Confinement 23

Chapter 23 Fujiwara-san is a Pro

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 Fujiwara-san’s uncontrollable behavior created an uncomfortable atmosphere.

 Even with that lingering feeling, the time passed and the class went on.

 And in the third period, I was tired because Fujiwara-san stuck to me every time we had a break.

 However, Minato-sensei, the Japanese history teacher, put the attendance book on the table.

 ”Ah, Kijima, please go to the principal’s office now”

 And said that.

 The atmosphere in the classroom was one of “Oh, no, not again”

 The detectives had come to question us about Kurosawa’s disappearance.

 On the first day, it was top caste guys.

 After that, everyone who had any connection with Kurosawa-san was questioned in turn.

 And today, I was called because someone had told them about the day before she disappeared.

 I walked through the quiet corridor during class towards the principal’s office on the first floor, next to the staff room. And I can hear the sound of the piano coming from the music room.

 There was no need to be nervous or frightened.

 No matter what do I do to stand on my head, there is no way they will find out.

 ”Excuse me…….”

 As I entered the principal’s office, I saw the principal behind the desk in the back. In front of him, on the reception set, there are a man and a woman dressed in suits.

 The man looks to be in his forties or so. He is a big man with a square, masculine face. Her hair was shaved into fade haircut, which might have convinced me that he was a judo player.

 The woman was in her mid-twenties. Her hair is wavy and peculiarly short. Her face is well-rounded, but she seems to be as strong-minded as Teruya-san. In a word, she’s scary.

 Maybe this is the type of person who needs to be a detective.

 ”I’m sorry for interrupting your study”

 The questioning began with such a comment from the male detective.

 The male detective was mainly listening to me, while the female detective was taking notes and observing me closely.

 As I expected, I was called in because someone had mentioned that I had been bullied by her the day before Kurosawa-san’s disappearance.

 ”Bullying is hard, right? Don’t worry, I’m not doubting you or anything. Just make yourself comfortable. I’m just looking for clues, so if you know anything, please let me know”

 ”……Well, it seems to be overreacting, but she didn’t just run away from home, didn’t she? And I think Kurosawa-san seems to be playing around”

 Then the male detective let out a bitter laugh.

 ”On the morning of the day she disappeared, Kurosawa-san was at school. So, we can only consider this case as a disappearance or kidnapping, not a runaway”

 I pretended to be surprised. But carefully so as not to overreact.


 ”I don’t know if this will help you. I just overheard a girl in my class talking about it…”

 With that preamble, I mentioned Teruya-san’s name.

 Furthermore, when I mentioned Teruya-san’s sister’s name, the female detective responded with “Teruya Anna…..” for some reason.

 Then, at the end of the interview, the male detective tapped me on the shoulder and spoke.

 ”I used to be bullied, too. I hated it, so I worked out hard. Although we can’t intervene in civil matters, we have asked the teachers to teach about bullying, so you’ll be fine now”

 He said this in an encouraging way.

 He’s probably a very nice person.

 That’s why I felt bad that I would have to make him go through so much trouble in the future.

 The interview lasted about 20 minutes.

 After leaving the principal’s office, I felt like going back to the classroom would be too much trouble, so I headed to the roof.

 I thought about sleeping in the infirmary, but it was a beautiful day and there was a bench on the roof that was perfect for taking a nap.

 It doesn’t matter if the door is locked. All I had to do was to use the <Pass Through Room> function.

 But fortunately, the door leading to the rooftop was unlocked.

 The sunlight felt so good as I lay down on the bench.

 Perhaps it was the early spring sunshine, but my consciousness was quickly fading away.

◇ ◇ ◇

 I think I slept really well. Maybe I was just too tired to do anything else.

 And when I opened my eyes, I saw a girl’s face looking into mine.

 A soft touch on the back of my head. It’s a lap pillows.

 ”……Fujiwara-san, what are you doing?”

 ”What do you mean……. I was worried that you hadn’t come back at all, but you just fell asleep here. That’s why I’m going to attack you”

 ”Oh, am I being attacked, here? I mean, you’re skipping class, you deliquent!”

 ”Fu~min is going to say that? Too bad, it’s already lunchtime. I was going to have lunch with you”

 ”I didn’t promise you that”

 ”Shut up, Fu~min, you don’t know how to act as a boyfriend”

 ”I’m not even aware”

 ”Geez…. Then, I’ll show you with my body. You know what I did, right? What do you think? Would you like to experience the erotic techniques taught by a greasy old man?”

 ”I’ve never seen anyone use……their black history as a selling point”

 ”It’s too late to be disappointed now”

 ”I don’t like that about you”

 A week ago, I would have panicked if someone had told me that she would remind me physically, but now it’s too late.

 ”It’s okay. Once you’ve tasted it, you’ll never want to leave me. It might be too much for a virgin, though”

 ”I’m not a virgin”

 ”Yes yes, you don’t have to be so vain. I haven’t had any s*x since I came here. And it’s been more than two years, so I’m practically a virgin”

 Then she started rubbing my crotch from the top of my pants.

 ”What kind of virgin would do something like that?”

 ”Ahaha, look at how hard I got after just a little touch. At this rate, it’ll be easy to make you come, won’t it?”

 As she said this, she unbuckled my belt with one hand, undid my zipper, and pulled out my cock.

 It’s amazingly skillful. She’s too good at it.

 But as soon as she saw my thing, her eyes rolled back in her head.

