Confinement 212

Chapter 212 Cold eyess

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 ”There’s a voyeur here!”

 Such a voice rang out from the men’s track and field club members gathered below the stands by the side of the track. Immediately, the surrounding area is filled with a noisy atmosphere.

 (…Oh, by the way, was that on the news?)

 Recently, it seems that there are people who take inappropriate and unhealthy pictures of girls in club activities and upload them on the Internet.

 Especially in this area, there are people who break into the school and take pictures of the girls, and it has become a big problem.

 (Is it the Bazooka old man earlier!?)

 The first person who raised his voice must have pointed at Old Man Bazooka.

 However, the old man Bazooka ran away in a hurry, so he pointed the next person beside him and it was me who looked from the stands holding up a phone.

 A brilliant false accusation. I’m finished.

 I, too, should have realized that the old man Bazooka was taking pictures of the girl when I first saw him, and I should have called the police as soon as possible.

 But for some reason, I didn’t think of that.

 I thought that I would get rid of him later myself.

 Thinking back, it was a terribly “C(*)o(*)n(*)f(*)i(*)n(*)e(*)m(*)e(*)n(*)t(*)-(*)K(*)i(*)n(*)g(*)” way of thinking.

 I don’t know why. Maybe I have a natural habit of avoiding the police.

 After all, I am still a criminal, even if I have not been found out.

 (In any case, this is a problem…)

 I hurriedly looked around, but there was no more old man Bazooka on the stands, and the scornful gazes of the parents watching from afar pierced me.

 ”No, I’m not! No, no, no! It’s not like that!”

 I hurriedly tried to appeal to them by waving my hands, but their eyes were already cold. It’s too late now.

 (That ma’am over there. Stop covering your child’s eyes! It’s not indecent! Oh, yes. If I can just get the girls to prove I’m not a voyeur…)

 As if seeking salvation, I look back at Fujiwara-san… or Devil Doll and Claudia-san…

 ”They’re not(Itehenyan) here!?” (*Note: いてへんやーん)

 For some reason, the Kansai dialect came out of my mouth.

 The infectious ability of the Shima virus is unbelievable.

 Recently, even Masaki-chan has been saying “Why(Nande) not(yanen)?” with a strange intonation.

 I shuddered at the signs of a pandemic.

 No, no, the Kansai dialect pandemic is not important at this moment. This is not the time to be talking about it.

 Not even a minute had passed since I had left my seat to cheer up, and yet the two of them, the devil doll and Claudia-san, were nowhere to be seen.

 (Did one of them set me up? No, no, no way)

 Honestly, I think it’s unlikely. No one knows if I’m going to start filming with my phone there or not.

 Of course, the girls and I have been hiding our true intentions from each other. Even if they acted friendly on the surface, they were still enemies to begin with.

 So, there is no reason for them to come to help me, and it is natural for them to evacuate quickly. In fact, it is wrong to ask for help there.

 Glancing down at the field, I see Saori-chan standing in the far lane of the track.

 I want to cheer her up, but this is not the right time.

 (Should I run away? But… I’m not doing anything wrong, right? Not today, though)

 Not today. After all, I’m full of guilt normally.

 After some hesitation, I finally decided to run away.

 But even as I rushed out, it was already too late.

 Countless footsteps came running up the stairs with a sound like the rumbling of the earth.

 As I looked to my left and right for a way out, a bunch of male track and field club members in shorts started walking up to the audience stand.

 There must have been about twenty of them, and their uniforms were of different colors.

 It appears that the men’s track and field club members from the participating schools were collaborating across school boundaries. They approach me with the ulterior motive of being told that they are “cool” in order to demonstrate their good points to the girls.

 Of course, I don’t know if they are really thinking like that, but they must be. The source is me. At least, that’s what I would think if I were in a position to hunt down a voyeur.

 Eventually, a group of man rushed in from the stairs and surrounded me as if to intimidate me.

 I backed away involuntarily and hit my back against the railing facing the field.

 At that moment, bang! A starter pistol sound echoed.

 Now, Saori-chan must have made her start.

 However, although I was concerned about her, I had no time to look at her.

 After all, the men were slowly approaching me with their arms folded.

 But I raise my voice to them.

 ”H-hey, what is it? What do you want?”

 I’m trying my best to keep up a pretense, but my eyes are probably swimming. In spite of everything, I am essentially a bullied child. Things that scare me was scare me. Of course, I’m scared.

 ”What are you talking about!? Aren’t you a voyeur!”

 A man in green shorts, in the middle of the group of men, shouted at me as if to intimidate me.

