Confinement 22

Chapter 22 Mine Gal with Thick Breast Armor

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 It was morning before homeroom.

 As usual, I was pretending to be asleep in my seat.

 Today is Wednesday.

 And it was last Wednesday when I was surrounded by Kasuya-kun and his friends, so it’s been exactly one week since then.

 Kurosawa-san’s disappearance has already been covered by the TV and newspapers. However, none of them have covered it very much.

 Although, she was a celebrity at school.

 And she may be a reader model for a magazine, but that’s about it.

 So, it was treated as the disappearance of a very common high school girl, and as far as I know, only one popular gossip magazine for men wrote about her disappearance as a reader model.

 It was also linked to the s*xual disorder of young people, and the conclusion was settled on something as mundane as, “Well, she’s probably out there somewhere getting it on with some guy”.

 Now, all the conversations I hear coming out of the classroom are about Kurosawa-san.

* * *

 And it was surprisingly interesting to listen to the conversations with an unsuspecting face.

 Their fantasy starts with “I heard that a friend of my friend said something about her” and there is not a shred of truth to it.

 The girls also talked about how a rival modeling agency had kidnapped Kurosawa-san because she was getting in the way of a new girl they were selling, or how some big shot had taken a fancy to her and bought her when she was doing pillow business.

 According to their fantasies, the modeling agency is no more than a mafia, a human trafficking organization that is too dangerous.

 However, what I didn’t expect was that Kasuya-kun was really exhausted.

 Even today, the top caste people are hanging around Kasuya-kun’s desk, but the sight of Kasuya-kun with his exhausted face smiling affectionately, and the people taking care of him and having casual conversations with him, is something I can’t help but feel sorry for.

 Of course, I don’t feel sorry for him.

 In the meantime…

 ”Hello~!” (*Note: ちょりーっす -> Chori-su)

 Fujiwara-san came into the classroom, as usual, in a dull mood.

 Nothing has changed since yesterday. She’s still the same gal-typical slacker.

 It’s said that she’s one of the best Ojou-sama around here, but she’s a disgrace to the Ojou-sama community. Well, I don’t know.

 And as usual, she threw her bag decorated with pins on the desk and went to the top caste people who were hanging around Kasuya-kun’s des– …..Hey, what she’s doing!? D-don’t come over here!

 ”Good mor~ning! Fu~min” (*Note: おっはよー -> Owwa yo~)

 I tried to ignore her by pretending to be asleep, but she poked my cheek with her fingertips.

 ”Wake up~, Fu~min, wake up~, I’m here ♪”

 ”Ugh? What do you want!”

 When I raised myself up, I saw her cleavage in front of me.


 It’s amazing how the latest “pull it together and lift it up” technology can create cleavage even with such devastatingly poor breasts.

 I didn’t expect to be reminded of the excellence of Japan’s industrial technology by the cleavage of a schoolgirl’s breasts.

 ”Ahaha, you’re awake~. Good mor~ning ♪”

 ”Don’t come over here”

 ”Wow, that’s awful. Still, I don’t care what you say…… But look at those first”

 When I turned my eyes to where she was pointing with her finger, I saw a group of top caste people hanging out around Kasuya-kun’s desk.

 There was Teruya-san, who was looking up at him and nodding along to Kasuya-kun’s conversation.

 ”It’s really impossible to mix with them, right?”


 To be honest, I don’t remember Teruya-san being in that group much, but even if she was, it wouldn’t be too strange.

 Maybe she was just avoiding Kurosawa-san until now.

 Because there’s no way she wants to see a girl she thinks she can’t win making out with a boy she likes.

 ”But don’t come over here”

 ”Eh~, even if you say so, the only other person I’m close to is Fu~min”

 ”We’re not really close”

 ”Ah! Is that what you want to say? It’s okay, Fu~min is easy to talk to and fun to be with~. Maybe we should start dating~”

 ”You’re an idiot”

 ”That’s fine, right? You were dumped by Masaki-chan, after all”

 ”I wasn’t dumped”

 ”Oh, here is it again. As expected of my boyfriend, he’s got a strong mental” (*Note: かれぴっぴ -> Karepipi(?) -> Kareshi)

 ”Who’s your boyfriend! Who! Tsk….. I’ll tell you about it. After that, I had a talk with Masaki-chan. When we were on the library duty”


 Fujiwara-san showed a sign of surprise and confusion.

* * *

 ”But Masaki-chan said she has no intention of dating anyone”

 ”What?…… Don’t startle me~”

 I raised my index finger and waved it, “Tsk tsk”.

 ”That’s gross~”

 ”Shut up and listen quietly. Since Masaki-chan wants to be a good friend, I took the liberty of asking her. I asked her if there was any chance that we could become lovers. ……What do you think she said?”

 ”I dunno”

 ”She said it’s not impossible”

 Fujiwara-san made a very subtle face.

