Confinement 214

Chapter 214 Onee-chan is in a panic

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 Even after the members of the men’s track and field club had hurriedly left, I could still hear a lot of buzzing from under the stands and on the field.

 (This is not good… I made myself stand out in a strange way…)

 I hold my head with my hands.

 It made me feel very awkward to be in this place.

 However, I promised Saori-chan that I would have lunch with her.

 She seemed to be looking forward to it, and I felt guilty about breaking it.

 However, without caring about my feelings, Misuzu clung to my arm again and said in a sweet tone as if begging me.

 ”Hey, Fumi-kun. Now that we’ve met, why don’t we go to… “the bedroom”?”

 As if the cold look in her eyes earlier had been a lie, she was moistening her eyes.

 She’s still cute, she’s still cute, but…

 ”Aren’t you going to support Kei-chan?”

 When I asked her that, her lips twitched slightly.

 ”I’m sorry Kei-chan, but Fumi-kun is more important to me. It’s not like I said I was going to support her, so it’s fine”

 ”O-of course, me too! It’s fine with me too! Master!”

 Akira hurriedly joined in the conversation. When the two cute girls indulged me, I couldn’t help but be shaken.

 But that’s not the way it’s supposed to be.

 If I give in to my s*xual desires and betray Saori-chan, I feel like I’ll never be able to show my face to her again.

 ”No, I’m here to support Saori-chan today”


 I thought they don’t get along with each other much, but when it comes to booing, the timing is perfect, huh?

 ”Besides… there’s a devil doll and a saint here”

 ”Was that what you said in your message?”

 ”Yes. I don’t want anything to happen to my precious Misuzu and Akira. I want you to leave here as soon as possible”

 ”My precious Misuzu…”

 ”And, Akira”

 Instantly, the girls stared back at me with happy, debauched eyes.

 ”Then, can I wait in “the bedroom”? Fumi-kun will be back, right? …So I can’t just go home”

 I guess the translation is “I can’t stand it”.

 Of course, if she says so, I can’t ignore it.

 ”Oh, I understand”

 After that, I summoned “the door” on the staircase landing and sent them into “the room”.

 Actually, I don’t like the idea of having more people to protect in case of emergency.

 In addition to Saori-chan, there are Tashiro-san, Shima-san, Kei-chan and Shiratori-san here.

 If Misuzu and Akira are added to the list, it will be too much to handle.

 Claudia-san is here to accompany her sister(Onee-san), so it’s not strange for her to be here, but the devil doll is not.

 She must have come here for a purpose.

 She said she was there to support her friends, but that’s a lie.

 To tell the truth, Fujiwara-san is just a random girl who blends in with the upper caste group.

 I’ve never heard of her having any close friends other than Misuzu.

 ”Well… what should I do now?”

 I thought about going down to the field and going to Saori-chan’s place, but I was attracting too much attention.

 For the time being, I decided to wait for the next 400 meters that Saori-chan would run, while looking for the devil doll and Claudia-san on the audience stand.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Tashiro! I’m sorry, but you’re in charge!”

 ”C-Coach, what’s going on? Hey!”

 Tashiro, the captain of the club, called out in panic when I suddenly ran out.

 But that’s not important right now.

 After all, I was surprised to see Claudia, Fumio Kijima, and the devil Mai Fujiwara sitting side by side, but the problem was after that.

 After Kijima left his seat, the devil and Claudia seemed to be talking about something.

 Then, for some unknown reason, at the same time that Kijima was surrounded by the boys, the beast girl, who had attacked Mai Fujiwara on the other day, appeared behind Claudia.

 Everyone’s eyes were on Kijima. Apparently, she was planning to use Kijima as bait to distract people and attack Claudia.

 So I quickly ran to them.

 As I ran, I looked up to the top of the stands, and saw the beast girl and Mai Fujiwara supporting the slumped Claudia from both sides as they started walking towards the stairs.

 Immediately, after I arrived at the audience stand, I hurriedly ran up the stairs.

 As I reached the top of the stairs, I saw a group of unfamiliar women clinging to both sides of Kijima, glaring at the track and field club men members surrounding him.

