Confinement 218

Chapter 218 Do something badass for a change

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 ”So, Confinement King, you can lie down here”

 I lay down on the bench in the middle of the locker room,

 ”It’s a little embarrassing…”

 Natsumi stripped down her underwear and stepped over my face while muttering.


 The ripe peach-like flesh is pressed against my mouth, and honey is already flowing out from the secret crack peeking under the thin pubic hair.

 It’s Natsumi’s nectar which was soaking her entrance.

 The sweet and sour smell of her paralyzes my brain, and I swell my nose as I absentmindedly run my tongue over her private parts.

 *Slurp* *Slurp* *Lick*…

 ”Ahh! Yes, yes, yes, Kijima… it feels so good, hmm… hmm”

 Natsumi closes her eyes in pleasure and begins to grind her hips in a circular motion, matching the movement of my tongue, and gradually opens her legs wider.

 ”Ah! Ah, ah, ah! Fuahhh…. it’s embarassing…”

 Looking up from below, Natsumi’s cheeks were cherry red. She’s letting out a lot of sweet, nasal breath.

 She was wearing a sports bra-like uniform that stuck perfectly to her body. Because I want to see what was inside, I reached her uniform and pushed it up, then I found a nipple-less bra attached to the end of her breasts, which were glistening with tan marks.

 (It looks even more s*xy…)

 Thinking about this, I grab Natsumi’s breast from below.

 At the same time…

 ”…I’m going to insert it”

 I hear Ui’s voice, somewhat tense, and feel her moist flesh pressing against my erect cock.

 ”Mmm… mmm, ah, ah, ah… haa~haa~…”

 Ui’s weight pressing my waist and I feel the touch of her palm on my chest, supporting her body.

 With a lustful sound of water, the soft flesh of my flesh wraps around my meat stalk, and in the warm wetness of nectar, my thing hardened.

 ”Ah… this is it, this pressure is the best…”

 Ui murmur echoed in my ears.

 As Ui pushed her hips back and forth, my object, drawn into the narrow passage, was easily squeezed into the curved folds of her vagina.

 ”Hmm, haa~haa~, yes, yes, haa~…”

 Natsumi, for her part, seemed to be enjoying the sensations so much that she kept letting out sweet gasps as she looked up at the ceiling with her throat turned up.

 The two girls are straddling me, wriggling their hips in different rhythms.

 I couldn’t see Ui, but she seemed to be gushing out a lot of love juice, as if she was very excited. At any rate, the dampness I could feel around my crotch was unbelievable.

 The plump flesh of Ui’s vagina was twisting and rubbing up against my object. The fact that I couldn’t see her made my nerves all the more sensitive, and I felt my need to ejaculate swelling up quickly.

 The slutty odor of a male and two females vaporized into a body-scorching heat that filled the air.

 ”Aah, aah, aah, aah, aah, Confinement King, I love you”

 ”Fuu, haa~, haa~, I’m your woman now…”

 The two females opened their legs and wriggled their hips, seeking my love.

 I clenched my teeth and tried to hold back, but Ui began to shake her hips as hard as she could, and the mucous membrane inside her vagina rubbed up against mine with great force.

 (Kuh, I’m cumming…)

 I unconsciously suck hard on Natsumi’s flower core.

 ”Ah, it’s bad, Ki-Kijima, if you suck it hard enough, ah, ah, ah… ah, ah, ah, I’m cumming, I’m cummmmming!”

 Natsumi is rising to the top. But I’ve already reached my limit too and when Ui uses her hips even harder, the bag suddenly bursts.

 My white magma boils over and rushes up in search of a way out.

 *Spurt*! *Spurttt*! *Spurttt*!

 ”Aaahhh! It’s so hot, it’s hitting me in the back!”

 The bench made a creaking sound, and I could see that Ui was bending over.

 I writhed in agony as I pumped a large amount of sperm into her vagina.

 When I inhaled deeply, Natsumi let out a nasal sounding “Ahhh” and shuddered.

 Then, after the storm passed, Ui and Natsumi twitched and bounced on my body.