 He looked handsome in his own way, but his hair was parted in the center, with a two-block style. He looks like a glans.

 I will henceforth refer to him as “Penis(Peni)-(-)man(otto)”.

 ”That’s a false accusation! I wasn’t trying to take a picture of anyone, I was just trying to take a picture of my sister(Imouto) competing…”

 Then Penis-man became more and more arrogant, shouting at me.

 ”Shut up, you s*x offender! If you so insist, why don’t you lend me your phone? We’ll find out what’s in it!”

 Penis-man held out his hand, and the mob in shorts around him said, “That’s right! That’s right!”.

 Why are track and field shorts so short?

 And why do these guys have such beautiful legs? Do they take care of their hair?

 I can’t stop thinking about it, even though I don’t really care about it. Maybe it’s just an act of escapism, but…

 ”Well, then…”

 I was about to give my phone to him, but I came to my senses.

 I’m sure I didn’t take any voyeur.

 But there’s something even worse on this phone. Specifically, there are a lot of s*xually explicit images in it.

 In particular, the image of Ryoko the bunny girl with a vibrator stuck in her two holes, which I just received this morning, is still in an unorganized state directly under the download folder.

 If he opens the folder, it’ll be popped right then and there. It’s a dangerous thing.

 If an active female detective were to be caught sending pornographic images of herself to students, she would inevitably be disciplined and dismissed. She would die socially.

 But most of all, I’m afraid that Ryoko seems unconcerned, and says, “Now I can be by your side forever”.

 ”I-I have my own privacy, too!”

 I hurriedly hid my phone behind my back, and the mob in shorts all stood up in anger.

 ”I knew it, you’re taking pictures!”

 ”Take him to the police!”

 ”Hey! Somebody gets a rope!”

 The men in shorts came closer and closer, saying disturbing things. There’s nothing more unpleasant than having a man approach me.

 (Should I open the door and run in… or drag them in?)

 For a moment, I thought about that, but I can’t use my ability in such a public place.

 If I could use a <Paralyze(Stun)>, I could disable these people in an instant, but I can’t use it outside “the room”

 In the end, I’m essentially the same as before.

 When I turned my head down, Penis-man shouted as if he was proud of his victory.

 ”Han! You’ve got the look of a voyeur, you know that? You must’ve had a hard time getting women to take you seriously. You’ve got to give up now! You ugly bastard!”

 I’m sorry. I want to say something back to him, but when I’m surrounded by so many people, my legs cower.

 ”Well, I…”

 Just as I was about to say this, a dignified girl’s voice rang out from behind a crowd of mob in shorts.

 ”Who says women don’t take him seriously?”

 Instantly, the noise dies away, and all the eyes of the mob in shorts are drawn to the source of the voice.

 At the top of the stands.

 There, against the morning sun, stood two slender, well-dressed girls.

 They were both wearing wide-brimmed hats and large sunglasses that looked like the compound eyes of dragonflies. They were both wearing different things, but both were stylish girls who looked like they had stepped out of a fashion magazine.

 As if to push aside the confused mob in shorts, the two girls walk up to me.

 As if bewildered by the approaching pair, the crowd split in two.

 ”In the first place, Fumi-kun is nothing compared to a bunch of guys like you”

 ”The backbiting of unattractive men is disgusting. It’s so pathetic that it’s unbearable to watch”

 They walk up to me, saying this in a disgusted tone, clinging to my arms from both sides, and removing their sunglasses.

 Of course, it’s two people I know well.

 ”Misuzu… and Akira”

 They are Misuzu Kurosawa and Akira Mizuki.

 They were a pair of models who looked like they had stepped out of a fashion magazine, but that was not a metaphor at all.

 ”W-what… are you doing here?”

 I asked in confusion, to which Misuzu smiled and replied.

 ”I’m supporting Kei-chan. I’m her guardian, after all. And since Akira was looking bored, I invited her”

 ”I’m not bored! Because you said I might be able to meet Mast… F-Fumio-san…”

 They were unconcerned, but the mob in shorts were worse than unconcerned.

 As I watched them clinging to me with enraptured faces, I heard people saying, “Oh, that’s Mizuzu, isn’t it?”, “Isn’t that the model, Akira Mizuki!?”, “For real!?”, “I-I don’t understand why they’re attached to that guy”. Their voices were a mixture of astonishment and jealousy.

 The poorest of all was Penis-man, who was in a frenzy.

 He looked around puzzledly, and then called out, “Oh, umm…”.

 However, Misuzu glared at him, “Haaa!?” .

 That cold stare that used to be directed at me was now piercing through him.

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