Confinement 210

Chapter 210 A flower in each hand No, no, no, it’s a picture of hell

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 After climbing up the stairs, I arrived at the top of the audience stand.

 I see a clear summer sky in the bright sunlight.

 On there, white clouds are rising in the distance.

 And below it, the green of the natural grass spreads out.

 On the reddish-brown track that surrounds this field, several athletes are probably doing their warm-up. They were running lightly, as if checking their form.

 (I guess it’s a good day for sports…)

 The sun was hot, but the breeze blowing through was slightly cool. My hands were wet with water droplets floating on the plastic bottle I held.

 ”I’ve never been here before, but… it’s pretty nice”

 I muttered to myself as I looked around.

 It was a municipal track and field stadium located in a large park just outside the station, one train stop from the nearest station.

 The website says that it has a capacity of 20,000 people, which is quite impressive even for a public facility.

 I had come to the track and field competition to cheer for Saori-chan. In addition, I discovered for the first time from the pamphlet handed to me at the entrance that this was the prefectural championship.

 As I sat down on a plastic seat, I looked at the field again.

 On the side of the track, I see a number of schools gathering together. Several groups are visible. As it was a prefectural tournament, there seemed to be quite a number of participants.

 ”Let’s see… our track and field club…”

 I looked from the edge of the field to the end, and found some familiar girls in the front.

 From here, I could see their expressions.

 That’s about as far as I could see.

 As I sat down casually, it seemed that this was a good place to sit.

 When I looked again, the first thing I noticed was the blond-haired coach. I guess that’s Claudia-san’s sister(Onee-san).

 (…I’ll name her “Saint★Onee-san”)

 Based on Fujiwara-san’s story and the information Lili gathered, I already know that Claudia-san and her sister are saints empowered by angels.

 (With angels as my enemies, I feel like a full-fledged bad guy…)

 Whether I’m a bad guy or not is debatable, but in any case, there is a great possibility that Saint★Onee-san will decide that I’m an enemy and attack me. There is no better way than to be careful.

 Around Saint★Onee-san, among the girls stretching there, I saw my girls.

 Tashiro-san is pushing Shima-san, who is bending forward. Kei-chan is lying on her back, not moving an inch.

 (Well…Kei-chan, you should stretch properly)

 Shiratori-san, on the other hand, is alone at a distance. She seems to be as uncoordinated as she looks. Then, Saori-chan is stretching her legs desperately, with a clearly nervous face.

 They were all wearing matching uniforms, white with pink tints.

 Although I had never seen them properly, the uniforms of the women’s track and field club seemed to be quite revealing.

 I suppose it is common to see the navel showing, but as an adolescent boy, it is quite difficult to look at the belly of a girl in my class.

 The navel is too much for me…. I may think so, but this is a different story now.

 Although, nudity and uniforms are two different things.

 …Ah, the story has deviated.

 As a precaution to Saint★Onee-san, I sent a message to Tashiro-san, Shima-san and Kei-chan beforehand, instructing them to pretend that they have never met me. Shiratori-san should not try to get involved with me even if I leave her alone.

 Today, I’m just a person related to Saori-chan.

 ”Let’s see… she’s going to compete in the women’s 100m and 400m, right?”

 I took the pamphlet handed to me at the entrance out of my pocket and looked at it.

 In the morning are the preliminary rounds.

 The 100 meters is the first event.

 Apparently, it’s Saori-chan’s turn.

 (I see… that’s why she was so nervous)

 When I looked up from the pamphlet, I saw Saori-chan waving at me.

 She seemed to have noticed me.

 I waved back, and Saori-chan smiled, as if relieved.

 Behind her, Tashiro-san looked envious, and started to wave at me, but then grabbed her hand with her other hand to stop herself, a mysterious behavior.

 ”Shut up, my right arm!”, She looked like a person suffering from “Chuunibyou”.

 Well… I’m sorry.

 I felt a bit guilty and looked away.

 I looked around the stadium again, but there weren’t many people.

 There are only parents and friends of the players sitting around, one by one.