 And the sound of heavy breathing and troubled breathing echoed through the quiet locker room.

◇ ◇ ◇

 ”Guhha!? What are you going to do about Claudia?”

 ”I told you to calm down, you’ll be fine”

 Of course, My Onee-chansister is strong, so there’s no need to go easy on her.

 I looked around again and saw her orange mini-car parked with flickering hazard lights on an unfamiliar road in the mountains.

 The ground is covered with flashy brake marks. There were shards of glass scattered all over the road, but there was no other vehicle in sight.

 I looked at my Onee-chansister, who was still in a daze, and tried to remember.

 I remember Mai Fujiwara was talking to me.

 [Hey, hey, what’s your Master up to?]

 [Huh? What, what Master?]

 [Awawa, of course… There’s no way you’ll just tell us honestly, right?]

 (What is she talking about?)

 Just as I was frowning, I felt a shock on the back of my head and blacked out.

 When I rubbed the back of my head again, I discovered a bump. It hurt like hell.

 I didn’t expect to be hit and knocked into a coma, such is today’s recklessness.

 (Because I’m worried of my head, I should go to the hospital… If they’re the devil, they should be able to use magic. I mean Knockout robbery?)

 I pull out my phone and check the time… it’s still mid-morning. We both have apps that allow us to track each other’s location via GPS. I’ve been kidnapped, and my Onee-chansister has probably followed me here by GPS.

 ”…I guess I underestimated the devil. Was I kidnapped? By Mai Fujiwara?”

 When I asked that, my Onee-chansister said something strange.

 She said I’m attacked and kidnapped by Mai Fujiwara, who was attacked by the beastman girl the other day. And now, when she rushed over, the beastmen were nowhere to be seen, and I had fainted on the side of the road.

 I guess they were pretending to attack Mai Fujiwara the other day, but for what purpose? I have no idea.

 When Mai Fujiwara said “Your Master”, she probably meant the angel. That’s all I can think of.

 And the one who saved me must be angel.

 They probably couldn’t stand the sight of a poor lamb being kidnapped by a devil, so they descended upon me.

 The situation is too chaotic for me to understand, but I felt reassured to think that the angel would help me if the need arose.

◇ ◇ ◇

 A splash of water flowed on the tile floor and the hot water from the shower poured down on Shima, who was leaning against the wall.

 Shima, pinned down against the wall and fucked, looks at the drain, breathing heavily.

 In one of the steamy shower rooms, I turned around and placing my hand on the wall while fully clothed.

 ”Nnn, nnnn… it’s coming! Confinement King’s muscular thing is inside my vagina…”

 My vaginal canal is being pushed open.

 As the Confinement King thrusts his hips, a foreign sensation spreads to my lower abdomen. I couldn’t help but cry out in delight at the sensation, as if my body was being filled with what it lacked.

 ”Aaahhh! Aahh, it’s so big, it’s the Confinement King, it’s even bigger than before, it’s amazing, it’s coming so deep!”

 It was as if a huge stake had been driven through my body. The tip of the stake crushed my cervix, and I screamed out in delight.

 ”Oh, it’s coming! Y-your wonderful thing is coming to the deepest part of me… this, this, this is unbearable. I’m cumming! Cummmmming!”

 My vision has turned white.

 The feeling of climax exploded.

 Maybe it was because I was watching Shima being fucked, the mere penetration of my vagina brought me to a point where I had no excuse.

 ”That was fast. What kind of small fish cunt are you, Ui?”

 ”Yes, yes… I-I’m sworry…”

 Confinement King, who seemed to have been turned on by a strange switch, was going full-on dominant.

 He grabbed my ponytail and forced me to look up at him as I hung my head down, breathing hard.

 ”Ugh… horgive me for my hittle fish hussy… Bwut, bwut… I can’t stand it…”

 A Sloppy face full of love.

 Probably, I’m making an incredibly ahegao face. But the Confinement King, looking at me with a grin, said ruthlessly.