 ”……Fu~min, isn’t this a little too evil?”

 There was no way I was comparing myself to anyone else.

 It’s true that Kurosawa-san was talking about how big it was, but I thought it was because Kasuya-kun’s was too small.

 However, judging from Fujiwara’s reaction, this was not the case.

 ”I’ve seen about 20 dicks in my life, but I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s thick, it’s long, and it’s got lots of veins……”

 With that, she grabbed my cock in her hand and started squeezing it without hesitation.

 The smooth, slippery feel of her hand was pleasant. And different from what I felt when I did it myself.

 ”Fu~min, you look calm, but you’re really excited, aren’t you? It’s pulsing and throbbing. And it’s so hard”

 ”……Not even close”

 When I cowered, Fujiwara-san looked pissed off.

 ”Fu~min, why don’t you sit on the bench?”

 She sat me down on the bench, knelt between my legs, and pulled my pants down to my knees.

 ”You’ve got Cowper-chan sticking out of the end. Geez, it’s such a waste. Lick, Chu….” (*Note: is it foreskin?)


 She licked it up without any hesitation, and I let out an involuntary cry.

 ”Lick, ahaha! Penis-chan was trembled…… Chu, Chu, Chu…… Nchu. I think you’re going to cum soon”

 ”Is that so?”

 However, this comment ignited Fujiwara-san’s fire.

 ”Oh, you’re being so bossy? Lick, Lick….. Chu….. then I’ll boned you with my erotic technique”

 With that said, she grabbed the tip of my cock and lifted it up, then stuck her face between my legs and extended her tongue to my balls.

 ”Nnnnn, haa~, Nnnn…… nchu, lick…….”

 She took the whole thing in her mouth and rolled it around, licking and stretching my ball.

 It’s not very stimulating, but it’s a feeling I’ve never felt before. It felt like I was soaking in a hot spring, a feeling that was indescribably pleasant.

 Then, licking with the tip of her tongue, I thought she was moving toward the rod, but this time, she was holding its side, sucking it in as if she was playing a harmonica.

 It wasn’t very stimulating, but it was very pleasant.

 The frustrating stimulation made me feel my crotch tense up to the point of pain.

 (……She’s messing with me)

 She barely touched the most sensitive part of my glans for a while.

 And when she picked it up again, this time she licking up the underside with her slick tongue. As soon as she did, a thrilling sensation shot up my spine, and I let out an involuntary “Ugh”.

 ”Ahaha, how is it? You’re starting to get the urge to stick it in my mouth, right?”

 Fujiwara-san was proud of herself, but her eyes were swirling with desire.

 Fujiwara-san’s face was extremely horny.

 ”Well, now I’ll show you a trick that no girl can ever duplicate”

 Then she took my cock in her mouth and swallowed it, making a slurping sound as she did so.

 ”Nchu, Slurp, Fufu, How is it? It feels gwood, right? It mwust bwe greawt……Npu”

 And before I knew it, her lips were at the base of my cock and swallowed my p*nis completely.

 To be honest, I was surprised by this.

 Considering the length of my cock, it should have reached the back of her throat and around her chest, but she didn’t seem to be in any pain at all.

 On the contrary, she even had time to smile and make a double piece with her face stuck in my pubic hair.

 And then, when she pulled it out.


 A sharp stimulus that almost shattered my back attacked my p*nis.

 It was a horrible deep throat.

 And once she took my p*nis out of her mouth. She spoke.

 ”Ah, I managed to get it all in… Fu~min’s p*nis-chan is so big, it was a little bit painful, though…”

 She giggled and began to lick up my cock, which was glistening with saliva, carefully from the base with her tongue.

 ”Nnnn, well then….”

 She suck on my cock again and started to move her face back and forth violently.

 ”Npo, Nju, Jupo, Jupo, Jubo”

 Her cheeks were puffed up from the intense suction, and she has a very nasty face from sucking on the cock.

 ”Ju, Jyupu, Jyupu, Jyupu, Gupo, Gupo, Gupo”

 Her mouth and lips were gobbled up like she was devouring it.

 Apparently, this intensity was meant to be a finishing touch.

 The way she leaks obscene juices from her mouth and bites down on the meat stick is like a hungry beast.

 ”Whoa, ugh!? Oi, oi, wait, wait a minute”


 As I approach my limit and panic, she firmly wraps her hands around my waist and begins to swallow my p*nis deep into her throat again.

 ”Nchu, Nnnn, Nmuu, Slurppppppp!?”

 The intense sucking and the stimulation of it made my eyes go blank, as if they had exploded.


 There was no way I could bear this. I felt my lower abdomen tremble violently, and then the meat stick twitched and shuddered at the sensation.

 At that moment, Fujiwara-san quickly removed my cock from her mouth.

 She then opened her mouth wide and move her palm under her face and started to catch the sprinkling of semen with her entire face.

 Spurtt, *Twitch Twitch* Spurtttt!

 A large amount of semen stained her face as she closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide.

 The semen that dripped down her cheeks and lips fell onto her palm, creating a white puddle of semen.


 And when the last drop hits her cheek, she smiles seductively, looks up at me, and begins to drink the semen that has accumulated on her palm in one gulp.

 ”Gulp, gulp, gulp……”

 She swallowed hard, wagging her throat as she swallowed the slimy semen. Finally, she smiled, showing her white teeth while her face was covered in semen.

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