities to the foreign woman, just as my husband(Danna-sama) gave me his abilities.

 And since the foreigner came to her the next day and asked for money even though she had left without asking her name, it would be unreasonable to claim that she was just passing by.

 Perhaps, the foreign woman is aware of the fact that Annabelle is a devil doll.

 ”Annabelle, what did they do to you? You felt their magic?”

 ”No, not really, it was just for a second”

 ”Anyway… we can’t just leave them like that. Do you know where they are? “

 ”I don’t know, but, oh, by the way, tomorrow is… I mean today. When we were chatting, she said she was going to the local track and field stadium”

 ”Track and field?”

 ”She’s coaching the track and field club”

 I gulped.

 The mastermind behind the kidnapping of the track and field club was Liliamos Laplace. A coach with magical powers is black, black, and black.

 After a series of misunderstandings, the story went to the track and field competition.

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