 ”I don’t care. You’re no good to me if you’re getting cum just like this. And the real show is just about to begin”


 As soon as I tilted my head in a daze, the meat rod that had been inserted deep into my vagina was pulled out.

 The frenulum scrapped my vaginal folds, and I involuntarily clenched my teeth at the sensation of my internal organs being dragged outward.

 ”D-d-dwon’t, mwove, nnn, I’m stwill humming, I’m stwill humming, D-d-dwon’t, mwove”

 ”I said I don’t care”


 ”Fuhii! Ah ah ah ah! I’m cumming again, it’s comingg, I’m cumming again! Cummmmming!”

 ”Are you going to cum or are you coming?”

 ”Fuhaa, even though you said that…”

 When I want to say something, the rod is pulled out to my vulva and slammed back into me.

 Immediately, another tidal wave of climax washed over me, and my embarrassing juices dripped down from where we were connected.

 Confinement King, who had been turned on, showed no mercy after this.

 *Pound*! *Pound*! *Pound*! *Pound*! *Pound*! *Pound*!

 ”Nhiii! Fuhiii, hiii, hiii, hii, hiaaaaaaa, nwoo, nwooo, I said I stil hwummming, ah, it’s too mwuchh! It’s too mwuchhhh!”

 He doesn’t want to give me any time to rest. Instead, the Confinement King starts pistoning without mercy.

 While our hips collided, the humid shower room was filled with the sound of pounding, and my embarrassing juices shot out at the joint each time.

 ”Cwumming! I’m cwummming again, I cwan’t stop my cwummin, the hood feeling not stwopping, cumming…. cummming, cummmmming!”

 My vagina is being pounded so hard that my body is reaching a climax with each thrust. There’s no way I can hold back the climax. I really felt like my head was going to burn out.

 *Pound*! *Pound*! *Pound*! *Pound*! *Pound*! *Pound*!

 ”You’re really a small fish captain, Ui. Don’t you feel bad for the members of the club that you’re cumming over and over again?”

 This guy really turns into a terrible man when he’s turned on. He can’t get enough of just the meat stick, he also uses words.

 ”F-forgiwe me, hut, it can’t be hwelped, haafter all, it’s hery good! It’s hood, it’s hood!”

 I can no longer do anything but writhe in pleasure. I was desperately shaking my hips in time with his movements, shallowly gorging myself on pleasure.

 ”I’m about to cum too, but where do you want it?”

 ”In my vagina! You can’t let it go outside”

 ”Tell me how I’m not allowed to do that! You little cunt”

 *Pound*! *Pound*! *Pound*!


 The raw sound of flesh on flesh echoed louder. My hips are slammed even harder, and I desperately try to hold my body back from floating away with my toes ached and my hands on the tiles.

 ”So, it’s coming out! Catch it!”

 ”Uh, yeah”

 At the same time, he grabs me from behind and squeezes, I choked, my eyes blackened.

 *Spurt*! *Spurttt*! *Spurtt, Spurtttttt*!

 A large amount of white liquid is poured deep inside me.


 I scream in climax, without a trace of s*xiness.

 My eyes flashed white, my consciousness was cut off, and all the strength left my body.

 Immediately, a trickle of golden liquid dripped from my crotch, caught in the drop of the shower, and flowed down the drain.

 (Oh, I’m peeing… I want stop it, hut it’s too hood, it’s so hood)

 Even the act of urinating gives me a s*xual feeling, and I shudder and shake. At the same time he pulls out his meat stick, I sit there like a marionette with broken strings.

 All sound fades away for a moment in the sound of the shower drops hitting my head and the sound of the water.

 ”Ah… ah… ah…”

 I moaned, looking behind me absentmindedly to see Confinement King leaning against the wall with a vacant look in his eyes, then after a few moments, he grabs Shima’s hair and trying to pull her up.

 ”Two for each, so Shima-san had one left, right?”

 ”Noo… it’s not good… Kanninforgive me… please forgive me…”

 ”Natsumi needs to take responsibility for goading me”

 ”No… no… no…”

 Confinement King mercilessly covered Shima’s head as she shook her head weakly with a vague look in her eyes.

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