Confinement 217

Chapter 217 Greedy Athlete

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 After Saori-chan finished her run, I gave a small applause.

 The result was last place.

 She was far behind the runners in front of her, but when I waved at her, she didn’t seem particularly depressed, and waved back happily.

 (Although the result was disappointing, I was glad to see that she didn’t seem to be depressed…)

 As I patted my chest with relief, Tashiro-san nodded her head in satisfaction.

 ”Umu! That Moribe seems to have worked very hard! I can’t tell her time from here, but I’m sure she set a new personal best”

 ”I guess so”

 I couldn’t help tilting my head at the sight of Shima-san’s eyes narrowed like a mother’s.

 ”A personal best? Is that so?”

 (If that’s true, then she didn’t have a chance to win from the beginning…)

 To say that there is a difference in the mental structure between athletic club members and homecoming club members would be an understatement, but to be dragged into such a contest with no chance of winning would be torture to my taste.

 But Tashiro-san, as if she could see through my heart, said to me.

 ”It’s not surprising that she was in last place. She had just converted from the high jump, and it was still early in her career. And Moribe herself has only been running track and field for six months. If she loses in a competition, realizes the difference, and does not break down, there is a room for growth. Athletes become stronger through repeated defeats”

 ”The result of today’s race is that she lost to others but won the battle with herself. Well, Moribe did her best”

 At Shima-san’s comment, Tashiro-san nodded again in satisfaction and turned to me.

 ”Confinement King. Give her a big pat on the back later. It’s for Moribe’s own good… Hmm? What’s wrong? What’s with the surprised look on your face?”

 ”No… I just thought you both look like Senpaiseniors”

 When I said that, they looked at each other puzzledly.

 Then, after a beat, Shima-san twisted her mouth into a smile and whispered into my ear in a sweet voice.

 ”From now on, you’re going to turn us into a female face, right?”

 I stare at her face.

 Then, while she smiled s*xily, I said.

 ”No… it’s fine to say erotic things, but… Shima-san, your face is red”

 ”Wait!? Hey!? You should be a little embarrassed! You Idiot!”

 Instantly, Shima-san was embarrassed, hitting me hard on the shoulder.

 It was revenge.


 ”T-that’s not fair, Shima! You’re the only one who gets attention, not me!”

 Tashiro-san was sulking in an unintelligible way, and Shima-san, who was confronted with her face, raised her voice in desperation.

 ”Hey, look! Moribe has moved to the second stadium, so we should go too! Hey, hey!”

 ”Well, it’s true that time is limited. Confinement King, the location is as I explained earlier, understand?”

 ”Yeah, I think so, probably”

 I watched them go down the stairs, and after a short pause, I started to move too.

 It would be too conspicuous for me to move with them, since I had just been at the center of the voyeur commotion.

 As I walked down the stand, all the players’ eyes were on me at once.

 Although I’ve been getting a lot of attention lately, it’s not something I can get used to. Honestly, please don’t do this to me. So I walked into the aisle leading to the parking lot as if to escape.

 The parking lot is a parking lot, and there is a small crowd of people.

 On the other side of the crowd, an ambulance is parked, and someone is being carried into the car on a stretcher. In a sporting event like this, I suppose there are bound to be some injuries.

 I walked around the perimeter of the stadium, past the crowd of people. I took another look around again about halfway around, just below the electronic bulletin board.

 ”Let’s see, right below the electronic bulletin board… next to the vending machine after Gate 3B, right?”

 When I arrived at the place Tashiro-san instructed me to go, I summon the door on the wall while checking my surroundings, and activated <Passing Through the Room>.

 What I pass through is a dimly lit locker room.

 Near the ceiling, there was a long, narrow window that let in a little sunlight, creating pale shadows in the dimly lit room.

 It was a large private room with steel lockers lined up against the wall.

 At the back was a door marked “Shower Room”, and in the center was a light blue plastic bench with two figures sitting on it.

 ”Confinement King, we’ve waited long enough”

 Tashiro-san said with her mouth agape and Shima-san chuckled next to her.