 ”You’ve obviously been dumped”

 ”Why are you still saying that? I mean, there’s still a possibility, you know! And I just want to said I want to be good friends with her! That’s why she’s my first choice for a girlfriend”

 ”……Hey, why are you showing me the moment you became a stalker, ah?”

 ”I’m not a stalker!”

 ”Don’t turn away from what’s painful, let’s face reality. Ah, I can see it in your eyes. I can see you twitching when we talked about the possibility”

 ”I’m not twitching! Eh, wait? Am I really twitching……?”

 ”Even if you ask me……. That’s fine. After all, bullied children should be with other bullied children. I’m the type of person who’s always on the go. Hey! You should go out with me! Let’s be lovers!”


 ”Then, do you want to lo-love-dovey with me? Become love-dovey couple?”

 ”Don’t make it sound so smart! I mean, even if you rephrase it like a cliché, it doesn’t sound smart at all!”

 ”Isn’t that fine~? If I go out with Fu~min….. Teruya-chan won’t think I’m messing with Kasuya-chi, right?”

 (Oh, I see. That’s what she means……)

 If I had to go along with that kind of appeal, she would have no problem.

 Just as I was about to take a deep breath to clearly say no, I heard the voice of a long-haired Tateoka-kun from Kasuya-kun’s seat.

 ”Hey, Mai-chin. What are you doing there?”

 He seemed to have noticed Fujiwara-san. And he glanced at me and opened his mouth happily.

 ”Ahaha, Mai-chin, don’t do that. If you tease Kijima-chan any more, he might jump off the building. I don’t want to get a part-time job to pay for the incense”

 Immediately, the people around me burst into laughter.

 (……Say what you like!)

 But for some reason, Fujiwara-san looked annoyed, and suddenly took my hand.

 ”Whoa, w-what?”

 She looked at me in panic and spoke.

 ”That’s not the case, Fu~min and I are friends like this!”

 With that, she presses my hand to her breast.

 This is the picture of a male student grabbing a gal’s breast.

 Yes, I’m out! Completely out!

 This is not good.

 I hurriedly withdrew my hand and shook my head.

 ”No, it’s wrong!”

 ”It’s not wrong! There’s no need to be embarrassed, we’ve been naked together”

 ”You’re the only one who was naked!”

 At that moment, the air froze.


 By the time I realized my mistake, it was already after the carnival. The atmosphere was filled with festive music and celebration.

 Can you imagine the atmosphere at this moment?

 The stares of the boys, full of astonishment and jealousy.

 The stares of the girls, so curious.

 But for me, it seemed like a lethal number of gazes were gathering.

 I can only say it’s unreasonable.

 It’s not worth it at all to take on the scorn of the guys in exchange for the feel of the breast pads, let alone the raw milk.

 In the midst of such an intense atmosphere that everyone hesitated to open their mouths, Fujiwara-san looked around and smiled, showing her white teeth.

 ”Fu~min is my boyfriend, so please don’t touch him! I won’t give him to anyone! Ehehe……”

 Fujiwara-san hug my head as if to hold me.

 ”Whoa, y-youu!? W-w-wha……?”

 ”Ehehe! We’re a certified couple”

 ”Ue? W-wait a minute”

 Fujiwara-san presses my face against her breasts, or rather her breast pads, without caring about my confusion.

 As soon as she did, I heard the scream “Kyaa~” from the girls.

 And then there was an angry shout from the boys.

 It seemed that I had stepped on a huge land mine.

 And as I desperately pushed my face away from Fujiwara’s breast, I saw Masaki-chan, who looked like she had just entered the classroom, at the entrance of the classroom, tilting her head with a puzzled look on her face.

* * *

◇ ◇ ◇

 At the same time–

 ”I see, because it ended before she experienced poor s*x, she has only hope that the s*x like Fumi Fumi”

 ”Yes, and the fact that he is the boyfriend to whom she gave her…… virginity is also a big factor”

 I smiled as I listened to Freesia’s report.

 It’s hard to imagine that this Kasuya boyfriend of hers is just barely holding on to her after he made the huge mistake of ejaculating on his first-time having s*x.

 ”If we continue to deepen the brainwashing, I’m sure she’ll reach [Subjugated] in the near future, but I think it’ll be difficult to corrupt her completely. It is a matter of trial and error. It just for example, how about letting Torture regenerate her virgin membrane and offer it to Fumi Fumi-sama?”

 I put my finger on my chin and thought about it.

 ”Hmmm, that might not make much sense……”

 By the way, Torture, like Freesia, is a servant of mine, a fallen angel with the power to heal any injury.

 ”So, how is Kurosawa-chan doing?”

 ”Yes, she’s masturbating”


 ”As soon as I was out of sight, she started to get excited. I think she’s ruminating on yesterday’s play……”

 ”Her…… body is really corrupted, isn’t it?”

 ”Yes, it’s already quite a lot”

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