Confinement 213

Chapter 213 D*ck D*ck Overstatement

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Currently, I was three meters behind the runner in front of me.

And at last, I crossed the goal line, slowed down and came to a slow stop.

“Haa, haa, haa…”

I was breathing unevenly.

Sweat dripped from my forehead and trickled down my cheeks, staining the reddish-brown track.

This is why I have been called promised bottom.

I’m not disappointed, because I didn’t expect to win from the start.

Besides, the time itself was my personal best.

I think it was because big brother(Onii-chan) encouraged me to do my best.

I joined the track and field club for half a year to overcome my shyness.

This is the best I can do for now.

However, when I saw big brother(Onii-chan) with Fujiwara-senpai, I felt a little depressed, but he loudly told me to “Do your best”.

Big brother(Onii-chan) looks at me, calls me by name, and cheers me on even if his girlfriend is with him. That’s enough to keep me going. That’s what I thought.

(Didn’t you see me… Onii-chan? I did my best!)

I mutter in my heart and look up at the top of the stands, but…

――Big brother(Onii-chan) had his back turned to me.



“He didn’t see meeeee!?”

He wasn’t looking.

No, I could tell that he wasn’t turning away because he didn’t want to see me.

I don’t know what’s going on, but big brother(Onii-chan) is surrounded by members of the other school’s boys’ club.

(W-w-what’s happen? Did Onii-chan do something wrong?)

I saw Big brother(Onii-chan) is fuming, and the boys are upset.

The atmosphere is unsettling, no matter how I look at it. I can’t make out what they’re saying, but they look as if they’re about to grab him.

“I-I have to do something!?”

–I think, but I don’t know what to do.

As I was looking at them in a daze, I was scolded by the goal line staff, “Hurry up and get out of the way”.

Anyway, when I ran toward the stands to get closer to them, I heard a voice saying, “There’s a voyeur here” in the conversation of people who were looking up at him from below.

(Onii-chan has been mistaken for a voyeur!?)

Of course, I know that big brother(Onii-chan) is not the kind of person who would do such a thing.

Before that, Fujiwara-senpai and Claudia-san were also with him at the stand.

So, there was no one who would take a picture under such circumstances.


“Onii-chan would never do such a thing!” I almost shouted, but kept my mouth shut.

After all, some people stare back at me at the same time. They suffocate me, and when the time comes, I can’t speak

As I afraid of attracting attention, I cowered a little.

(W-what should I do? What should I do!?)

But, while I’m dazed, the people around me begin to make a lot of noise.

(What? What?)

I hurriedly looked up to see big brother(Onii-chan)’s figure on the stand. On either side of him, there were two slim and stylish women clinging to him closely.

(Another woman againnnnn!?)

I was surprised. It was as surprising as the twist of fate in the middle story of PC98 (3.5 inch version) “De(デ)*(〇)ia(イア)”.

At first I thought it was Claudia-san and Fujiwara-senpai, but their styles were completely different. They were beautiful women wearing wide-brimmed hats.

On closer inspection, one of them looked familiar to me.

Someone well-known at school. I believe she was Kurosawa-senpai.

I don’t know about the other one, but I can hear puzzled voices around me saying, “Hey, that’s Akira Mizuki, isn’t it?”

Apparently, the other woman was also a celebrity.

The two of them are clinging to big brother(Onii-chan) from both sides with their faces full of fascination.

(O-Onii-chan… what are those people doing?)

This is not the time.

I know it’s not that important, but with the appearance of new women, my lunch alone with big brother(Onii-chan) is no longer possible, so I sit there with a slump.

◇ ◇ ◇


Misuzu’s ice-cold gaze pierced him, and P**is-man retreated as if he was panicked.

(Yes, I know. I know what you are feeling, P**is-man. Misuzu’s eyes are so scary…)

Experience tells. It’s really scary.

But when P**is-man looked up at me, he held his feet and shouted.

“I-I don’t care if you’re a model or not, but please keep away from him! He’s a voyeur!”

Oh, come on, P**is-man. Isn’t that a different tone from what you said to me?

Then Misuzu and Akira looked at each other and laughed.

“A voyeur?”

“That’s a terrible misunderstanding”

P**is-man’s voice rose at their attitude.

