Confinement 211

Chapter 211 Bikuuuuuu

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 ”Fujiwara-senpai, you don’t have to be with him all the time…”

 I couldn’t help but raise my voice.

 After all, when I looked up at the stands and saw big brother(Onii-chan), he was sandwiched by Claudia-san and Fujiwara-senpai side by side, with a twitching smile on his face.

 Claudia-san is perfectly fine.

 She’s probably just accompanying Coach Jolanda(Yolanda) and happened to meet him.

 But as for Fujiwara-senpai, I don’t think she has any reason to come to this venue unless big brother(Onii-chan) invites her.

 (Uuu… it’s terrible, Onii-chan)

 I know.

 I’m just a sister(Imouto) to him. I know I’m not in a position to be jealous.

 But I thought today would be the day we’d be alone.

 Of course, it won’t be like we’re lovers, but he can eat the lunch I made. I was so looking forward to spending time with him that I couldn’t sleep at night.

 It was a big win for me.

 I wonder if Fujiwara-senpai will join us for lunch?

 If Fujiwara-senpai gives big brother(Onii-chan) an “Aaaaa” with the lunch I made, I might cry.

 And now, despite I have to run a hundred meters, my mind is already in a mess.

 (This is sucks…)

 As the announcement of the assembly of the runners for the 100 meters rang out, I walked towards the assembly point, holding my heart in a turmoil.


 ”What’s up, Moribe? You’re about to run, aren’t you? So you’d better get fired up!”

 Shima-senpai slaps my butt.

 ”Uuu, Shima-pai…”

 ”What’s with the pathetic voice?”

 ”Actually, the neighbor’s Onii-chan came to support me today, and we promised to have dinner together, but…”

 ”Neighbor’s Onii-chan? Oh, you mean the guy you have a crush on?”

 ”Yes, but he came with his girlfriend…”

 ”What a jerk!? What kind of guy is he?!”

 ”Over there…”

 I pointed to the stand, and Shima-senpai squinted her eyes, following my fingertip.

 And the next moment…

 *Flinchhh(Bikuuuu)*!? she flinched up and down with a spectacular leap.


 ”Eh!? Oh, no! No, it’s nothing. He’s ugly, but he’s holding flowers in both of his hands, how is it possible?”

 I was a bit annoyed at Shima-senpai’s twitchy smile.

 ”Onii-chan is not ugly. He’s just unique”

◇ ◇ ◇

 Moribe, in a slightly angry mood, walked to the players’ assembly point. I can’t help but let out a sigh as I watch her walk away.

 ”Kijima… what is he doing?”

 This morning, I got a message from Kijima, telling me that Fujiwara-chan has been hijacked by the devil. He told me that the two coach’s sisters were working for the angels.

 But what kind of situation is he in now, sandwiched between the devil’s pawn and the angel’s pawn?

 At the end of the message, he said, “Be careful. If something happens, run away. Don’t worry, I’ll come to your rescue if it comes to that”.

 (…You’re the one who should be careful, you idiot)

 When I was dumbfounded…

 ”What’s the matter, Shima? You look as if you’ve eaten an astringent persimmon[1]”

 Ui-chan patted my butt.

 ”The term “Astringent Persimmon” does not come out from today’s JKs”

 ”But, every year, we grow astringent persimmons in our house”

 ”Well, I don’t care about astringent persimmons, look at them”

 For some reason, Ui-chan is proud of her persimmons, but I urge her to look toward the stands.

 Ui-chan follows my direction with her eyes, and as soon as she sees the stands, she is

 *Flinchhh(Bikuuuu)*!? she flinched up and down with a spectacular leap.

 ”What, what, what? What’s going on here?”

 ”I want to know too”

 ”Awawawa, the Confinement King is in trouble! W-w-w-what should we do?”

 When Ui-chan started to get nervous, I slapped her head to calm her down.

 ”Don’t panic, there’s nothing we can do”

 ”T-that’s true, but…”

 At the same time Ui-chan lowers her eyebrows pathetically, Shiratori is about to pass in front of her. I hurriedly caught her neck.

 ”Hey! Wait a minute!”

 ”…What is it?”

 It seems my niece is in a foul mood with her mouth agape. Well, it’s not the first time she’s done that.

 I tuck my chin and point toward the stands.

 ”You know what I mean, don’t you? What’s going on there?”


 Shiratori looked surprised for a moment, then made a gesture as if trying to hold back a headache.

 ”What is he doing… that guy?”

 ”That’s what I’m asking you!”

 Then, after a pause for thought, she said with a stern face.

 ”…It’s none of my business”

 ”What do you mean you don’t care!”

 Ui-chan shouted, and Coach Jolanda walked over to us.

 ”What are you doing! The kidnapping incident has made people look at you in a different light! Don’t cause any trouble”

 Shiratori cowered and pointed towards the stands as the coach yelled at us.

 ”Shouldn’t you be more worried about them than us?”


 The coach languidly turns her head toward the stands…

 *Flinchhh(Bikuuuu)*!? she flinched up and down with a spectacular leap

◇ ◇ ◇

 To my eyes, Fumio’s attitude toward Mai Fujiwara looked rather awkward.

 He seemed frightened, wary, or something like that.

 (It doesn’t look like a cooperative relationship…. There’s a chance he’s being blackmailed and exploited)

 Meanwhile, on the track, the men’s 100 meters were over, and an announcement was made for the women’s 100 meters.

 ”So, which girl is Fu~min’s sister?”

 ”Eh… she’s the one who’s walking towards the starting position…”

 ”Oh, she’s running now! Then I’ll have to cheer her on! Since she’s Fu~min’s sister, which means she’s also my sister”


 Fumio has a twitchy smile on his face, and Miss(Fujiwara) Fujiwara(Ojou-san) is innocently flirting with Fumio.

 I’m not sure if innocent is the right word for a devil.

 Why did the devil come all the way here in the first place?

 (Is she trying to cause a larger-scale kidnapping?)

 …It’s quite possible.

 In my opinion, the purpose of the kidnapping is to gather people who can be used as pawn, I think. That’s the case with the four first-year students who are still missing.

 The maid who attacked me when I went to recruit Hikaru was one of them.

 If they are kidnapping a large number of people, leaving only those who can be used in some way, and releasing the rest, it would make sense.

 And if there is some reason why they need to be on the track and field club, then this tournament is the perfect opportunity.

 Should I stop her?

 No, no, if something big happens here, the TV special that Shiratori has planned for us, “Detective JK vs Confinement King”, will become even more exciting.

 I think I should evacuate to stay out of it, or even actively support it.

◇ ◇ ◇

 When I saw Saori-chan standing at the starting line, I took advantage of it and got up from my seat. I ran up to the railing in front of me and leaned forward.

 ”Saori-chan! Do your best!”

 I shouted, and Saori-chan looked surprised, then turned her head shyly.

 She’s so shy. Yeah, she’s cute. My little sister(Imouto) is cute.

 (Oh, that’s right)

 I take out my phone and start up the camera. I’m going to capture Saori-chan in all her glory. Yes, it’s very brotherly.

 But then, at the same time, I hear a “tsk” from right next to me.

 That’s the old man who was holding a camera like a bazooka.

 (He’s not very nice, is he?)

 When I stared at him with annoyance, he hurriedly picked up his bag and ran away.

 (What is it?)

 As I twist my head, I hear the murmuring voices of the men’s track and field club members coming from below the stands. I looked down and saw several of them pointing at me.

 ”There’s a voyeur here!”

 I jumped involuntarily at the sound of such voices.


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