 No, that didn’t matter!

 It’s Claudia!

 Claudia is nowhere to be found!

 We hadn’t even passed each other on the stairs, and there was no sign of Claudia, the beast girl, or Mai Fujiwara on the audience stand.

 ”What’s going on… where are they, where did they go…”

 I bit my lip as I desperately searched for my sister(Imouto).

 The moment I ran up to the top of the stands to look around from high above, I involuntarily squealed, “Ah!”.

 Behind the stands is a parking lot, I saw a beast girl running alone with Claudia on her back.

 ”W-where did she intend to take her?”

 Quickly, I ran down the stairs as if I were about to tumble.

 I jumped out from the stand and ran toward the parking lot at once, while the track and field members of other schools were surprised at my running out with great speed.

 When I came to a narrow passage leading to the parking lot, I saw an old man with short legs running in front of me.

 When he noticed the sound of my footsteps, he turned around as if frightened. I don’t know what he thought, but he stopped and yelled at me.

 ”I-I didn’t do anything! It’s no use trying to catch me”

 I don’t know what he’s yelling about, but he’s just getting in my way.

 I’m on corner.

 I’m in panic.

 I’m fighting for every minute and every second.

 ”You’re in the wayyyyyy!!”


 As I run past him, I hit him straight in the face as hard as I can and blow him out of the way.

 The middle of his face crumples up, and his nose starts to bleed. A few teeth shaped like cones fly out.

 But, I don’t care. It’s his fault for interfering.

 The bazooka-like camera lens, which the old man was holding so carefully, was shattered in the middle and the camera body rolled away, scattering its parts.

 When I finally reached the parking lot, Claudia had already been carried into the back seat of the car.

 It was a large black van.



 At about the same time I was about to run up to her, the van drove out of the parking lot with a loud noise.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”I thought I got a nice job from a client after a long time… but it’s kind of fishy, huh?”

 I peeked behind me from the passenger’s seat.

 At the very back of the three rows of seats, a blonde girl was leaning against the seat in an unconscious state, and a small girl with dog-ears on her head was carrying her on her back while glaring at us warily.

 ”I’m Alyssa(アリッサ). Hey, kiddo, what’s your name?” (*Note: on the chapter 95, it’s Aina-san)

 The dog-eared girl didn’t reply to my question. She just growls menacingly.

 I shrug my shoulders. It’s not worth talking about.

 ”Well, whatever. I’ll take you if you want me to. I’ll carry you if you want me to. As long as I get paid well.”

 I have a number of clients with whom I do business, but the client who had been giving me the most “firm” work suddenly disappeared a few months ago.

 Although I don’t know what kind of client they were, they were a reliable and generous client.

 The last job I was asked to do was to kidnap a milk-smelling model named Misuzu and hand her over to an overseas broker.

 Since then, I hadn’t received any requests, but yesterday, I suddenly received an email from the client.

 The client told me to wait at the stadium and carry the person brought by the dog-eared girl to the designated place.

 The offer was unbelievable. He’s a client. There’s no reason to refuse.

 ”Nee-san, this is a very small job. But the reward is so great, isn’t it bad at all?”

 The two men in charge of the rough work, the square-faced Hiroki, shouted pathetically, and the tall, skinny man with a long face, Gota, nodded yes.

 ”Sometimes, a job like this is a bonus. I guess it’s not the difficulty of the job, but the fact that the blonde girl is worth it”

 The route to the designated location was carefully checked. It’s a route over the mountains with few people on it.

 After about thirty minutes of uneventful driving, with no cars following us, we turned onto a straight road where it was difficult for two cars to pass each other, but Yano, a nervous-looking skinny man driving the car, suddenly shouted out.

 ”Hey, what are you doing! Damn it! We can’t make it! We’ll never make it in time!”

 ”Hey, what is it? Hey, hey!”

 The sound of rapid braking echoes in the air, and my weight is suddenly thrown forward, causing my seatbelt to jerk.

 When I hurriedly turned my eyes to the front, I saw a scene that seemed like a joke.

 Two maids were standing in the middle of the road.

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