 ”Ui-chan, you said you were tired of waiting… But we were together until just now”

 ”That’s not what I meant! I haven’t been held for over half a month now, you know. In fact, I could be held every day and never get tired of it!”

 I can’t help but laugh at Tashiro-san’s brazen expression of frustration.

 (She was a virgin until a while ago… or maybe it’s the other way around, she wants to have s*x even more because she just learned…)

 ”…By the way, are you sure this place is safe?”

 When I asked this, Shima-san opened her mouth with a look of dismay on her face.

 ”You’re the one who told me to have s*x in the locker room”

 ”No, no problem. This third locker room is not being used for this competition. I borrowed the key this morning, saying, “I left something in the locker room yesterday” and left it open and returned it the key”

 ”Well, I’m sorry you had to go through all that trouble again”

 ”Indeed. Shouldn’t we have done on “the bedroom” as usual?”

 ”Well… I wanted to have all the dignified Captain Tashiro and Vice Captain Shima from our club activities”

 Shima-san’s face suddenly turned red and she started to fidget.

 ”Well, I don’t feel bad about being called dignified, but…”

 I looked at them again, and saw that they were wearing matching uniforms.

 They were dressed in white running clothes with a hint of pink.

 To my eyes, their navel-baring uniforms looked no different from swimsuits, but the two of them and the other athletes I saw today showed no sign of embarrassment.

 Perhaps this is a matter of consciousness.

 ”So, Confinement King, take off your clothes and sit down here”

 Tashiro-san… or should I call her Ui from here on.

 I did as she asked, took off my clothes, and sat down on the bench.

 Imagining what was about to happen, my cock was already towering over my lower abdomen at this point.

 ”You’re so horny… you’re expecting too much”

 ”…As expected”

 Natsumi looked dumbfounded, while Ui looked impressed, and let out a feverish, “Hah~…”

 The two kneeled on the hard concrete floor, looked up at me, and opened their mouths to each other.

 ”So, Confinement King, as a woman conquered by you, I offer you everything once again”

 ”Kijimaa… well, you know… it’s not that I don’t like you… but just so you know…”

 And they put their faces to my crotch.

 With a sound of saliva splashing, Ui took the glans into her mouth, and Natsumi ran her tongue over the flesh from the side.


 Both of them use their tongues boldly without any hesitation and I couldn’t help but frown at the intense pleasure.

 *Chu*, *Chu*, *Slurp*, *Slurp*, *Lick*…

 With the lustful sound of water echoing in unison, and the sweet pleasure spreading throughout my lower abdomen, it made my jaw twitch in frenzy.

 In Ui’s mouth, a large amount of sticky saliva covers the glans, and her tongue twines around it like a different creature. Natsumi, on the other hand, sucked the glans sideways as if she were playing a harmonica, and licked the whole thing lovingly.

 Strong stimulation on the tip, light stimulation on the whole. As if they were childhood friends, they were arousing me with their breathing.

 ”Fu… Nnn”

 ”Ha~… hmm”

 When it’s Ui’s turn to work on the glans, Natsumi does the rest. It seems that Natsumi’s movement is to support her.

 It made me smile, because it seemed to be the very nature of their relationship.

 ”Mmm, mmm, *Slurp…* hmm…”

 The expression on Ui’s face as she stretched out her nose and chomped down on the glans was terribly indecent.

 My heart raced even more at the thought that the always dignified Ui was sucking my cock shallowly with her cheeks flushed.

 ”*Lick* Nnn… hmm…”

 On the other hand, Natsumi’s tongue wriggled and traced from the trunk of my flesh to my inner muscles, and now she was licking and sucking my testicles in her mouth.

 The faint stimulation that came from this was so pleasurable that it almost shattered my back.

 Eventually, Ui began to move her face back and forth violently, and began to suck my cock with her mouth.

 *Splat*! *Splat*! *Splat*!

 In the dimly lit locker room, the walls reverberate with the lewd sounds of her sucking.