 What piqued my interest was that an old man holding a bazooka-like camera was leaned forward from the railing and snapping the shutter.

 At first, I thought he was an official photographer, but he didn’t seem to be, as he wasn’t wearing any armbands and he was smirking like a creep.

 I can’t help but wonder if he’s looking at my girls in a dirty way.

 (…I don’t want to cause a scene, but I want to get rid of that old man as soon as possible)

 While I was thinking about that…

 ”Huh? Fumio!”

 I heard a girl’s voice behind me.

 I turn around and see Claudia-san wearing a baseball cap.

 She is wearing a white camisole top. She is dressed in a rough but stylish fashion of tight jeans and a pair of mules.

 She was attracting a lot of attention because she was a complete foreigner in appearance.

 ”What are you doing? …Oh, I see, you’re cheering for Saori”

 ”Yes, yes. Claudia-san, are you accompanying your sister?”

 ”Yeah, and I thought I’d at least support Saori-chan since we’re friends”

 After saying so, she smiles at me.

 She’s friendly, but she’s a saint who has been given a power by angels(TinnyTL). To be honest, I can’t let her off the hook.

 After all, I’m a bad guy who was given power by the devil. The fact that we’re talking to each other like this is strange to begin with.

 But she sits down next to me.

 (Hey hey, she’s not planning to watch the game with me, is she?)

 Even so, I can’t suddenly toss her aside.

 (I’m in trouble…)

 At about the same time I was muttering this in my heart, I heard the girl’s voice again from behind me.

 ”Ahaha, is that you, Fu~min? What is it! What are you doing here?”

 I turned around and froze.

 There she was, Fujiwara-san in her usual gal mode… of course, that’s not possible.

 (Hiiiiiiiiiii!? D-devil doll!?)

 I scream inwardly but smile smugly.

 The real Fujiwara-san is pinned up. She’s sleeping soundly in my bed.

 (I’m surprised. No matter how I look at it, she’s like Fujiwara-san…)

 I was confident.

 The other person is a fake. Fujiwara-san is my girlfriend. So, there’s no way I can’t see through a fake.

 But I realized that was just overconfidence.

 Fujiwara-san is never going to be here. I don’t have any doubts because I can say so, but otherwise, I would have been confused whether it was real or fake.

 The devil doll has Fujiwara-san’s face, with an expression typical of Fujiwara-san.

 ”It feels so good to have Fu~min here. I’m so lucky, I’m super excited!”

 With that, she sits down next to me and looks at Claudia-san next to her, “Oh?” She looked puzzled.

 ”You’re the detective from yesterday, aren’t you?”

 As soon as the devil doll said that, Claudia-san said, “Cough! Cough! Cough!” Claudia-san coughed loudly and deliberately.


 I tilted my head deliberately, and Claudia-san waved her hands in the air.

 ”Turntable! I mean turntable, I’m also a DJ, so it’s like a nickname, a nickname!”

 It’s a very bitter excuse, but I don’t want to get into it further.

 Then Claudia-san, with a tight smile on her face, opened her mouth to the devil doll.

 ”Haha, hello there! What a coincidence to meet you here, Fujiwara-ojousama! What brings you here?”

 ”I’m supporting an acquaintance. Don’t tell me you want to cheat me? Detective, you’re not after Fu~min, are you?”

 ”No! No! Of course not! Fumio and I just live in the same neighborhood!”

 Claudia-san shouts loudly, attracting the attention of everyone around her. Well, if a foreigner is shouting in fluent Japanese, anyone would be curious.

 ”I see, heh~”

 And the devil doll smiled.

 ”Well, the three of us will cheer together!”

 Fujiwara-san said with her typical cheerfulness.

 I stiffened involuntarily. Claudia-san’s eyes rolled up in her head, as if she was surprised. The devil doll was truly happy.

 It was only fifteen minutes after I arrived at the stadium.

 Under a clear, midsummer sky, in a corner of the stands of the track and field stadium, saints with the power of angels, villains with the power of devil, and devil dolls, which are devils themselves, gathered in one place.

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