“T-that’s why! I’m asking him to let me look in his phone! If there’s nothing, I’ll forgive him”

But as soon as he said that, Misuzu’s and Akira’s mood changed completely.

Their anger swelled. I wondered if it was because of their status as a model that they were strangely powerful despite being slender girls.

“Heh… Forgive you… you say…”

“I’m sorry, isn’t that normal? I didn’t mean to raise suspicions…”

Misuzu lets go of my arm, takes a step forward, glares at P**is-man, and opens her mouth.

“But, Fumi-kun has no reason to do anything so trivial as voyeurism. He doesn’t need a country-smelling, sweaty club girl. After all, he has me and Akira who’ll do anything for Fumi-kun”

At that comment, the mob in shorts made a noise at once.


“I’ll do anything for him” I guess they were reacting to that.

And some of them suddenly retreated back.

But P**is-man was the one who couldn’t back down. His eyes were swimming, but he desperately raised his voice.

“I-I know it. You’re just acting, right? After all, he was so ugly… and maybe you’re just trying to help him out because you feel sorry for him, but you shouldn’t protect criminals”

“Next time, if you call him ugly, you’ll be socially traumatized”

Misuzu’s voice was flat and P**is-man’s cheeks twitched.

And then–

“You don’t understand it, huh, then… Nnn”

Akira smiles, and suddenly presses his lips to mine.


This startled me as well. I hadn’t expected her to suddenly do that in public.

But instead of remaining calm, she stuck her tongue in and licked my mouth.

The mob’s shouting echoed through the air, and P**is-man stood there in a daze. Misuzu must have seen it coming. So, Misuzu pokes Akira on the shoulder.

“Hey, Akira, what are you doing!?”

“Puha, I’m just trying to show him that we’re not pretending. Oh, you’re jealous, aren’t you, Misuzu?”

In terms of fame, Akira is much better than Misuzu, and since President Kurashima has done his best to promote her, she has appeared in many varieties shows in the past.

It was only natural that the place was in an uproar when she unabashedly tried to kiss me.

“I’m jealous, of course, but this is not the time to be talking like that!”

Misuzu turned to P**is-man and pointed a finger at him.

“Hey, you! D*ck head!”

“D-d*ck head!?”

“If you insist, I can show you Fumi-kun’s phone, but what are you going to do if you don’t get any of those photos? If that the case, I’ll go through the lawyer at the office and ask for compensation. Then, can you pay it? Oh right, you’ll have to pay me at least the amount of the fee for the photo book since it includes the “bed photos” of me and Akira. I’m sure the two of us will be worth millions”


There’s no way it’ll make millions. She’s bluffing. But the amount of money and the heavy word “bed photos” were so astonishing that not only P**is-man but also the surrounding mobs were stunned.

And then–

“Fumi-kun, I’m sorry, but could you please photograph that d*ck head’s face? I’ll make him pay for what he has done”

Misuzu said in a threatening tone.

“Y-you’ve got to be kidding me!”

P**is-man began to flee through the crowd of mob in shorts as if he were rolling.

“You’re running away? Well, who else is going to take the blame for this?”

Misuzu smiles ferociously.

“I don’t care, we don’t care!”

“That’s nonsense!”

As she looks around menacingly, the mob group rushes toward the stairs.

Misuzu shrugged her shoulders in annoyance as she heard the footsteps of the mob in shorts moving away.

“What a bunch of pathetic people”

“That’s normal. After all, there’s no one else like Master”

Akira smiled as she clung to my arm.

“You just said “Master”… Besides, Kurosawa-san, you say d*ck too much, don’t you think?”

I said, and Misuzu’s mouth twitched.

“In bed, you try to make me talk like that”

“Hey, stop it”

They probably didn’t hear her voice, but the parents are still looking at me, speechless.

I’m not a very good listener. Well… it’s a fact.

“But, is it good? It could have been a scandal, right? Especially Akira’s kiss”

Then Akira rubs her cheek against my arm and opens her mouth.

“It’s okay, Master”

“It’s not like there’s any press. Worst case scenario, Chihiro-san will make it a good story that she did my best to help a poor boy who was being bullied”

Misuzu shrugs her shoulders.

Well, it’s not really Chihiro-san, but the Fujiwara group behind her…

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