Confinement 215

Chapter 215 Maid Warriors

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 Between the trees stretching out their green branches to the sky.

 A loud screeching sound of brakes echoed in the quiet mountain road.

 The black van, with its front wheels locked, threw itself forward so high that the rear wheels almost lifted off the ground.

 The black streaks of its tires were carved into the asphalt as it slid toward us.


 I glanced at her, and the young maid with the short cut nodded her head.

 ”Yes, Mam!”

 As soon as she said that, she flipped up her short French-style skirt and rushes at the oncoming lump of iron.

 And then —-


 In a stance that resembled that of a sumo wrestler on the receiving side, she met the onrushing van head-on.

 The sound of the collision was so loud that I thought it was an explosion.

 I could see the driver and the woman in the passenger seat, both with their eyes wide open as if about to burst.


 ”Fumu… not quite there yet”

 SanadamushiTapeworm is being pushed backward, spewing smoke from the soles of her shoes.

 (It’s no good if she can’t outrun a car. We have to train her a little harder)

 Is it right in front of me, about 30 centimeters, that the black van came to a complete stop?

 SanadamushiTapeworm must have been desperate.

 After all, if it ever hit me, I will sentence her to take a bath with an extreme sulfuric acid and radioactive materials.

 As she wiped the sweat from her forehead, breathing heavily, I said to her.

 ”By the way, your shout is not very elegant”

 ”Please forgive me, Mam”

 In fact, it is wrong for a young girl to be so aggressive. However, it’s not that I don’t like sumo.

 In fact, I love it. I think Japan is a truly wonderful country where I can watch images of naked men wrestling in the middle of the day on terrestrial TV.

 Speaking of sumo, I remember…

 It was a long time ago, when I was a member of the オルグOrganization of His Excellency Baidar Khan, the sixth son of Chagatai Khan of the Mongol Empire.

 As his mistress, I was following the Mongol army that was invading what is now Poland.

 Fortunately, our army won many battles in a row. In the camp, nightly feasts and Mongolian sumo wrestling were held, and after watching men huffing and puffing, I huffed and puffed in the evening wrestling with His Excellency.

 This is not the time to be lost in memories.

 ”Look, if you’re not careful, they’ll try to escape”

 I discovered the driver’s left hand moving and his face tensed in the driver’s seat. He must have put the car in reverse gear.

 ”Y-yes, Mam!”

 Seeing the tires begin to spin in reverse, SanadamushiTapeworm hurriedly placed her finger on the front grille of the car.

 And then–


 She stomps her leg with a bizarre shout, and the spinning wheel makes a loud noise.

 ”…It’s not what I mean”

 Even though she pronounces it in English, it is not more elegant.

 Of course, the people in the van are desperate.

 The gas pedal is pressed down hard, and SanadamushiTapeworm is gritting her teeth, saying, “Fugiggi!” .

 It would be better to finish it quickly.

* * *

 ”Well, everyone, finish it”

 ”””Yes, Mam!”””

 As I shouted, I heard the maids replying from the surrounding trees.

 They rushed out onto the road from both sides, each with her own special weapon, and attacked the black van at once.

 MimizuEarthworm struck the wheel like a golf swing, and the wheel itself retracted. GokiburiCockroach with her halberd, and MukadeCentipede with her greatsword, each of them slashing at the wheel too.

 In just a few seconds, the engine made only a dry, rattling sound, and the car was completely silent.

 The driver in the driver’s seat is crying, his face crumpled in tears. Do women have more courage in such situations? The South American-looking girl in the passenger seat is staring at me as if her eyes were bleeding.

 It’s wonderful. I’m thrilled. It must be a fundamental biological desire to make a young lady like her cry miserably.

 ”Secure the target”

 ”Yes, Mam!”

 As soon as she replies, MimizuEarthworm strikes the car body sideways with a hammer, and GokiburiCockroach puts her finger on the gap between the large cracked door and pulls the sliding door off at once.

 But at that moment…

 ”Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! “

 A shadow jumps out from the back seat with its sharp claws extended.

 GokiburiCockroach jumped to the side, and MukadeCentipede behind her said, “Hii!” and caught the blow with the side of her greatsword.

 It seems the one who attacked right now was the werewolf that had attacked me the other day.

 It was as Shiratori-sama’s warn.

 As MukadeCentipede swept away the greatsword with all her might, the doggie was blown off, spun around in the air, and landed on the roof of the car.

 This kind of maneuvering is typical of beastmen.

 ”I smell a succubus, and then I see you again! I hate you! You succubus! Come to save your people!”

 The dog is barking at me like a boss.

 It’s a bad thing to get on a high place, because the dumb animal gets carried away.

 ”She’s not one of us, but Ohime-sama really doesn’t like to have her fun interrupted… MimizuEarthworm, take it down”

 ”Yes, Mam!”

 Earthworm raises the hammer and strikes the back of the car as hard as she can. And then a loud metallic sound, a deafening crash echoed.


 The car spun around, and screams echoed from inside the car. The dog on top of the car was thrown onto the asphalt.

 Of course, the dog won’t miss the landing, but at least she’ll have a reasonable perspective now.

 Then the maids surrounded her from three sides with their weapons.

 It goes without saying that punishment awaits those who break the perimeter. The girls are very serious.

 The doggy glanced from side to side.

 Even the tiny brains of the beastmen must have known that there was no way to win. So, she was probably looking for an escape.

 I decided to make fun teasing of the doggy a little.

* * *

 ”AraOh ramy… your tail is curling. You must be frightened, you poor thing”

 ”I-I’m not frightened! It just your smell! I just don’t like the smell of succubus!”

 ”I don’t know what you’re talking about. My nether regions have a floral scent. Right, everyone?”

 ”””” Yes, Mam! It’s floral! “”””

 Floral is a general term for the scent of flowers, so it’s only natural that the scent of my nectar is included.

 ”I-I don’t know what you’re talking abouttttt!”

 However, it seems that her small animal brain could not understand such wit.

 The doggie extended her claws and jumped at me at once.


 ”Yes, Mam!”

 As soon as she shouted, SanadamushiTapeworm jumped between me and the doggy.

 The doggy’s claws grazed her cheek, splattering fresh blood into the air.

 But she was not intimidated, and she grab the doggy’s body firmly from the front, spun around behind it, and fell backward with a mighty turn of her back.

 I had seen that she had been practicing against the Minotaur for a long time, but this was quite a brilliant German Suplex.

 The doggie, who was knocked by the back of the head into the asphalt, screamed “Gyahin!” in a very animal-like manner and turned her eyes white.

 It was quite a dull moment.

 ”Yes, well done”

 When I said so, SanadamushiTapeworm let out a happy “Ehehe…” in the bridge position.

 Although the road was almost deserted and it was so relaxing, but it would be a hassle if anyone spotted us.

 I clapped my hands and gave the maids another set of instructions.

 ”Well then, everyone. It’s time to clean up the mess. Remove the subject from the vehicle and leave the vehicle there. The others… it looks like there are four of them. Let Ohime-sama decide what to do with them and the doggy”

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