 Her cheeks were pressed together tightly, and her mouth was in a state of vacuum; the suction was so strong that it seemed to devour me.


 But the next moment…


 ”Nghh!? Cough, cough…”

 I bounced involuntarily at the feeling of a foreign object suddenly being inserted into my anus, and unexpectedly, Ui, who had been poked in the back of her throat, coughed, her eyes black and white.

 ”Hey, Natsumi, what are you doing!? Wait, wait, wait!”

 When I turned around in a panic, Natsumi was pushing her nose into my anus, spreading them apart, and sticking her tongue into my anus.

 ”Fuuh, fuuh *Squish….* *Squishhh….*”

 ”Nnnn… *Slurp* *Jlurp* Khihima, delihious…”

 Natsumi’s tongue pierces deeper and deeper into my anus, pushing back the folds of her mouth.

 There’s no way I can take this.

 ”Oh… I’m cumming…”

 ”Hmm, hiiro, lase, rahinora, fuhinho…”

 When I shivered at the edges of climax, Ui took the glans back into her tight, shallow mouth, wrapped her fingers around the trunk, and started squeezing furiously.

 ”*Slurp* Nnn, put hit out, put hot hout *Slurp* nn, nnn”

 And just as she stimulated the frenulum with her fingertip, a pale electric current shot through my brain from my back.

 ”I’m ccumming, I’m cumming!”

 *Spurt*! *Spurttt*! *Spurttttt*!

 The swollen lust at the base rushed up to the urethra and a cloudy mass overflowed from the entrance into the warmth of Ui’s mouth.

 ”Nn —-!”

 Ui’s eyes widen up in surprise, but she didn’t take her mouth off the meat stick and accepted the white muck, and Natsumi, as if to give me a push, twisted her tongue further into the depths of my trembling body.

 ”Kuh, Kuh…, ugh…”

 The stimulation was so strong that I put my hands on Ui’s head and writhed as I bent forward.

 *Spurt*! *Spurttt*! *Spurttttt…*!

 Finally, after what must have been more than ten pulsations, Ui’s cheeks puffed up like a hamster’s, and with an affectionate hand she squeezed my cock from the base, squeezing every drop out of it.

 My legs were trembling and I could barely stand.

 Natsumi, on the other hand, pulled her tongue out of my anus and licked up my waist and back with her tongue, then stood up and whispered to me from behind with a smirk and a naughty smile.

 ”Hmm? You’re faster than usual, aren’t you? Ahaha! What a cute little thing, you are *Ki-*ji-*ma!”

 ”S-shut up…”

 I say back with a scowl on my face.

 (You’ve got some nerve trying to stir things up… I’ll make you cry later…)

 Around the same time I decide to play mercilessly, Ui takes her mouth off my cock after she’s finished squeezing all the cum out of it.

 Then, with a proud and smug look on her face, she opened her mouth wide and showed me the semen that had accumulated in her mouth.

 She behaves like a female lion, showing off the prey she has killed.

 Her tongue, covered in semen, wriggled in her fresh pink mouth.

 She stirred the semen with her tongue, then swallowed it with a gurgle.

 ”Puha… I’m glad you’re giving me so much, Confinement King.”

 ”Haha, it’s still first shot, Ui-chan… You’re not going to tell me you’re satisfied with that, are you?”

 ”Of course not. How long do you think I’ve been holding out for? If I don’t get at least two loads in my vagina, this burning won’t stop”

 ”Then you’ll have to cum four more times, including mine”

 My head is still fuzzy from one massive ejaculation, but the object between my legs is still standing still.

 I can handle about four more ejaculations, but I wonder if that’s really good for the two guys who are about to compete.

 ”You guys… are going to run three thousand meters after this, right?”

 ”What’s the problem with that? Don’t let them fool you, Confinement King”

 ”Well, I think it’s more like gasoline. The white stuff”

 ”Imagine… running in public while shaking my womb full of your semen”

 ”Hahaha… isn’t that great?”

 They narrowed their eyes lasciviously and twisted their mouths into a lustful smile.

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