Confinement 219

Chapter 219 The Devil’s Technique

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 ”It’s not like I’m doping them… right?”

 I smiled bitterly as I watched Tashiro-san and Shima-san chatting across the finish line.

 To tell the truth, I made them drink a little of the energy drink of the demon world.

 (I don’t know if there’s a doping test, but it’s probably not something that humans can extract…)

 They had been talking a lot about “never underestimate me” and “injecting gasoline”, but when it was over, they were so exhausted that they couldn’t stand up at all.

 There was no limit to how much they could talk.

 But I felt that I had gone a bit too far, even though that was what the girls wanted.

 So I made them lick a very small amount of the mysterious drink, without them noticing.

 Specifically, I dripped it on my thing and made them suck on it as a cleaning.

 As a result, the girls passed the preliminary round and advanced to the final round in the afternoon.

 (It was pretty messed up even after that…)

 I chuckle again when I remember.

 After the Doping Clean-up and getting dressed, there was still quite a bit of time left before the 3,000 meter competition time.

 So I decided to hold them both on my shoulders and enjoy pillow talk while kissing them repeatedly.

 The fact that I did not neglect to take care of the girls in this area was the result of Lili-sensei’s training.

 What satisfies a girl is the feeling of being loved.

 Physical stimulation is only one of the ways to achieve this, and it is a valuable guidance from her.

 ”Just listen to what the girl says, Devi. All you have to do is repeat “I understand” and “I see”, Devi. If you’re having trouble talking, just kiss her, Devi. Women don’t have anything to say, Devi. All they have to do is think that this guy understands me, and they’ll open their legs for you, Devi”

 ”Why do you say that!?”

 Regardless of her tacky words, but she’s telling the truth.

 However, today’s pillow talk took a rather strange turn.

 The most shocking remark of the day came from Shima-san’s mouth.

 ”Eh? I don’t really have an dialectaccent, do I? It’s almost Tokyo dialect”

 Tashiro-san and I both had to retort to this.

 ””You have an accent””

 ”I don’t have an accent!!”

 Shima-san was getting upset.

 After a long time of back-and-forth, she finally said that Kansai dialect is not an accent.

 ”I-I can speak Tokyo dialect just fine, you know!”

 Tashiro-san got goosebumps as soon as Shima-san started to speak in a slightly intonation-distorted standard Japanese.

 She said, “It’s as if I was listening to a violin performance that was out of tune by a quarter note”.

 As they had grown up together since childhood, their sense of discomfort was probably nothing compared to what I felt.

 And as soon as I said, “Well, well, Shima-san who doesn’t speak Kansai dialect is just a mob member of the track and field club”, to end the conversation, I was punched with a full gouge.

 (Ouch… look forward to the next bed, you guys)

 Then, at the end, Tashiro-san didn’t want to leave me and says, “I don’t want to leave you! Noo, nooo!” and started to complain like an infantile regressive. On the other hand, Shima-san, who was as tsundere as Misuzu, said with a wry smile, “I-I don’t really care about Kijima, you know”, and somehow I managed to send them off and returned to the audience stand.

* * *

 On my way back to the audience stands, I noticed the results of the qualifying round posted by the stairs, and found that Kei-chan had qualified in first place. She had jumped 180 centimeters. Shiratori-san, who was competing in the 1,500-meter event, had just barely passed the qualifying round in last place.

 Kei-chan’s record made me do a double-take.

 I can only say that people are not what they seem to be, considering that that hazy girl can leap over my head with ease.

 On the other hand, Shiratori-san’s just barely passing through, I can’t help but feel a sense of manipulation. Yes, daily routine is important.

 When the 3,000-meter race started, I was just vaguely following Tashiro-san and Shima-san with my eyes.

 The thought that my semen was now surging deep inside them was indeed quite exciting.

 However, I was worried that my semen might drip from the latter half. Of course, it’s not something I can see from the audience stands.

 When all the morning competitions were over, there was a one-hour break.

 The number of audiences had decreased considerably just before the break, probably because the parents of the athletes who failed to qualify had gone home.

 I moved to the side of the entrance gate, where I was going to meet Saori-chan.

 Thanks to the fact that I had been away from the stands for a while, I didn’t feel so many eyes on me anymore.

 Leaning against the wall by the gate, I waited for a while, and Saori-chan came running toward me with a bag like an eco-friendly bag slung over her shoulder.

 She had already changed out of her uniform into a practice shirt and shorts, probably because she had been eliminated in the preliminary round.

 ”Let you wait! Onii-chan!”

 ”Yeah, where do you want to eat?”

 To be honest, I’m not comfortable eating in the stadium, since I’ve made a bad impression in the morning. It would be bad if people looked at Saori-chan strangely while I was with her.

 ”Fufu, I’ve actually found a good place to eat”

 Then, she pinched my cuff and said, “This way, this way! Onii-chan!” and started walking.

 This city park is quite big.

 As I walked along the path with Saori-chan pulling my cuff, I saw a number of benches lined up around a large pond.

 ”Heh~… I didn’t know there was such a place”

 ”Fufufu, isn’t it nice?”

 This is not my first visit to this park, either. But I was not that familiar with it.

 The only thing I knew about this park was that it was a place where Paripi[1] would, “Ueii~” at the barbecue area in summer. Party goers; partygoers; party people

 There were no people around, and it was so quiet that I could only faintly hear the noise of the stadium.

 The sunlight falling on the pond was reflected on the surface of the water and glittered.

 Then, on a bench in the shade of a tree, Saori-chan and I sat down side by side.

 She said in a slightly excited voice, “It’s like a picnic”, as she took out a rather large bento box from her eco-bag and held it out to me.

* * *

 ”I hope it’s delicious..”

 ”Yeah, it’s delicious”

 ”You haven’t eaten it yet, Onii-chan”

 I don’t need to eat it to know that.

 It’s a bento made for me by my cute little sister.

 Even if it’s just パPa〇*ロンron rice with パブPabu〇*ンぶnbu, I’m confident enough to say, “it is delicious”.

 As I opened the lid, I found a very conventional bento, with fried eggs, fried tofu, octopus sausage, and boiled broccoli adding greenery.

 It looked like a delicious bento with vivid colors. It may be ordinary, but I can clearly see that it was made with great care.

 I know I shouldn’t compare them, but Fujiwara-san’s bento is mainly brown and looks like my grandma’s bento.

 The more skilled one becomes at housework, the more grandmotherly one’s bento becomes, I guess.

 Normally, high school girls don’t have simmered nailskugini or rolled konbu – sea kelpkobumaki in their bento.

 That’s why I found this normalcy very refreshing.


 I took a bite of the omelet first.

 ”It’s good!”

 Saori-chan, who had been staring at me nervously, let out a sigh of relief when I said that.

 Then I took a bite of the octopus sausage.


 I take a bite of the fried chicken.


 I shouted into the pond, and Saori-chan giggled.

 ”Onii-chan, you’re overreacting!”

 ”I’m not exaggerating. It’s absurdly delicious. And this vegetable, Nan-ccoliwhatccoli?”

 ”Nan-ccoliWhatccoli? It’s broccoli, Onii-chan! You’ve almost got the answer!”

 ”Saori-chan, you can make a tsukomi, too, can’t you?”

 When I said that, Saori-chan made a complicated face.

 ”Yeah, well, Shima-senpai…”

 ”Oh, yeah..”

 I get it. I’ve already figured it out.

 (That girl… what’s she going to do with the track and field club?)

 Saori-chan is talking to me more normally now than when we first met. Perhaps, she’s gotten used to me.

 She’s a shy girl, so I have to be careful about that.

 While we were talking about various things, our conversation turned to Kei-chan.

 ”Takasago-senpai is amazing, she’s a genius”


 ”Yes. She’s only four centimeters away from the Japanese women’s record, Takasago-senpai’s best record. Even though she doesn’t even practice enough..”


 Four centimeters away from the Japanese record, that’s beyond amazing.

 ”She says she doesn’t want to jump at all, but if she sets such a record… the people around her won’t let her quit”

 I see, that explains why the lazy girl belongs to the track and field club, a serious athletic club.

* * *

 ”If she skipped the club activities, she wouldn’t get a snack. So she has no choice but to show up at the club activities. Although, she sleeps on the mat”

 It seems it’s unbearable for those of them who are serious to see the results of someone’s work who was slacking off. In fact, Saori-chan seemed to have a complicated expression on her face.

 (By the way, Tashiro-san… told me to praise her)

 I am reminded of Lili-sensei’s instruction on “how to praise people”. It’s a devilish technique to ensnare people.

 It is actually quite difficult to praise someone who is not confident about themself. After all, the more I praise them, the more they assume that I must be flattering them.

 Therefore, it is most effective to tell such people that someone else has complimented them. Objective words have truth in them.

 ”By the way, Saori-chan. I don’t know much about track and field, but the captain and vice captain were very impressed with you. They said that Moribe worked very hard, and she had a personal best today, right?”

 ”I came in last, though”

 Saori-chan chuckled.

 ”The vice manager said that Moribe beat herself. I think that’s the hardest thing to do. So, you should be proud of yourself, Saori-chan”

 When I reached out and patted her head, she turned red and looked down.

 I don’t think she was displeased.

 It’s a bit of an in-depth look at the characters.

 Shima-san is given a bad time, again.

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